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  1. The installer will take care of everything
  2. The currect version of FFTF covers all versions of p3dv5
  3. Hi, Yes, it needs to be updated when p3d gets an update. The update will cover all previous versions plus the new one
  4. Hi, The product will be released the upcoming week
  5. Hi, Booster Live is the very very simple version of FFTF. No automation. You must change the fftf slider manually while flying. That the reason also of the price difference.
  6. Hi, Sorry for the late response. In the last couple days we moved to new servers. Some ISP are slower than others. But in any case all the programs can be downloaded from https://support.thefsps.com/kb/faq.php?cid=1
  7. Hi, Can anyone report any kind of problem? Things must be running as should be now.
  8. Hi, Its matter of 24..48h the global network to read the new dns servers
  9. Hi, We are moving to a new server. Hope tomorrow to be online again. But in any case you can update via the application directly.
  10. Hi to all, FFTF Dynamic P3Dv5 Version (November 2020) P3Dv5 Version 5.1 compatibility Enjoy.
  11. Hi, The best results for my config are coming with the below settings AGL 0..10.000 Ft 0.01... 0.33 FFTF (Locked frames 120) But I get very high frames rate at low density areas. So, I am planning to implement profiles for areas defined by the user. The best result can come in cooperation of FFTF auto change and auto frames rider. Unfurtunatelly, I still did not found any way to manage the frames. I can change them but something blocks me inside p3d code to apply them. Still trying to figure it out.
  12. Perhaps your dns cache still seeing the old files. You can try also with CMD with the command ipconfig /flushdns
  13. It must be dns related problems. You can reboot your router or wait 24..48h for your isp dns refreshed
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