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  1. The base engine is older than that...except it's updated to 64 bit, HDR Lighting, PBR lighting, enhanced graphics, fantastic add-on integration, weather, shaders, simplifying updates. I think LM has been quite responsive to the community, in my opinion.
  2. Pretty basic and I apologize, but make sure you haven't put in a leading or trailing space in the ID or password fields. Check caps/lower case, etc.
  3. Go to P3D Tricks and Tips and use Poppet's guides. If at all possible, do not install to the default location. Just click "options" and direct it to it's own drive.
  4. My Aviaworx connects and works immediately with FSL.
  5. OK, thank you. I'll get that set up. Must have missed that option.
  6. Found one. Called FlightSimGPS. Connects to Foreflight and P3D.
  7. Thought this was the P3D forum??
  8. Is FSXFlight kaput? I tried to reinstall FSXFlight and the installer errors out because it can't download the app from the developers website. I submitted a support request several days ago, have not gotten any response. Is there an alternative to connect to Foreflight on the iPad? Thanks.
  9. In the scan, AI Lights sees only ground vehicles specific to ImagineSim KATL and P3D ships and ferries, a total of 49 models. It does not see native P3D Aircraft, Addon Aircraft or FLAI aircraft. In the P3D main folder simobjects/aircraft folder, I have all aircraft native to P3D, addon aircraft and FLAI aircraft. The FLAI aircraft appear in P3D and are recognized and displayed by P3D and VPilot. I did an uninstall and reinstall of AI Lights with the same result. In the LM P3D "appdata/roaming" folder, I have a simobjects/aircraft folder with a subfolder for each aircraft, but there are no visible files in the folders. And this is Pro Edition AI Lights. Thanks, Jeff
  10. In the console, my list of AI aircraft shows only ground vehicles (presumably GSX) and some boats and vehicles native to P3D, but no aircraft such as the FLAI/BVAI models. Is this normal? I had to install FLAI/BVAI manually as Win10 thought it was malware and wouldn't run the FLAI installer, even with full admin rights.
  11. I have flown for American Virtual Airlines for many years and I think they do a good job. Visit them at www.joinava.org.
  12. Checklists have fuel pumps on before APU start, then APU Bleed and then ultimately engine start. Remember as "extinguish all whites" on the overhead panel.
  13. Make sure fuel is on and ignition switch is turned to the right. APU on and APU Bleed selected.
  14. I flew into KATL with rain last night and did not notice any problems with rain.
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