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Found 49 results

  1. Good Afternoon I have LIRQ from sim market and P3D refuses to assign runways for landing and takeoff as the AFCAD (.bgl) dictates. I checked with ADE and the assignments are correct although P3D gets them backwards. P3D has the app/arr (23) coming down a hillside which is not correct and against the ILS. I've checked for other signs of LIRQ and disabled them. No help at all. Thanks Jon
  2. I installed the demo to boeing 737 800 (default) but whenever I open Voxatc it closes and the recent comms just becomes white. Please help!
  3. Hi, Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere or repeatedly, and I appreciate your patience if that's the case; but can the ATC and Kneeboard pop up windows in P3D2, be made transparent? I really dislike the solidity of these windows in P3D, and cannot see any advantage to not having partially transparent pop up dialogue boxes, as per FSX. Any pointers? Thanks in advance.
  4. Since I haven't found anything comparable, I've created a small tool for looking up call signs. The program uses the ICAO airline designator and resolutes it to the name of the airline and the voice call sign used for ATC communications. It currently features 998 airlines. Might be handy for air traffic controllers on Vatsim, IVAO or other networks The program requires NET 4.5. If you have any wishes for further functions or missing airlines, just post it here.
  5. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I am still learning the forum layout. Hello all, I am just about completed with my FSX PC and my first sim pit. I have many software and add-on questions answered, though I am still not sure what to do about ATC and Traffic. I know it has probably been beat to death, but nothing I read sways me in a direction. I try to fly as realistically as I know how, and my aviation knowledge is only basic. I kind of know what SIDs and STARs are and that is about my large aircraft ATC/Navigation knowledge. I fly general aviation aircraft and small to medium charter aircraft. I have/would like a2a 172, realair duke2.0, baytowerstudios RV, aerosoft twin otter, flight1 king air... and would like to get into the majestic Q and some PMDG's someday. So my problem is that I don't know what to look at for add-on traffic and ATC programs. I did look at VOXATC and decided not to go a "spoken aloud" direction. So considering that I enjoy small aircraft and that I generally fly into smaller airports, does anyone have any suggestions for a program? Hopefully a product that combines ATC and Traffic? I would love to come to a large airport and see planes in holding patterns rather than the occasional plane come straight in and land. Or have to wait for a plane to land at a small local airstrip before I can get on the runway. It seems at my home airport KLND, even with traffic all the way up, I never ever see any other planes. I am sorry, this post is not organized at all in it's presentation, but basically I would love a combined ATC/Traffic solution that is PRETTY realistic and something that I can continue to grow with as my knowledge increases and I move on to more complex aircraft. P.S. I will eventually try VATSIM, but don't plan to use it in the close future. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.
  6. vinnis


    Hello fellow simmers, Does anybody have a normal working atc in prepar3dv2.1? I have tried making a flight in the flight planner as a vfr and when i start the flight and open the atc window, the "contact ground" response is there and when i click it it just tells me about options like departure to the north and all that but no vfr following. its like i didnt make any flight plan? anyone else? thanks in advance
  8. GFD150

    ATC Voice Help

    I noticied this afternoon while selecting a different pilot voice for my flight that some of the voices are not working. I still see the text just like they are talking but no voice. Later on i changed the time and found out the voice that wouldn't work now works and a different one doesn't work. I still see the text for the ones that don't work. This just started this afternoon. How can i fix this? What are the voice files on the cd named so that i can reinstall the voice files? Anyone have this thing happen before? Please help...
  9. ronnie.d

    Pro Flight Emulator

    I have heard so many good things about PFE that I bought it over Rader Contact and VoxATC. I have been using it for few weeks now…don't get me wrong, I am fairly happy with the product but there are few glitches that's really annoying me. Last night I was flying to Paris LFPG as soon as I entered the STAR control asked me to head right on 105deg and gave me runway 8L, I was busy setting up ILS etc. then within 30 sec they changed the runway to 9L…I don't see the point of doing it? plus I couldn't establish contact with tower and got 30 miles further from the airport, so I changed the frequency to contact centre and they asked me keep going on heading 105, which was taking me further away from the airport! It says the ATC will help you to get back on tract in case of missed approach etc. but that clearly didn't happen to me yesterday! Anyone using PFE faced this sort of problem? I thought the runway change thing was addressed and fixed? Will it be better if I get my flight plans from FlightSim Commander? I am using the demo version so I can't really export a flight plan out of Flightsim Commander at the moment. Do you know any other free flight planning software that will work well with PFE? Thanks in advance. Ronnie
  10. AVLSteve

