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  1. MatthiasKNU

    Pictures again

  2. MatthiasKNU

    Pictures again

    Thank you!
  3. MatthiasKNU

    Pictures again

    Again a few pictures random out of P3Dv4 Departing from the Canaries Taxiing to the runway at FlyTampa EHAM Approaching Tenerife with the AS Bus Departing Mykonos with the TFDi 717 Cruising over Germany 717 again And departing Tenerife again with the 737
  4. MatthiasKNU

    Morning start in Lanzarote

  5. MatthiasKNU

    Miscellaneous pictures

    Thank you! This scenery is self-made, just because there is no good scenery for GMFF available...
  6. Just another picture, climbing out of Lanzarote with the PMDG 737 in the morning...
  7. MatthiasKNU

    Miscellaneous pictures

    Thank you all! Yes, indeed, I like LICJ also very much! Really one of the best sceneries out there...
  8. Hi everybody! Just a few pictures of the last few weeks... Departing London Heathrow with the QW 787 preparing for the flight to Menorca at Edinburgh Approaching Palermo On final approach into Gran Canaria Morocco: Fez And last, pushing back in Bologna I hope you like them!
  9. MatthiasKNU

    QW 787 CDU

    If I could help by creating the textures/images for a potential 787-CDU, just let me know!
  10. Hi Mark! Now, as the QW 787 is coming along, is there any chance for a Remote CDU for the 787? I know it seems to be quite difficult, but it would be very important (for me at least)... Thank you in advance! Kind regards! Matthias
  11. MatthiasKNU


    Thank you all!
  12. MatthiasKNU


    Indeed, P3D is really great!
  13. MatthiasKNU


    Thank you!
  14. MatthiasKNU


  15. MatthiasKNU


    Thank you! I am using really a lot sceneries, ORBX Gloabl, openLC, TrueEarth Netherlands, FTX Germany, ORBX San Diego, T2G LFPG, Aerosoft EGLL... GCLP and the Sahara is "self made"... And no, I am not using PTA, I am using ENVTEX/ENVSHADE