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  1. Paul - I saw this last night but just didn't know what to say... but Im glad Noel responded as he did because you do indeed have a severe case of fortitude. keep up strength. Keep up Faith. (like those signs that say 'keep up speed')
  2. almost posted that in the other thread but felt there was no need.
  3. I wonder if that means that there will be updrafts or downdrafts occurring where different sets of aerial/satellite imagery meets? The coloration of some of that imagery can be radically different in adjacent points and if its based in part on albedo then it should create a wind change of some kind. Maybe they'll fix the imagery. I think they need to for proper seasons.
  4. I never realized just how extreme places I've lived could be. One year in Dallas, it was a week or so before Christmas and we'd been having exceptionally warm weather (for the season). I was wearing t shirts the day before I was set to drive to my parents house. It was nearly 80F. A cold front came through that night and by the next morning it was 11 degrees F with ice everywhere. It took me hours just to get outside the city limits a bit. Lake Ray Hubbard looked other worldly with and odd greenish color and clouds of steam billowing up from it to meet the grey overcast. 18 wheelers were sliding sideways on the bridges as we were all foolishly insistent on getting where we were going.
  5. I'm glad to read this here because I've been thinking the same thing. I fly the C172 and when a gust comes along its like my plane has been punched in the jaw and then it acts like its on a spring of some kind. It seems to me that winds should move a plane around in 3D space more and though they should weathervane a bit, I can't imagine any reason for the 'springiness'.
  6. The house I grew up in had gas central heat. One of my grandmothers had gas floor furnaces but the other had a wood burning cast iron stove. They were common where she lived. My dad eventually put one in our basement. You cant beat a cast iron stove. The apartment I rented in Dallas was very drafty and I used heavy blankets to stop the cold air from coming in the windows. I had southern exposure so I would open them during the day and cover them at night. The door that went out on the balcony had a large single pane glass insert that let in a lot of cold air but I discovered that I could set a cardboard 'wall' on the floor to catch the cold air and it would regulate its temperature before it made it over the wall. That trick helped immensely.
  7. here.watch this and just think about the implications
  8. I used to spend a hundred dollars a month on cigarettes and now I spend a hundred dollars every six months on airports I can go to again and again. I think its money well spent.
  9. I can take your word for it because I don't know but the term 'raymarching' appeared in options at SU7 I think. heres a pic showing original options on top and current on bottom
  10. Have you really never seen clouds like are shown in Noel's screenshot? It's just one of many clouds that Asobo's system creates. Its a high density cloud. You can see the same using custom weather by increasing the height, coverage, and density of the middle layer. But it also occurs in live weather and raymarching apparently makes it look worse than it used to. Noel - your picture is showing what happens when cloud density is turned up high. The low density clouds are low contrast, sometimes transparent, and often have a yellow tint (which are all fairly realistic). As density increases so does the contrast. The highlights get brighter and the shadows get darker but, thanks to the raymarching in my opinion, the delicate shading that we had when the sim was released has been replaced with more harsh shading with fewer shades in the gradient. I don't see why they went to raymarching. What did it bring that was good?
  11. Good morning Fr. Bill - I'm afraid you have me confused with someone else as I don't have an ebike. I wanted one but my state of Alabama appears to require a motorcycle license to operate even a peddle assist ebike so I didn't explore further. Also - I've never been to Crater of Diamonds state park but I always wanted to go. I would see the signs for it every time I was in the area. I hear lots of people have actually found diamonds there. I'm sorry to have misled you. very sincerely sorry. If you do go to the park, I hope you enjoy yourself and keep safe.
  12. only a 750Watt? That should be plenty of power Mr Bill. Its all in the gearing. Ride out to Crater of Diamonds and have a look around. Might be worth your while.
  13. On Amazon, I've noticed that those with lots of money will buy up available stock of an item and then resell it at a much higher price. Thats what happened with the motherboard I wanted to buy but, after waiting quite a while, Amazon apparently got restocked and I was able to get one for the price I originally saw. I hope to be able to buy a new GPU sometime this decade.
  14. Clearwater Florida. August. around 11am I think. using a custom weather theme derived from 'Scattered Clouds". Can it be done without filters? Something else that changed along the way was the 'fix' of SDR and HDR. Usercfg used to say HDR 1 for me but now it says 0(last time I checked). I tried changing it to 1 but it made no difference. I think its the raymarching that makes the shading difference.
  15. One thing that changed was the lighting or maybe just cloud shading when they introduced raymarching. I thought it was supposed to make things better but now Im not so sure. This pic shows two pics - the one on top is the new lighting and the one on the bottom is the original lighting. Its a weather theme at same location and time etc. The raymarching just makes things more harsh and took out detail on the face of the cloud. I dont think voxel density or whatever actually changed. I think they changed noise algorithms because people complained about pixellation and with raymarching we got blobby clouds. Maybe the noise could be higher res. but there is definitely a difference.
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