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  1. Hello All, I'm a long time GA pilot recently scooped up by the local rural schoolboard to teach an Introduction to Aviation class. The school board, God bless them, bought four flight sims (Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo, 3 screens, and top of the line CPUs and graphics cards for P3Dv5 Academic). I bought one years ago for my Multi-IFR tickets and only used it for that purpose (wouldn't have gotten the tickets with out it!). I have five days left of healthy budget and am asking for your advice on what add-ons to purchase. Am feeling quite overwhelmed with all of the options. I understand a lot of your add-on purchases are based on taste. I'm looking for those add-ons that really made a difference to your experience so the kids can feel fully immersed, and the parents and grandparents looking over their shoulders can have an equally immersive experience. Thanx, J
  2. I'm seriously considering purchasing a 3rd Party ATC software add-on program to finally rid myself of the laborious default FSX ATC. nb: No, I won't be considering using VATSIM or any of the online ATC's at this present point in time. So, I would welcome Pro's & Con's from any of you regarding your experience with the 3rd party ATC add-on you're using. Taking into consideration, I would prefer the software: 1. handles SIDS/STARS & Jet Routes (Worldwide) 2. handles AI aircraft (UT2) 3. voice or text (or both) 4. follows IFR procedures (as closely as possible) 5. recognizes PMDG aircraft 6. Good tech support 7. Program has been continually updated Thanks & Regards, Steve
  3. I am a beginner software developer... And basically I'm trying to make a sound pack for fsx... Now then... To have the working sounds, this would mean that the sounds were constantly playing in FSX while you were flying INSIDE the aircraft. So I basically want a constant sound inside the aircraft. Now I understand this would mean putting it into the sound folder in the flight simulator aircraft, but I am wondering how I would configure Flight Simulator to play these sounds while the aircraft is Flying and the battery is turned on. I understand that it has something to do with the .Cfg Sound file but I'm unsure what exactly I have to do to it... Could someone help? Thanks!
  4. Hello, This week we are offering our classic Flight1 ATR 72-500 for $10.00 off the regular price of $44.95. ============================================ Flight One Software Weekly Special $10.00 off Flight1 ATR 72-500 Get this great deal today... Click the link below to go to our weekly special page. Offer is valid until 08/22/12 http://www.flight1.c...t=weeklyspecial
  5. Hello all, Our great weekly sale offers continue in August, starting this week with a great deal on a popular aircraft package. This week we are offering the Ultimate Airliner Edition - Super 80 for $15.00 off the regular price. This 'Ultimate Airliners Edition' of this popular and critically acclaimed airliner for Flight Simulator X now includes the original 'Classic' Super 80 and the later Super 80 Professional releases of Coolsky's MD-80 airliner. That's two aircraft and two complete cockpit systems - the original mix of analogue and early 1980s period electronic instrumentation and the latest generation cockpit with full EFIS, FMS, TCAS and other modern systems. You choose which you want to fly... Have a good week everyone.... Jeff Smith Flight One Software, Inc. Sales/Support ======================================================== Flight One Software Weekly Special $15.00 off Ultimate Airliner Edition - Super 80 (Includes both versions) Get this great deal today... Click the link below to go to our weekly special page. Offer is valid until 08/08/12 http://www.flight1.c...t=weeklyspecial
