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  1. "Take a trip and never leave the farm . . ." --Jim Stafford
  2. Nearly everyone will switch. The new MSFS is a quantum leap that will eventually lead to a VR Holodeck experience, not unlike the simulator on the STNG Enterprise. As fidelity increases the virtual world will become nearly indistinguishable from the real world. Total immersion. It will become a life simulator of which flight is only a part. Want to climb Kilimanjaro? There's a scenario for that. Base-jumping. Driving. Trains. Hike the Appalachian Trail. Travel to Mars . . . All existing simultaneously in the same interactive universe in real-time. Meetings, parties, or walk into the virtual Amazon store and place your order. Maybe they can eventually have their wars in the cloud and leave the natural world alone lol. So the flight aspect is only the beginning. This could eventually rival or replace television as a common device in every home. This new sim is the beginning of a paradigm-changing concept . . . Everyone will switch. 🙂 JT
  3. NOW! Take HALF OFF with the JETBLAST instant coupon NOW! Simply enter JETBLAST in the coupon field at checkout . . . From the Planet Earth Bundle to Continents, Regions, individual Countries and Provinces, and everything in between . . . including UltraMesh - take HALF OFF instantly! with the JETBLAST coupon at checkout!This incredible offer ends tomorrow night at midnight EDT, so NOW is a great time to upgrade your FSX, FSX-SE, and P3D world! Thanks! Justin
  4. Even airliners land :) higher terrain mesh resolutions become more apparent the closer you are to ground level. While the highest mesh resolutions are best for four-wheelin', hiking as an avatar, ultralights, and low-and-slow bush flying, barnstorming, or crop dusting, even an airliner below 3000 AGL can benefit from the higher resolutions. Of course enroute between airports at FL 35 you won't see much difference out to the horizon.
  5. Our 25%-off Summer sale on steroids! Instant HALF-OFF Through Sunday! Simply enter TIMEFLIES in the coupon field at checkout . . . . . . the whole Toposim terrain mesh catalog, from the Planet Earth Bundle, Hemispheres, Continents, Regions, and all individual countries and provinces. Whether the whole world, or your specific area of interest, we have what you're looking for . . . Come celebrate our 20 years of add-ons through seven versions of flight simulators . . . Thanks, Justin Toposim.net
  6. Ok thanks for reporting. Looking into it. I'll figure out a workaround in the meantime until I figure out what the issue is. Of course I assume you've checked your junk mail folder . . .
  7. Hi Ron, Not aware of any problems. Are you logging in and changing password from My Account at Toposim Distrbution Center? Justin
  8. Thanks! I appreciate the appreciation. BTW, the sale is still going on due to popularity. Ends tonight . . . Justin
  9. VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY! FLASH SALE NOW! ENDS TONIGHT FSX/Prepar3D Terrain Mesh. Worldwide coverage . . . Buy One Get TWO FREE on all Continental and Regional Bundles (with minimum $17.95 order.) HURRY, ends tonight! http://www.toposim.net Thanks Justin
  10. Thanks Carlos. I guess links aren't made automatically then. Justin
  11. http://www.toposim.net Get 25% OFF the whole TOPOSIM catalog today. . . plus Toposim's hugely popular Buy One Get One FREE . . . Simply enter LIFT in the coupon field at checkout for instant 25% savings, and . . . Buy any Toposim Continental Bundle, get one FREE! Buy any Toposim Regional Bundle, get one FREE! Huge selection of high-quality, high-resolution terrain mesh for every budget covering just about every country, region, and continent on the planet. Immediate downloads, and all current orders grandfathered into free upgrades when the time comes. Hurry! Thanks Justin
  12. HI Mike, Thank you very much. Appreciated very much. I had a crowd-funding widget up, but apparently removed it in a trouble-shooting attempt, then forgot to restore it. Dah. In any case, you will now find a link on the right of the Toposim Distribution Center home page. Let me know at the Support & Community site if anything doesn't work right . . . Thanks again Justin Hi John, Good, both FTX Global Base and Vector will fit nicely with Toposim terrain mesh. The regions should not present a problem in most cases. If you experience anomalies, simply switch the layering of the Toposim Continents and Orbx region and in most cases that should fix any problems. Then within the Orbx regions, the Orbx terrain mesh will display, and outside the Orbx regions, the Toposim Continents terrain mesh will display. Let me know if you have further questions Justin
  13. HI John The Orbx FTX Global Vector is recommended, which will fix the notoriously low-res and inaccurate global coastlines and hydrography. The two products compliment each other nicely, and havng accurate vectors will enhance the whole presentation. As well, Flight1 Ultimate Terrain, which is also high-quality and accurate vectors will do the same. Thanks Justin
  14. Hi John Did you use the "Login & Registration" link along the top, or did you end up on the stock Wordpress login screen? If you end at the stock login screen, it's not working right. You want to use the "Login & Registration" link. You'll end up at the Toposim Distribution Center, My Account page, where you simple enter your email address and a temp passowrd will be emailed to you. Use that to log in, then change your password if desired. Thanks Justin
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