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  1. I had a few projects ongoing but got paused by a work-related move and to make matters worse, a bug in Windows 11 which would not allow the GMAX design program to process 3D models. No one has been able to figure out why. I had to reinstall Windows 10 on a separate SSD and work from there which is not ideal. As a result, I got stalled on a freeware KIND, an update for FlyTampa Dubai to include a now four-year old terminal and some smaller projects like KRFD and KCID. My aim is to move asap to MSFS designing because the output with the new software engine looks exciting. The PBR texture handling is so much better than P3D. Our SSJ project for DTW is dead because my partner Ian is AWOL for a long time now. I do want to redo KPHL one day but the size of that is very large for a single person.
  2. I wrote about the sounds in the real MD80 above. They are silent in the front and loud in the back. Great video, also shows how complex the workflows are.
  3. Fsuipc can set throttle detentes which I used in P3D.
  4. The simbrief downloader will sort that out when you point to the folder.
  5. I don't know what people are going on about with these complaints...🙄
  6. All users have to keep in mind to follow the workflows to the letter or it will not fly. This is a beast to fly and not one where you might think the preflight and takeoff is job done. No. It is an aircraft that requires attention to the arrival gate. It is a full time job for two pilots and we are trying to fly it with one pilot. 🙂
  7. I just laugh when I see comments like the above. Not buying a simulator aircraft because the activation process is perceived to be old and not because anything wrong with the product. Oh well. 🙂🙄
  8. The P3D version had an addon from a third part developer which had options for loud or realistic cockpit sounds. I have traveled in the MD-80 and DC-9 in the front part of the cabin and both are silent with just a whoosh sound so I prefered the realistic quieter sound. The DC-9 were still a little louder due to the older turbojets.
  9. I think we have come to the end of discussion on this thread. We have our individual observations and we should respect it. MODS might want to lock this thread.
  10. I tend to agree with your comments. Each of these sims were close to the top of the pile in their previous incarnations.
  11. Fair enough. I am sure the feedback will be accepted by Leonardo.
  12. I agree with what you are saying but frankly I am surprised with these marginal arguments about an A pillar with slightly low-res texture or a sound effect that does not flow from ear to ear which makes it not worth the price...just step back and see the quality of the overall package....but I guess each one his own....
  13. What is the concern with the external app injecting data? As long as it runs well in-sim. By the way, correct me if wrong but all of the so called high-fidelity sims also had external processes in P3D and probably XP, due to those platform limitations, be it an app or a separate non-P3D related process. And the weather related ones definitely were using external processes. I think the point is to not worry too much about these things and just fly. As I said earlier if I were you I would hold off for a few weeks on purchasing this. But if nothing alarming crops up then it would definitely be worth the Euros spent. And Euro 75 is similar to many other high-fidelity sims out there. PMDG is going to take over a Euro 100 from you I think. Have fun!
  14. I am not sure why you are doubting it. All of the many users of the Maddog sim in this thread have already stated their opinions on the systems depth of the Leonardo model. And the exterior shots look outstanding. Maybe just wait and see and keep the Euro75 in your pocket for now.
  15. Buy it if you are willing to put the time in to learn it.But once you master it there is nothing like it. More fun than the 737NG and way more than the autobot A320. Don't misunderstand me. I simfly all three and love them all in their own different ways, but if I have the time I prefer the Maddog.
  16. Many years ago my wife thought it was "don't think, don't think...". 😆 Asked her why would he say that in a flight simulator? 🙃
  17. Ha ha yes it is uncanny. Maybe Harry Stoncipher was a Trekkie...
  18. ShezA

    Alacrity PC

    Thanks. Found them finally. Still not working. I have already reinstalled it but let me continue with other fixes.
  19. I guess it was personal opinion. I just found the 737 more forgiving and easier to master and keep up to date with checklists. The Maddog I always found I had to do extra steps and had to be more diligent with checklists. Actually, it is really a quirk of flightsimming. In real life a maddog pilot would not be swapping around and flying a 737 all the time so he would master the aircraft. RW pilots loved the Maddog but they named it Maddog for a reason...
  20. ShezA

    Alacrity PC

    It is a testament to Ken and his little program that currently there is no program out there that can do what it does. I am not sure it is a Win11 issue. I think it may be due to a corrupted profile or a service which is blocking access. I wanted to check with Ken about how to view the config files to maybe reset it.
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