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Found 396 results

  3. I know there are several post regarding Milviz sale, but I found one with 40% off End on 13 May
  4. Free shipping, but sales tax must be paid. $366.65 plus your normal Amazon State's sales tax. "Used, like new". But sold by Amazon itself, so guarantee is best there is. Only one this price. I would buy if I had not got one for Christmas.
  5. Flash Sale Imminent! Post by doodlebug » Sat May 05, 2018 1:09 pm 30% off all aircraft. From next Friday (11th May) to Sunday (13th May) inclusive. (Don't get caught out by your TZ!)
  6. Being a New Yorker, I've always loved the subway trains, and as kids me and my friends were just as comfortable underground as your average mole. 😋 I always wanted to drive one of those trains, and World of Subways gave a surprisingly good rendition of the experience. At its original price, many probably gave it a pass, put at the Steam sale price of $2.49 its much harder to resist. Low enough to give it a try, even if just out of curiosity!
  7. Skydesigners produce quality sceneries for a number of major French military air bases. They're not ACG quality, but that's a hard act to follow. But they are definitely payware quality and that's a rarity if you're into military flying and AI in FSX. The sale is at SimMarket and they are currently EU 7.50 each. Definitely good value for the money and if you're a Mirage lover like me, they are perfect... Ian
  8. See that it is free on their website. Think also PCAviator site too.
  9. A number of Aerosoft Airport Titles 25% off via the FSPS Store ! here is the link ....
  11. 10% on everything. Plus all the sales currently for products that are having their own sale, etc. (e.g. Just Flight already on sale). Sort of double discounts on many items, 10% on all (i.e. 10% on A2A Accusim planes for instance).
  12. Hey all, Just thought I'd drop a line that Aerosoft's CRJ700/900 for FSX and P3D is 20% off at Simmarket: ...making it about 43$. Expires 4/17/2018 I didn't see this sale on Aerosoft's website, and I didn't check any other online retailers. I'm kind of on the fence on this one, as I heard so many bad things about it, but I'm guessing that it's gotten better in the meantime. Obvious pro seems to be that it's being flown literally everywhere by everybody, but then I'm not a huge fan of this plane. Anybody care to offer an opinion on whether to get this or not?
  13. This flight/fight simulator is on sale at Steam for $17 until April 13, 2018. If you were on the fence with this one like I was, now would be a good time to buy it! Gus Lane
  14. This alot cheaper than anywhere else Ive seen at $23.80 ( £17.00 ) ! Oh dear I just bought this through FSdream team for £24 Oh well you win some & you lose some ! here is the link they say it works in P3Dv4 as well as FSX
  15. FSDT have a 30% off sale for one week.,17555.0.html
  16. Hi, PCAviator has a sale on Justflight products, including the great Arrow(s) and Warrior for P3D, XP11 and more. Happy Easter!
  17. Bill Womack rejoins Orbx Team "Bill's Back Sale" 50% off his products for X-Plane 11 & FSX/P3D Lasts for one week
  18. Just found it, by chance
  19. I'm a full time Airline Pilot (787 since you ask) and part time Artist and I draw and make Cockpit Posters, Panel Sets and Aluminium procedure Trainers for the training market. These are just perfect for Home Sim builders - you can start off with a set of poster or panels which give you a complete and realistic cockpit environment and build up the hardware as you go along. Check out my website at
  20. End's 2nd of April:
  21. FYI, 20% off the 777-200, 737NGX for P3d V4 and FSX, also 20% off the Jetstream 4100 Jack
  22. Aerosoft Mega Airport London Heathrow professional 20% off for 24 hour at Real Flight Shop Daily Deal Ended 23 Mar 2018 2400 GMT
  23. FSX Prepar3d
  24. Hi, Aerosoft have another 20% sale off for Dublin's Airport running this weekend. Regards Mark