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  1. Dear friends who are all still happy with P3D! Today I just wanted to introduce you to my work of the last few years - yes, years. Some time ago I even created a thread here - somewhere - but I can't find it anymore... 🤐 First of all the following: I'm not the type who likes to advertise his stuff. The reason for the post here is actually that I was told again and again (actually, also more than years now...) that I should do more advertising. For example here, because there are still many P3D fans active here who might be interested... That's why I'm just going to do that now! So, what have I done? Well, what many others have already done - created photosceneries. With autogen, of course! Very briefly, how does one get the idea to create photosceneries? Well, back then, nearly 10 years ago (remember the time back then, that was before ORBX released something like TE Netherlands!), I wanted to enhance the approach area for my home airport EDDM a bit. After a lot of reading, trying, deleting and trying again, I had created an area that covered about 40x20 km around Munich Airport. Everything was created completely manually, every autogen building was placed by hand. Many people were enthusiastic about it at the time and asked if I could create something like that for XYZ airport . And yes, in fact I wanted to do that. Shortly after, I visited Namibia (and that was really great!). But I didn't like the flights in the sim (remember, at that time there was no openLC Africa!). And that's when I had the idea to create a photorealistic Africa. It was a huge project, I never thought I could finish. I have to say the following about this: I was in my geography bachelor studies at the time. And an important part of it is, of course, the use of GIS software. I wanted to combine this so that the creation of the sceneries would be easier. And that's what I did, and created all of Africa photorealistically - in high quality and with accurate autogen. After I had 800 GB of photosceneries for Africa, I thought - why not other regions? In the meantime, a lot has happened here. I now use Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 OLI data to detect vegetation, which I refine with vector data, including OSM. For buildings, I have chosen an AI approach, so that I can also extract building footprints from the RGB images using a convolutional neural network (with the restriction that it only really works well in Africa, as I have trained the model here). Therefore, in the meantime there are more than 10 Python scripts á 1000-5000 lines of code with which I can create my sceneries - semi-automatically. In the meantime, I have created all of Europe and Africa, and I am working on South America. The server storage space is still a problem. Due to the increased costs, I had to remove Central Africa and all my Asian sceneries from the server - even though I am working on making everything available again. So, a lot of text... It's probably best if I just show pictures - across the world, so to speak. Athens Marrakech El Oued Algiers Cape Town Ouagadougou Somewhere in Ghana Somewhere in Sierra Leone Bulgaria Currently working on Brazil France Frankfurt Serbia Tirana Naples Poland Germany Namibia In the meantime, my sceneries - of course! - also come with comprehensive night lighting. Furthermore - and I think this is not unimportant: How big are the sceneries? Well, I have installed a 4 TB HDD for my sceneries (whole Europe, Africa, half of South America, part of Asia, altogether approx. 60 million km²), on which approx. 2.7 TB are occupied. A lot of information - including a current overview map - can also be found HERE and HERE. For questions regarding the download, please write me a private message (preferably in the FSXForum or at FSDeveloper)! Now, in conclusion, I have no other option but to wish you all a wonderful weekend!
  2. How do I remove this green texture? https://imgur.com/FnSm82f
  3. Hello members, I have an issue with the Orbx Base Pack. This is Ganderkesee (EDWQ) and in my there are houses, while in real life there shouldn't be any. I already verified the files via the Orbx Central also posted my Scenery priorities, as I fly a lot of VFR this is a really big problem for me. The solution would really make my day.
