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  1. Raven06001

    A-10 Trio.

    Thanks Weeksy. Yep, it's the Iris A10. Oh yeah, thanks Pinlifter.
  2. Raven06001

    Saturday @ Homer.

    Thanks a lot FDX777.
  3. Raven06001

    Saturday @ Homer.

    Thanks for the nice comments. Thanks guys. About the water here, I know I'm using REX 4 "Cinematic" wave animation but I can't remember or not if I used FSWC cause I switch on and off between using it. So feel free to try out some of the presets with "Cinematic" theme to see what you get. Also, I'm using FSX and have my water set to Mix 2x I believe one notch before the max setting. Hope that helps. Thanks and oh yeah, FTX Trees HD at work there. You definitely notice the add on during approach especially because you really have to follow glide slope and when you get too low at some airports you definitely start thinking about the trees now with this added. Great add on and reasonable price.
  4. (Edited only for the March Screenshot Comp entry at the FTX/Orbx Forums but wanted to share with the community)
  5. Raven06001

    Take 4.

    Thanks a lot guys, much appreciated. Haha, thanks a lot and cool video
  6. Raven06001

    A Creepy Night in Cali

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments, much appreciated. Thanks and what an Awesome song! Thanks for sharing this with me.
  7. Raven06001


    Thanks everyone for the nice comments, glad you enjoyed these. Thanks Pe11e. I used FSX w/ acceleration as the sim with all of the add ons I included in my Signature. I hope that helps. Thank you but I unfortunately didn't save these REX sky theme textures. I've been letting REX surprise me each and every flight by selecting random textures in order to keep the sim fresh for me. If I find something similar I will let you know, sorry about that. Thanks for the suggestion but I know FSX water isn't perfect and am more focused on the flying aspect of it really. I'll try it out for sure, thanks.
  8. Raven06001

    Some L-39 Goodness. (11 Shots)

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments, much appreciated.