    FMS and ATC

    I am having success programming the flight plan into the FMS, the waypoints display and change color as I pass over them, etc. But ATC is using the flight plan that is in FSX, not the FMS. Do I have to also manually create another flight plan in FSX in order to have ATC give the proper directions?
  11. I'm new to VATSIM ATC and have a headset. Done a few flights and I like the experience. However, I would like the headset to only play ATC sounds - NOT ambient plane sounds (i.e., engines, AC, cabin announcements, etc.) Essentially, when using the headset all sounds play through the headset and none through the speakers. Is there a way in X-Plane 10.50/Windows 10 to have headset only hear ATC and cpu speakers play everything else?
  12. Hi everyone. Im new to the forum and to X Plane so please forgive me if this has been covered before. When on a flight from Manchester to Glasgow, the ATC was fine throughout until about 20 miles from the approach. The ATC would give me various headings and altitudes to fly on which i would adhere to and as soon as it lined me up for the final approach and it asked me to call the field (which i did), it would then give me another heading and fly another series of headings etc. This went on for about 30 minutes. Does anyone know if i'm doing something seriously wrong or is the ATC just having a funny 5 (30) minutes? Thanks in advance. Steve
  13. Hi Im looking for Live ATC from Italy. The list from Live ATC has closed airports from Italy. Greeting Lysse
  14. As title states, all users running Radar Contact with MCE must update to the latest V2.6.4.2 You will get a slightly better experience interfacing RC4 Selection of menu items happens quicker than before. You may now call various control centers with their respective names. "Canarias Control" "Washington Center" etc... Instead of the usual "Control" or "Center" If you don't own Radar Contact V4.3, and you are on V2.6.3.9 you may ignore this update. Thank you
  15. I'm running FS2004 and the current version of edit voice pack for it. I found a link to the last official update of edit voice pack for FS2004 and the file was dated in 2006. It was the files which you download to your computer and then go into edit voice pack update and do the offline update. It worked great and i was messing with some settings and lost it. I was wondering if anyone here knows where it is? Thanks for the help in advance. If some finds it for me I'll deliver a steak dinner B)
  16. I have been flying in fsx for almost 6 years now. I recently(3 months ago) stepped my fsx to a whole new level by buying the pmdg 737 ngx. I have been having a few problems concerning FSX default ATC and the PMDG 737 NGX. First of all, when I begin my descent for my destination, I look at the radar panel right next to altimeter panel thing and fuel panel, it doesn't have the line that directs me to the airport; from the last waypoint to the airport there is no line in the radar/flightplan that tells me where to go so please explain this to me. Second of all, what am I supposed to do with the atc? When do I contact atc for clearance to land? Are those atc frequency buttons on the lower panel compatible with the default atc or do they do nothing at all. Isnt atc supposed to tell me where to turn/heading and speed like direct me? Both of these questions bump into each other. I really having a hard time with approching/descent in the PMDG 737 NGX and ATC since I do not know what to do. The atc always diverts me to the other runway on the complete other side just as I am approaching the runway of choice. Please someone explain or show me a tutorial:( Andrej, aka MegaTransat
  17. Hi I'm hoping you can help me I've taken and read the instruction on how to stop the FSX default ATC window and sound from activating (Unclicking voice and show ATC window etc) so naturally I believed that the ATC window would no longer show. However when using Radar Contact and making a requesting to either ground tower departure etc the default ATC window opens, in resulting in me having to keep closing it. Although it doesn't hinder the flight in any way, it's just a little bit annoying having to keep closing it. As stated I have already carried out the advice from the FAQs on the Radar Contact site (Unclicking voice and show ATC window etc) Is there any other tweaks or tricks I should be trying to disable it completely, if that's possible. Any advice or support you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thanks FSX Radar Contact My Traffic 2013 Orbx Global Orbx Vectors FSG 2010 Rex 4 Texture Active Sky Next System Windows 7 64bit AMD FX4100 Quad Core 4Ghz Ram 16gb GeForce GTX 780
  18. Hi, I'm traditionally a virtual GA pilot - a twin prop is normally about as big as I like to go. However for an event coming up soon I really need to be flying something with a bit more oomph as the leg of the journey is really too long to do in a twin - so i've opted for the Embraer ERJ-145 from FeelThere on Steam. and had my first flight with it last night. Once i'd figured out that my CH Throttle Quadrant was shutting the engines down repeatedly (doh) I started to make better progress and I've got most of the procedures down now for startup, setting up the FMC and so forth, and a few other bits that I didn't get quite right I think I have figured out for my next flight - which leaves one major issue for me and i'm hoping you can help me understand this bit. I set up the FMC - in this case from EGSS to EGNX, a nice short test flight. The flight plan was set up as EGSS RWY 04 via BKY, and then on arrival to EGNX it was via I think PIGOT1J. I set the aircraft AP up to use the FMC, did the taxi to the runway and got takeoff clearance - after roll I ascended to 1000ft and engaged the autopilot. At this point, the FMC just wanted to fly on in the direction of the runway without turning west. What did I miss? I ended up disengaging AP and flying the route manually following ATC Instruction - which was fun, but probably missed the point. How do I ensure that the FMC knows the plan that ATC is going to direct me along? I set the flight plan up using the flight planner in FSX and then added the details in using the method described in the manual for the FMC - but the eventual path that I followed from ATC didn't look anything like the straight line that the flight planner came up with - i'm not looking to fly a straight line, but would be useful if I could validate that it's all working together and not doing two different things some how. I guess the other question I have then is how to deal with alterations that come in from the ATC like change of altitutde, change of course etc - how do I effect those changes in to the FMC? or do I switch to nav and use the heading but to redirect the plane in those cases? Thanks in advance - i'm a jet-newb but have to say I enjoyed the flight once I got in the air so i'm keen to get back in the cockpit and have another go Matt.
  19. FlightSimmer68