  4. Finally thinking about taking the plunge and trying out Prepar3d. Not sure which version would be best for the system I have. For my specs below, what is my best option? Many thanks! Intel Core i7 12th Gen 12700KF 2.7GHz Processor Microsoft Windows 11 Pro NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8GB GDDR6X 32GB DDR4-3200 RAM 1TB Solid State Drive 10/100/1000 Network 802.11ax Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 AIO Liquid ML 240L RGB Cooler
  5. Hello there, We at WeGo Airways Virtual are starting a recruitment drive. We want to hear from you to see what you look for in a virtual airline. Be it Real world operations, the flight tracker or a teamspeak atmosphere. Come take a look at us at www.wegoairwaysva.co.uk. We have been operating since February 2015 and have been operating steadily since. We have 56 real world airlines with full schedules and fleets updated regularly. We also have our own Charter division with our own livery for a variety of aircraft and also a cargo division. Our own fleet consists or a variety of aircraft from Cessna aircraft up to A380 & B774/778 With our real world airlines we have the globe covered no matter where you like to fly. We are not a very strict VA. You may fly overnight whilst you sleep if you wish. You may also pause a flight at TOD so you can go watch the football or (let) your partner take you out shopping!!! We use kACARS as our tracker and update it regularly with new features. We also support X-Plane 10 & 11, P3D V2 - P3D V4 and FSX FSX-SE Pop on over and take a look or leave us a comment on here with any questions you may have. Best Regards Mark Callison VCEO WeGo Airways Virtual
  6. +photoshop +photoshop
  7. I have been trying to work out the conundrum of the 4k monitor for use with my PMDG A/C for FSX or P3D in less than 40" monitor size. I have been discussing with another member via pm but thought I might ask the PMDG community for their experiences. I was looking at a 28" 4k monitor with a 4k games display, and it looked great. but when the sales rep went back to the Win10 screen, the text was squished up to the left hand side. He said, yeah...normal, these monitors really are for gaming or movies and you need a second normal HD monitor for work...When we looked at a 42" 4k TV, as a monitor, this was a lot better. I do not have the room on my office desk for larger than 32". Now, as you know, loading for example the PMDG 747v3, it will work well in FSX/P3D 4k. But what happens to all the supporting programs I use like, weather, ATC, flight planning etc. None of these are 4k and will become victims of the 4k resolution. I read that I can change the scaling in Win10 to make the text more readable, but also read that some text is often not able to be scaled, and then what happens to the 4k format if scaling is used? Unless some one has got the scaling to a position it can handle the native resolution of 3840x2160 while in FSX/P3D...AND...in another window be able to handle the flight sim supporting programs, I might simply buy a 31" 2560x1440 monitor that is pretty good at both flight sim and general stuff. I had a look at several formats. I thought as long as I kept my pixel count/mm to about that of HD in the larger than 24"screens, then all should be sweet!
  8. Hello, I recently purchased an EVGA GTX 1050TI 4GB. I went to run fsx after doing some tweaking and installing and a few restarts and did a connected flight deck in the aerosoft airbus A320. I was getting around 12-20 frames at Gatwick with UK2000 and ORBX global. We flew down to GCLP and my frames were around 12-20 for the whole flight. My friend on the other hand was getting 30-40 with FTX Open LC europe and REX4 textures UK2000 EGKK with integrated graphics however he has an I5 4690K processor but no graphics card. We both looked at each others settings in the cruise and I set mine the same as his and I was getting the same frames. The frames stayed the same even if I turned all my settings up. This morning we loaded up at Gatwick in the A319 to fly over to LEBL. This time I am getting 2-10 frames. Specs: GTX1050TI 4GB, Processor intel pentium E6000, 4GB RAM, 1GB Motherboard PLGA775, 500W Power supply and 500GB hardrive (I have used about 300GB) please help! Harry
  9. Hi, does anyone know a good way/a tool to reinstall Prepar3D v3 without having to reinstall any/most of the addons? Thanks in advance Hubert Gaszewski
  10. Hi Captains, I am planning to migrate from FSX to the upcoming P3D sim platform and I was wondering whether my Pilot Records can be transferred from one sim to another. I didn't like to lose my many flight hours... Thanks a lot in advance. Kind regards, Marco Furtado
  11. Hi pilots, currently I am looking for an upgrade of my current hardware for flightsimming in P3d 4.1. At the moment I am running an Mini-ITX system with GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boos, Xeon® Prozessor E3-1230V3, and 8GB RAM on one 23" monitor (1980*1440px). I do not want to have a high end system. Mostly I am flying the PMDG 737/777 with FTX Global/Vector. Additionally i am using airports like the complex of the UK2000 group. Now I want to identify the bottle neck: Should I upgrade the graphic card or the CPU? If graphic card, I have to check if the card fits in Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced (Mini-ITX). Do you have any recommendations? This would be very helpful for me! Thak you very much in advance! Best regards
  12. Flew the Citation 525 over the Grand Canyon and down to Williams Gateway in Mesa Arizona, or maybe Chandler, all those cities run together in our East Valley. Williams has some reliever flights, mostly low budget airlines like Allegiant. Me, I prefer Sky Harbor because it's only a 20-minute fast drive from where I live. Our terminal four and terminal three are state of the art terminals, connected by a Sky Train to our light rail system If I wanted to, I could cab to light rail for 20 dollars R/T, and hop a four dollar train ride. It's a lot cheaper than the exorbitant prices the parking lots charge and the exorbitant prices Supershuttle charges. Supershuttle makes a killing, they make hundreds on a ride. It's supposed to be what we called in Mexico a "Collectivo", where the pax chip in and share a ride. However they do have very good drivers, they know how to beat all the traffic. They also run on natural gas, it runs quite smooth on the engine. Wish I had invested!
