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  1. Hello All, I'm a long time GA pilot recently scooped up by the local rural schoolboard to teach an Introduction to Aviation class. The school board, God bless them, bought four flight sims (Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo, 3 screens, and top of the line CPUs and graphics cards for P3Dv5 Academic). I bought one years ago for my Multi-IFR tickets and only used it for that purpose (wouldn't have gotten the tickets with out it!). I have five days left of healthy budget and am asking for your advice on what add-ons to purchase. Am feeling quite overwhelmed with all of the options. I understand a lot of your add-on purchases are based on taste. I'm looking for those add-ons that really made a difference to your experience so the kids can feel fully immersed, and the parents and grandparents looking over their shoulders can have an equally immersive experience. Thanx, J
  2. This site has been around for quite some time and the owner does a great job of gathering together in one place all the freeware scenery available for P3D including v5. I bought him a coffee today for his trouble. If you haven't used the site it's a great resource and many airports are a half-way house between default and payware. https://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx.html
  3. I have submitted several Zendesk tickets to request update/corrections to airport gate assignments. I have numerous default airports that have a lot of GA aircraft parked at gates of major airports. In FSX I knew how to “edit” airport data so that the correct type of aircraft were the only ones that could park at certain gates and also control the size of the gate area. Is there a relative easy way to “edit” airport gate characteristics (similar to what we could do in FSX) to make these changes since the issue is obviously very low on the Asobo list to correct the airports with these issues? Thanks for any and all advice or suggestions…
  4. Hello, I have a question about how may I update the VOR, NDB, Waypoints, etc. for my simulator, P3D v3.4 I have the AIRAC Cycle 1704 and inside I have a lot of files and folders, and I really don't know how to install this. I saw a videotutorial explaining the process for X-Plane 10 and 11, and for those simulators is very easy. You have a RAR file which says xplane10_native_1704.zip and xplane11_native_1704.zip For X-Plane is so easy as uncompress those files in certain folder of the simulator (Xplane 11 or Xplane 10), you use Xplane10_native for X-Plane 10 and xplane11_native for X-Plane 11, and that is all, very easy. However, for Prepar3D I have no idea about how to do this. I see there are a lot of folders inside, and I suspect those folders are for certain aircraft you can purchase... for example I see the zip file jardesign_a320neo_native_1704.zip, and it is clear that file is to provide the AIRAC data cycle 1704 to that particular plane. However, what I want right now is to update the simualtor, that is, the VOR, NDB, waypoints, etc. get updated. I want the default aircrafts be updated, and the default database for all aircrafts, inside P3D v3.4 be updated. How may I do this? I really don't know what file should I run to update the simulator. Your help would be much appreciated!
  5. Hey guys, Lately I've been flying a bit in Japan. Fortunately, there's good freeware landclass and vector information for japanese lands, so this isn't exactly my problem. My problem is... I'm struggling to find good airport sceneries for Japan. This is kinda sad. I have these two excellent sceneries from Pacific Island Sim (Chubu Centrair and Nagasaki), but that's all. I've found some stuff by Wing Creation, but their rendition of Narita is just too expensive... Moreover, I simply cannot find good airport sceneries for Hokkaido area, which interests me a lot. :( Is Japan really lacking good airports? Does anyone has any good tips in this subject? Should I just sit and cry? Best regards,
  6. There are not many payware airports. For a commercial organisation there is a question of whether to put the investment into development when it is unclear if there is a sufficient market demand. So how many of you would be prepared to buy payware airports if they were made available, bearing in mind you get what you pay for. Or is it solely the journey that matters to the majority and not the beauty of the takeoff and landing? Would be really useful if the silent majority would have your say and encourage others to do so as well perhaps. Thanks for reading my request folks.
