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  1. Hi Nico, I have a problem with the P3D version of PSXeecon. I doesn't find my add-on airport anymore, neither in automatic mode nor in manual mode. It used to work fine until some time ago (I already have added 161 add-on airports), but it doesn't find airports which I added recently. Unfortunately, I can't recall which version I was using when the scan of the addon airports worked. Attached is the log file, maybe you can point me in the right direction? Best regards, Dirk PS: I'm using P3Dv5.3 with all hotfixes
  2. Alexei S Khlobystov's Tomahawk is a great plane from the A2A stable, very challanging to fly and quite difficult to keep straight on take off. Also requires absolute gauge scanning as the engine is easy to kill if not careful, as my pics series shows the results of. Last night I was practicing flying between the islands of American Samoa's Ofu and Ta'u. Wasn't properly scanning the gauges and (due to being not that familiar with the aircraft) and ran into problems. Made it onto the runway @ FAQ although not without a fair amount of damage. And besides what is shown in the pic, an engine check showed the main bearings were also shot. Good repair crew though... heh. Back in the air and cruising to Ofu (Ta'u is the island below). comming up on Ofu Island. And successfully landed and on the ground @ Ofu Village AP. Cheers
  3. I've only had P3D v3.4 a week and although I'm pleased with its performance on my system I have been disappointed with the somewhat dull views. I've changed brightness, bloom and other settings but it still falls short of what is a pleasing image. I have HDR enabled but my display - a Sony 32" Full HD TV - is not HDR capable. I know 4K displays generally have HDR but I'm limited to Full HD because FS Labs Concorde-X will run out of memory if the resolution is increased beyond 1920 x 1080. Searching the web Sony has announced a range of Full HD HDR TVs. I'm considering whether to invest in one. I'd appreciate comments from those who have an HDR-enabled display. Does it make a real difference or is it a gimmick?
  4. Hey Folks, As the title says "Collection of Pics from Recent Flights". Includes some recently installed planes I've fixed/modded. First up is the Jabiru 160, seeing this post and video linked here prompted a Jabiru flight, it's quite a nice easy to fly sport type of aircraft. This is one of Iris Simulations they gave away during Covid, noting it did need a bit of work to move from x86 to x64. Next is a Carenado Pilatus PC12, which I installed a week ago. Now normally with a Carenado aircraft there are a host of errors to fix, these being mostly the result of copy/paste errors, typos and the odd bit of poor logic, however this one only had the one prob so far and that is a duplicated pitot_static section in the aircraft.cfg. Still getting the feel for flying this machine. A jet is next in line, being the Quality Wings 757, bought an at amazing price of $14.95 and that price includes many variants and even actual airline safety briefings to match liveries. This one took a bit of troubleshooting effort as I couldn't get the glass gauges to work, they just displayed an error about not being able to start and QW757-0. A search of the QW forum wasn't that productive with most stating resolved by reinstall and reactivate, however they were old posts and this one I knew was working prior to a recent Win7 to 10 update and I've already tried a reinstall but it lacked an activation prompt. Eventually traced the issue (via Microsoft's process monitor) to not being able to find the license file in C:\QualityWings and once dropped in it was all good to go. This version includes PBR models I've added. The Carenado TBM 850. I found the G1000 to be problematic and failing to use defaults, meaning for every flight the setup values had to be entered... a somewhat tedious process, eventually problem solved by via edit of the G1000_config.xml, cleaning up the xml code and removing all the comments which were barfing the loading of the file (I did keep a commented version for reference). Quite enjoyable to fly now. This is a pic testing star night lighting as I was tweeking the Stars.fx shader and was working on resolving a few shader math issues. Now here's something you don't see every day 🙂 a sinking ferry under the Sydney harbour bridge. My Fav, the Lancair again, had just installed Jeansy's Australian Oil Rigs with his updated stock oil rig model and was heading out from Gippsland to take a look. Was lollygaging and crashed into the sea, unfortunately this plane doesn't bounce back at all and I could not get it back in the air. Swapped planes and here it is, it's got birds, dophins, animated cranes even the burnoff has a loud cracking sound. Acording to Jeansy he built it for some rig pilots who operated a simpit and were using it to practise. Lastly an retractable undercarrage Cessna 210 Centurion II, nothing special about this one, I bought it to replace an 182RG with a custom photoreal HD VC, unfortunatelly the 182RG had only x86 gauges and was just no fun to fly with the majority of it's intruments missing, I do miss the custom HD photoreal VC though. Cheers
  5. The A2A Piper PA28 180 Cherokee is fun little plane I've not taken up for while. And being A2A the start point should always be the maintenance hanger, in this instance the machine was running so rough I had to change the plugs due to being fouled. I've also experimented by purposly neglecting maintenace just to see how far an A2A plane will last, and while they do last for quite some time, the chance of a random fail is more likely to occur, with the worst I've experienced being a flap fail on one side that sent me in a spin into the ground. Cheers
  6. I really love flying the Lancair Legacy, it's fast, reliable (but with consequenses for mistreatment), supports hypoxia and the GTN750, plus has a great set of sounds and functions. Here's a selection flying through the desert regions of the USA. Cheers
  7. The Grand Prix was held over the weekend, not that I had opportunity to go, but it seemed like a nice time to gather a few Melbourne pics together. Melb Airport YMML - All those planes just awaiting a chance to get back in the air... A couple flying in from the East in a Cabri G2 Heli, didn't manage very far, need much more practice flying a Helicopter. The MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) is the stadium with the lights.
