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  1. This sim has been around for years and still to this day, do not know this answer maybe.IS it single core,dual core or whatever the cpu does anybody know?Please, anybody with AMD or intel even if you don't know the correct answer please share your knowledge about your own experience with the sim. Please give information on your current CPU.Please do not answer with comments like "I get 200 frames per second when looking at just the sky in a default sim setup". I want to know what is the best cpu for a maxed out(with all quality addons being used) fs9 set up.Example= FSDT KDFW will 100% traffic.It is so hard to find good information on what works for this sim. I hope this topic will help myself and many others out there that are ready to buy ,build or who are just wondering what is the truth.Thanks in adavnce! :(
  2. What is the most realistic location for the slider bar settings for aircraft realism?Under the realism and weather tab press realism then press (in fs9)it is listed as below:Flight modelGENERAL P FACTORTORQUEGyroCRASH TROLERANCEEACH setting can be adjusted from easy to realistic.I have seen so many topics on the config file but very little or none at all on aircraft realism slidder bar settings.Does anybody know this answer?
  3. Looks great love the paint! I just don't think if I was a passenger( real world) getting ready to board that aircraft, that I would feel the maintance had been completed on that aircraft. Thanks for your hard work to produce such a nice re-paint!
  4. Thank you guys ,for all your input! I have flown several US only flights ,with no issues. I will now try to disable my europe scenery areas, to see which file is causing all these errors. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks guys for te tips!Although,I need to know wat I am looking for, could you please explain?---> "scan your lanclass folder".I am not sure if it is in a certain area at tis point and time. I ave been doing most fligts in europe lately which I have many addon scenery areas and ulitmate terain covering those regions.also, could conflicting acad files also give tis same type of syptom?
  6. Hello,While flying(about an 1hr. long flight) with no other program besides fs9 running I get this error message that states the virtual memory is too low that running disk clean up will help the issue and then it shuts down fs9...:-boom..I have cleaned out all temp files and cookies.Also ,I do a daily defrag of the hardrive. Please help...My system specs are as follows.E6850 intel dual core2gb of ddr2 @1066mzh8800gtx 768mb300 gb hard drive
  7. Davis,Thanks for answering the questions. Would you be so kind as to share your fs9 config file setting with us?:-bigangel
  8. Davis Takanawa,Could you please answer this question---> With such a state of the art system (gaming rig/and your cooling system is nothing short of amazing!) Could you please let us know how it performs in fs9 and fsx? I want to know if blurries still occur or the lag in a texture not showing up rightaway in say 3d cockpit mode with 100% traffic in a detailed addon scenery area.I myself use fs9 still because all of my addons. Many of us may not even have your type of set up for years to come.I look forword in reading your response.Thank you
  9. Hello,:-waveI wanted to start a thread that would be helpful to all fs2004 users.Feeling, now we can get our hands on some pretty powerful:-ufo2 hardware .The need to fine tune or tweak these systems to get the most out of our new rigs would be a good idea.The prices have dropped so much :-outtathat increasing your system cpu power :-madis almost cheaper then getting a new state of the art video card. Currnetly,:-kewl I am running fs2004 on my main pc which uses windows xp.My laptop which is running vista home edition seems to run with fairly good frame rates considering it is a lower end system.I perfer windows xp over vista because many of fs2004 programs will not :~Peven work on vista.(example fs repaint)My fs9 config file is set up as listed below.[DISPLAY]UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=0TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=400RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=1.67RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=1.57 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=1.49 RUNWAY_LIGHTS_STROBE_SCALAR=1.09[TERRAIN]TERRAIN_ERROR_FACTOR=100.000000TERRAIN_MIN_DEM_AREA=10.000000TERRAIN_MAX_DEM_AREA=100.000000TERRAIN_MAX_VERTEX_LEVEL=20TERRAIN_TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8TERRAIN_AUTOGEN_DENSITY=5TERRAIN_USE_GRADIENT_MAP=1TERRAIN_EXTENDED_TEXTURES=1TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS=9.500000TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS=9.0000TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS=232Current main sim set up for fs9.intel 2.4 6600 dual core overclocked 3.0 mhz 8800 gt 768mb evga video card3 gigs ramSystem runs smooth 90% of the time with 100% traffic and detailed payware/freeware scenery areas. AI traffic used. Everysingle world of AI that I could find and also UltimateTraffic for FS2004 with new UTSS-07-Schedule.I use clouds,auto gen and tree textures that only use mip maps.Ground enviorment for default ground areas .I use all mega scenery for usa areas inwhich it covers.Ultimate terrain for all usa.Real sky pro edition for sky and water. Knowing that many past posted tweaks were done on single core:-boom systems, I am hoping someone can bring new light :-abductthis subject.Looking foward to learning your tweaks and ideas!:-beerchug
  10. acmech


    Jim,WOW, I added your web site to my favorites! It is late now , tommorrow, I will be sure to see what it has to offer!Thanks for the work you have done for this great hobby ! SOMETIMES WE HAVE TO REMEMBER "OUR MIND IS OUR OWN PERSONAL COMPUTER" don't waste it!
  11. acmech


    "There's nothing to do in FS anymore"Alex,From what I have read in this statment, it seems you have counted on others to fill your needs in this sim.I don't know if you have ever painted a aircraft ,designed scenery, designed aircraft, made a program for fs,built a home cockpit, became a part of vatsim or a VA, or have ever tried. All I can say is ,I can think of many things to do and I have done several of the things inwhich I listed. With that said, I still can't find enough time in my daily life to to them all. Each and everything I listed is" complex" as you stated is what you desire in a airliner product. For example,I was bored with my simflyers scenery and knowing no other company has redone KIAH I went ahead and retextured all the files to that scenery just to fill my needs.I am not bragging, I am just saying maybe there is something in the sim you really want to have and instead of waiting on the next guy to make it for you learn about it and do it yourself.The satisfaction will blow you away. One last thing if and only if you don't have a powerful system ,get one and you will see fs at a whole new level of thought.
  12. Thank you.I was not aware of those facts.Thanks again!
  13. Does anybody know of a program that can convert a large amount of files to have mipmaps?Does anybody know if megascenery(for fs9) files use mipmaps?I just picked up this great deal on megascenery for $30 buckshttp://pcaviator.com/shop/viewAProduct.php?pid=777I have read somewhere in the screen shot forum where a poster claims he is getting great performance because he applied mipmaps to every single texture he could in his fs2004.My current system will run great in default scenery areas and most payware but when I fly into megascenery areas the textures have a hard time loading. When I use extended terrain textures loading time is about 10x slower then when the option is unchecked.I was thinking maybe adding mipmaps to all the textures would help the issue.Current system:Intel 6600 dual core overclocked to 3.0 with 3 gigs of ram8800 gt 768 mbwindows xp
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