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  1. Afterburner

    Sparse/slow autogen loading in P3Dv4

    Guys, let me give you a good advice. I won't necessarily solve the problem of autogen popping for those who have it, but limit your visibility! The pictures linked to by killthespam show a totally unrealistic and ugly looking unlimited visibility devoid of haze that you get when you select "Fair Weather". Have you ever seen a condition like this in the real world? If you use unlimited visibility, you will always see the border of the autogen radius, no matter how high you set the autogen draw distance. This is how the visibility usually looks like on a sunny summer day. I have taken this shot while the airplane was approaching Miami: How does it compare to the ones linked? If you use Active Sky, I recommend limiting the ground visibility to 30 miles, unless you are flying at high latitudes. If you limit the visibility, not only will you have a much more realistic depiction, but any autogen popping in the distance will likely be obscured. This is how it looks on my sim with proper settings and with Envshade, and I am still using P3D v3 that has an autogen draw distance that is equivalent to "medium" in v4. As you can see, the haze makes the transition at the borderline of autogen drawing much less noticeable. Go figure!
  2. Afterburner

    DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error: Is there a solution?

    Since you stated that the error started to pop up recently, can you think of or remember anything that changed in your system before the errors occurred?
  3. OK, thank you for your explanation. The terrain.dll may not care where the scenery is located in the library, but I think it does care whether there are any conflicts or not with another scenery. For example, ORBX Vector has correct roads, bridges, rivers, etc, and this add-on normally belongs in the library below city- and airport add-ons that bring their own data for cities and roads. If you placed ORBX Vector above the latter, there may be some conflicts between the two. What is written in the guide sounds like high settings are per se to blame for terrain.dll, which - as you have written - is very unlikely to occur if you run vanilla P3D.
  4. Hello, I have a question about the terrain.dll crash. In the AVSIM CTD guide, it is mentioned that this error "Usually indicates high scenery/terrain settings, especially Autogen. Rebuild FSX or P3D.cfg. Restart sim to see if the error reoccurs. Most of the time, the error occurs on a whim." However, I think that there is more to it than mentioned. A while ago, I encountered this crash during a flight. After taking a look at the scenery library, I found out that the positioning of some add-ons was messed up. For example, due to circumstances that I have already resolved, FTX Central placed ORBX Vector at the very top of the scenery library and left out the airport elevation corrections. Later, after resolving the issue and letting FTXC put the entries in the proper order, I performed the same flight with the same variables and settings, and this time no crash. I remember having rare terrain.dll crashes in the past, and it turned out that some scenery add-ons contained possible incompatible elements (e.g. FSX add-ons that were used in P3D), or the scenery library order was not appropriate. In my example, having ORBX Vector atop an ORBX region could have created all sorts of conflicts that culminated in a terrain.dll-error. After all, the name of the error indicates that there is something wrong with the terrain, which is likely to be caused by a conflict of add-ons. In this regard, if there are no such conflicts, why would high scenery/terrain settings cause this error? I understand that higher settings put more load on the PC, but the computer also responds with a slower frame rate. Yes, increasing autogen settings requires the CPU/GPU to work harder, but on the other hand, they have more time to render autogen objects as a result of decreased FPS. If higher scenery settings per se caused the crash, wouldn't it make the program itself faulty (assuming that the hardware has no faults, e.g. due to a bad OC)? Am I missing something? Isn't the root cause more likely a scenery conflict, as described above? If you push the scenery settings higher, it actually makes it more likely to display objects that trigger the conflict, resulting in a terrain.dll error. I thought that this information would be valuable for the CTD guide. Also, please explain the rationale behind high scenery settings potentially causing a terrain.dll crash if there are no add-on conflicts (or if you use vanilla P3D).
  5. Afterburner

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi Ray, if everything fails, would it be possible for you to revert back your OS to factory settings to put your PC in the state right after you purchased it, where you didn't have the error? After doing so, you could prevent W10 from updating to 1809. (You mentioned that everything is fine with 1803).
  6. Also note that during the v3 era, updates were released strongly every 3 months - no less and no more (except of the 3.4.xx hotfixes towards the end). With v4, the time span between the updates has been four months or more, with the current one even being 5 months away (from v4.3). I prefer more aggressive updates in a 5 month span than lighter updates every 3 months. This gives users more time to use the sim until they get bored, it raises excitement for more features before the update release, and it gives add-on developers more air to breath before updating their products to make them compatible.
  7. In the interview, Adam Breed also mentioned that P3D v4 will be used for a while before version 5 will see a release. I think that v5 will not be released before mid-2020, and if you ask me, I actually prefer a 3-year release cycle over the previous 1.8 year, even though I still use v3. Imagine if LM released v5 in mid-2019 - most add-on developers have not yet fully gotten warm with version 4, and they would need to invest a disproportional amount of time to make their add-ons compatible with the new version if it were released so soon.
  8. Afterburner

    PC aviator support requests - Unanswered!

