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  1. Great shots! I particularly like the first one.
  2. Thanks for such a great tour of the city.
  3. Thank you for the updates and the work you have put into these, I'll look forward to flying my virtual safari.
  4. Yes, a partial download and now I'm getting a server error when I try to re-download.
  5. Thank you Henrik and the team, your work really adds to my enjoyment of the sim.
  6. Just a guess on the Beech - are they trying to represent hinges made of clear acrylic or similar?
  7. Back for me also, the first time since Saturday morning
  8. There's quite a long post on the issue on the official boards https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bug-logged-no-streaming-data-working-photogrammetry-and-bing-maps-just-stopped-working/446586 Someone there posted that "MSFS_Support on twitter did acknowledge there was a team looking into the issue, so they are aware of it". Fingers crossed.
  9. I've just checked again this morning, still no Bing satellite imagery, just the offline textures. I'm in the South East UK.
  10. Same problem here, just offline ground textures (no Bing satellite imagery) on the world map and when flying. Been like this for past 6 hours.
  11. From the Aerosoft version page: Version 2.0: Included interior modeling for the main terminal Updated ground layout
  12. Lovely scenery, thanks for making it. Reminds me very much of being a kid at RAF Laarbruch in the mid 1970's. I was too young to really comprehend but as Biggles2010 says, looking back it was quite a strange time - bloodhound missiles around the base and my Dad coming home in full NBC kit and a sub-machine gun during the TACEVALs
  13. Lovely looking bird and thanks for the post. They must be closely related to the black-winged kites we get in Southern Europe that extend down through Africa into SE Asia. I've always admired their smart markings and red eyes.
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