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  1. sightseer

    XP11 and Orbx TEGBS EGHI area mostly

    Hi Filou - I'm using Mr Venemas recommended settings shown here: except that I have 'draw shadows on scenery' unticked and my texture quality is 'high' and lateral FOV is 98.6 or as close as I can get it. It looks as good as the settings I was using and runs better so Ill stick with it I think - at least over TE GB.
  2. sightseer

    XP11 and Orbx TEGBS EGHI area mostly

    Thanks. Yeah, I've flown over the P3D version of England for a long time and now flying over a good quality photoreal version is awesome. Thanks. its my own set of sky textures with some rearranged sunglow files. no mods at all actually. That's my version of 'clean' in the shots. Thanks!
  3. here are just a few shots from Orbx' true Earth Great Britain South project. I can't run it on the recommended settings everywhere - Salisbury of all places seems to cause me problems and Im still working to figure it out. but these pics from Southampton area are with recommended settings (max objects) and I think it looks great. (yes - London is also a problem on my system - i6 6600K not overclocked with a GTX1070 and 16Gig ram)
  4. sightseer

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    theres also a strange flashing in the VC of the Cessna with b6. I think its the engine smoke effect. On my system I cant load any previously working METARs (Load custom METAR from weather menu). I think maybe a previous beta updater wasn't right because one of them told me that I had altered nearly every file it wanted to update and that's not normal updater behavior. Im going back to 11.26rc2 for a while. but things were looking pretty good (cloud lighting, overall lighting...still have the annoying sudden sky brightness changes when crossing specific longitude lines though: take off from KMTN and fly 240 degrees to KBWI at sunset - sky will darken right as fly over KBWI) I think Im through with reporting bugs. they really don't care.
  5. Well I don't know the answer to that but I did just discover after posting my question that toggling nosewheel steering helps a lot. The planes will turn with nosewheel steering on or off (I guess that's how you say it) but toe brakes get activated much more with one setting than the other. Now I can do a 180 with the Cessna :) thanks for the reply though.
  6. On both the default Cessna and the Cirrus, if Im trying to taxi around and Im using rudder to turn the nosewheel, the differential brakes will get applied and it stops the plane from moving so I have to full throttle and get moving and then make a hard turn. Im using a joystick and the twist is only set to 'yaw' - no mention of toe brakes but it does it anyway. can it be stopped? am I using the wrong settings?
  7. sightseer

    Flight Sim World assets scuttlebutt??

    I have no clue but I agree with you hypercide. those who know aren't saying. I've almost moved on but I still check for info sometimes. XP11 is great though.
  8. sightseer

    My Sims...and gotta love Steam

    I love Steam too. makes life quite easy. My flight sim is XP11 (not on steam though). I also have AFS2 which I did get through Steam - not sure if theres any other way to get it - and Im really glad I discovered the Truck Simulator Series. The first one I found was American truck sim and it made me buy ETS2 but I prefer ATS. I have some racing games but Im just not as fast as I used to be and I pretty much always come in last even when racing 'beginner' AI. I did pick up a fun little game called Orbital Racer not too long ago and I also have a sim or sorts called Lunar Flight that is a 3D version of the old Lunar lander arcade game which I used to spend hours playing. Its a lot of fun and I recommend it.
  9. sightseer

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    In this first beta, in the default Cessna 172, is there any way to disconnect the autopilot? There was a master AP on/off switch but it appears to have gone missing in 11.30. Is that what you see?
  10. Thank you all for the comments. The third is my favorite as well. its frustrating how much the tones change when visibility decreases and I don't seem to have control over all the colors - or maybe I just haven't learned enough yet. All the pics except one are the same sunset and I pulled the colors from a trailer on the five disc Phantasm collection that I recently picked up at Wallbert. :-) Ive now seen photographs to justify orange ending, red ending and pink ending. there really is no 'correct' sunset I don't think. I still hope for a simulator that includes the physics that automatically creates those colors based on weather.
  11. here's the tail ends of two different sunsets... one of which has probably already bitten the dust on the scrapheap of creation... the other soon will also Im sure.
  12. Some Aerofly FS2 shots showing Orbx' work: I started down at the southeast corner of the Netherlands and Im working my northward. im not sure if Ill go clockwise or CCW but Im trying to stop at every airport and so far they all look really nice. The only thing is an airport with a 2000 foot runway with an ILS24 using 108.90 that doesn't seem to be available. I might have got the wrong frequency... but it looks good and I was worried about its size - geography wise - but Im quite happy with it.
  13. sightseer

    Do you have Jet Envy?

    looks great to me.
  14. sightseer

    X-Enviro 1.10 progress....

    I hope they decide to put more color in the low altitude appearance (both cloud shadows and sky color) but it does look quite good. If they use physics to create sky colors based on weather then we should get some amazing sunsets, sunrises and every other condition where haze is unevenly lit.
  15. sightseer

    Over Seattle

    looks good. I love that second to last shot.