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  1. One man's opinion is another's trolling huh ? Get a grip. I see FS2020 is going to be the next PMDG eh ? Criticise and you're banned. Oh well, off to Reddit again.
  2. ..... or even 'without' ... 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Love to see it in X plane. OMG they need some decent aircraft in X plane.
  4. So does g sync work in terms of eliminating tearing and stutters, throughout the entire range that the monitor supports ? I am considering the Acer 321k 32 inch, which is 4k wirh a max refresh rate of 60 hz. This is ideal for flightsims as it will not over stress the system beyond 60 fps...... but I cannot find any details regarding the range that G sync works. I always believed they worked from 45 to 60, 40 to 60 or 30 to 60, depending on the monitor. I have never heard of one working below 30. Clearly 30 to 60 would be ideal for P3D and X plane as that's where I am 90 percent of the time. But below 30 would be awesome. Also, does G sync work with BOTH XP11 AND P3D... as I know P3D is not exclusive Full Screen. Thnx for any advice.
  5. So now we have arrived at the point where entire airports are covered in this PBR nonsense. Don't know what Orbx's Leeds Bradford is like in P3D, but in X plane my GPU usage (a GTX 1080 with 8GB VRAM), goes from 50 percent in standard Orbx airports like Stockholm or Southampton, to 100 percent in front of the tetminal buildings. My CPU stays at 25 percent as per usual. As a result, the stuttering is crazy, and FPS probably in single digits. The MASSIVE amount of PBR is killing the performance. Once you move away from the main aprons (end of runway for example) OR at night..... GPU is back down to 50 percent and FPS returns to its typical 35 to 45. And unbelievably, there is no option to use lower rez textures or in any way, reduce the debilitating effect of over-using their 'new toy' ... PBR. PBR is the new dynamic lighting. A performance killer. Roll on FS2020.... let's hope they learn from the mistakes of every sim that has gone before it. 1.Share the load between CPU and GPU, 2. don't overdo the effects... just 'because you can' ... and 3. make it scaleable. Hopefully in a week or so, I'll have a better idea of whether they have achieved this... 😉😎
  6. OK. Thanks. Will give the demo a try. Some of the Cero voices sound good, but only if the punctuation in the text they are generated by, is fine tuned. Thnx again, guess I'll just have to try it.
  7. Hi Andy. So do you set one voice for your own voice and another for all ATC.... or do you set a vouce for Tower, one for Approach and so on ? How does it work? Thnx.
  8. Anyone know ifcthe Ceroproc voices which are text to speech voices for Win 10, will work ? Also can I specify a voice for mem the pilot, and or specific controllers.... or is it all random ? Thnx.
  9. Or Skydemon.... 10 quid a month on Android / PC for up to 5 devices.
  10. So, having acquired XP11 now, in addition to P3D, I must draw readers' attention to 2 points that make the RealityXP even more attractive. 1. The Flight1 GTN I have in P3D has the 1603 AIRAC, or has it been updated (been a while) ? I believe the RXP is at 1806 ? 2. If you have 2 units such as the 750 and 650 (and the second is half price), they have cross fill.....Nuff said..... !
  11. Anyone still interested.... the SAB in X plane 11 is Soooooh much better. And the FMS is so much more functional too. TOC and TOD are calculated and shown on the MFD, and all Procedures and Holds are usable. I now use it exclusively in XP11.
  12. And what's it going to look like on the XBox ? Come on..... just look at those videos MS have released. Of course "it will run"...... but will it bear any resemblance to those 4K images of giraffe herds on the savannah, replete with individual blades of grass with ambient occlusion waving in the breeze ..... will you be able to see dynamic reflections, in said giraffe's eyes..... blah blah. No. Just, no. Lol.
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