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  1. So Rob and everyone, how do we square the circle of MSFS being a borderless windowed app, which in theory -- if you don't have a Quadro card -- is not capable of HDR10....which I believe is 10 bit colour ? Is it a 'fake' HDR ? Or only providing a low rent HDR version of only 8 bits per channel ? Secondly, with an Oled or Qled TV, what are the required nVidia settings for RGB, 444, 442 .... limited vs unlimited etc etc ? Finally, all this begs the question: what Hdmi bandwidth is required for these settings in terms of GTX vs RTX, and HDMi 2.0 vs 2.1 ? I realise many use DP monitors so the latter becomes moot, but more and more are using massive TVs 😁😁😁🤣 This is a real minefield ! 🙈🙈🙈 Thnx for advices.
  2. Hi Ray. So not moved yet ? I keep coming back to P3D. I miss my Radar Contact! Think I'm ignoring MSFS for at least another 9 months. Take another look then.
  3. And now ? Is it (MSFS) outputting full 10 bit on a non-HDR monitor ? Still not convinced it's exclusive full screen, so with a GTX 10 series it cannot output 10 bit. It does look a lot better than P3D. I suspect it uses "dithering." Not tried it on my OLED yet, but a 2.1 HDMi cable apparently outputs full 10 bit HDR. I remain to be convinced. All a bit moot though. How many have fully switched ?
  4. Agreed totally. I only said it for effect. TBH, I have NEVER bought any PC components secondhand. Guess I'm lucky so far, that I've not had to. On the other hand, I have sold them, but am always 100 percent honest about age and usage. Always include hi-rez close up photos... and even a copy of invoice showing its age. But no, not everyone is always honest so you have to be wary.
  5. Just read 237 posts on the CRJ forums at AS. It appears that the ILS GS capture works best if you are 'descending as you capture it.' This is opposed to the usual Altitude hold as you enter from below. Not ideal, but do-able ... but they say they are working on it. I also read the FAQ section ...which is a first for me (what's the manual ? ... !!!), and there's actually some interesting and useful stuff in it. One such example... due to the sim's limitations, icing up, will actually increase effective weight/drag of the aircraft, even if icing effects have been switched off in the settings. So it won't cause pitots to block etc., but will have secondary effects.
  6. Very good. But I really hope bitcoin goes bust. I will laugh until the end of time, and then pick up a secondhand GTX 3090 for 20 bucks.
  7. I think the P3D version eventually worked well, but was always an inconsistent performer, no doubt due to the limitations of P3Ds CPU utilisation. Time will tell.
  8. What's changing now though is the sheer number of forums we can go to now. Avsim, MSFS official, the Devs own forums and Reddit. Also, I find a lot of people discussing stuff on YouTube. With more fragmentation, no ONE forum has the monopoly it once had. Bottom line....they need to be a bit more tolerant or their visitor count will fall.. and also its revenue. I also believe that a lot more devs will be making addons for MSFS than any other sim before. This gives the punter more choice, so the old stalwarts need to pull up their socks. For me, I've already realised that unless you MUST have the very best airpory sceneries, you may never need to pay 20 bucks for an airport ever again ..... make of that, what you will !
  9. And that's the problem with Reddit. They don't agree, they downvote. Your Karma goes down and you can only post once every 15 minutes. Given up on that place ! 🤣🤣🤣 They say you can't reason with idiots. So true.
  10. To be fair to A/S, we can expect 25 updates over the next year or 2.
  11. Senor Koch does have a habit of closing threads when he feels "he has answered the question."
  12. Hehe. I've lost count of my bans around the interweb. Got a formal warning on the official MSFS forum on Tuesday for making a joke ! Apparently, according to the Gods ... erm sorry: "Moderators," it was in the 'wrong section.' .......Apparently, someone had flagged it. That's the saddest part. Really ? Anyhow, I asked where was the "Section for jokes", and added "What's the point, if the joke is then out of context ?" So he called my "difficult"...I went mental, as usual, and used a lot of choice words and terms that wouldn't look out of place at a QAnon AGM. So I got a formal warning. Quite surprised really. I was expecting an outright ban. I must be slipping 🤣🤣🤣 Don't tell anyone, but I'm on my 12th Avsim account ... 🙈🙄
  13. Well I agree totally. So I'm bewildered how the guy above is getting zero Pagefile use. I always find my RAM maxes at 15 to 16 and Pagefile around 10 to 12. Never seen it above 15 to 16, but I use Medium High settings, unlike so many that whack all sliders to right, 4K rez and whinge about getting 20 fps with a 3090Ti, a billion GB of RAM and a i11000 at 8.5 Ghz on liquid N2 ! 🤣🤣🤣 😉🙄🙈
  14. But the problem is making backups. 1 x 2TB drive to image... vs multiple drives. Now tge uber fast pci 4 nvme drives are out, the mark 1 nvme drives pci 3, can be had quite cheaply. 3500Mbps is plenty fast.
  15. This is because you have the TV set to Game mode. Do not do this. Use any other mode and the increased lag shouldn't matter in a flight sim. Then you can use HDR and Motion Smoothing settings.
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