  7. Hello Guys. Well I´ve wrote an little software to help me to organize the gates of the airports that I use to flight from/to. I´ve called My Gate and maybe is usefull for someone. The software is a simple data base that help´s me to know what gate is set to that kind of airplane, if the gate is used to domestic or international flight, witch airport that gate is and if the gate is already configured on AES and GSX. In addition, I´ve put a way to see all schedules flights in your PFPX. The software is very intuitive. As sayd before, is a very simple software made by me without any help of beta testers, so, if there is any kind of problem, please let me know. The software is totally free and I only ask you to download from my webpage: http://www.spilfred.com/mygate I hope you enjoy and if you have suggestions please send me an email to support@spilfred.com. Fred Matias (Sorry about my english)
  8. In my own search for airport glory I have compiled a list of Payware companies that I am aware of that make good quality airports for the United States area. I have no desire to fly overseas or in Europe so this thread is only for US airports. If you know of anymore airport makers and what airports they make please add it to this thread. Super high quality Freeware counts as well. FlyTampa ------------- Chicago Midway - KMDW Buffalo - KBUF Boston Logan - KBOS Tampa - KTPA (I did not include any of their legacy airports) Flightbeam -------------- San Francisco Int. - KSFO Phoenix Sky Harbor - KPHX Washinton Dulles - KIAD FSDream Team --------------------- JFK Int. - KJFK Los Angeles Int. - KLAX Dallas Fort Worth Int. - KDFW Fort Lauderdale Hollywood - KFLL Las Vegas McCarran - KLAS Chicago O'Hare - KORD ImageSimulation --------------------- Atlanta Int. - KATL Denver Int. - KDEN Charlotte Douglas - KCLT San Jose Int. - KSJC I am aware of BluePrint Simulations but they are off my list as I don't like it when people hide fine print and then when you buy their products they won't work on a 64-bit system and you out your money. No refunds. I also think their airports look to sterile, like a clean pristine shiny white hospital ward. Just my opinion.
  9. I have added a bunch of new features to FSXDB.com - The Fastest Airport Lookup for FSX on the internet. Please watch the video. It cover all of the new features.
  10. I need to bump up my frequent flyer miles balance so I can have enough for two tickets later this fall. Thinking of taking a short, inexpensive round-trip flight to an airport in the SE or South Central USA where there's an onsite hotel affording excellent aircraft spotting access. I will need to take this short trip in April so the few extra miles I need can be credited to my account in time to secure frequent flyer tickets for my wife and I to the west coast in the mid-fall time frame. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have.
  11. Ok, So I live about 20 minutes away from KHPN (Westchester County Airport) and have been there many times to go flying with Peter Levine in his Piper, anyway I decided last week it would be cool to go spotting there and get some shots of the Embrears, Airbuses, CRJ's as well as all the GA traffic coming in and out of the airport. last Monday I called the Airport and talked to a very nice person who said I could come and spot from the Observation deck in the main terminal, I also called the local Flight School and FBO (also where Peter Levine keeps his plane) to see if I could walk around that part of the airport to take pics and watch the aircraft departing and taxiing. Both People (At the Main airport and FBO) told me that It was fine for me to do that the only condition was that I check in at both places before spotting. Ok thats fine. Today I went to go spotting and I got there, with the name of the people I spoke to and a reason for wanting to spot and I checked in at Panorama Flight School and told them who I talked to and what I wanted to do. I was told that I would not be allowed to do this, and I would be arrested and that I would have to leave. Huh???? I was told It was fine. Anyway, so I went to the main terminal after that and I talked to the same person I had talked to on Monday and I got the same answer that I had gotten from the guy at Panorama. So just like that my whole day was ruined and I had no chance of spotting. So, my question is, when people go spotting at major airports and they make videos and take pictures where do they go, and how do they not get arrested? If I cannot go at my tiny regional airport then how in the world do people go spot at places like JFK or IAD or EWR or LGA? I would really like to go to JFK to spot, as well as to my airport HPN which is 20 minutes away!