    I also had and have issues with them. Last year, I bought a product by Drzewiecki Design, and their download link was broken. I got no reply to my initial messages, but the link was eventually fixed. Right now I can't get the newest version of UUEE by DD. The most current version is 1.97, but I am only able to download 1.96. I have already written them twice, but no reply yet. Their Tuesday discounts plus discount coupons are attractive, but with that attitude towards customers, I will seriously reconsider my relationship as a customer with them.
  9. Afterburner

    Orbx True Earth for P3Dv4

    As much as I applaud ORBX' reaching out to X-Plane and Aerofly FS2 users, I would prefer if they allocated more resources to their OpenLC project. I am sure that it enjoys a huge popularity especially among tubeflyers. I don't know about you, but I think it's more urgent to bring decent coverage to some neglected parts of the world (Africa and Asia) than trying to put every little house at its accurate place in small regions that consume tons on space on SSDs. So far, they have been releasing one LC package for each continent every year, but this year will fall short. The only information that I got is that they plan to release OpenLC Africa in 2019. I remember JV telling customers at the end of 2016 that we would get more frequent releases of OpenLC. Go figure.
  10. Afterburner

    Non realistic clouds in P3D V4.3

    While P3D has its flaws when it comes to cloud lighting, I have nevertheless been able to achieve a respectable quality by using ENVTEX + ENVSHADE + AS2016 + ASCA. Here is one example: There is still room for improvement, but it looks much better than in the P3D default state. Which weather add-on was used back then? Active Sky 1983? 😄
  11. Afterburner

    Drzewiecki Moscow ATC fix?

    I have been having the same problem, and I contacted the developer for help. It turns out that he himself is not sure where the problem comes from. (I suspect it comes from the AFCAD file). He mentioned that he would eventually release a DD UUEE v2 in the future, which would have this problem solved.
  12. I for one would rather pay a fee for continued security updates for Windows 7 than have no security updates at all after 2020, provided that the fee is reasonable. There is conflicting information about the licensing volumes, though. In the linked article, it states that "Worse still, as it stands, Microsoft is currently only making this offer to Windows 7 Professional customers in Volume Licensing. Some small businesses may qualify, but the vast majority of everyday consumers (most of whom are running Windows 7 Home) will not." However, in another article here, there is no mentioning of volume licenses, it just says Windows 7 Professional or Enterprise users. As far as Windows 10 updates, do some of you remember the problem last year with the "Error creating child window" bug when using P3D v3 after the release of the W10 Fall creators update? It took a few months to fix that bug. With Windows 7, I don't have the mess with the creators updates - I only download critical security updates, and that's it.
  13. Afterburner

    P3D v4 awful layers in the sky

    Some skies by ASCA are very unnatural in my opinion (other people might regard them as spectacular). I would only use skies by ENVTEX - I find them most natural of all.
  14. Support for Windows 7 is going to end early 2020, so you have some time before that if you decide to go win Win7...
  15. Afterburner

    Is V3 still worth using.

    I am still using v3 and have decided to skip v4. Once v5 will be released, I plan to go with that simulator along with a simultaneous purchase of new hardware. I can say that unless you want to fly airplanes of PMDG and FSL caliber over ORBX regions with high graphics settings (which would deplete the VAS in 32-bit simulators), the difference between v3 and v4 is actually not that huge when it comes to graphics. In v3, at least you don't have to worry about dynamic lights straining your GPU, so that you can run it fine even with a mid-class GPU. One aspect where v4 has a benefit over v3 is that you can achieve sharper textures at distance and a higher autogen loading radius. However, the latter has to be taken with a grain of salt, since it has been reported on LM's forum that the extended autogen radius loads "late and in patches" on many flights. If you want to avoid the late loading, you need to set your autogen radius to medium - the same level as v3 is using. And if you are using Level-D 767 and/or Concorde-X, like I do, v4 is not an option to begin with, as these add-ons are not compatible with the newest simulator version. On the other hand, some FS developers produce 64-bit add-ons only, and their number is expected to increase.