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  1. WOW ! This actually works. I have the CFG default, and the Max Tex Req = 1000 by default, and I always get black airports when panning around. Just added the 2 lines above, but went with caution at just 160,000 for Tex Req, and OMG - no more black textures. I have a 1080 GTX and still only having 55 percent usage and 4 GB of VRAM from the 8 available - at Aerosoft Anchorage and OrbX SAK. Very nice mod. Thanks to all !
  2. Gabe777

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    They do not 'read every line of a post', you are correct. .... especially, when they are faced with huge blocks of text, with no use of paragraphs.... (and often, poor grammar and punctuation.)
  3. So here we are 2 years on..... and what are we looking at ? ..... a yoke that costs the same as the Saitek, but where most of the cost seems to have gone into the clamping mechanism ! (A mechanism that many will not need, as they hard mount their controls anyway !) OMG. What a waste of time. They have ignored the enormous niche between the cheapo, potentiometer-based plastic rubbish most of us use, in the 100 to 150 GBP range... and the full-metal jacket, metal bearing, hall sensor stuff, at 500 or so. What a missed opportunity. I for one will not be buying this stuff, at least not before my current stuff wears out completely. There is no way at 125 GBP retail (incl sales tax), these will be any better than Saitek. Hall sensors ? No chance. Metal inards ? No chance ? And, given Logitech can afford to, it wouldn't surprise me if they just lower the prices on their range, and still sell more. Unbelievable. What a wasted opportunity.
  4. Gabe777

    Help re Callsign?

    Did you manage to resolve this issue ?
  5. Forgot about this thread. I realised that much of the popping was actually the wav files in the sound folder. Not sure if they were meant to be that way, or corrupted, but replacing the entire set with a 3rd party soundset, cured everything, and it sounds better.
  6. Gabe777

    Gsync, VSync and FPS

    OMG. G sync with P3D would be used to eliminate tearing in the danger zone... 30 to 60 fps. You would use a fps limiter if you had a 144 as those extra frames are a waste of GPU effort. Set external limiter to 60, and G sync would enable smooth, tear free gameplay between 30 and 60..... which is exactly why you use it in the first place. The vast majority of people have their settings way too high and are happy with 30 fps locked. So why gave an expensive G sync monitor ? Sensible approach is to reduce settings, enjoy 60 fps smoothness, and rely on G sync when it drops below 60, at airports or in heavy weather.
  7. Gabe777

    Universal FMS?!!

    Don't understand why every dev on the planet isn't adopting Majestic's modelling. Flies like a dream, and performance matches the default aircraft. Extraordinary. Shame the customer support is pretty much.... user based. Do Maj actually exist ?!
  8. Gabe777

    Universal FMS?!!

    And skill / knowledge. I can just about adjust rudder effectiveness in a cfg file, but it all ends miserably after that ! I just bought this for 33 quid yesterday. It's OK ! Just wish the FMS was better, as I really am sick of that GTN in every GA I own... and now in a regional propliner ! Screams ! Uses many exclamation marks ! !!!
  9. Anyone know if it can be done ? Doesn't seem to be a Linda LUA script for it. It's position is a Royal PiTA Thnx
  10. Gabe777

    ChasePlane Freezing

    AMG - had this since day 1 - crashes 50% of the time Won't work at all with the Carenado SAAB The most Alpha program ever to hit Beta
  11. Gabe777

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Can I come too ? Where is this "Maximilianstrasse" ? Is it near North Wales ?
  12. Yes. I was on the gin and tonic so came across as a blithering word not allowed ! (Really " I dee eye oh tea ", not allowed ? Lol.) Anyway, my findings were 3 fold: 1. Reinstalling a fresh weather theme and clearing the shaders folder, improved matters,by doubling my fps back to 40. There MAY have been a fragmentation issue ... clearing the shaders may have been enough... not 100 % sure. 2. Reducing P3D weather settings from Max to High, almost doubled them again... to 80. (This is compared to over 200 in clear skies in the Aerosoft Twin Otter. 3. Reducing SSAA to 2x always helps anyway... but not massively as I have a 1080 GTX. But ...1 and 2 above got rid of the 80 percent drop in fps under overcast conditions, that I hadn't experienced before. There is a huge difference between High and Max cloud coverage, for sure. Almost like it redraws the cloud layer to fill in the gaps in order to create 100 percent coverage. The other thing I noticed, is that since enabling cloud reflection in the ocean, heavy weather has a much harder affect.... even at 20,000 feet inside the cloud, I'm guessing it is still being rendered on the ocean surface even though you cannot visually see it ?! So, I may create a Simstarter profile for heavy cloud conditions that disables cloud reflections onto the ocean / water surface... shame, as it's awesome ! Anyway, things are much better now.
  13. So after a little testing - for the benefit of others having problems - biggest hit seems to be setting cloud coverage in P3D itself to MAX - that knocks it for a six. Massive improvement by just reducing one notch to HIGH. And o course, reducing from 4xSSAA to 2xSSAA (or lower if necessary) helps.
  14. Well in the interest of full disclosure - …… I just set a new Theme - loading new files therefore - deleted Shaders. reduced overcast scenario from MAX to HIGH, Reduced SSAA from 4x to 2x, and VOILA ! Problem gone. Still a large drop - expected - to around 70 or 80, but not down to 20. I have a feeling the cloud textures may have become defragmented and reinstalling a new theme fixed it. I give up, it's all too stressful ! I need a Gin and Bitter Lemon.
  15. Yes I have all the default settings 90 and 90, with 199 for the other. For example.... it aint just me. Just looking at overcast cumulus clouds is enough to cripple performance. Even switching off AA completely is not affecting it.