  6. Hi everyone, After releasing Chartsfinder a few years ago (just available in french), I decided to go back to software development in order to keep ChartsFinder up to date but also to develop new tools. I am happy to present you today the new software AirportInfo : This software is available in English and French and allows you to : See the runways of an airport and their information (lengths, ILS or not, ...) See the SID/STAR of the selected runway Consult the METAR of the selected airport (3 sources available for METARs: IVAO, NOAA, VATSIM). METAR can be reloaded by clicking on it, otherwise it reloads every 30 minutes. In order to work, this software requires the paid Vas FMC data provided by Navigraph https://www.navigraph.com/FmsData.aspx. To download the most recent version it is here: https://bit.ly/3eDgrO7 Feel free to give me feedback so that I can improve it :) See you soon, Antoine
  7. So I have a question. I have had a really bad experience with a flight simulator developer called FSGenesis (www.FSGenesis.com). FSGenesis is a maker of terrain mesh. In 2009 the company offered a lifetime membership where, for a fee, a customer could have rights to download all current and future terrain mesh products from FSGenesis. We were almost begged to buy the membership because the owner stated he needed the cash infusion and that we would be helping him out so a lot of us pitched in to help. Then they introduced something called NEXTMap products a few years later that involved another vendor's license terms so we were told we would have to pay for the NEXTMap product but would still have access to all other products and we just had to accept that. Then the web site now reports that they have changed their computer system and have no record of any previous purchases and even if you can prove your past purchases they will not honor them. I know because I submitted a detailed accounting of my purchases to them and received a form letter back and no credit for my purchase of NEXTMap products and lifetime membership. So my question is, how do we protect the flight simulator community from such bad apples? I submitted a Better Business Bureau complaint but I don't know how to alert my fellow flight simmers. I don't think people would want to buy from a company that has historically treated their customers so incredibly poorly. Outside of posting here where can I be sure that others know the experience I (and a bunch of other lifetime members) are having? Is there a Yelp for flight simulator vendors?
  8. Hello, I have the above add on when I open it from the add on menu in P3DV4.5 Inc HF 3 far right button of upper bar on screen, it opens a list on black background box first is four aircraft A320 Immersion V2 NEXT 737 V2 747 Immersion then lastly 717 Immersion above this list it says Immersion Packages with live configuration. The another list of A/C below and it says the immersion packages cannot be configured while sim is running, 6 A/C are listed Plus Precipit FX to the right of all aircraft are buttons either red uninstalled or green Installed for Lear 35 but in the upper list B737V2 the corresponding button says READY I have immersion for 737 and Lear 35 since the lear 35 says Installed is it working or should it also say ready as the b737v2 aircraft does? I just want to verify that the package is indeed working for my Lear35 A/C BR Charlie
  9. The price for our SIMBITWORLD - A PILOT'S LIFE software is reduced by 30% until Wednesday, the 14th of July 2021Have a look on the simMarket page: https://secure.simmarket.com/simbitworld-a-pilots-life.phtml or the application website: https://www.simbitworld.com/aplDetails.html
  10. Hello Fellow Sim Pilots, In addition to the Flight1 Weekly Special, we are now proud to announce that two of our popular titles are now available at a lower price. The new lower price points that are available for these aircraft will give those users who have been on the fence to purchase our aircraft more incentive to do so. As always, you get a loaded feature set with each of our award-winning aircraft plus our top-notch customer support. The two aircraft that have been reduced are as follows.... Flight1 T182T - Was $49.95 / Now $39.95 Flight1 Cessna 162 Skycatcher - Was $34.95 / Now $29.95 We would like to thank our customers and AVSIM for their continued support. We will continue to bring you the best flight simulation experiences to your desktop. Have a great weekend....
