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  1. First of all, congratulations for a wonderful product. It was a long wait but totally worth waiting. Especiallyif it’s gonna expand in the future. But nevertheless, it brings completely new experience. FS2crew never disappoints. Still I would confirm the same issue with steering pulling to one side. I tried PMDG 737 and maddog and it occured in both cases. I was wondering now before sleep and tt might be a long shot but could it be somehow connected to pin setting in aircraft profile? Will check tomorrow and report back.
  2. Run away from 32bit no matter what. You can invest lots in your hardware but won’t help a bit when you’ll hit that OOM. Besides with same hardware I got significant improvement in performance when switching from v3 to v4. I don’t know how fast that ryzen is but keep in mind that CPU clock is quite important factor, not only number of cores. Regarding graphics you’re fine. I’m on 1070 and was not problematic with i7 6700 (without K) and i switched to i9 9900 and it’s sweet and have no need for better GPU. In the end no matter what a beast of a computer you buy moving all sliders to the right will bring your computer to it’s knees. To cut a long story short, you won’t have any advantage if you choose v3 over v4. You’ll get worse performance and you’ll have to deal with constant annoying OOMs.
  3. For all potentially problematic parts you have disable bgls buttons under troubleshooting in configurator. I would suggest getting Wellington. It’s beautiful like basically all of their library.
  4. Did you run config panel as administrator? No change in settings for dash ever sticks for me if I don't start it as admin. Hope it helps
  5. Sorry for bumping old topic but...I installed the scenery+updates. However, when I try to add the scenery to library I have only OTHH and OTHH TERRAIN in the folder where I installed the scenery but the OTHH CITY is missing. Scenery is totally messed up of course. If anyone has any idea why it is like that or where to find that CITY folder, any bit of help would be appreciated.
  6. I believe 64bit versions come with voice packs included.
  7. Hi Bryan, I would like to ask if you are planning to do a fs2crew update for the upcoming Aerosoft remake of a320 series. Also are you maybe considering doing fs2crew for their upcoming a330? Would like to thank you for your great work so far. I'm hardly waiting for you maddog to come. Have a great day.
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