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  1. Hi Mark! Now, as the QW 787 is coming along, is there any chance for a Remote CDU for the 787? I know it seems to be quite difficult, but it would be very important (for me at least)... Thank you in advance! Kind regards! Matthias
  2. MatthiasKNU


    Thank you all!
  3. MatthiasKNU


    Indeed, P3D is really great!
  4. MatthiasKNU


    Thank you!
  5. MatthiasKNU


  6. MatthiasKNU


    Thank you! I am using really a lot sceneries, ORBX Gloabl, openLC, TrueEarth Netherlands, FTX Germany, ORBX San Diego, T2G LFPG, Aerosoft EGLL... GCLP and the Sahara is "self made"... And no, I am not using PTA, I am using ENVTEX/ENVSHADE
  7. MatthiasKNU


    Hi guys! Just a few new pictures of my last flights... Descending into San Diego Cruising over the alps Approaching Heathrow over the sahara on my way to Abuja The german north sea coast Approaching Gran Canaria Blue Moon... And last but not least Climbing out of CDG I hope you like them!
  8. MatthiasKNU

    "Don't sink" on every approach

    Thank you very much for your help, I tried it out on a few flights and now the "Don't Sink" is away, like it should! Thank you! Kind regards!
  9. MatthiasKNU

    "Don't sink" on every approach

    I will try that!
  10. MatthiasKNU

    "Don't sink" on every approach

    Thank you very much, I will try that out! EDIT: Yes, SmartCars is running, but also without ACARS this Callout appears. And, as already said, it comes only in the 777...
  11. MatthiasKNU

    "Don't sink" on every approach

    Hi guys! I've got a little problem with my T7. It's just annoying, but not really serious. On every (yes, every) approach with the 777 (200LR and 300ER) below about 1200 ft AGL I am getting a "Don't sink" callout. The Vref in the CDU is set, Landing Checklist is complete, everything is normal and the 777 has landing config. Even if LAND3 is in the PFD, the "Don't sink" callouts come. I already deleted the APRT_RWY.dat, switched off the RAAS, renamed the P3D-default-Don't-sink-Callout file to .off, nothing helps. This only affects the 777, the 747 or 737 don't yell at me with "Don't sink". As far as I know the don't sink-Callout only comes when the 777 expects another configuration and is not in "landing mode". But Flaps are at 30, gear down, speedbrakes armed and the Vref is most of the time set to 30/137 kts (with the 77L). ILS is tuned, Autobrakes are set, everything like it should. Baro ref is also set. It affects every airport and every approach, ILS, RNAV, visual. The sinkrate is at around -700 fpm, perfectly on the ILS, PAPIs 2 red, 2 white. The callouts are repeating and are not ending until touchdown. Is there any idea what could cause this callout? Thank you in advance!
  12. MatthiasKNU

    Mesh issue in Gran Canaria

    Hi guys, I found a solution today! Go to C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3Dv4 open the terrain.cfg (backup the old one first!) and search for "Hydro Polygons". Change FlattenMode=slope to FlattenMode=none Save the file, and everything should be fine!
  13. MatthiasKNU

    Just a few

    Thank you!
  14. MatthiasKNU

    Just a few

    Hi guys! Just a few pictures out of P3D: Pushing back in Innsbruck for Gatwick: Descending into Barcelona Around Lukla And climbing out of London for the US
  15. Hi everybody! I am using the FreeMesh X since it came out. Never had problems with it. But today I was flying to Gran Canaria after quite a long time (I think the first time under P3Dv4.2) and now I had mesh issues. To be honest, I already tried different (freeware-) meshes, and all had this problem in Gran Canaria. Only the Default mesh looks good. Eh, no, it doesn't look good. It's just working without issues. FMX is placed just above the Bathymetry-Entry in the scenery library, but I also tried disabling all non-Default entries and placed the FMX-Entries at the top of the scenery library, and still these issues remain. So I am sure that it has to be an incompatibility between the Mesh and Default P3D... I am not using FTX Vector. I also looked at the mesh in the TMF Viewer, but everything seems to be fine. Maybe you have an idea what is wrong here. Thank you very much in advance! Kind regards