  11. Hi all! I recently ordered too many of FSX Steam edition software packages to sell on my website. I usually sell them at the normal retail price of $22.50 but since I have WAY too many, I figured I'd discount them like crazy and see how many I can clear out of inventory in a week. Anyway, I just have 7 left in stock and I don't get another shipment for awhile now. If ya'll want to grab one, for yourself or a friend, they're $9.99 each. First come, first serve. :) Here's the link to the product page: http://www.pilotresourcesandmore.com/store/p36/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_X%3A_Steam_Edition_(Boxed_Steam_Code).html"]http://www.pilotresourcesandmore.com/store/p36/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_X%3A_Steam_Edition_(Boxed_Steam_Code).html[/URL]
  12. Members are reminded to follow the AVSIM rules regarding using the signature space in your profile - http://www.avsim.com/index.php/AVSIM%20Pages/sig.html Members are encouraged to place information about their computer system in their signature as well as their favorite flight simulator and the addon's installed with your computer. Please remember you cannot exceed five lines of text. Placing your system specs in your signature will help other members assist you in the event you have problems with your flight simulator. It may also help members decide on future computer hardware purchases when they see what others are using to run their simulator. A sample entry of system specs is in my signature. Best regards,
  13. AVSIM is an enduring institution in the virtual aviation world providing a dependable and consistent platform to exchange knowledge and ideas. Over the years many of the leading flight simulation software and hardware gurus have graced these forums, gathering and honing their skills while dramatically increasing the quality of our hobby. Although a few names may stand out above others, the list of unique contributors is long and varied and we thank them one and all. Paul Johnson has put together the AVSIM Software and Hardware Guide for both the DX9 and DX10 versions of FSX. It incorporates the latest and best techniques and the tried and true standbys into detailed instructions on what to do and how to do it. Paul will periodically update the guide as needed on a regular basis as new information, equipment and methods evolve. We hope that you will benefit from the accumulated wealth of knowledge presented here. Here it is: http://forum.avsim.net/files/file/1-fsx-hardware-software-guide/ Note: Latest version of Adobe Reader REQUIRED This post has been promoted to an article
  14. Hello, This week we are offering our Cessna 162 Skycatcher for $5.00 off the regular price of $34.95. ============================================ Flight One Software Weekly Special $5.00 off Flight1 Cessna Skycatcher Get this great deal today... Click the link below to go to our weekly special page. Offer is valid until 08/15/12 http://www.flight1.c...t=weeklyspecial
  15. Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great holiday season and 2013 is treating you good so far. Back by popular demand, Flight1 is again running our "Weekly Specials" for a limited time. This week we are offering the Flight1 Cessna Citation Mustang at a special discount of $10.00 off the regular price of $49.95 for both the boxed and download versions. The download version was recently updated to Version 1.08 to include the following: - Windows 8 Compatiblity - Revised to accept optional NavDataPro data. The aircraft can now use either Navigraph or NavDataPro databases - Random Approach Selection Bug - Other Minor Fixes The CD patch should be available shortly... Click the link below to go to our Weekly Special page: http://www.flight1.c...t=weeklyspecial
  16. I have a non-FSUIPC application on my P3D client PC that emulates an FMC/CDU. I have an OpenCockpits CDU I want to use. The app sends out a code "0X00" to each USB to find the CDU connection. The app expects the code "FMS1" in return to establish a connection. Once the connection is made, the app expects keyboard key input to "click" the buttons. I know how emulate the button press thru SIOC but can't find how to read and reply thru the USB. There is no FSUIPC or defined Add Ons (e.g. PMDG).
  17. With the immanent release of the 777, I was wondering if the developers will be updating the fantastic freeware software to run with the 777. One of the huge reasons I fly with PMDG aircraft is the ability to interface with the GoFlight MCP this would be a great. Thanks for your response in advance.
  18. Hi I'm a new member here and I'm currently just learning the ropes of FSX and once I get the hang of FSX, I'd like to start using xplane 10 as well. I'm currently setting up my equipment and I have all Saitek equipment (Yoke, rudder, throttle quadrants, multi panel, switch panel, 2 radio panels). I wanted to also get the Saitek LCD mini display panels but I don't feel like spending the $600+ for 6 lcd gauge panels. I've done some searching and I've seen people with a dedicated LCD monitor just for the instrument gauges. How is that done? I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong forum but I didn't know if this thread falls under FSX, Hardware or just a general newbie question. Believe me, I've searched on google and some of the pages I've seen are way to complicated or I just can't find anything that relates to what I need. If it helps, I just built a new computer (Asus Maximus Formula VII, 16GB RAM, 2 Samsung PRO SSDs, Intel 4790k cpu, nVidia 660ti GPU's running in SLI, 3 Asus 27" LCD montiors) so I should have the hardware capability of running the 4th LCD monitor. I was planning on using my extra 19" LCD monitor to display just the instrument gauges as it's setup in a Cessna. Any help would be appreciated (such as what software I would need or if there are any tutorials out there you can link me to). I've also seen some people using ipads or some other touchscreen for GPS maps. Is this is same process? Thanks!
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