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  1. OK ? What does that even mean ? Oh yeah.... we're on Avsim.... No negative comments allowed. Forgot. OK ?
  2. OK ? What does that even mean ?
  3. Lol. Clearly their 3D printer was out of order.
  4. Did you actually touch a working version.... or a 3D printed plastic facsimile ? If you did, you are the first. In my house, I often feel like a plastic facsimile.... I have nothing against them, in principle, but if this comes to market before Crimbo, I'll buy three, and raffle 2 off for charity ! (Of course it will be the "Unloved Plastic Facsimile" charity... or maybe the "I may as well BE a plastic facsimile" charity !)
  5. Yup. Agreed. Daftest decision is to make Aerosoft the sole distributer. No discounts, flash sales, loss leaders.... fixed and inflated prices for ever. I bought a G29 from Amazon a few weeks ago - preferred the pedals to the T300 - half the RRP.... 140 quid. If Aerosoft are the SOLE distributer, this will never happen.
  6. Hehe - someone changed their tune ? ! But yes.... exactly - the 200 (x2 = 400) dollar price point is a joke - they need a decent accountant - as I said a few posts back. You need to look at the market and identify a niche - economical, not biological ! I was an accountant for many years - granted, not in a massive international firm, just a small high street firm, but i learned in A Level Economics in the 80s that you need to have a USP. This "proposed" product, does not have a USP - it is basically like ALL the others out there... so their USP needs to be - Quality and Price that none of the others offer. For me, that is somewhere smack in the middle of 300 bucks and 1000 bucks - i.e. Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS at 350 (a HOTAS, I know, but a popular alternative to Saitek), and the Pro level Yokes and throttles that are around 500 bucks each. THAT IS A BIG RANGE - EASY TO HIT AT SOME POINT. It must also hit all the things that cheaper stuff doesn't - STICTION, High Rez (12 or 16 bit) resolution, and those dreaded Detents. And of course, the use of Hall Effect sensors, for accuracy, low (or zero) noise, and longevitiy due to lack of moving parts. So, get it working, ... without detents; without Stiction, and at a nice high resolution. This means good materials - NO plastic against metal (i.e all metal inards with good replaceable bearings, that can be greased), and good quality Hall Effect sensors. THEN WORRY ABOUT THE PRICE. If it comes in at 600 bucks, so be it - it is still 40 percent less than the Pro level stuff, and only a 150 bucks or so, more expensive than the Warthog. Comparing it to the Saitek will then be MOOT, as it is an entirely different product. You can have a Saitek setup for 200 bucks, along with plastic, detents, and mechanical noise... and a finite lifetime... or you go full hog to Pro level stuff at 800 to 1000 bucks... or you go in the middle at 500 to 600 bucks for the Honeycomb. So, shooting for a 2x200 = 400 bucks price point, and compromising on everything is FOOLISH. .... after all, if they use potentiometer, and there are detents, stiction and finite durability, is it really worth the extra over the Saitek ?? !! Surely if it costs twice as much, it needs to be twice as good... but how could it be ?
  7. So. We wait. Patiently. For someone - anyone - to actually get hands on with this ellusive ('mythical', even) artefact. ... And all people have to discuss is the position and function of a 'rocker switch' ? Oh my.... 3rd World problems eh ? ! ? ! Hehe. At least its entertaining !
  8. And as for the price..... there is a huge gap between the cost of Cr@ptek and the 500 to 700 quid, solid metal stuff. Who cares if they go to 225 or 249 ?!! Just make it good. 200 bucks..... what is this, some sort of OCD ? Make it good, and they will sell 10s of thousands. Add 15% to the cost, and they are good to go. We spend 120 quid on a flippin aircraft..... who cares if its 220 or 235.77 ? Geeze, these guys need a decent accountant. Have they no concept of what is available right now ? If we can afford 400 Bucks/Euros/Quids...... we can go another 25 to 50. And it will still split the difference between 120 and 500. Thrustmaster did just fine on their Warthog HOTAS.... their throttle unit currently has a RRP on their UK official site, of 209.99. Sais it all. Make it. Make it good. Then... worry about the price.
  9. That shaft looks very thin. And, as for the throttle, which will probably take another 3 years to be released, I hope they listen to someone..... the ARP should read APR. ....for the 84th time !
  10. Lol. Yeah. Believe it when I see it. I'm sure the 747 took less time to bring to market ! Only ribbing you. Want is as much as everyone else, but come on..... it's been ages..... better be good. My 500 quids are ready to go ! Just blown 500 on a 32" 2K monitor, just waiting for some decent controllers. And, there's a Fanatec steering wheel setup tempting me as well, which doesn't help !
  11. Don't be. I still maintain, it doesn't exist...... Still waiting for an actual person, to see an actual working prototype. Thus far, just 3D printed plastic shells. Bet this thread is still here, at Xmas.
  12. Gabe777

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Absolutely. I have no problem with giving people a choice. But my 2 cents is that the original PMDG J41 was awesome and the original FMS needs to be an option, or they will not be getting my cash. I have so many addons with the flamin' GTN, I am literally sick of the sight of it. Hell, they even put a Garmin GNS in the DC 6 ! What the..... ? (I know there is an option to remove it, but the thought of flying a DC 6 with a GNS, makes me shudder).... ......Real world, maybe.... but this is NOT the real world. I want to simulate flying the original aircraft, not a retro fitted museum piece. I have even seen a Spitfire sim, with a full suite of modern avionics. Sorry, but these people need help.
  13. Gabe777

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    Only if there is a native/original FMS option. A GTN-only option will render it completely 'NOT' comparable to the Dash 8. A GTN or GNS-only version, renders it a "toy"... imho.....!
  14. Gabe777

    GNS430 & Bendix

    Can the the Garmin GPS be removed in the VC ?
  15. Rhat he said ..... !!! Good summary Ray. Will be watching with interest. Have this thread on Speed dial !