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  1. Occasionally on take off I get a tire pressure and/or a brake temp warning. Am I doing something wrong? How do I correct this? Thanks.........Steff
  2. I have just installed the PMDG 777, and when I am flying the screen keeps freezing for several seconds and than it starts up again and than freezes for several seconds etc. I am getting frame rates of 20-23 which is OK. I am running windows 10 with FSE-SE. ANy help would be appreciated. Thank you.............Steff
  3. I have the boxed version of PMDG 737 800/900 which was for Microsoft Flight Sim 2004. Can I install this in FSX-SE and use the Service Pack 1d from precision manuals to get it to work. Thanks.........Steff
  4. Does anyone have any experience with the Saitek Instrument Panel in Windows 10? I have the Saitek Multi Panel and the Saitek switch panel which after 3 weeks of fooling around and contactind Mad Catz I finally got working (JUST DON'T ASK ME HOW). But I can not get the instrument panel from Saitek to work. After trying many many things from Mad Catz suggestions it is still not working. I even tried SPAD, but it was to confusing for me to use it. Most of the YouTube tutorials are for the older versions, and I down loaded the most recent one from FSGS. Any help would be appreciated......................Thank you. Steff
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