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  1. P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Only if there is a native/original FMS option. A GTN-only option will render it completely 'NOT' comparable to the Dash 8. A GTN or GNS-only version, renders it a "toy"... imho.....!
  2. GNS430 & Bendix

    Can the the Garmin GPS be removed in the VC ?
  3. Rhat he said ..... !!! Good summary Ray. Will be watching with interest. Have this thread on Speed dial !
  4. Hi All..... dragging this up again as today I tried to understand exactly what Disc does.... ! And, I got nowhere. Does disc simply disconnect the engine from the prop shafts, and as the props are not feathered (as you have disconnected Auto-Feather prior to landing), they essentially act as a brake due to air movement - the effect decreasing gradually with speed ? Or am I hopelessly wrong, and should just go back to my Comanche ! ? ! ? Thnx for any advice.
  5. Aerosoft EGLL for p3d v4 is out

    How does the P3D v4 of EGLL blend in with FTX terrain ? Seasonal changes good ? This is where I find UK2000 loses out big time.
  6. I agree - I won't be buying until someone who knows their stuff - not *Froogle( !) - takes it apart and examines it at length. Knowing the type and make of the pots may give us a clue as to durability. Unfortunately, with these things, you often do not know what durability is like, until you find out over time. Catch 22 !!! * only joking !!!!!!!!
  7. Thnx for that Ray. I really hope you're right about it, as the only alternative without spending mega bucks is another HOTAS such as the Thrustmaster Warthog at £350. But, I really would like to switch to a proper yoke setup - which I've never ever, even tried ! Have to be patient I guess and see what happens. PS. I think the fact they are ostensibly offering a 5 year warranty, certainly instils a little more confidence - the more I think about it!
  8. Do you have the 50 quid Saitek quadrants with the 3 coloured plastic tops ? I was hoping they would be OK, as the Honeycomb throttle does not fill me with confidence - too much going on there. I use the X52 Pro, after having the X52 for 6 years. They seem to last OK for about 18 months and then start freaking out bit by bit! Oh well, we will have to be patient. (A bit like waiting for Radar Contact 5 - lol..... I know it 'aint happening. But I still use RC 4 in P3D... still no competition.)
  9. Yep, you could well have a point. Personally I am sick of Saitek, and the next step up is really expensive. I just wish they would hurry up and get this stuff released. I guess more important factors will be detents and deadzones - and how it all comes together with software. Hopefully we will find out sometime this year. Downside for us in the UK, is that pricing for us will probably be in Euros as Aerosoft are the distributers - so we will be paying a premium. Crikey, I just bought the Aerosoft CRJ 700, and saved 10 GBP by purchasing from Flight1 in dollars vs Aerosoft in Euros.
  10. P3D V4.2 crashes when cycling through views to 2D

    Ooh..... I will go and stand in the corner then...... shame on me.
  11. DC-6 and Flight1 GTN650

    Well I may purchase it then..... and I reserve my right to privacy. I am not seeking support and have not entered into any contract with you. As many people do, I will purchase from Aerosoft and get support through Reddit.
  12. DC-6 and Flight1 GTN650

    Should really be an option for No GPS, as in the Flight1 DC9..... !
  13. P3D V4.2 crashes when cycling through views to 2D

    Or just delete the 2D panel in the cfg file. Blaming P3D is quite sad. No problem with any other addon.
  14. Pilot Assist Pro From FS2Crew

    Come on Bryan, 85% of people are on Android........ doh !
  15. Updated Manuals URGENT

    Will I be able to print the manual if I buy ? I know some pdf stuff is password protected. I'm old school pen and paper ! Thnx Bryan.