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  1. I guess my title was a long shot. I literally wanted to see any other drummer play that song cause its the one song I simply can't comprehend how its possible to play. But I have to guess that for drummers its probably pretty routine stuff... thats why they're drummers! and Im not. @W2DR - I don't know why I thought you were going to post something more recent like Neil Peart or evn John Bonham. But the big band sound - yes, very cool. Im not sure what this qualifies as but I love it:
  2. I want MSFS to have much more realistic looking and behaving weather/skies.
  3. Well, that was something! I enjoyed seeing the steam locomotives puffing smoke as they would do. My dad bought me a Lionel kit when I was young. It had what I remember to a 4 6 2 with a coal tender and several cars and a small oval track. I loved that thing. That guys setup must have thousands and thousands of dollars of train parts alone. Made me tired just watching but the end was worth it.
  4. I can't wrap my head around this drummers ability to play what appears two different time signatures at the same time. Its Crack The Sky doing a song called 'Ice"
  5. yeah. I heard that and had to go listen to 'SongBird' real quick.
  6. Is this about the guy they just rescued off the coast of louisianna? he fell off a cruise ship one night? Thats amazing that they were able to find him.
  7. I tend to think that people pay for others because it makes themselves feel good. Its quite common here apparently. People pay for others food in fast food drive lanes or at sit down restaurants. I hope people help those who cant get everything they need with EBT cards (foodstamps). In Dallas you weren't allowed to buy toilet paper or soap. I saw a mother told she couldnt buy baby formula. I found it embarrasing to be on foodtsamps myself. I think thats what they wanted me to fel.
  8. I would suggest getting an inexpensive laptop for around $300 with Windows already installed. You could also go for an Android laptop for even less I think. either way you would have internet access. And I don't know what you pay for Dish but you might check into one of those Fire TV devices and a subscription to YoutubeTV. Amazon is always having sales on the devices and YouTube is about $70 per month. Glad to hear you and the house are OK...and flightsim computer! I got myself an XBoxS just to make sure I could fly.
  9. In a trailer I once lived in there were little jumping spiders. They were hyperactive little things - about 1/4 inch in diameter -- if you got too close to them they would jump on you. At the time I slept on a small mattress on the floor and on the wall, near the ceiling, above the bed, was a flourescent blacklight fixture that they used to sell for people like me. One night I was having a dream -- but I didn't know it was a dream because it was me laying in my bed and I was watching this small black spot above me where the wall met the ceiling. It was obviously a small bug but I wasn't sure if it was one of those spiders or not. It seemed to move too slowly but it was round like they were. I kept watching as it slowly moved very small amounts basically in the same spot. Suddenly as I watched the spot started to grow and it grew much faster and it grew huge and then fell on top of me. In my dream I screamed and put out my arms to try and stop it. and then I became concious -- and I was doing a push up off of my bed and the blacklight had just fallen where my head just was. How could I have seen that as I was laying on my stomach...asleep.
  10. What about airports on hills that overlook a lot of scenery? or what about an airport in a valley surrounded by mountains covered in scenery? Dynamic LOD sounds great but the only way to properly implement it that I can think of would involve line of sight calculations which may or may not slow everything down.
  11. Well I've told my ghost story before several times... I feel like everyone knows it already but the whole reason I ever shared it was in the hopes that it would get some people to acknowledge our 'science' has very limited eyesight and doesnt even want to look for things that are very much certainly there (where? ). My story is from when I was a teenager and we were in the habit of going to this old church. It was supposed to be haunted but we had never seen anything until this one night. We were walking up from one corner of the property and I see this odd purplish mist unfurl itself (really dont know how to describe what I saw) from behind a tombstone and it became an erect black translucent figure that was like a shadow you'd see on the ground under a full moon. I saw it rise up and float across the ground and pause for a second and then head towards a large tree on the property and thats when Derrick, on the far right, said "Did you see that?" and my friend Eddy between me and Derrick to my right, said something to the effect of " you mean a shadow that came up from there and floated over there?" pointing to the top of the hill and then Derrick said something to the effect of "yeah, and then it floated towards that tree"... and all this time this is what I was seeing but I hadn't said a word. Derrick took off running toward the thing and Eddy followed and I reluctantly followed. The thing went past the tree a bit and then went and tried to hide where an old outhouse used to be. I think one of our other friends may have been the one to tear that outhouse down -- not sure. And it really looked like it was trying to hide. It was clearly trying to get away from Derrick and Eddy. It realized it couldnt hide in the outhouse when Derrick and Eddy changed there trajectory so as to follow the thing and it went from there up to the edge of the old church where it just vanished. I get the feeling that we may already be part of wherever it is that 'ghosts' are. I think we are ghosts with physical substance and its the ghost part that has the connections to one another and/or knowledge that we couldn't/shouldn't have. I read not too long ago about a science experiment involving a medium conducting a seance and the use of a geiger counter which picked up unusual radiation in a spot that the medium claimed was a spirit. Who knows how much we don't know? not I. I think most people 'rest' and thats why the world isn't teeming with ghosts but some are either lost or just don't want to move on and those are what we would call 'ghosts'.
  12. yes, Chock, pretty strange. When my grandmother died, ... after my grandmother died but not long after, both my mom and dad claimed to have encountered a 'ghost' that they just knew was her. They were both very comforted. Theres a lot more to this life than meets the eye.
  13. I don't know how they justify that and I don't know if they pay you for your generated power. As I said before, I've contacted no one about getting more serious with a solar install. I only know that some places are more favorable for solar than others. In some places they encourage solar with rebates and such and in others they discourage solar by allowing penalties.(personal solar). But I'm glad you found that video. There are a number of companies selling 'solar generators' and many of them are using less safe lithium polymer batteries and they provide less capacity for much more money than what a person can build on their own.
  14. I would buy the first four on your list (and probably others) but I'd love to have KPTK the most. KMTN and something in the Philly area like others have said. I'm also up for more Florida airports like Naples, Punta Gorda, venice... is there a Page Field in there?
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