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Found 8 results

  1. Dear friends who are all still happy with P3D! Today I just wanted to introduce you to my work of the last few years - yes, years. Some time ago I even created a thread here - somewhere - but I can't find it anymore... 🤐 First of all the following: I'm not the type who likes to advertise his stuff. The reason for the post here is actually that I was told again and again (actually, also more than years now...) that I should do more advertising. For example here, because there are still many P3D fans active here who might be interested... That's why I'm just going to do that now! So, what have I done? Well, what many others have already done - created photosceneries. With autogen, of course! Very briefly, how does one get the idea to create photosceneries? Well, back then, nearly 10 years ago (remember the time back then, that was before ORBX released something like TE Netherlands!), I wanted to enhance the approach area for my home airport EDDM a bit. After a lot of reading, trying, deleting and trying again, I had created an area that covered about 40x20 km around Munich Airport. Everything was created completely manually, every autogen building was placed by hand. Many people were enthusiastic about it at the time and asked if I could create something like that for XYZ airport . And yes, in fact I wanted to do that. Shortly after, I visited Namibia (and that was really great!). But I didn't like the flights in the sim (remember, at that time there was no openLC Africa!). And that's when I had the idea to create a photorealistic Africa. It was a huge project, I never thought I could finish. I have to say the following about this: I was in my geography bachelor studies at the time. And an important part of it is, of course, the use of GIS software. I wanted to combine this so that the creation of the sceneries would be easier. And that's what I did, and created all of Africa photorealistically - in high quality and with accurate autogen. After I had 800 GB of photosceneries for Africa, I thought - why not other regions? In the meantime, a lot has happened here. I now use Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 OLI data to detect vegetation, which I refine with vector data, including OSM. For buildings, I have chosen an AI approach, so that I can also extract building footprints from the RGB images using a convolutional neural network (with the restriction that it only really works well in Africa, as I have trained the model here). Therefore, in the meantime there are more than 10 Python scripts á 1000-5000 lines of code with which I can create my sceneries - semi-automatically. In the meantime, I have created all of Europe and Africa, and I am working on South America. The server storage space is still a problem. Due to the increased costs, I had to remove Central Africa and all my Asian sceneries from the server - even though I am working on making everything available again. So, a lot of text... It's probably best if I just show pictures - across the world, so to speak. Athens Marrakech El Oued Algiers Cape Town Ouagadougou Somewhere in Ghana Somewhere in Sierra Leone Bulgaria Currently working on Brazil France Frankfurt Serbia Tirana Naples Poland Germany Namibia In the meantime, my sceneries - of course! - also come with comprehensive night lighting. Furthermore - and I think this is not unimportant: How big are the sceneries? Well, I have installed a 4 TB HDD for my sceneries (whole Europe, Africa, half of South America, part of Asia, altogether approx. 60 million km²), on which approx. 2.7 TB are occupied. A lot of information - including a current overview map - can also be found HERE and HERE. For questions regarding the download, please write me a private message (preferably in the FSXForum or at FSDeveloper)! Now, in conclusion, I have no other option but to wish you all a wonderful weekend!
  2. Hello, I posted this on the fsdeveloper forum earlier but as avsim gets quite a bit more traffic, I thought I'd try here too. There doesn't seem to be a subforum it quite fits in, so I hope here is ok: I'm curious - is there a way in MSFS, via a poly or anything else, to force autogen buildings in an area to only be created from a specific library?My specific use case is the villages near all the bush strips in Papua New Guinea. It's great that this sim natively includes dozens or hundreds of these strips, but the autogen buildings that make up the village are usually a little out of place. Apartment complexes, suburban duplexes with satellite dishes etc. You know, your standard mountaintop jungle village. Talented devs have handcrafted some of the better known strips, but the large majority just use autogen. So I was wondering if I could throw polys around individual strips, or big ones around entire regions, and force the autogen buildings to be selected from only specified libraries?Thanks for any ideas... I somewhat knew my way around ADE and photoscenery development back in FSX, but I'm clueless here.
  3. I hope Asobo is reading these forums. They are already using Bing maps for satellite photos, why not use Bing POI database for generating Autogen? It could affect how AI generates a building that has any POI in it. It can then use building blocks that are themed for specific buildings and structures. This would make aready good VFR even more amazing! Think how great it could be for any objects that can be identified this way: All the stadiums that now look like creepy oval apartment blocks would look like stadiums Gas stations would not be homes (even different color variations can be done for different brands) Anything with a "Castle" or "Shloss" can be built with castle-like building blocks - walls and such. Hospitals wouild look like hospitals and could have generic helicopter landing pads on the roofs (I'm sure heli pilots would really appreciate that) Hotels and motels can look very distinctive as they do in real life Anything with a "palace" or "chateau" in the name would look like a palace or at least an old building Plazas with shops and restaurants and shopping centres would not look like warehouses Power plants would have cooling towers and powerlines etc. Amusment parks would look distinctive Movie theaters would have glowing ads etc. Doctor's offices or other buisnecces would point out small commercial areas form residential to an AI Car dealership would look distinctive (even with badges if MS/Asobo would want to use branding) Marinas could have actual docks with boats on the water (covering awful sunken dock and boat shapes), and nearby waters would have racing sailboats. I own a small saiboat so that would be nice 🙂 Racing tracks and open stages would not have apartment blocks instead of spectator's seating. Presence or absence of numerous businesses can tell AI which is residential area, which is commercial and which is industrial, where it doesn't have that data from elsewhere. Also it can help to nail down how tall the buildings are in the area. A building listing dozens of businesses would be high. A single one - likely one-storey. A Hospital would be high, and not 3-story building like the one next to my home. Community centres, skating and hockey rinks, restaurants, car repair shops, ports, factories, concert halls etc. would not look like generic warehouses or residential buildings. This is just what I could think of while writing this post. I'm sure even more varieties can be done by cross-referencing Bing maps with buidling shapes. This would add so much to VFR that it would look almost real. Seeing a hospital or a power plant as a distinctive building is actually very useful for VFR. They would need more models and building blocks to generate good-looking objects with appropriate shapes, but think how mind-boggingly amazing the world would be!
