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  1. weeksy

    Jo Erlend Sund's EDDK preview - WOW!

    Update available now. Update Description: Aerosoft - Cologne-Bonn professional Update - Adjusted taxiway layout around stand C02 & C03 to prevent incorrect GSX pushback. - Removed border artifacts on tiled normal maps when lower texture resolution settings are selected.
  2. weeksy


    Nice shots and its good to see the traffic actually moving on the A303 for once 🙂
  3. weeksy

    United Taxiing into Denver

    Very nice, almost a water colour feel to the image.
  4. weeksy

    Winter Is Coming

    Very dramatic skies - chilly in an open cockpit!
  5. weeksy

    PDF flight tutorial

    Charles, thanks for your great guides. I'm currently working through the MD80 and A320 ones. You can clearly see how much time and effort you must have put into them.
  6. weeksy

    A couple of Questions on FMS/FMC setup

    The /x letters refer to the burn schedule, either N for normal burn (centre tanks first, then wings) or A for alternate burn (takes some fuel from centre tanks and some from the wing tanks, I think its to help prevent icing). There's a thread about it with more detail over on the official forums in the Pilot Operation section. Not sure about the night lighting - several of the lights have brightness controls, have you checked they are turned up? Sorry, cant help with the ATC question, as I tend not to fly with it. Cheers,
  7. They're all great but I particularly like the last one.
  8. As it was snowing outside, I decided to go somewhere a little warmer in my virtual world. Grand Island Sim's Banjul International (GBYD) in The Gambia to Aerosoft's Rome Fiumicino (LIRF) in PMDG's 747v3 freighter. Loading up on the ramp. Take off Soon left the colourful coast of The Gambia and Senegal for the deserts of Mauritania After an awful lot of sand is was good to see the coast of North Africa approaching Approaching Rome before making a right hand turn for runway 25 Nearly there! Unloading at the cargo ramp. Thanks for looking.
  9. Great light - very dramatic. You can feel the weight of that plane.
  10. weeksy

    Pushback does not stop

    I had the same problem, someone on this forum suggested using shift-p (I think!) to stop a runaway pushback, which stopped the plane for me.
  11. weeksy

    Route Wx issue

    Hi Daniel, The route planner uses a web based weather source (you can see the address it is looking for in your first screen shot), it does not use AS16. I would imagine the error is generated because either the website is not responding or there is firewall issue.
  12. Impressive landscape shots - I can feel the chill from here!
  13. weeksy

    Clacton VOR area HUGE stutters!

    Did you try the fix in the Orbx thread that Claude linked to? I've downloaded it but wont have a chance to test before bed.
  14. weeksy

    Lloyd Aereo Boliviano

    The repaint looks very nice Roberto.
  15. Very nice, thanks for the work on this.