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  1. Use this product with extreme caution !!!!! :h01162: You may be asked to fly for a REAL AIRLINE as a captain , if someone finds out you use this plane in the sim. You have been warned!
  2. Does anybody know status on this bird??? It has been some time since I seen new info about this RAZBAM Metroliner III http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?257177-RAZBAM-Metroliner-III
  3. In my huge hanger in my HARD DRIVE.
  4. I have had almost a complete sim it was nice but expensive and it did not have motion.I sold it with no hard feelings. Bad things about full sim is money,space, requires many parts,time and limited to that aircraft. With a VR headset use ,touch pad,scroll wheel, track ball ,track ir and have goflight gp48 with knobs close to you for autopilot course etc...all while in your choice of aircraft in vc mode Bolted my Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog joystick to my chair with a base that is a hinge from say a fence gate to beable to move it out of the way when not in use or getting set in position. VR is the way to go and if there is way will there is a way..... I think best set up right now would be sony hmz t-2 and the JoyRide® Atomic A1 Ultra-Compact Motion Simulator.Although I would not buy the chair because I modded chair already.Just bolt it down to the motion base and get going. Just ordered the sony hmz t2 from japan . I have the sony hmz t1 and it is awsome but heavy. 3d on the sony made me hate to fly 2d its that good.I don't know how many times I was wowed in 2d mode on a flat screen but with vr in 3d some times flying my girlfriend has to tell me shut up and stop saying wow. So, I let her try and she started to see and say wow. You just have to try it thats all I have to say............ :blush2:
  5. Hello, :friends: I just today for the first time in almost 9 months of having my sony hmz personal viewer made able to work in 3d with FSX. All I have to say is, I will never set fsx in 2d while wearing my sony headset. There is little to no performance drop with incredible 3d I mean awsome like nothing I have seen on any other 3d monitor. They say that the sony headset gives better 3d then you would get to see at a Imax theather. This is because it has two small oled monitors that display different images.The result is nothing less of awsome. I mean the last time I was up in a plane was about how good this looks. :shok: My question is for anyone that uses 3d in fsx, if they found away to make those papi lights look realistic.What I mean lights like runway etc seem to float in the air so 3d they look strange. I set up my 3d to 100% and wow the vc was so 3d I felt like I could reach out and grab items. Depth from cockpit to ground is so realistic I wish I could show you how good this looks. Anyway if anybody has an answer to my question it would be great. One thing I did notice when the first time I saw the 3d a message stated lights glow set up incorrectly.Maybe this has something to do with the issue.
  6. wrote the developer it doesn't work with photo scenery that has no autogen.
  7. Hello, I fly nothing but photo scenery and last night I just tired this out LOD_RADIUS=9.90000 and wow so FAST crisp and clear scenery with no loss in frames from prior settings. My only tweaks used inside FSX config are...... [Display] TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=40 UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=30 [Main] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.15 [GRAPHICS] HIGHMEMFIX=1 [TERRAIN] LOD_RADIUS=9.900000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My system 2700k @4.8 with 580gtx 2 gb
  8. IMHO :Thinking: , AEROFLY FS NEXT RELEASE WILL BE THE SIM OF CHOICE IN THE FUTURE :p0502: -------------------------> http://www.ipacs.de/forum/showthread.php/6110-aerofly-FS-Development-Status
  9. Well, this is my fourth pair of virtual head gear from different companies.Sony has done a great job. You can even do daily tasks with them on. The deal is they get uncomfortable after about 1 hr of use. Last night, I think was the longest using them for over 3 hrs. Although, I have modded my pair and use a small travel pillow to support my neck. I am still trying different things to make them more comfortable.
  10. I have been using Sony 3D Virtual Reality glasses for about 6 months now. Still to this day ,every time I use them it makes such a big difference. In the past I have tired other set ups like making a fixed base sim with gauges...etc.. Even used projector with 100 " screen and large flat panel LCD screens. Although, nothing has impressed me as much as Sony's 3D Virtual Reality glasses. Anybody else tired this set up with FSX? One thing ,if you do get the sony hardware ,finding a way to mod it for prolong use has been my challenge. :Idea: With a hot glue gun, I added the pick up to use it with my track IR5.
  11. Looks great :Shocked: and thanks for the heads up :yahoo: off to get this bird :p0126:
  12. Yup, :Thinking: I read again what I stated it" LOOKS CARTOONISH" .KEY word is "looks". Also, the last time I checked PMDG uses photoreal textures in the VC and panels. So maybe PMDG is not a good comparision here when we are talking looks....The last time I read the forum rules here nothing stated I had to agree with anyone. Back in the day, when FSX first came out and there were very few addons for it, I might have over looked this cartoonish appearance ,but not to todays standards. :yahoo: This does not mean they can't or will not add photo real textures before release. I am just going off of the preview provided.
  13. Well, no matter good or bad info the deal here is not many places on the net focus on how FSX runs on thier system. Even if it is bad input, others with like systems can concur. In the end we learn and that whats makes the differance . So thank you for posting your findings "Flightbeam" . :friends: This even happens in the screenshot forum when someone edits a screen capture and posts it .Although,No body says hey stop or don't post edited "fake" shots.
  14. I feel the same on this one........ :friends:
  15. Thanks, I will give her a spin :p0805: thanks again!
  16. Thanks for posting :drinks: I don't know :unknw: how many people at this forum have ever designed anything for FSX but I do know that it takes long hours and hard work to put out great products. Which makes me glad to know there are wonderful company's out there like Carenado ...I hope the best for them and look forward in more to come... :hi:
  17. Yes ,I too enjoy that scenery :yahoo: but that little bird where did you pick that up at :unknw: ???
  18. Nice shot :Shocked: was the contrast enhanced?
  19. With that system you should give fsx a try..... :friends:
  20. File Description: FS2004/FS2002 ENGINE EXHAUST SYSTEM PLUS Version 3.2. Bug fix. Also adds APU effect and can be used with AI. Updated, improved, simplified. Heat and shimmer turbofan and turbojet engine exhaust effects, auto-operated at idle and at full throttle. Full installation instructions for most common freeware passenger airliners - listing included. By Martyn Becker. File size - 240kB I think it will work in fsx??????
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