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  1. sightseer

    Political liveries in the library....

    its also a fact that we have a unified budget and a part of that federal budget was collected in taxes from previous generations.
  2. Well I tried all of the visual effects settings and the flickering is present with all of them. I even unchecked the 'allow windshield effects' box but that didn't help. The flickering is actually noticeable through the side windows of the Cessna as well but not when you are close to them?? thats the way it seems anyway. I've looked through the files and I see nothing I can disable or alter. FSX had a file that was used for reflections and I think all effects were .fx files. With XP it looks as though the effects are embedded into the model?? I had hoped for a simple file change or maybe a dataref but it doesnt sound like there is anything I can do. its not major. I'll live with it. Please continue ya'lls discussion.
  3. I'm on XP11.32. The default Cessna got some new effects with 11.30 including an engine smoke effect which i believe is causing me a problem. My sky and clouds tend to flash/flicker and have odd colors from time to time. if I look at the world in external view, everything looks fine. Even if I look at things through the side windows it all looks fine (no flickering or odd colors). its only when looking through the front windscreen and so Im assuming its the added engine smoke effect or maybe some other effect that was recently added. Theres a faint flickering purple line just above the horizon in the sky and the clouds will tend to flicker sometimes and they will get green and purple colors in them. when I switch to outside view they look good and the line in the sky is gone. Is there any way for me to turn these effects off? The Cessna used to be my favorite plane and Id like it to be again. thanks in advance for any help. Im pretty sure its a feature and not a bug but I don't care for it.
  4. sightseer

    AP Toggle Switch

    Not 'elevators' but rather 'elevator trim'. This new 'more realistic' autopilot threw me at first too.
  5. My copy appears to phone home every single time I use it. there has never been a time when I fired up XPlane without an internet connection and it let me run in full mode. I find it annoying but since Im aware there is the USB option, I put up with it.
  6. sightseer

    I Like Flight Simulation Because?

    I wanted to be a pilot but I never got anywhere close. I was derailed by health problems at an early age. Now I just enjoy the pseudo adventure...the exploration of places I may have never been and I also enjoy the ability to design things for flight simulator (skies and clouds in my case).
  7. Thank you very much. I don't think I would have noticed that. With your help I have run three tests and the change in lighting does indeed occur when the sim loads dsf files when headed east or west. Ill run another test or two but Im confident Im on the right track and I also think it will be fixed in the not too distant future.
  8. sightseer

    Oculus Rift requirements

    Hi - Thank you very much. I thought Win 7 should still work. Im really torn as to whether I even want something 'better' than the rift. I got the impression from something Ben Supnik said on the X Plane developer blog that the newer higher resolution headsets tended to have more performance related issues (frames) and would require a beefier system. Im just not ready for all that. I mostly want to try American Truck sim and XP11 and then also get into standing VR games so I can get more exercise than I currently do.
  9. Its actually been there a while and I don't know what causes it. I only know its not the sun glow files or sky texture files (or doesn't appear to be). if its a texture or something, id love to know about it. Some 'lights' appear to be hard coded (shaders?). I didn't file a bug on this one so it'd be great if you did. Ive already got a bug Im trying to push them to fix. (with no luck yet)
  10. sightseer

    Oculus Rift requirements

    Oh well. Thanks Hi Flyer. I haven't been to toms hardware in a while. didn't even think of them really. thanks for posting.
  11. I went to check out requirements for the Rift today at the oculus website and it says Windows 10, 3 USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB 2.0 port. I can get an expansion card for the USB ports but I was really hoping to use Win 7 64. Does the Rift work with Win 7 and are there any other VR headsets that do? I'm looking for the least expensive/best for the money way to get into VR for steam games mostly but also XP11.
  12. Are there any datarefs or other ways to make XP tell you which dsf files are currently loaded and, more importantly, when it loads a new one as I fly? Im currently convinced that a bug I filed a while back about environment lighting pop may be tied to XP switching dsf files. The pop only occurs at well defined longitude lines and I read in the knowledge base that XP actually treats the world as flat (2D) as you fly so I wonder if XP only updates lighting when it loads a new dsf and compares the new angle of the new 2d pair of dsf files against the sun position and therby produces an abrupt change in lighting. any thoughts?
  13. Thanks to you both. I have an NVidia card and I run with DSR on (1.2x) and I don't update video drivers very often so I suspect this is just one of those weird bugs on my system. Hopefully updating drivers will solve it but since I do have a workaround, I feel better about moving on from 11.26. Its odd that I'm the only one though. I can't be the only one running DSR with my video driver. anyway...thanks again for checking on your systems. much appreciated.
  14. Glenn - Do you run Full Screen or Windowed mode? I find I can load a METAR when in Windowed mode but it crashes in full screen mode which is what I normally run.
  15. Hi Glenn - thanks. I've reverted back to 11.26 and I didn't think of keeping the log.txt file. Windows did report the error but I don't know what to do with the error report. In event viewer it just says 'Application Hang' and gives some other info that's meaningless to me personally. something must be different in the way Xplane interacts with windows.