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  1. Hi Mike, thanks! I'm fine. Hope you are well too! Yep. I was wondering if it will be some kind of update to the NGX line (-600, -700, -800, -900), or just the new 737 MAX -- or both. By reading the posts in this thread, I think these things weren't detailed yet. That's ok -- very exciting news, anyway! I remember it too. People comparing it to the release of the classic 747 for FS9, AVSIM down for some minutes... It's scary to realize that that was almost 7 years ago.
  2. Okay, this is simply awesome. That's a lot of dreams becoming true in flight simming. Thanks, folks -- that was a pleasure to read! Now, really really sorry for the unrelated question, but I've been away from flight simming for a long time... I don't know absolutely anything about the NG3. Can someone point out where can I find more information about that?
  3. In this case, the compatibility is concerning. The sky textures aren't "normal" textures, in the sense that they govern other aspects of the visuals beyond displaying the image they contain, so-to-speak. I'm talking about environment lighting and shadows, lighting and shadow coloring etc. In order to do this, they have to follow a certain structure (i. e. 32x32px, being the first line of pixels the one that will give the textures those special attributes...). If P3Dv4 is using such textures without any issues, I guess this structure remains. I hope I'm wrong -- I really wish sky developers could work more freely (just being able to use a bigger file size would improve things a lot), but...
  4. Seems awesome. Hope they follow this path. I saw some P3Dv4 screenshots and people were using sky sets they already had... which probably means that (unfortunately, in my opinion) things haven't changed in this regard on v4. It's crazy. Without VAS limit, we'll have a 4k texture for the interior of a terminal building which folks will rarely see, while using such a small texture for the sky.
  5. The children of the FS series, so-to-speak. Just for the sake of curiosity: how's the sky rendered in these new sims? I mean, they are all going 64 bits... we'll see 4k textures in everything, I guess. I'll be a bit disappointed if the sky textures continue to be those 32x32px bitmaps... and it's the sky! The most important "environment" in a flight simulator. So... did they change this or I'll continue to struggle with those tiny textures? Regards,
  6. Amazing job indeed! Very impressive metalic effect...
  7. Awesome! Will be getting as soon as possible. Thanks, Steve. Great work!
  8. Very nice, Steve! Sadly I read somewhere that Frankfurt-Hahn wasn't doing too well... less companies doing cargo flights there, financial problems etc. Such a nice airport. Hopefully it will overcome its challenges in the years to come.
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