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  1. http404

    Screen Freezes for 5-30 seconds

    Hi Steff, In addition to Dan's comment: I've experienced that each time I did a new install, and that is, in most part, a tweaking thing. It takes time to find the possible sweet spot by configuring your fsx.cfg file. FSUIPC autosave, Anti virus, and your system capabilities play part in this as well. Make sure that you experiment with the Affinity Mask entry in your CFG file. I've set mine in order to resolve the freezing issue: [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=84 Do a google search on how to determine the affinity mask for your processor. Hope this helps.
  2. Hey guys, Thanks for the inputs. And just an update, the spoilers do actually deploy, and the reason I thought they don't is simple: They are deployed 1 and a half seconds (roughly) after the actual touch down. I decided not to activate reversers to see what actually happens, and the spoilers were deployed! It doesn't take me that long to activate the reverse thrust which, in fact, activates the spoilers. There could be an area of improvement for PMDG to consider for the next update. Thanks!
  3. Captain Kevin, thanks for this. I have assigned the button assignment for reverse thrust on my throttle quadrant to the F1 Key to continuously hold the F1 while pressed, and that seemed to deploy the spoilers. Well again, that's not how it is with the 777 and the NGX, however, I will be able to live with that :) Thanks guys for the inputs! /A
  4. Just to confirm, do they deploy the instant the wheels touch the ground and "before" you engage the reverse thrust? The videos I've seen on youtube clearly shows that they only deploy once the reverse thrust is engaged. I also use FSUIPC to assign buttons on the yoke only. However, Andy's comment is worth a good though: I always land the 747 with A/T off, and probably due to a higher level of fidelity in the PMDG 74, spoilers are not activated as I close the thrust levers to idle, not being 100% idle at the time of touchdown. I will assign one of the buttons to the F1 key through FSUIPC to repeat while held to see if that would make any difference. Thanks
  5. Weird, because they immediately deploy as the "landing gear" touches the ground on the 777 and the 737NGX.
  6. Hello All, I have tried looking up the forums for anyone who has a similar issue with the spoilers not deploying upon touchdown. I always arm the speed brakes and that shows on the upper EICAS, however, they do not seem to deploy automatically as the wheels touch the ground, no matter how firm or smooth the landing is. I only hear the deployment sound of the spoilers lever when the reverse thrust is activated. I'd like to know if this is a known issue before logging a support ticket. Thanks,
  7. I have resumed the flight on the following day, and the FMC was still showing around 16.2 tonnes for the arrival fuel. Arriving into VHHH took a bit more power and i ended up touching down with 14.9 Tonnes (Good for such a long flight) and about 2 tonnes above the PFPX estimated figure. Did you by any chance edit the Fuel Burn bias for your aircraft in PFPX? I kept the default (Blank) value for my calculation. I used a fuel policy that I've created previously to use with the 777 with contingency fuel up to 20 minutes max. I will experiment with shorter routes this weekend and see if I could get close to the estimations. It was fun flying the queen after such a long time!
  8. Having had the experience with the earlier version of the PMDG 747, after installation and a quick look around inside the cockpit, I started the United 747 in a cold and dark configuration at KORD, planned the infamous KORD - VHHH route using PFPX, and then set the ZFW to 220 tonnes (485016.9 pounds), Crammed all the fuel i could get at that ZFW, and the FMS estimated 13,000 kgs+ upon arrival, with the STAR programmed, step climbs and wind data imported. I have never made this flight with such load with enough fuel with the previous version, ever. But surprisingly, the estimated fuel 13.5 hours into the flight is now up to 16.4 metric tonnes... something that made me think this much be a glitch! Fuel burn seems adequate and PMDG must have made sure that the fuel burn is realistic. I agree with what some guys are propsing that the sim hands momentarily without you seeing it, amounting to severl minutes per flight. I've had that with the PMDG 777, and noticed while flying online that my timer is off by over 10 minutes after a few hours, while fuel burn remains constant, resulting in the loss of 10 minutes of fuel for nothing. The second clue was those flying with me at slower speeds breezing through and passing me by tens of nautical miles, showing that i've been frozen many times. I've managed to reduce that effect by finding the proper affinity mask and adding it to the sim .cfg file. If you wanna see what's going on, fly real time (sim clock/cockpit clock = PC clock). leave it flying for a few hours and check if there is a time difference. Cheers
  9. If you do not own the payware FlyTampa scenery, and you want a better, more accurate scenery/AFCAD than default, then this is a MUST GET! You can download it from the AVSIM library here: This is just a FREE scenery without advanced textures. Native P3D objects used, with the exception for the Ground Marking and the Concourse-D terminal, that are done using Google Sketchup. Looks basic, but accurate, and it works. After hard work getting things to work the way i wanted, here's a scenery update for OMDB. This update will help those not owning FlyTampa payware to use an accurate airport based on the FlyTampa skeleton. This scenery is based on Google maps and the FlyTampa base AFCAD (default FSX/P3D AFCAD). Every Runway, Gate and taxiway is right on the actual spot with a very small error margin. The new Concourse-D terminal for airlines other than Emirates is now added, with a basic terminal building design using Google Sketchup for better visuals. So, What's changed from default and the FlyTampa? - The new Concourse-D terminal east of the existing Terminal 1. Terminal replaces the old Emirates Sky Cargo terminal, and servers all other visiting airlines. - Apron Q used by FlyDubai is added. - Extra runway rapid exits added. - Extra parking gates in the C apron according to the latest charts. - Extra Taxiways connecting to the runways according to the charts. - Ground marking for Gates and taxiways! (A, B, C, D and F aprons). - Placed FSX/P3d default Dubai scenery objects to add a little bit of life around the airport and the city. I haven't added neither any of the new G stands, not the S parking stands. I will do that in a following update. Appreciate positive comments and critique! Regards,
  10. http404

