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  1. XPX64man

    Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400

    I know you guys are working hard to get the "Pro" and "Training" versions out, along with ironing out any small kinks in the "Pilot" release, but I have to ask.... Could you please make an SDK that Bryan York can use to get his FS2Crew working with this Q400? It's all that he needs and it will boost the sales of the Q400 even more for you (I know it is selling like hot cakes now). I can assure you that FS2Crew will boost sales even more. They won't sell their manuals anyway. I tried. Maybe an admin can edit the post. I can't edit it out. Maybe if everyone emails them, they will consider selling the manuals. (:
  2. As much as I hate it, I believe I have quit buying payware for FSX. I am moving to XPX10-64. I just bought the Carenado TBM850, but now I wish I had waited until they released it for X-Plane. I am getting OOMs with it also. I have never had them with GA aircraft, but the TBM850 is probably as resource intensive as some modern tube-liners. I will still use FSX to explore MegaSceneryEarth v.2 states that I have, using my GA aircraft, but that will be all. I'm just going to focus on buying payware for XPX10-64 for now on.
  3. XPX64man

    Peters a380

  4. XPX64man

    Majestic Software Dash 8 Q400

    Information for real world manuals can be found by emailing: bombardiercustomerservice@gilmore.ca
  5. XPX64man

    A quick fly by of Pro ATC

    I've been using it a lot and it has been pretty good, but not perfect. Whether it is worth the price or not depends how much you want the best ATC program available for FSX. It is way better than RC4, which I paid quite a bit for also. I find it also better than VOXATX. PFE is good, but ProATC is still way better for me. So I didn't mind the price.
  6. XPX64man

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    WOW!! Great job. Thanks.
  7. XPX64man

    MJC Q400 Repaint Thread

    Hey, I need a good livery made, that flies the Caribbean. Puerto Rico, Kokomo, Aruba, Jamaica ("That's where we want to go." :smile: ) Bahamas, Virgin Islands, etc
  8. ...and this is just your opinion. Which is valuable to you ^_^ I find myself in X-Plane10/64 more and more because I getting to like it better than FSX.
  9. XPX64man

    Cure for NGX external skeleton view?

    I do have Photoshop CS6 and will be trying some of this stuff. Thank you very much
  10. XPX64man

    Cure for NGX external skeleton view?

    How do you reduce the resolution of just your livery textures?
  11. Your right Greg. I did have X-Plane traffic working. I will fix that. I just put the manual on my Nook reader, so I will be going over it closely. I can't read these things on the computer screen without burning my eyes. I'm really excited about having AI in X-Plane. This is going to be great....finally.
  12. Greg is just on the verge of pulling the trigger on this new AI Traffic program for X-Plane. It will be right around $25. It does work in the new 64bit version of X-Plane, which was really important to me. I've been sitting at KSEA watching aircraft take off, land and taxi. They taxi much better than FSX. Later he will add random flightplans for each airport, but now I believe you will have to make them and set up your aircraft to taxi at other airports other than KSEA. But it is a start on something that I have really wanted to see in X-Plane. I'm a happy camper. :biggrin: From what I read, you can add any aircraft that you want to use. Also after watching it at KSEA, it looks like it was using some of my payware aircraft and many default aircraft. One of my Carenado Cessnas was going up the taxi way with the parking cones on either side escorting it.
  13. XPX64man

    JustFlight L1011 TriStar Released

    This is a pretty accurate mini-review and mostly what I find also. I do like the aircraft because it is an L1011 and I have wanted one in FSX for a long time. Even with all the negative points of this release, I find I enjoy flying it very much. The INS is not as good as the CIVA freeware (which should be payware) that I have in the Simcheck A300, but it is still a good model. This L1011 really looks like it was made by CLS to me. Which is not completely a bad thing. I really like it, but if someone makes a better one, it wouldn't hurt my feelings.
  14. Here are the features of the JARDesign A320neo: http://a320neo.ucoz.ru/index/review/0-5 I was flying and really enjoying it, but now all that I fly is 64bit with X-Plane, so I'm waiting for him to upgrade the neo to 64bit. I have Peter's, but since it doesn't have a VC, I haven't installed it. I'm waiting on that too.
  15. XPX64man

    Can't stop flying that Aerosoft A320

    Aerosoft has done a great job on this A320 and it is truly fun to fly. I get in moods where I will pick out one of my aircraft and fly it exclusively for a while. Right now I'm hooked on Leonardos Maddog again, after not flying it for over a year, but I will get back to my Airbus A320 Extended before too long.