  13. Hello everybody, yesterday evening I joined the club and got myself ChasePlane. So far I have to say: Good job, gentleman. In terms of program design and available functions it is simply outstanding. Nevertheless, I have a small problem with TrackIR which I will try to describe in the following: I am running P3Dv3 and since FSX I have been using EZDok 1 and EZDok 2 together with TrackIR which worked flawlessly. You can move your head in every direction and the virtual head follows the movements of the real world counterpart without a problem. But with ChasePlane, I encountered an issue: First, here is a Picasso-like drawing of the "problem": https://abload.de/img/trackir_chaseplaneb4jwp.jpg On the left you see my head movement, on the right the "translation" by Chase Plane in the sim. When I turn my head to a new direction (2), the virtual head (2) turns as well to the translated direction. But when I lean forward (3) afterwards, chase plane moves the view point (3) forward from the original viewpoint/direction (1), and not the from new viewpoint/direction (2) so to speak. Does someone have the same prob? Is there a solution? The problem wouldn't bother me too much, but EZdok was able to handle this viewpoint movement. One could look to the left and right and "lean" out so to speak. Of course, Chase Plane is still beta, but I thought I'd ask. Thank you Captains! Kind Regards, Julius
  14. With the announcement that PMDG is bringing the DC-6 to MSFS, I thought I would dig into the hangar & dust off their P3D version. Nice flyer. Will be interested to see if they include the Artificial Flight Engineer as it makes the trip so much more relaxing if he is juggling MP, Mixture & other settings😀 And the 3rd shot is a Tower View at Tegel, where it appears every wind turbine in Germany has lined up on the horizon! T45 (P3D v4.5)
  15. You will recognize Fallon, Lake Lahontan, Virginia City and the Carson River
  16. One weird error i have came across a few days ago. I took a break from P3Dv3.4 for 1 month it was working perfectly, expect i could not start in the UK. I come back after a month and then i cant start at Elgin AFB the default airport even with the default aircraft, it crashes when it reaches 100% on "Loading Air Traffic Control" i've done nothing to the simulator at all this just happened it self. I've tried other airports that don't seem to contain much scenery, still i get the same error. So far i haven't found a solution to it. Not only that but i can't even change aircraft (PMDG aircraft 777 and 747), i press select then the screen goes black then i comes up with a error message. I have tried uninstalling p3dv3 and trying again but still no hope, there are no errors on my P3DV4. But i prefer V3 as i have many addons rather then V4. Here is my error report. Faulting application name: Prepar3D.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x588f7cbf Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000 Exception code: 0xc000041d Fault offset: 0x2290eef0 Faulting process ID: 0x1b64 Faulting application start time: 0x01d33ed688c71208 Faulting application path: D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Prepar3D.exe Faulting module path: unknown Report ID: 891dd634-7b00-41f9-818b-965bdc6749d6 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: i have had this error message alot. People have said its the Windows kb4038788 update but i dont have that installed. I have also found people getting the g2d.dll but i don't Any help will be appreciated.