    Emirates PERF INIT and SOP update

    Great read, thanks for sharing. I would like to add that, as of May 2015, EK has increased the Cost Index for all flight except for the ULRs to CI 200. Initial increase was to CI 400, as fuel prices plunged, then brought down to 300, then 200. There was an endless debate on the forums regarding that decision. ULR flights, across the Atlantic and Cargo flights are using a CI 66. The change enables EK to enhance the OTP and protect connections. (If only it wasn't for the DESDI hold... ) Now to the PMDG: the PMDG seems to burn less fuel than the fuel burn increase calculated by PFPX for the same burn bias. For example: If you use a Cruise fuel burn bias of 96.5% for a default CI 66-70, planning for a higher CI of 200 would return more fuel than the PMDG would burn at that CI. This is probably something that would be fine-tuned within the fuel burn logic of the PMDG. To counter that effect, if I'm to plan for a CI 200 flight, I'd enter CI 350 into the FMS to be close to the fuel burn suggested by PFPX. Enjoy your high-speed flights!
  11. http404

    Dynamic head movement

    Actually, I just noticed that the dynamic head movement has completely disappeared with the latest 737 SP! I do not fly much with the VC, however, I just noticed that while pushing back and starting the engines today during push back. I was at ENGM and not sure if this has anything to do with the northern latitude. Will try again from Dubai or further south to see if I get any DHM. Regards,
  12. http404

    Master Sound no longer disables

    That may require more research then if it is a 5.1 bug. I think I will just go by the quick two presses, the wailer and siren always disturb my baby's sleep lol.
  13. http404

    Master Sound no longer disables

    To everyone who asked whether we are hitting the AP disconnect button twice, I didn't have the time to go into length and explain in details: I have chosen the 2 press option and performing two presses works perfectly. The problem which started either after the installation of SP1b or after configuring 5.1 sound on my computer is that if I press the disengage button on my yoke once, the walier sound starts which makes sense, but there's no way to disable that wailer by a thousand more presses on the disengage button and even by reengaging the auto-pilot, nothing works other than changing the sound device to let's say the HDMI yhen back to the default one through the fms sound options page. Looks like a bug to me and I shall be logging a ticket if no one rlse has done so.
  14. http404

    Master Sound no longer disables

    I think that this maybe be related to the sound configuration on machine. I started to have this problem that the AP wailer won't go silent even with a 1000 presses. I didnt have this problem prior to installing the 5.1 sound set. If I do the 2 presses quickly and the wailer doesn't go off, that's not a problem. The only was to silence it was to go to the sound settings in the FMS, then changing the sound device to a different one, then back again to the default device. That's pretty troublesome when flying online with atc.
  15. AffinityMask=14 worked for me without a single freeze for the whole 7 hour 11 minutes flight last night. Before that AffinityMask=7 worked as well but apparently the first core was shared with the other apps so 7 wasnt as smooth as it was yesterday.