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  1. No, in fact the area was 1,000 miles form the nearest oil rig. I think it was resistance to new ideas couched in a fear of possible damage to wetlands and coastal areas.
  2. I live in South Texas. I am all in favor of whatever it takes to get water. Here, even in good years, it is problematic. I have lived in coastal areas with companies that developed floating desalinization plants, but could not get the permitting passed. My point is that when you are up to your rear in alligators, it's too late to think about draining the swamp. At this point, they have little option but to wait it out.
  3. They are about ten years too late in developing them to be of any help. People in Cali would never approve the permits.
  4. Also on Youtube check out channels of V-1 Simulations and Blackbox711 who are RW 32X captains and have excellent tutorials on all things A32X. Jeff Callender
  5. I believe i have found the fix to this. Open up startup, then settings, then Apps. Go to "Gaming Services" click the three dots to the right and choose "advanced options", then choose "repair". Mine started after doing this. Jeff Callender
  6. Errant fingers.....I'll check that out. Thanks,
  7. MSFS will not start - when staring, it takes me to the Microsoft Store - Gaming Services page, with no other options. I am an owner of the Deluxe edition and have been since the day it came out. I used used it as late as three or four days ago. My system shows the app as being installed. If I go to the store and bring up the MSFS2020 page, I click on "play" and nothing happens. It doesn;t show as being "owned" when I've had startup issue in the past. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  8. Just pick you flight and go to flightaware.com to see the routes that are currently being flown.
  9. Mine won't start, a dialog box reports that I need an internet connection. I have no mods.
  10. Yes, me too. More and more.
  11. You mount the eyetracker on the bottom of the monitor bezel itself, not the stand. I assume your monitor is a normal (18 inches or so?) from your face. You need a depth of about an inch. You then tilt the tobii bracket to be at 0 degrees incidence - "level". I don't have the zoom going yet in P3D. Jeff Callender
  12. I ordered and received the eyetracker version 5 and it works pretty well. Good speed and responsiveness. Have not completely tweaked it yet to find my favorite settings. It does not seem to be compatible with Chaseplane, though. I have to exit Chaseplane to get it to work. Why do you need Chaseplane if you have this? Might want to have a different view or external view, I guess. I will continue to tweak and see if I can figure it out. It may be a one or the other thing, though. Anyone have the same experience? Jeff Callender
  13. I came across this eyetracker which works with MSFS2020. Does anyone know if it is compatible with P2D? I have trackIR, but wearing the IR emitters really bugs me. Thanks, Jeff Callender
  14. For those of us that remember command line DOS, a script to delete shaders should be a cinch.
  15. An ASUS 3080ti for the vid. Has not arrived yet, shoould be this week. I use mainly P3Dv5 and I don't have extreme expectation of a huge FPS increase, but I figured if I am building, I might as well go for it. I have a 32" samsung curved monitor. WIth this card,I may try hooking it up to the 55" TV and see what happens. For a case, I am using Anidees Crystal Cube V3 Mesh. I like it so far and it fits well in my built-in desk. I am going to finish and install the rest of the drives and Flightsim software this weekend.
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