  17. After migrating to P3Dv4.1, I started do add some sceneries that does not have a installer using the "Add-ons" method, like modern companies (A2A, FSDT, Flightbeam) are doing. In that way, I don't need to copy effects files to the sim folder, keeping the installation folders cleaner. But after adding about 15 sceneries this way, I noticed some collateral effect. Some GSX vehicles loose their textures and even some aircraft like A2A and PMDG stoped to load their textures (and became black). Removing all the sceneries xml from the add-ons directory, makes everything comes back to normal. Now, I'd like to know how you guys are doing. What's the best way to add manually installed sceneries? 1. Use the modern way, through Add-ons folder and xml 2. Use the old way, through Scenery Library
  18. As per the title, the JF VC-10 is now on sale, so for those of you who wanted the classic British quad T-Tailer for FSX and P3D, the wait is over. Well, sort of, this is the Type 1101 BOAC variant, but two expansion packs are also on the way apparently, one of which 'pros' it up a bit with more systems simulation to make it a 'study sim' although to be fair, quite a lot of stuff is simulated on this initial release; another expansion will add the Super variant and RAF Tanker and transport versions. Apparently there will be a discount on the price of those expansions for those who buy this initial version, so if you wanted the pro version, there's no real reason not to stump up the cash for this one and tart it up later on since the price will be the same as waiting for the full on version. Works in FSX and FSX-SE and all versions of P3D
  19. So I have been flying in and out of Japan with a lot of flights, but so far I only own a couple of sceneries that allow me to do so, and those are Narita International Airport and Fukushima Airport by Wing Creation Inc., and Kansai International Airport by Aerosim. But I haven't seen any other scenery for japan, so I was wondering if there is more to be found? And I am not just looking for airports but also mesh and textures for the surounding scenery. I don't mind if it is payware or freeware, all I want is that it can be ported into P3Dv4 and that it is of decent quality
  20. Hello guys. So i just have a question, when i fly i play with a controller, is it possible to use the p3d controls in fsx, like can i put the controls into fsx? Emir
  21. Join the new Delta Airlines VA! For now, only a Discord server, but with ACARS and a website coming soon, we'll be growing in no time. Please join and fly with us in one of our compatible sims: Prepar3D, FSX/FSX:SE, and X-Plane 11. https://discord.gg/P2V3HCz
  22. Hello all, I was suffering from Crash to Desktops prior to V4.1 being released after installing new scenery, basically P3D would crash on loading a new scenario. From following some threads on the Prepar3D Support Forum it transpired to be due to the AddOn XML document. The work around suggested on the forum was to de activate the Add On XML document and add the scenery manually to the Scenery Library. This is what I did and managed to get P3D working again prior to the release of V4.1. The issue was to be rectified in the release of V4.1 according to Lockheed Martin on their Support Forum. I am just wondering if anybody knows how to re activate the AddOn XML document so that when you start Prepar3D you get the box that pops up asking if you want to enable the add on. I’ve installed some scenery now I’ve updated to V4.1 and don’t appear to get asked this, I have to add the scenery manually to the Scenery Library. I’ve tried at getting it back to how it was done prior to this but can’t seem to get it to work. Would uninstalling the Client & Content then re installing these components solve this? Many Thanks, Jonathan.
  23. I have just bought the 777-200 base package and I'm very annoyed. Not having a regular income means that this is a big price to pay for me. I am not able to press or move anything in the cockpit. The aircraft is in a cold and dark state with the throttle levers at TOGA and the yokes fully back and fully left. The only thing I can control is the brakes on the aircraft either with my toe brakes or a button on the back of the yoke. The gear isn't showing outside (yet I am at the correct height as if the gear is extended). The mouse only changes to the PMDG one over the 2 inside nobs for the Baro/Radio altitude and the altimeter. I have reinstalled the 777 many times and have overwritten my FSUIPC install. (I can't figure out how to uninstall FSUIPC and the internet doesn't seem to help much). I have reinstalled the D irect X settings and Simconnect all to on avail. Please someone help me before I explode at PMDG.
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