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  1. jbcallender

    PFPX V2

    Thanks, Bill
  2. jbcallender

    PFPX V2

    Where do you get V2 and is it a comp upgrade for current owners? I didn't see it on Aerosoft. I bought mine at Simmarket. Jeff Callender
  3. jbcallender

    GREAT tech support!!

    Keven definitely wins the all time support award combined with a fantastic suite of products.
  4. Make a small investment in X-Camera. It has the capabilities of Chaseplane and much much more. Keyboard assignments are very easy. Wouldn't be a problem at all to assign the "a" and "s" keys to advance views. At the same time, you can setup many categories of views, each with it's own set of cameras.
  5. I have problem I've never had before. I have a CH Products yoke and for some reason the throttle lever has become disconnected from the FFA320 throttles or FADEC. The yoke is mapped and calibrated properly and all appears to be in order. It is connected to throttles in all of the other aircraft in X-plane. I have made several flights in the FFA320 and the throttles worked exactly as they should have. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Jeff Callender
  6. jbcallender

    Milviz KingAir

    I installed the "Alpha" version a week ago and my computer doesn't even show it as being installed. I paid for this THREE years ago and I sit and watch Milviz release many many new aircraft - except the one I paid for. Big disappointment.
  7. jbcallender

    Simstarter NG for P3D v4?

    It's very powerful and somewhat complex if all you want is to startup a few programs with P3D. That being said it is an excellent program.
  8. jbcallender

    Advice before getting Windows 10 Pro 64

    I have mixed windows version on my home network and have no issues. No issues with P3Dv4 on Win1064. As long as you are on the same "Home Network", all works fine. Don't know about the Logitech device. The built in antivirus and firewalls with Win10 need some tweaks with certain add-ons.
  9. Yes, I run P3D with a second monitor on a i7-8770 and Geforce 1080, running another view. I find it cuts FPS by about 1/3 to 1/2.
  10. jbcallender

    GSX not matching up to gate positions

    In Poppet's P3D tips and tricks, there is a post specifically about this topic. Jeff Callender
  11. I am reinstalling P3Dv4.2 and have encountered a very frustrating problem. Wondering if anyone has encountered similar problems. When unzipping the file or upon installation, winzip reports checksum and or/hash total errors and aborts the unzip or install process. I have tried downloading the files individually, I have used different pc's for the download, I have used different browsers for connecting to the P3D download site and initiating the download eliminating every combination of variables I can think of. When installing from the individually downloaded files, the installation fails - I tried both installing as an administrator and a regular double click install. All with the same result. I am using a fresh Winzip v22 and I have tried the native Microsoft Win 10 unzipper both with the same result. In the past have been a user Starting with P3D v1.x and never had any sort of issue. Any thoughts would be appreciated Jeff Callender
  12. Going on three years now if not more since I paid for this aircraft....no matter how you cut it, that's excessive and outside the bounds of reason. Jeff Callender
  13. jbcallender

    “Microsoft Flight Sim 2018”

    They would developed some less sophisticated, more "game-playing" and more appealing to a broader market. They are about making a profit, after all. With P3D, my feeling is that we are the incidental beneficiaries of the development of a product intended for government and large market training needs. XP11 is a labor of love on the part of many, but also has a large market training base.
  14. jbcallender

    Switch to outside views

    Are you using Chaseplane? That has an option to default to an outside view if no keyboard activity above 18,000 feet. Jeff Callender
  15. jbcallender

    KSAT runways

    It was formerly 12R/30L. They were renamed a couple of years ago, XP may not be updated. Jeff Callender - home base KSAT