  12. Can show all airports given the time I'd like to fly? For example. I want to start flights in FAJS and explore other large airports in Africa. However I only have 2 hours max. Is there a site I can plug in a airport and get some airport suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  13. Currently hosting it on Flightsim.to, free to download: Mid-Michigan Pack Download Being a local of the Mid-Michigan area I decided to begin enhancing the local smaller fields, making GA flying to these fields more authentic and enjoyable. This so far is just something I’ve decided to do for myself but I decided It would be a waste to be the only one to benefit in these areas. Fun video of fields: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZhQG60Q-tk&feature=youtu.be It’s fairly time-consuming building these so I can’t say when future ones will be added, but I do plan to continue this and expand upon my initial pack. So far the list is KLAN - Lansing KFPK - CharlotteKRMY - MarshallKTEW - Mason 4D0 - Grand Ledge 9D9 - Hastings 24C - Lowell Y70 - Ionia 6D6 - Greenville KOEB - Coldwater With planned areas being 35D - Allegan KJYM - Hillsdale KOZW - Howell And fields I wish to do but are not expected in near patches are: KBTL KAZO To install simply place the files in the community folder into your community folder. I’d also be open to requests within the region or feedback, I’m trying to avoid large fields for now but maybe in the future. And if you like my work I would greatly appreciate any donations towards the project, but it’s by no means necessary. PayPal Donations Have fun! -Rock
  14. EDWZ, EDWR, EDWJ, EDWL, EDWY East Frisian Islands - Germany - Five places to fly for peace, quiet and plenty of bracing North Sea air These five airports on the islands of Baltrum, Borkum, Juist, Langeoog and Norderney are all part of the East Frisian Islands off the coasts of Germany and Holland. Borkum is the largest of the islands, located just 30 kilometres from the mainland it is Germany’s most North-Westerly point. Although in the past it was for Whalers and pirates it is now part of a National Park, as indeed are all the islands, and is an unspoilt place to escape to and then spend the week flying from island to island. Borkum airport, which is one metre above sea level, has one asphalt runway exactly one kilometre long and two grass runways just short of a kilometre each. Baltrum is known as the sleeping beauty of the North Sea and is the smallest of the islands, whereas Juist is the longest at 17 Kilometres and is only 7 kilometres from the mainland. Norderley has special status with UNESCO World Heritage Status and Langeoog makes up the fifth island. Each of these islands boasts its own airport, ideal for island hoping with twenty combinations for different take-off and landing places. Purchase Now in the market place
  15. Hello, I'm building an app that shows the airports, ndb, and vor within the area around the aircraft. I'm having a problem that some random airports are missing and I can't figure out why. I compiled the code from Microsoft's sample here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc730341.aspx and I am seeing the same behavior. It looks like the NDB's and VOR's are accurate when I request them. I found a similar thread from 2007 but there were no replies http://forum.avsim.net/topic/224183-simconnect-airports-missing-from-list/ and I'm just wondering if there is any way to get around this issue and return all airports. Clearing the cache is not working for me. Here is an example from one of my customers: It does look like this issue still exists in Prepar3D v2. I'm hoping there is some magic incantation that can fix this. Thanks
  16. For the moment, I have the following aircraft, on FSX:- PMDG 747-400X (and 8i extension)- PMDG 737NGX (and 700/600 extension)- Airbus X (I will buy the v2 when it gets out)I will also buy the PMDG 777X when it comes out.For the moment, I enjoy flying the 747-400X much more than anything else.So I was thinking about some payware airports that could be used as great "bases" to visit other airports.For the moment, I only have FlyTampa Athens, and Aerosoft's Mega Airport Amsterdam X (Schiphol).I am looking for your advice to buy a few (no more than four or five) airports, if possible evenly dispersed around the globe, that are large, with at least two runways very near or at 4km length, and with double or triple jetways to serve large aircraft (B747, A380) on two doors simultaneously (or even three, with an upper deck door), when I enable full AES on them.I was thinking about:- Imagine Simulation's Singapore Changi for FSX (WSSS)- Imagine Simulation's Hong Kong for FSX (VHHH)- FS Dream Team Honolulu (PHNL)- FS Dream Team JFK (KJFK)- FS Dream Team Los Angeles (KLAX)However, I am a little reluctant to spend my money on these since I have no opinion on their quality, and how good (or bad) they are on framerates.That is why I am asking for your opinion.
