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  1. I'm more optimistic for a 3rd party modification, or "homebrew" that will allow it to function in FSX/P3D 1.XX. There is a very competent, very motivated group of VR/3D enthusiasts currently working on legacy device drivers for older games. Now, whether this all comes to fruition is anyone's guess, but given 1) the age of the game's codebase, 2) the relatively SLOW in-game head movements needed to acheive a convincing effect, and 3) the appropriateness of a flight simulator for inclusion into a VR platform, and I'd say the chances are better than they've ever been.
  2. Alright, after reading endless posts over at 'Meant To Be Seen', I just pulled the trigger on a RIFT dev version, so we'll see how this goes! I'm not expecting much of anything, but seeing their commitment to doing VR tech, and doing it RIGHT, I felt compelled to support them, and do my very small part to help this thing see the light of day. Whatever I end up receiving in a few months, I'll be back to let everyone know, and will update this thread with the trials and tribulations of early adoption and 3rd party drivers, etc. Joseph
  3. Alright, I fixed it. Yes, I copied everything relating to the aircraft, and decided to start comparing .cfg files to those of aircraft with working VCs. Somehow, there was a line missing in the model.cfg file for the learjets that specified the interior model. A quick copy-paste and modification and *poof*, worked like a charm. Bizarre. Thanks for the suggestion, though!
  4. Alright, my second posting in as many days, apologies if this is bad form, but I have another question: I migrated all of the missing stock FSX aircraft over the P3D when I installed it, and now only P3D exists on my system. I'm not doing any migration tool, or anything like that, it was a straight copy and paste. My question is if anyone has been able to get the Virtual Cockpits working for either of the Learjet models originally included in FSX, and if there is anything special needed to get them up and running. Many thanks, Joseph
  5. The Rift is getting a lot of good press lately, and I dearly hope it lives up to, and surpasses all that's been promised of it. However, it's not even being releeased for couple of months yet, and the website clearly implies pre-orders are for developers only, and what's delivered won't be a consumer product. That last part dampens my hopes a fair bit that it won't be usefull to someone like me who wants to use it asap, as it may not even function depending on its' software implementation requirements for existing programs. I can tinker with the best of them, but if it's just a hardware devkit, I'm outta luck there. Or am I missing something? I've tried to read up on all of this rather quickly, but I'm wading into a 5 year industry history with 30 minutes of research. Joseph EDIT: Okay, just finished reading several recent articles on the RIFT, and I can honestly say that is exactly what I'm looking for. Unless Forbes, et al. have been hoodwinked, it looks like this thing is really, actually happening, and that is awesome! The whole reason I started a thread on Avsim about this was because the existing products on the market all seem (depending on who you listen to) to be half-hearted, half-baked attempts that fall down in any of several important areas. Now we just have to play the agonizing waiting game to see how this sucker gets worked into existing products and hope and pray that backwards-compatibility is a priority (for FSX), and/or that LM will implement it in existing P3D versions. Exciting Stuff! Joseph
  6. Greetings, All: I'd like to know if anyone has had success or dissapointment with various types of 3D, stereo-image viewing in P3D (or FSX, only because they share the same code base atm). I turned on Nvidia anaglyph 3D on a lark, and the resulting increase in immersion within P3D was really something, in my opinion. Of course, the magenta/cyan combo isn't really good for long-term use, there's a lot of color info lost, and there are quirks with the Nvidia implementation approach, since it is independent of the program itself, namely ILS lights not being where they should, having to zoom way in to click VC buttons, etc. This got me interested in the real-deal, but there isn't much current information to be found, especially as it pertains to compatibility within P3D/FSX. Does anyone have experience in this area? Any good products on the market right now? Any specific ones to avoid? The most intriguing set-up I saw was from Vuzix, their 1200VR headset was alleged to not only provide high-res stereoscopic images, but built-in headtracking as well, rendering the track-IR obsolete. Color me skeptical. Any and all input is most appreciated. Thanks! Joseph D'Agostino
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