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  1. I tried playing Xplane on a mobile device one time and it was downright weird using my fingertip to lower the flaps. I felt disconnected from my 'flight'. If a mobile device could drive a VR device complete with the hand controls then I could see it and that may happen soon for all I know. but for now a desktop seems best for flight simming.
  2. increasing the visibility (manual weather) will get you more sun and shadow but whether you can do that with real weather or a weather addon I don't know. I fly with manual weather most of the time. I have no familiarity with lua scripts so maybe someone else can help more.
  3. Ok, thanks, Murmur. It didn't look like there was a way but I hoped I just didn't know something...happens a lot... the default clouds can be improved a lot just by touching up the edges of the alpha with wispy less blurry stuff.
  4. Im using the last official release of XP11 (not beta) and Im experimenting with cloud textures but so far I have not found any way to reload the textures while XP11 is running. You have to exit and restart. The sky textures and sunglows can be reloaded but nothing Ive tried reloads clouds. can you help? is there help? :) help me Obi're my only hope...
  5. No I don't think so. AFS2, XPlane and the upcoming Remex deadstick simulator could all be platforms of the future. Dovetail needs to improve what it has - especially the ground scenery at this point. Stephen Hood said they would be better at communicating but Ive asked Cryss a few times about the TrueSky update that disappeared and I still haven't gotten an answer. If they can't do it then I think they should make it possible for FSX/P3D skies and clouds to work correctly and not hard code the sky. I want them to succeed and I can wait because there are new offerings on the horizon.
  6. P3Dv4

    nice shots. Did LM fix the overbloom at postsun with HDR on in v4?
  7. Once in the sim it is a sim. I said that. Im not crazy about the interface between starting FSW and getting in the cockpit. I feel it could be better. I brought up ATS because its more of a game than FSW but yet it feels less gamey somehow. I'm trying to figure out why FSW FEELS more gamelike and I believe it has to do with messages like "you must land at an airport for it to count" or "Congratulations, you've landed (or successfully completed the flight - whatever it says)" and it does say those things. Its part of the dialog. In ATS there is a 'drive' button and once you hit it, you are in the cab of your truck and its up to you to think about where you are and what you want to do and you bring up maps and look at possible jobs or maybe you just start your truck and drive. It does say" Excellent" when you successfully deliver a cargo but that's about it. I really don't know why FSW's interface bothers me lately but it does and it does not have to be that way just to bring in new people. In fact it may deter new people. The very opening screen with its choices are fine. I select 'free flight' and then I select all my other choices. That's good. It then has a button you press and then it shows your plane from external view and you press another button and finally you are in the cockpit. I feel they should eliminate one of the two start buttons after you setup a flight. and they should eliminate the 'you must land at an airport' message. and they should eliminate the 'congratulations, you've completed the flight' message. The interface feels clunky to me and I think it could be better.
  8. I've been flying XPlane more lately and I like the way it doesn't argue with me. I choose aircraft, location, time and weather and then I'm in the cockpit ready to go. Its clean and not in the way. It doesn't congratulate me when I land because it knows that the landing itself is congratulations. I've been driving American Truck Sim a lot lately. Its a game but it doesn't get in your way somehow. You start and you drive and you look at maps and you can take a job or not. You can free drive or you can take a job. FSW seems to be caught in between game and sim. It starts like a game but then its a sim for the most part. I am hoping that there is a way that FSW can be both game and sim and get out of my way whichever direction I choose. If there weren't so many 'Start' buttons maybe. After you set up for your flight it should just put you in the cockpit. walkarounds could be an option in the setup flight dialog. and I really would like for the 'congratulations you've landed' messages and the gaminess behind that to go away. It didn't bother me at first but it does now. I'm still routing for FSW because we need as many sims as possible imo but I do think there is a better way to be what it wants to be - a sim-game.
  9. It occurred to me a couple days ago that one of the reasons I like ATS (American Truck Sim) is that it shares something in common with what may be my all time favorite game -- Test Drive Unlimited (1 or 2 - but I preferred the first one)..all of these start you out with a simple vehicle and a small place to park them and then gameplay has you doing things to get money to buy more and better vehicles and with that you also must buy more and better places to put the new vehicles. In the case of TDU you had to get better vehicles. It would be cool to have to run jobs for someone else to get enough money to buy your own plane and pay for hangar rental and then work more and get enough money to start buying your own airports. I think everyone would have to be able to own any airport they could afford so it wouldn't be like "Ohare is already owned by Joe suchNsuch". and just like ATS or TDU you can always just take your plane anywhere you want without doing any just have to pay for fuel (and maintenance and other stuff too maybe)
  10. Hi Hamoody - Its my own work again. The only changes Ive made to the default are some sky texture changes and sunglow changes (still experimenting on that) - still experimenting with skies as well. yesterday I did some touch up work on the default clouds. I haven't touched datarefs or lua scripts yet. I don't see any need to at this point. Yeah, it does. I tend to fly with manual weather and Ive discovered that making a really tall layer of scattered cumulus gives you some really cool clouds to fly around. And XPlane has SUNSHINE! man, why is it so hard for other sims to make things look realistic? Thank God for Xplane. I do wish they'd fix the sky lighting bug (bugs?) but it is SO enjoyable.
  11. Here are some of my favorite shots from recent flights: Thanks for looking.
  12. interesting...your distant clouds seem to have more definition than mine do. maybe Ive been running manual weather too long or something. I thought they looked close but just a bit better than default. guess I was wrong. as for not fixing whats not broken, I love to tinker with stuff so even though default can be good, its still fun to do 'different'.
  13. the textures look great but it needs autogen imo. I like your clouds. Where do they come from if I may ask?
  14. I agree that Kahului Air would be the best name for the free mission pack because surely there will be more Hawaii related missions in the future.
  15. TrueSky needs to be improved. I keep waiting for the haze and sun and shadow effects to be implemented because right now its all just too flat. The ground appearance (which depends on haze and clouds) needs much improvement. Theres just no warmth. and the horizon isn't right. It should change with the haze and visibility. the whole sky should change. and the clouds -- they are stuck at one altitude and have one layer. It needs some work. At the risk of severe irony..I would at this point pay for the TrueSky to be much better. I figure I can spend another $30 and I will have spent what I usually spend on other sims from the start. but it needs to be better. Im enjoying XPlane and ATS. Im looking forward to deadstick. and on another note -- Steam statistics cannot be trusted. Steam says I have 0.0 hours in the ATS New Mexico addon but I have nearly 8 actual hours with it. I think its great. I want to post a pic but I don't know if its allowed.