  17. Is it just me? At KLAN, maybe other airports, some taxi lights seem to be placed in the middle of the taxi way, near the yellow taxi line and in the path of the aircraft taxi line. They seem out of place. Anybody else notice this at any airport? I will try to post an example of it to this thread the next time I fly. Thanks!
  18. After flying around Alaska for a bit have you found any unique airports that would be interesting for fellow pilots to try to land at? Here are a few of my favorites: http://www.airnav.com/airport/PALR/ Chandalar Lake Airport http://www.airnav.com/airport/PAWB/ Beaver Airport http://www.airnav.com/airport/PASC/ Deadhorse Airport
  19. Recently released REX worldwide airports, www.pcsimulators.org take a look, is it worth your hard earned cash? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4SkJSFdK6Q
  20. I know there's an official SDK being worked on, but I wonder if anyone is planning to making their own 3rd party airport / scenery editor. I used such an editor back in FS2004 days, and I loved it for its simplicity and ease-of-use. I don't remember what it was called, but it was popular and allowed things like customized buildings and terrain at airports. I made a really nice rendition of my local airport back then using this tool! I'm interested only modding my smaller local airports, so no need for fancy things like animated ramps. I'm also very interested in being able to define building types for the autogen algorithm. I find that autogen does a very good job at putting buildings where they belong, but the buildings themselves are often wrong. I'd love to be able to click on a 2D map and identify the building based on a list of autogen assets - "This is a grocery store, that is a white house, this is a red barn, that is log cabin, etc." The ability to tune the autogen would go a long way to making towns more realistic, and it would be very easy to do (compared to hand-building individual assets).
  21. Hello everyone, Was wondering if you could help me decide on a new airport to do! Preferably small-medium in size (U.S./American airports only). Airports already in development by other companies: KPHX, KMSP, KSFO - Flightbeam KIAH, KMEM - FSDT KCVG - Skyline MCO - Hancrafted + and/or Taxi2Gate KPBI - (Not sure ORBX is still doing it since it's been 2-yrs but) My current projects is as follows: KSYR KTPA Some airports that come to mind are: KPIE KALB KRIC KISP KGEG KONT KGRR KAMA KCRP KSFB KDSM KMHT KDMT Thanks and regards, Andrew
  22. Airports have been photo aligned for Texas, Florida, Hawaii and Louisiana and posted in the Avsim library. If you are a photo real user and have installed these airports, please report any issues or missed airports to the email address in the readme file. Designers, please note the simplicity of the concept and help with other areas. A sample of these aligned airports are posted on Youtube at ( ). Thanks for your interest and feedback.
  23. Need quick way to lookup an FSX airport? Want to browse airports using various filters such as runway surface or length. Well thanks to Tim Arnot (I used PlangG data as base for this app) I have built this web application to do just that. Please visit FSXDB.com and give it a try.
  24. In the 5 years that FSX exists, I have collected an enormous amount of addons. Aircraft, environment, utilities and of coarse scenery. Aerosoft's Stavanger X being the latest (since last night :( ).Especially with airport sceneries, I've noticed that I've lost track on what I actually have. I've simply forgotten what I have.The result is that I mainly fly to the recent added airports or the ones that are simply so good, they've stuck in my memory.This leaves at least a 100+ airports left that are installed but never get visited anymore.It made me wondering how other people do this. How do you keep track of all your installed airports? Do you still fly to all of them?I'm sure I'm not the only addict with hundreds and hundreds of installed addons
  25. https://www.nmgsimulations.co.za/ We offer straight discount on all products, discount on bulk sales as well as upgrade discount for previously bought products! Come and see! https://www.nmgsimulations.co.za/
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