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  1. That's very, very nice!
  2. Amazing job indeed! Very impressive metalic effect...
  3. Great shots, James!
  4. Stunning, Michael! Thanks for posting.
  5. Awesome! Will be getting as soon as possible. Thanks, Steve. Great work!
  6. Stunning as always, James!
  7. Very nice, Steve! Sadly I read somewhere that Frankfurt-Hahn wasn't doing too well... less companies doing cargo flights there, financial problems etc. Such a nice airport. Hopefully it will overcome its challenges in the years to come.
  8. Beautiful images!
  9. Nice job, Leen. She's looking good!
  10. Very nice shots! The Queen is great, but I gotta say... Active Sky did a great job in those cloud formations. Shots #7 and #9 are very impressive!
  11. Totally agree! Many thanks, Darryl! I know how it is... started to save money since the wide beta began...
  12. Now, this caught me by surprise... I got the chance to take a look at a preview of Lufthansa Cargo's livery for the PMDG 747, by Steve Dra. Knowing some of his paintings for the 777, I already knew the quality would be top-notch... I'll let the images speak for themselves, although I'm pretty sure they don't do justice to his work. I can only say I'm in love with this livery and will certainly log a ton of hours into it! So here's her, in a calm morning at EDDL's cargo ramp. Massive thanks to Steve for this gift. I'm pretty sure you guys will have her in your own hangars very soon -- for free, which is quite amazing considering the amount of work it takes to make something like this. Folks like Steve deserve all the recognition for their contribution to our hobby. :smile: More of his work here. Hope you guys like it! Regards,
  13. Awesome, Steve! Thanks a lot. Looking forward for the Lufthansa Cargo. :smile:
  14. I miss my days of FS9, to be honest. No performance issues, and a certain 'mood' that I think FSX lacks somehow. If it wasn't for PMDG I'd probably still be flying in this sim until this day. (Seriously: I only installed FSX when the NGX came out ).