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  1. Gabe777

    Having Problem with Freezing

    CPU use is around 15 to 20 percent P3D is around 30 to 35. I use all 8 threads, with P3D at 244. So 3 threads are left for other apps.
  2. Gabe777

    How to Backup Settings ?

    Great stuff. Thanks.
  3. Appears that once preset views are assigned to the hatswitch, that ability to use the panning in default mode, is gone ! Oh well, at least I have the choice. Cheers
  4. Hmmm... well if I press "S", it appears to switch to default external panning view - internal works as per CP settings..... and when I hit s=a CP external preset, it goes back to CP control ! Maybe an anomaly, but it works for me ! Great stuff.... gets better all the time.... well done (!) - next to Simstarter, this is the best app made for flightsim - just wish I'd come on board a year ago. Thnx again.
  5. Gabe777

    How to Backup Settings ?

    including aircraft cameras ? so if I reinstall an addon, it will be re-downloaded and synched ?
  6. So I have spent a couple of hours setting up and aircraft.... how do I auto backup ALL the settings - both the CP settings and the aircraft camera settings ? Thnx
  7. Is there any way to pan freely around the aircraft using the hat switch, as in default locked spot view - or is it disabled when CP is running ? Thnx
  8. Hi, So how do effect a default panning effect, using the hatswitch, with the aircraft remaining in the centre ? Thnx
  9. Gabe777

    Having Problem with Freezing

    no, just on runway at moment. aircraft an A2A 172... engines off
  10. Gabe777

    Having Problem with Freezing

    Yes, sorry. The main CP window is just becoming unresponsive while adjusting and setting up views. Main sim just fine.
  11. So every few minutes CP is just freezing and I have to reboot it via Task Manager. I have an i7 7700k, and have P3D running 244 - so there are spare cores. Anything I should try ? Is Core affinity now automatic ? Thnx
  12. Gabe777

    Stay on top not persistent

    Oh !!!! Silly me... thank you ! Loving it BTW !
  13. Just wondering if the Stay on Top command for the main window could be persistent v- each time I start it, I have to click on it again. Thnx
  14. Exit Chaseplane not working, have to close using task manager. P3D v4 SORRY - sorted !
  15. OK guys, aI'll be honest.... I spend a lot of time just enjoying the scenery and use my spot view a lot ! I use the hatswitch on my Saitek yoke or X52 stick, to effect this. But I still cannot work out if Chaseplane will allow me to do this. I have literally 1000s ... (well a few dozen) posts, but seem to find conflicting views on whether this is actually achievable. So, I can only buy this if I can use my hatswitch to pan. Advice ? Many thanks