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    Create a flight plan

    There is a good program called Professional Flight Planner which is the final word in flight planning. Everything you need. However, here is what to do when you are not using PFP. For commercial airline flights: Simbrief is best. It produces a flight plan and a lot of sundry data for your aircraft for flight planning. There is now a small utility called Simbrief downloader which will down load the final plan into the appropriate folders for you to load directly into your aircraft FMS. Many formats are supported. For GA flights: Little NavMap is best and it will give you many options to proceed via low/high airways or VOR/VOR etc. You can then upload to the P3D folder for it to be available for your flight. For GA flights, as you might be aware, pilots usually do the flight plans manually and load them up by hand into their GPS unit. If you have the payware GTN units you can take the Little NavMap flight plan and manually input it into the GTN. Or vice versa, use the GTN units and manually set up a flight plan directly there. It's very realistic. Hope that helps. Shez
  2. I tried this great little freeware navmap program available in the Library. It is terrific and is feature rich including the one thing I always wanted was an airfield map with parking positions as read from the scenery database (like an EFB). Highly recommended!
  3. Let me know if this is fixed with the P3D version of KRIC.
  4. ShezA

    Obituary: Eric Ernst

    Truly one of the people who laid the stepping stones for all the developers to take the sim to where it is now. A great man. Left us too early.
  5. I think it is individual developer and model related variability. With the JF C152 I was just unable to maintain any kind of lateral control so this really helped. Then I came across this linked thread and though it might be interesting for others. Try it out and experiment a bit. I never changed the turbulence scalar in ASP4 but now I have. Shez
  6. I was having a lot of handling issues with the excellent Just Flight C152 mainly due to ASN winds. So on their forums I came across this thread and it certainly sorted me out. Worth a try for others but it will generally affect aircraft too. Opinions? Shez
  7. Agree. I have gone even further down to 20 as per the forum thread and it has done wonders. Shez
  8. What I meant was to unlock the frames from inspector and not use it, and just go unlimited. That is the only way I got it to not dip FPS. If you need the inspector then you will see the dip. I am not sure why this happens... Shez
  9. The reason for me was locking frames from an external program like inspector. Maybe this is the problem you are experiencing. Shez
  10. SF Cloud size 2048/1024 ASP4 Cloud layers 3-5, min/max cloud dist 90/110 Shez
  11. I don't know what it is but the entire environment with SF and ASP4 is quite incredible. You do have to watch the density/cloud size etc. as it brings down FPS but it is "as real as it gets". Shez
  12. ShezA

    Feelthere E135/145 released for P3D v4

    I agree. If you want to fly an ERJ in P3DV4 then this is most likely it. Or wait two years for another one. Which might be incrementally a little better than this. Your choice. Let me remind everyone, this particular aircraft was a lot of fun in FSX and I would definitely recommend it just as a fun aircraft to fly. It has most systems that are on the real thing. Yes no weather radar but is that a killer for me...No. I have ASP4 etc. which can pretty much tell you what the weather is going to be like. Don't get fooled by the "simple port over from FSX" statement. Shez
  13. NVI framelimiter 29.5FPS P3D vsync ON P3D Triple buffering ON P3D framerate UNLIMITED Two more items which may not relate to your setup. * I have a high end GPU (GTX1080Ti) and CPU (i7 8700K) so I also set NVI SSGS 2X. It just seems to improve the clouds transparency and the whole scene is amazing. * I have a 4K 28" monitor so in P3D I only use MSAA 4X. I get beautiful anti-aliasing with no impact on FPS and the clouds are amazing. The only thing I have to watch is the CPU temp even with water cooling. I use a self generated Process Lasso profile which maximizes the cores for P3D and minimizes other processes so it does stress the cores...but hey that is what it was for right... That GPU , with the 4X MSAA you can throw everything at it and it sits at 40% with low temps. Shez
  14. After much experimentation I concur with the above solution. Also turn off that FPS counter....very smooth flight without that worry of "why can't I just try and get 55FPS smooth with one more tweak...". Shez
  15. ShezA

    What happened to SunSkyJet?

    FSX and P3D all versions. Shez
  16. ShezA

    What happened to SunSkyJet?

    We are here. I have a early beta running with me but Ian the other half of SSJ is slowly working through some of the complexities of this large airport. Shez
  17. ShezA

    The worst experience with a 4K display

    What about the input lag for mouse movement etc. when at 30Hz. Very difficult to have smooth computer use. That is why I moved back to 60Hz. Shez
  18. ShezA

    CTD near East Coast

    Here is an odd one. A few days ago I installed the new KBOS scenery to check it out. It never loaded and there was a CTD. Since then I am unable to load any of the NE USA area sceneries and the sim just CTDs at around 1% when trying to load scenery. P3dV4.2 and it does load the default scenarios OK and other areas are OK. I have rebuilt the scenery.cfg a few times. Any ideas?
  19. That might be a good start. Shez
  20. ShezA

    Aerosoft CRJ is out

    I have beta tested this aircraft and actually flew the one reported issue with the DTW 21L approach at least three times (albeit in our SSJ DTW addon) and never did it pitch down like reported. The developer has already sought our inputs on why this is happening because no one had this issue. There is a possibility of AS4 causing extreme turbulence effect or a new P3DV4.2 induced change. In fact the new 4.2 is also causing me issues in various addons including the new KBOS where I am unable to load that scenery without a CTD. Never happened before. So let's see what comes out of this. The users who say it is completely unflyable...well not sure what is going on there as there are so many things which we have fixed now through beta testing...let us try and figure out why this ILS thing is occurring and provide a solution. \ By the way, just to check, there is no autoland in this so make sure A/P is turned off in time before touchdown. Shez
  21. ShezA

    Business Jet for P3D v3.4 - help needed please

    Have you tried the Lear35 from Flysimware? I love that plane. Shez
  22. Ha! Sorry but nothing to report on DTW...Shez On LGB let me get back to you. Shez
  23. And ZLA LAX has the starry eyed movie related STAR HLYWD1 and ANJLL2 with the transitions OTOOL, HAKMN, DNERO, CGNEY, SHTNR, SALYY, FNNDA, GABBL, ESTWD, MDLER, AMMOR. Shez
  24. ShezA

    Regional Jet Choices in P3DV4

    I am testing the latest build and it is rock solid...finally. Shez
  25. ShezA

    Aerosoft CRJ current status?

    As I wrote in another post, we are working closely with the developer on the LNAV and many other smaller issues. The broken LNAV is almost fixed with only a final adjustment left. There was a problem especially in turns and in high wind conditions. The developer is a very dedicated guy who is releasing updates after updates for the testers. We are hoping the last few details are fixed so that the update can be sent out. It is not going to be sent before we are satisfied. Shez