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  1. please check your inbox.

  2. ...and this is just your opinion. Which is valuable to you ^_^ I find myself in X-Plane10/64 more and more because I getting to like it better than FSX.
  3. Hard to believe no one has tried this yet. :wacko:
  4. Ha, ha...awe...give me a break! :pardon: Actually, since I'm getting more and more into 64bit X-Plane 10, I really don't want to dump any more into FSX addons unless I'm sure they are outstanding. Somebody else needs to try this one.
  5. Hey, is this thread about Accu-Feel, or Sim-PhysicsX? I would like to see some feedback or reviewing on Sim-PhysicsX. Do you own Sim-PhysicsX? Does Sim-PhysicsX do these things better than FSCaptain? Inquiring minds want to know.
  6. I'm still really very interested in hearing some feedback from people who have actually purchased the software and have it on their computer, not so much of the "assuming" how it might-otta be from those who haven't purchased it yet. Please, someone who has purchased and tried the software, preferably also runs Accu-Feel and/or Opus, please post your feedback and opinions.
  7. I'm really tempted to buy it to try it, but I'm going to wait on some feedback here.
  8. I'm looking forward to hearing a little feedback on this program. Also on how well it plays with things like Accu-Feel v.2 and Opus.
  9. You may have persuaded me to try it again. I tried P3D before, a while back, and had some CDT. So when I bought my new computer, I just installed FSX, which is running great. Like you said, P3D is the future, and now there are many addons that are being designed for it. Even Orbx is setup for P3D. I may have to have another harddrive installed in my computer. I am also using X-Plane 10, both 32 and 64bit versions. I love the new 727 by FlyJSim. It may be fun to have three different flight sims on one computer.
  10. How then is others taking all of the advantages of these addon AI programs like Ultimate Traffic, MyTraffic 5.4 and TrafficX, when it has to be kept at such a low percentage that it just leaves such a few moving aircraft?
  11. Right now, if I turn up traffic, whether MyTraffic or any other, I get an OOM error. I have to keep AI Traffic down to about 15%, so I really can't benefit from any traffic programs. Is one of these programs less demanding? I am using Windows 7 Pro 64x with an i7 Ivy Bridge processor and a Nvidia GTX 670 and 12Gigs of RAM, so it is not that my computer doesn't have the muscle, it's just that FSX doesn't use it.
  12. Great!! I just bought me a "Back Seat Driver" Thank you Bryan. I've been looking forward to your completing RAAS. Congratulations! I know it will be a big hit, especially since it works for all of the major flight sim formates. Now you have to see if you can make it work for X-Plane 10. I believe it is gaining a lot of momentum with JRollin's CJ 200, the recent release of the Boeing 777 Professional and the new 727 that will be released pretty soon.
  13. Now that Prepar3D has dropped the price, and is continuing development of the platform, it may be the future of flight sim. They are working on multi-core support and 64x support for P3D. I believe this is what to watch. X-Plane is coming up quickly and will be supporting 64x also with the next major upgrade. Also payware aircraft and scenery is looking much more promising. FSX is still fun for now, but eventually I will probably be using P3D as my major flightsim and X-Plane as my secondary.
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