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  1. Ended 8 February 2019 https://www.realflightshop.com/en-us/publisher-author-list/vendor/show/3-milviz
  2. Just found that great offer, pick up C310R https://www.realflightshop.com/en-us/publisher-author-list/vendor/show/3-milviz
  3. Real Flight Shop is 40% off https://www.realflightshop.com/en-us/component/hikamarket/vendor/show/3-milviz
  4. Yes, it's not that real, but it help improve the experience of VFR flying. Not sure what's look like in real world when passing gold course.
  5. Just find an interesting scenery which recreate 2,200 Japan golf course into flight simulator. It work perfectly for VFR flying alone the golf course, and each course are recreated perfectly including golf course facility and 3D models equipment. Recommend for anyone who often fly in Japan. https://www.realflightshop.com/en-us/component/hikashop/product/803-precision-graphics-simulation30-vl30-golfx-japan
  6. I know there are several post regarding Milviz sale, but I found one with 40% off https://www.realflightshop.com/en-us/component/hikamarket/vendor/show/3-milviz End on 13 May
  7. Kinmen Airport, a small regional airport with challenge to land in winter gust, recommend to use with Active sky. https://www.realflightshop.com/en-us/component/hikashop/product/778-kinmen-airport
  8. Cockpit PhD https://www.realflightshop.com/en-us/component/hikamarket/vendor/show/19-cockpit-phd
  9. The lowest that found now for Majestic Dash 8 https://www.realflightshop.com/en-us/component/hikashop/product/751-majestic-software-dash-8q-400-pro-edition-64-bit
  10. Sim720 scenery 25% off, their scenery are quite good. https://www.realflightshop.com/en-us/component/hikamarket/vendor/show/28-sim720-limited
  11. Majestic Dash 8 Q400 64 bit Pro and Pilot edition release!
  12. It look like that Real Flight Shop also have rewards point of $1 cent for every $1 purchase, so will get $0.41 for CRJ for further purchase, so after discount will be around $40 etc.
  13. Great deal. End next Monday and looks like every weekend will have same sale. https://www.realflightshop.com/en/component/hikashop/product/742-aerosoft-crj-700-900-x-fsx-p3d
  14. Aerosoft have announce that following title will be compatible for P3D V4 very soon. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/123481-whats-p3d-v4-compatible/ Bronco X Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 Mega Airport London Heathrow Xtended
  15. Find another great airplane with great deal at Real Flight Shop. Milviz DHC-2 Beaver 10% off, buy it directly. Really a nice and dedicate plane, sound are great and powerful, excellent flight dynamic, ,modal and texture, you could see the reflection of scenery on the windshield. The package come with Milviz/REX weather radar, a nice one. Compatible with P3D V4 Now figuring out how to use autopilot. https://www.realflightshop.com/en-us/component/hikashop/product/735-milviz-dhc-2-beaver
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