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  1. Sorry to hear that. Nothing worse than wasting one's free time on broken software. When you say "completely uninstalled", did you also attempt to manually delete any miscellaneous config and data files that uninstaller scripts tend to leave behind in the usual locations? (AppData, ProgramData, registry, etc.) Just a thought. I don't actually know what the MSFS uninstaller leaves behind but it must be leaving behind something corrupt or mis-configured on your system since you're seeing the same issues after a reinstall.
  2. I bought MSFS this afternoon resigned to the fact that I might not be able to try it until late evening. Braced myself and started the installation hoping it wouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours...or longer...to download and install. Much to my surprise, it was ready to run after 50 minutes! Maybe the initial demand surge has tapered off? Or maybe they’ve upgraded/reconfigured something. I know that the installation is both downloading and simultaneous unpacking of compressed files so it might have also been helped by the fact that I installed it on a just-built new system with empty SSDs. Also, my internet speed is usually very good but I’m not on fiber or anything. Btw, this was Premium version on Steam. If anyone is holding off or had a bad first experience installing, maybe give it another try now?
  3. Thank you. So encouraging. I'm excited! Funny thing is I've only had the 2080ti for a couple of weeks now. I picked it up for gaming and XP11 on my 4K television...never expected there would be a new version of P3D that would take advantage of it as well. What timing.
  4. That's great news that you finally have it running buttery-smooth! Sorry, I'm not able to answer your questions, but I've been reading most of the P3Dv5 threads here so I remember the issues you were having. Can you explain what settings you changed to get such an improvement? It must have been something very subtle because if I recall correctly, it didn't seem like you had anything configured wrong. At least not enough for others here to notice. I'm probably going to make the switch to v5 this weekend and I also have a 2080ti with G-Sync monitor (actually 2). I'm trying to gather as much info as I can before I start installing.
  5. Elite Dangerous, especially in VR, is one of my favorite gaming experiences ever. I have spent hundreds of hours exploring the virtual galaxy, engaging in combat, transporting goods and passengers, and more. Talk about value! Also, if you've played Elite you might understand the origin of my username.
  6. I purchased WAMA on FSPilotshop, however as we're all aware, they are no longer in business. So where can I download the latest version? (1.17 b08 I believe). Thanks, John
  7. The Orbx regions (including True Earth) include custom terrain mesh, Global Base and Vector do not include mesh. I use Toposim terrain mesh with all the Orbx products and it is compatible so I imagine FS Genesis should be as well. Any mesh add-ons are overridden in the areas that are covered by the installed Orbx regions as they are installed by default with higher scenery priority.
  8. Thanks for the update. Another interesting aircraft from Vskylabs. I enjoy my mainstream planes, but I'm glad there's someone out there offering something a little bit different. Their entire lineup is just full of character. I have several of their planes, but none with an open cockpit. Looks like fun with the right scenery. I may have to get this one.
  9. Thank you J-P! Somehow I had not heard of this software. After seeing your link I found some videos, was impressed with what I saw, and have purchased FSiPanel. I recently bought PMDG aircraft and was wishing there was a way to set up the aircraft on a STAR repeatedly without having to set up and fly each time. Awesome! John
  10. I had replied in your previous post to thank you for the heads up. Great find. Subscribed. Thanks again! John
  11. I'm interested as well to find out if they are still active. Their website doesn't inspire confidence. I recently bought the PMDG 747 and have no problem paying for quality instruction but I want to know what I'm paying for. I can't even get to the detailed product info as the buttons don't work. Also, the last blog post was in October 2017. Please report back here if they ever respond to your support message. John
  12. New owner of KEYW and the Saab 340A here. Awesome, thanks!
  13. Quick views are one solution, and are definitely required for EFIS and other complex instruments. However, something else I think could be useful would be an option to have text that would appear above the VR controllers when you touch a cockpit control item. Like a GUI tooltip. Visually it could be similar to the Advanced Menu that appears as a vertical plane above the VR controller, only more prominent (maybe always facing you, unlike the menu). Here's how I imagine it might work: When your controller is hovering in the hot spot of a switch or knob and the bright green zone appears, the text would appear above the VR controller indicating the name of the switch/knob, and even better, show the changing value or state as you interact with the control. For example, as you tuned a radio, the text would momentarily show on the VR controller as large characters representing the changing frequency. For some instruments or interactions you would still need a quickview or zoom, but for many common adjustments or settings I think VR tooltips would really simplify things. I understand that for some, this could possibly break immersion so ideally it should be a user option. All I know is that while flying the default King Air C90, which I am not at all familiar with, no matter how I positioned myself I could not find a position that allowed me to read the switch labels on the autopilot which is towards the rear of the center pedestal/console. Couldn't help but think that tooltips might solve some of the readability issues in VR.
  14. Maybe someone else can comment and compare the two here as I don't have the vFlyteAir version.
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