    ATC cut short STAR

    I was trying a short flight from EGFF to EGLC. The screenshot shows the assigned STAR (in blue). Everything was fine until I reached the BIG VOR when ATC directed me to heading 045 and descend to 6000ft for ILS on rwy 27 (this is the yellow line). At BIG I was 16000ft and couldn't descend in time to land. Why did the ATC cut the STAR like this? Can I stop it happening again?
  20. Dear All, Somehow when i start the vox atc from panel-instruments sections in p3dv4 in parking, it says test-test-test and a message appears ( can not initialize vox please be sure english us selected.....) But ı already done this step, my speech recognition setting is set already to English US in win 10 home edition , i complete microsoft speech reognition test, VOX speech recognition process etc... my p3d is set into c:/ p3dv4 , vox is in C:/vox , vox base is in C:/voxbase Please help me regarding my problem Thx.
  21. Ok, so say I have been designated a SID to follow after takeoff, the SID has strict rules for climbing for example at 4000ft at a certain waypoint, then 5000ft next one and so on. Then after takeoff atc instructs me let say for example "climb FL 150". Should I just forget the published restrictions and shoot up or obey the restrictions until past the last restriction point and then just climb to assigned FL? And if I follow the restrictions, say the ATC directs starts all of a sudden giving me vectors (which take me off my published SID lateral route) out of the terminal area, can I at that point forget about the alt restrictions since I am not even flying the published SID anymore? Thanks!
  22. So I am having a problem. FSX ATC is trying to take me to vectors to ILS at a runway, but I want to use the one I have on my FMC instead. Is there a way to make the ATC follow my route, or can I figure out which STAR it is trying to take me to so that way I can put it in my FMC?
  23. Hi all. Afraid I've been thinking again. This time I've been wondering how you'd go about getting an improved multi-player experience (with a simpit - but it turns out this applies to a more traditional setup too). I started by thinking about what data is actually shared when, for example FSX is set up for multi-player. I realised that each host must implement its own flight dynamics for the local aircraft but get given the position of remote players periodically over the network. Other than the definition of which aircraft the remote players are flying and any voice communication between participants, this seems to be pretty much all that is sent along the wire. Since the flight dynamics engines seem to take weather into account, each host must use it's local weather engine to incorporate the effect of winds and turbulence. Each host must also use its local definition of terrain and textures. However, this does not appear to me to be ideal and at this point I needed a diagram to work through what is required. This is what I came up with: Blue squares are external entities - people or services. The purple bits are local and private to the local pilot and red bits should be shared by all participants. Arrows show information flow. So what? Well, firstly it seems to me nonsensical that weather is not shared between participants. I may be wrong (PLEASE CORRECT ME) but it seems to me that in FSX for example, lets say the active runway was 27 and 2 players were flying identical aircraft; one player could set the wind to be 270/10kt and another to 090/20kts. A formation take-off would be, er,quite tricky. The 'weather problem' extends to air traffic control too. In the above example, what would a tower controller report during the take off clearance? I'm guessing this may be one reason why we can't get the benefit of a product like VoxATC in a multi-player set up. So let's move on to ATC whilst we're here. ATC has a closely coupled relationship with AI traffic. For a