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  1. Hello serious flightsimmers. So I currently run P3Dv4. If I purchase v6 is it a COMPLETE reinstall or can v4.5 be 'upgraded' ? Thnx.
  2. They would have a few years ago. But since PMDG became self-proclaimed gods, and flew the nest creating their own forums, Avsim members appear to be "allowed" to criticise them. You all know I'm right .... One used to have to post on Reddit about PMDG. And OMG... there's a LOT of posts over there... none of them complimentary. As for Aersoft, you had no choice but to discuss issues on Reddit, as every thread created that is essentially a complaint, rapidly got shut down.
  3. Ah I've just realised the ND display can be changed between VOR/ILS and GPS modes. It confused me. Senior momemt... Thnx. https://ibb.co/S0wBCyN
  4. Just wondering which models are in base pack. I've seen 2 videos on Youtube where one had really old displays with no autoland capability but another had more modern EFIS/ND etc. and autoland. So can you simply choose old or modern cockpits for the MD82 ? Thnx for advices.
  5. Yes. I use both for different things. Spad for Saitek panels and A and Ohs for my button boxes and Streamdecks.
  6. Building a new PC soon. Which folder do I need to backup allowing me to copy my configs across from my old one ? Thnx Unless I've missed it... which is possible ... may I suggest an import export function like Streamdeck has ? It's for MSFS on Windows 10/11. Thnx.
  7. Still like this. For zero reason keyboard just not working. Can't even search for a departure point. What an utter joke. Asobo console boys. .....One step forward.... announce a new sim... and then 3 steps back. I'm embarrassed for them.
  8. I think an important application of this program has been overlooked. It can be used as a tutorial -- or a pseudo-copilot -- when flying an aircraft with a heavy workload. So, by creating the adventure in a way that shows text, or plays an audio file at specific waypoints, you can teach (or remind yourself of) speeds, flap position etc. etc., when taking-off, flying a SID, flying a STAR/ ILS approach etc. A different voice could also provide ATC instructions... useful if you dislike default ATC or are approaching an airport that doesn't have a conventional tower. (An example is EGCK, where you contact RAF Valley when entering the Menai Straits or Snowdonia, request permission to land at Caernarfon; and once landed, you contact 'ground control' at Caernarfon, who tells you where to park.) In fact its potential application is huge. Just needs imagination. There IS of course the issue of decent voices. E.G. good voices like CereProc, are 20 bucks-odd... each. But you could use your own, or just text, or built-in free voices etc. I'd also like to know how powerful the "Scenery Placement" feature is. ....Which also begs the question STEVE (!) ... WILL we ever see the range of fantastic little apps we had in FSX: Instant Scenery Maker/ Airport Maker etc., for MSFS ? ANYHOW I'm getting it ASAP while they're (basically) giving it away !
  9. So throttle lever ... nothing. Elevator very jittery indeed. Other axes seem OK. Help woyld be appreciated. Don't want to have to revert to default Sim profiles.
  10. Thanks, but what benefit is this meant to confer ? No notes on the page.
  11. Thnx .... I have latest and all seems 'usual' ... occasional CTDs. Business as usual eh ?
  12. Good post ... you say which driver you use. Hard to believe how many posts on this tgread omitting tge driver they're bangingvon about. I give up.
  13. Resurrecting this thread given 2 years has passed. How do these apps compare now guys ?
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