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  1. Impossible to type On an android device . You will lose everyone eventually . Change your system for Gods sake ... look at the stte of this typing. i cant be bothered to goback and faff about. What an utter clustur f# %^
  2. Given it uses the garmin trainer ... finally a decent GTN ... can this be done, therefore bypassing the need to use the debacle of the msfs flight planning system.
  3. Well a year on it's interesting that MSFS is clearly running full HDR in 10bit color. Massive reduction in banding artefacts. But I still don't understand how it can ! E.G. being a borderless window, it apparently doesn't work properly ith VRR or G sync. Mystery! And what's happened to these forums ? More ads than posts and they keep loading making it virtually impossible to type. Yuk.
  4. Thnx all. I use Lorby scenery organiser so presumably I can just copy the scenery.xml file across. What about the 3TB of OrbX stuff ?
  5. Yes.... the weather system and variety of skyscapes courtesy of Active Sky is what I miss the most. If v5 has weather issues, I wonder if Active Sky can override it ? And Radar Contact is a must. Far from perfect but 100x better than anything else. I switch ATC off completely in MSFS. I may look into the upgrade costs and compatibility etc for my main addons. Does v5 require a complete reinstall ? #NightmareAtChristmas ! 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Hi. So is v5 more demanding on hardware ? (I have an i7 7700k and GTX 1080 from nvme m 2 drive and 32GB of 2400 RAM... but run at 30 fps locked)
  7. ....and get hold of a free version of Macrium Reflect 👍
  8. ---------- EDIT. Sorry ! I currently have v4.5 installed. ‐--------- Simple question. Apologies if it's in the wrong section. I do like MS Scenery Simulator but I need some realism. Is it worth the cost and effort upgrading to v5? I run Active Sky, Radar Contact, PMDG, A2A and Majestic (Dash 8). Thnx for advices.
  9. Begs the question: will Chaseplane ever get allowed into the innards....
  10. So how is it getting the wind direction around tge aircraft in flight ?
  11. Sorry. Meant to say Im in MSFS. Can it read airport weather ? Thnx.
  12. So I am seeing a yellow arrow with a value. Do I assume this is the wind speed around the aircraft currently ? I am not using Live weather but jus presets. In the weather settings it apoears to be unable to read a metar file as it does in P3D. So whats happening ? Thank you. All other stuff is awesome, as usual !
  13. So Rob and everyone, how do we square the circle of MSFS being a borderless windowed app, which in theory -- if you don't have a Quadro card -- is not capable of HDR10....which I believe is 10 bit colour ? Is it a 'fake' HDR ? Or only providing a low rent HDR version of only 8 bits per channel ? Secondly, with an Oled or Qled TV, what are the required nVidia settings for RGB, 444, 442 .... limited vs unlimited etc etc ? Finally, all this begs the question: what Hdmi bandwidth is required for these settings in terms of GTX vs RTX, and HDMi 2.0 vs 2.1 ? I realise many use DP monitors so the latter becomes moot, but more and more are using massive TVs 😁😁😁🤣 This is a real minefield ! 🙈🙈🙈 Thnx for advices.
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