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  1. it isn't a person. it's a computer system. From what I can gather, this is part of the Driver License Compact created by the AAMVA here in the US. It was started back in the 1950s and over the years more and more states have joined. The idea as they say is "one driver, one license" and its intended to keep habitual and dangerous drivers off the roads in every state and not just the ones they got caught in. I can agree fully with the intention but the fact that I have a 37 year clean driver history should account for something. still waiting to hear from them. still suspended. I'm not expecting to ever be able to drive again.
  2. right now its VFR because I don't feel the base sim lends itself to IFR yet. I think it will improve and then I may or may not switch to IFR 'primarily'. Its whatever Im in the mood for...sim capable of course.
  3. sightseer


    did anyone else enjoy building dams in the nearby stream and then 'swimming' for a while and then pretending to be a giant monster tearing it all down? that was one of my favorite things to do in summertime. I can't believe how many toys we had in common. I suspect the models changed over the years though. If I was sick and had to get a shot, mom would let me pick out a model so long as it wasn't too expensive. I had battle ships, aircraft carriers, aircraft, helicopters, craft from a variety of science fiction shows. At one point in my life I had lights in various models and a switch panel (battery powered) and they were all hung from the ceiling. I loved legos when I was a kid and I loved to build all kinds of things. they didnt have any of the fancy kits they have these days. My grandmother was an accountant and she knew that I loved to build and create things so she would save all the cardboard tubes from all the various rolls of paper that she used. They came in all sizes and some were downright huge. When i would go visit her in the summer, I loved to build as tall of a tower as I could. I had to carefully disassemble it though because I didnt want to break anything in her house. on another note: did you know you could make a rocket out of a soda can and a firecracker (and a mud puddle)? you cut the top of the can off and put a hole for the firecracker in the bottom. insert a fircracker, put the cut end looslely down in a shallow mud puddle and then light the fuse. also - remember water rockets? that you would pump with air? they were always breaking but they were cool imo. cheaper than real rockets and you wouldnt loose them by installing an oversize engine and then watching them disappear over the other side of the neighborhood 🙂
  4. @Rockliffe don't worry about modifying the thread. I love threads that detour into other interesting topics. I prefer the 'premonitions' detour but UFO's is OK too I suppose.
  5. One would think that. I've also been trying to figure out how 'points' kept accumulating on an expired learners permit. I moved to another state and did everything that state legally required of me and I got my license and figured all was good.
  6. " and I suffer premonitions, confirmed suspicions..." "and I got second sight. I've got amazing powers of observation" "I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles...oh yeah"
  7. I'm very sorry about that. If that had happened to me, I would not be alive today. You must be very strong.
  8. @neilhewitt Your post brings back a lot of memories. My dad died of cancer around Thanksgiving of 2004. He lasted longer than they said he would but in the end it won. I hate cancer. I sat with him and watched him die over about 6 hours. I know the labored breathing you speak of. When he passed I just broke out crying. I didn't know I would do that. It was impossible to look at his favorite green chair without crying for a while. My mom and I are much closer. She actually died when I was in 7th grade. She was having stomach surgery and they couldn't restart her breathing. She says that she felt as if she were in our backyard and it was night. She says it was the blackest black she ever saw but she could see a few stars. She says " I WAS a child's white dress -- floating free -- and being drawn towards a light" --and there was an amazing peace that she felt. She's not afraid of dying again and her telling me of her past experience makes me so not worried about it all either. I'm just not looking forward to being so alone and losing a very close friend.
  9. Please don't even jest. I'm a bit at my wits end with all thats going on. How am I supposed to be the sole caretaker of my dying 80 year old mother without a way to drive in case of emergency -- like there have been many. and please - no one say 'taxi' -- its a $50 one way trip to the hospital. which makes a trip to the hospital and back by taxi about 14% of my monthly income.
  10. In their defense, I was wearing a helmet and I looked older than I was by a number of years. But, yes, I thought the guns were overkill. At least they didn't shoot me. The main cop who arrested me didn't even believe I was the age I said I was. I had no ID at the time.
  11. The idea of a lawyer has entered my mind but I have talked to them (the states DMV) and they are sending me some form to fill out. I'll just see how it goes for now. Theres a grace period for my current license. It just can't be renewed. and if thats not how it works Im pleading ignorance because DANG! offensive initials not allowed over??
  12. I just found out my driver license has been suspended due to something that happened over 37 years ago. I had a learner's permit and wanted to practice a bit so I went to the deserted parking lot of the nearby shopping center at 8am. I came around the corner at the end and saw a cop eating breakfast in the movie theater parking lot. I got scared and took off. Next thing I know I've got three cops all with guns drawn pointed at me. had to go to court. had to pay a fine. had to go to traffic school and I did all of that. I then moved to another state (still a young teen) and never thought much of it because I got a new learners permit and then driver license and went on from there. But now that original state has decided to suspend my license because they have no record that I completed the driver school. over 37 years ago. what a concept.
  13. I would like a separate X Box forum because there will also be the Series X and series S divide and specific hardware issues.
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