  4. I just love this little gyro that was recommended to me here. I have enabled my Xplane11 autogen overlay over my photoscenery, I love autogen in the farmland and desert, Many do not know that Arizona, in addition to having the biggest stand of pine trees north of our Mogallan Rim, also has farmland and crop circles that must have been left by the aliens in the movie signs, lol. Every time I see crop circles it restores my faith in our supreme being, Tom Allensworth...He is the one who inspired me to learn how to fly for real, along with the encouragement of my ex wife and daughter. My mother, RIP, was the one who warned me not to buy a light aircraft, she would only fly somewhere when I was with her because her first flight alone, the maiden voyage of a DC-10, scared her to death. She did not know that the wings were supposed to flex and she became a rivet counter, like I used to be with payware. After all, rivet counters are frogs since we all hatch from little tadpoles until we get our first kiss, the kiss of life and death, there are old pilots amongst us but no old bold pilots amongst us, because they jump out of perfectly good airplanes. That is why good airplanes for those of us who love GA have parachutes which is a segue into my gyro post since I have bored all my friends here asleep for the night............... As pilots love to say, here is my unarmed Little Nellie to commemorate one of my favorite Bond films, followed by Live and Let Die, For Your Eyes Only, The Spy Who Loved Me, and finally, Moonraker. When we lived in Burbank, Richard Kiel was my brother's best friend, but my brother kept me away from him, I could only see them together because Richard would visit my parents favorite Dodge dealership. My parents were Dodge and Ford fans, I was too but my fav cars were the 57 Chevy and the Chevy Malibu, but mine did not have the antilock brakes that came from jets, so I gave it up just recently. Antilock brakes are a must! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Kie
  5. Hello everyone! I am working on a photo scenery for Africa for 2.5 years now. Sounds megalomaniac? It is. In the meantime, the project is already well progressed, and many people told me to do some advertising for it. First of all the little story behind the project: After I bought the FSL bus, I noticed how bad the performance of the FSL bus was together with ORBX Germany. So I was searching for a solution, and I found it in Photosceneries. Since I didn't want to fly without autogen, I used my experience from my geography studies and programmed Python scripts based on arcpy. These are able to generate high-precision autogen for the sim based on OSM and Corine data sets, as well as water data, elevation data, population data, etc. and with the help of ScenProc. After Germany was finished, I created Belgium. Although the data for these countries was very good, I started writing Python scripts in parallel, which can also create autogen based on Landsat and Sentinel data, in regions where OSM data is hardly available - like Africa. And so, since Africa is a dark spot in the sim, I started to create african countries about 1 year ago. It took again more than 6 months, until my scripts - and the results - were good enough to post the first pictures. And yes, what can I say, the feedback was excellent! And while I'm still improving my scripts piece by piece, I've been releasing a country every now and then since half a year. At the moment approx. 30 % Africas are covered. Here's a small list of the features I've put a lot of effort on: - Good photo scenery with 2 m/px without strong visible color transitions and without many clouds - Accurate Water- (based on OSM) and Blendmasks - Color adjustments so that desert areas are not overexposed - Accurate autogen vegetation (based on vegetation classifications and land cover data), spatial resolution less than 10 m - Accurate autogen buildings (method introduced with Senegal), placement based on OSM and high resolution land cover data - Small file size (I expect to get whole Africa in less than 700 GB) - No performance impacts But I think I've written enough for now, so some pictures: More Information about my project you can find here: Project Africa - FSDeveloper.com and here: Project Africa - FSXforum.de Have a nice wekend everybody and kind regards! Matthias
  6. Does anyone know how to change these horrible buildings of the autogen in FSX?
  7. Hello fellow simmers, So for about 4 months now I have been using FSX to fly on Vatsim without any major issues at all. Which does speak a little for this old sim... But yesterday I encountered another (to me) inexplicable problem with scenery. I wanted to fly long-haul from Boston to Zurich and I was using one of Ray Smith's AFCAD file's for Boston. On the inbound flight to Boston the default buildings showed up perfectly even with the AFCAD. But when I loaded in to fly back there were no default buildings, only lonely jetways standing on the ground... and today I encountered the same problem in ESSA (Stockholm) where I also used one AFCAD file in the Addon Scenery/Scenery folder. Once again no buildings showed up. As I said I've been using the sim for a while now without issues... and now suddenly this problem came out of nowhere. Thank you for your patience reading this and I look forward to any ideas concerning this. Thank You :)
  8. Those trees over there are created from me. Do you guys like it? This is also featuring Flight Sim Jewels French Polynesia Society Islands scenery. The airport is Maupiti, NTTP!
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