controller (real or simulated) to give real players a clearance to take off or land, they must be able to interact with that AI A380 on final. Should you inadvertently stumble onto the runway, you'd kind of expect the tower to tell the landing aircraft to go around. To do this, firstly ATC needs to know where you (real pilot) are and secondly to be able to get the AI aircraft to respond to an instruction. This suggests to me that a simulator's AI engine needs to be made "ATC-aware" but logically separate from the ATC function. Incidentally, I'm not suggesting that a recreational simulator should handle accidents - diverting aircraft and coordinating emergency vehicles etc., although it would be an interesting intellectual challenge!! The module I've labelled "Position Manager" represents what I suspect is the primary function of multi-player code in today's sims. It is responsible for knowing where all vehicles in the sim are, where they're moving to (i.e. their 3 dimensional velocities) and which participants need to know about which objects. I think FSX does this by telling everyone about every object which seems to me to be inefficient. If I'm sat on the apron of my local field doing startup checks, my machine does not need to know that there's a baggage cart waiting to cross a taxiway at an airfield 10 miles away although I should probably be able to see that 340 laying contrail lines way up in the blue. I suppose this brings me back to AI. Do all AI generators have absolute paths for the vehicles they control? Do they use the local FDE? As well as the point I made above about AI aircraft (and some airport vehicles come to think of it) needing to be able to respond to ATC instruction, some of the AI movement would seem to need to be relative to the positions of types of objects in the sim. For example a generator should be towed from a store to the side of a combat aircraft wherever it is parked on the pan until the aircraft has been started at which point it could be returned to the store. An AI GA aircraft might spend ABOUT an hour doing circuits on the ACTIVE runway rather than Rwy 27 between 09:23 and 10:23 regardless of wind direction. The diagram and thinking are not fully baked - animations, effects and missions are still buzzing around my head - but I suppose I was wondering if anyone else can see any value in developing standards around a model like this? I figure that with just a sprinkling of common architecture, there is no particular reason why a FSX pilot couldn't fly alongside an XP10 one and a P3D one, all looking out of their windows to compare the flight models. Z
  24. Like most people I turned off the default over caffeinated X-Plane 11 ATC on day 2. I tried 124thATC and Pilot2ATC and I am liking both after a month of use. Here is a review video I created for Pilot2ATC .
  25. SORRY Duplicated Post Due to System Crash, Unsure How to Delete It... Hi I'm hoping you can help me I've taken and read the instruction on how to stop the FSX default ATC window and sound from activating (Unclicking voice and show ATC window etc) so naturally I believed that the ATC window would no longer show. However when using Radar Contact and making a requesting to either ground tower departure etc the default ATC window opens, in resulting in me having to keep closing it. Although it doesn't hinder the flight in any way, it's just a little bit annoying having to keep closing it. As stated I have already carried out the advice from the FAQs on the Radar Contact site (Unclicking voice and show ATC window etc) Is there any other tweaks or tricks I should be trying to disable it completely, if that's possible. Any advice or support you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thanks FSX Radar Contact My Traffic 2013 Orbx Global Orbx Vectors FSG 2010 Rex 4 Texture Active Sky Next System Windows 7 64bit AMD FX4100 Quad Core 4Ghz Ram 16gb GeForce GTX 780