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  1. Can you turn off the sound by pressing the Q button and repeat the test? I would also try to install a newer or different sound driver.
  2. You can actually uninstall Windows updates by going to Updates -> View Update History -> Uninstall updates. If you check the history, do you by chance have KB5001330 installed? This update is known to slow down performance on some systems.
  3. Ray, I share your sentiment regarding the communication (or lack thereof) between FSL and those who are waiting for a new Concorde. However, we must not forget that FSL were putting all of their resources on the finalization of the sharklet versions of the Airbuses, giving them little time for other projects. Now that these versions have been released, we can hope that FSL's will fully shift their focus towards the new Concorde. I know that FSL announced and hinted at the work on it a while ago, but I just wanted to point the statement "and ... on to the next one", which is a signal to me that this time, they may be serious about it. Whether they will release the airliner this year is a different question; but knowing that they are tackling the development is something that should give is some confidence.
  4. When you check this thread on the FS-Labs forum about the newest release of the Sharklets verions of the Airbus, you will see the following written by Lefteris: "and ... on to the next one:" Hopefully, the team will now get to some serious work.
  5. I would deactivate all scenery add-ons and tools to revert to the default configuration to find out if one of them may be responsible for the phenomenon you described. While you do the test, monitor your CPU and GPU load to watch for any anomalies occur. Who knows, maybe there is some tool at work that interferes with the sim?
  6. How recently did you notice the changes? Was there a recent Windows 10 update? If yes, you could try to uninstall these updates and see if that has an effect. There was a Windows update a few weeks ago that negatively impacted the FPS of some games.
  7. Does this problem also occur with other airplanes, or only with FSL A320? Your settings seem fine to me.
  8. Is that Rivendell from the "Lord of the Rings"? 😁
  9. Can you be more specific about what FPS you get with PMDG airplanes and which add-on sceneries you use?
  10. What is your CPU load during flight when textures are blurry? (I don't mean the overall load, but the load on each core). Can you make a screenshot of it?
  11. If you have bought bitcoins over a year ago and are still holding on to them, you can consider yourself lucky for the impressive price gains. However, these gains are unsustainable in the long run, and taking advice by so-called experts to invest in cryptocurrencies at a time when they are overpriced is a risky undertaking. While the argument that the quantity of bitcoin is mathematically limited and thus providing a protection vehicle against inflation (unlike fiat money) is true, the number of different types of cryptocurrencies is not limited at all, is it? The way I see it is that any word not allowed can create a new name of cryptocurrency and tout it as the holy grail of all currencies. We are actually seeing new types of cryptocurrencies emerging and surging in value (after all, cryptocurrencies are substitutes), which must lead to a watering down of their value at some point. All focus is on bitcoin right now, but did you know that Ethereum has made even higher gains that BTC? Over time, the people who are taking part in the cryptocurrency frenzy may ask themselves "what have I actually paid for" - and the answer is just bits and bytes with no collateral, nothing of value to back it up. Gold and silver can at least be used to produce something, and they will preserve their physical characteristics even when there is a complete outage of power and internet.
  12. Would you like to elaborate what the problem is with your Windows 10 setup that makes you want to go back to Windows 7? The updates in Win10 can be deferred, as you know.
  13. I am limiting FPS internally to 30 fps wile running my monitor at 60 Hz. Runs smoothly, I don't see the point of trying a different method. (A few months ago in a previous version, it stuttered heavily, though).
  14. Do you run P3D as administrator? If not, I would try it, because I had similar issues with editing the scenery library. When I didn't run as administrator, any changes in scenery library would not be taken over by P3D.
  15. If I start abusing and bullying other users, the forum moderator has the right to ban me, whether I use my full real name or not. In case of PMDG and FSL (forums where people normally don't hang around to contemplate taking their own life), they know my real name that is tied to my serial key of my software purchase. But there should be no problem if I only use my first name as the display name in that case. How would a real name protect against insults and bullying? It could actually make things worse in some cases when the young person who is being bullied displays his real name, which may attract unwanted attention or even more bullies.
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