  8. Beau Hollis, from LM posted this on LinkedIn. I do not have any further information. But it is interesting:
  9. A few more pics from my GFX card update. And I found a couple of new screen modes. Dynamic Super Resolution - DL, which stands for "Deep Learning", an Ai screen mode enabling more performance with great aesthetics. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/nvidias-deep-learning-dynamic-super-resolution-tech-is-out-now-heres-how-to-enable-it Interesting clouds over 11S In the area around Skopje Airport I'm flying the Lancair at the far end. A few Ai aircraft from around the area. Cheers
  10. Tuning for my new GFX card and I can still max it out 🙂 I'm sure the promised next gen will be 2x to 3x even better... That said it does take a bit more effort to do so than my older card - a 1070Ti. Pic shows 4361 mem use, but have taken it up to ~10000 and it's oh so easy to get to 100% GPU use, I am enjoying it. Cheers 11S in the background Walter Sutton's farm USA Taking the 737 out for a spin.
  11. My final flight testing pics at Alice Springs Airport Australia. Love this little plane, especially now that I've fixed its issues. Time to move onto testing another plane 🙂 Cheers There's a lot of nothing in the outback of Australia. Known as the Red Desert. And Alice Springs AP Cheers
  12. Hey Folks, Just a couple of the Aeroplane Heaven Betty Boop C140. Pretty cool little airplane, I added the GPS 2020 and am testing a fix for the disappearing pilots on take off. And the flight is outback Australia heading from Longreach to Alice Springs with lots of stops on the way. Cheers
  13. A few of the F-35. Cheers
  14. A few pics of some recent aircraft I've enjoyed flying in. First up is the Lancair Legacy, where I'd taken off from Plum Island AP (2B2). One of a few Spitfires I have collected. My Australian Coast Watch Turbo Commander 690B, quite modded this version and running the GTN750. This F-16 is parked @ 11S, which is such a rush on take off, what with the acceleration of the F-16, the trees beside the runway and deer crossing in front of you. F-35 over the Pacific North West area. I'll have to start getting my bigger planes and jets out too, haven't flown them for a while, like the A2A Lockheed Constellation L049 and iFly and QW series. Cheers
  15. I came across this eyetracker which works with MSFS2020. Does anyone know if it is compatible with P2D? I have trackIR, but wearing the IR emitters really bugs me. Thanks, Jeff Callender
  16. With the recent discussion about AIG it reminded me of a great companion utility - Ai Companion. This is a freeware program that interrogates both BGL files and the newer AIGFP ones in P3D v4/5. The program then gives you many options on how to display the resultant data. Live Traffic displays all Ai aircraft in P3D but this can be so overwhelming there are filters provided to limit the aircraft to those moving. The user is free to display what suits them. The Airport View switches to the nearest airport both with your aircraft on the ground and when airborne. Departure and Arrival options are available. One of the most useful features is Flight Finder. Suppose you want to know what countries have A380 flights departing on a Thursday. Set the parameters and hit Search. The results show 34 countries! Wow! 😲 The program can be run on the same computer as P3D or on a network. You'll need WideFS from Pete and John Dowson for a network but it allows you to run AIC on a separate screen. On the Live Traffic screen you can double-click any aircraft and the P3D view switches to it. You can also delete any aircraft such as those ahead of you on finals. Attached is a screenshot showing the situation at Heathrow on a Thursday lunchtime. The author (koala) refuses any donations. It's a labour of love of which he should be justifiably proud. When running AIC for the first time you can safely ignore any anti-virus warning. The exe is clean. You can download it from here. https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=29651.0 There is a version for MSFS but as I don't have that sim I can't comment on how well AIG and AIC work with it. For P3D owners this is a highly polished program no AIG user should be without.
  17. Nice cold and clear skies over Valdez (PAVD). Then after landing, saving the flight and coming back to the sim later, the weather was quite different. Moments after this screen pic it was a white out, quite disorientating. Cheers
  18. Fellow Aviators, The year is closing in to an end, and we would like to share some exciting news from the MJC development team. Upcoming TRAINING Edition Release & Virtual Cockpit Re-Design for Prepar3D v4.5 and v5.2 — MJC Support Forum (majesticsoftware.com)
  19. This site has been around for quite some time and the owner does a great job of gathering together in one place all the freeware scenery available for P3D including v5. I bought him a coffee today for his trouble. If you haven't used the site it's a great resource and many airports are a half-way house between default and payware. https://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx.html
  20. Some Unique American...One new & three from US Airways. Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  21. Narita by Don Ridgeway, on Flickr Narita Departure by Don Ridgeway, on Flickr Kansai Airport Arrival by Don Ridgeway, on Flickr Painful way to have to post pics, individually.
  22. Hey Folks, A collection of randoms I've built up (and still more... :-) 11S airport and TerraFlora, great trees I think. BBQ @ 11S My new Cessna AgTruck AgTruck again Dusting Trying to practise dusting... Cheers
  23. Hey Folks, A collection of randoms I've built up (yep there's more). Somewhere in the USA Misty Mountains New Zealand A lodge house in New Zealand. New Zealand Housing - TerraFlora and Orbx Buildings HD New Zealand light house TerraFlora and Orbx Buildings HD Autumn in the LOWI airport area. Cheers
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