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  1. please check your inbox.

  2. Great!! I just bought me a "Back Seat Driver" Thank you Bryan. I've been looking forward to your completing RAAS. Congratulations! I know it will be a big hit, especially since it works for all of the major flight sim formates. Now you have to see if you can make it work for X-Plane 10. I believe it is gaining a lot of momentum with JRollin's CJ 200, the recent release of the Boeing 777 Professional and the new 727 that will be released pretty soon.
  3. I haven't installed my P3D yet. I'm trying to learn as much as possible from these forums first, so I don't screw it all up. When I do install it, I will certainly want to use my FS2Crew software. I hope Bryan can get everything working good.
  4. Bryan, I think it is a wonderful idea that you include both versions. Sometimes I don't feel like speaking and will just use the button version and sometimes I use the voice.
  5. I'm not saying it as being good or bad, it's just what they do with all of their paints. Most aircraft would have the same kind of dirt stains anyway, but I just wanted them to make the stain from the jetway seals correctly on the NGX. The way they have it now just looks funny because it is not possible.They make the rivets, stains and dirt for an aircraft type, like the 747-400 and keep the Photoshop layers, then they use those same layers for all of their paints of that type. It is what they have to do because they don't make a lot of money on each paint. It would cost them a fortune to make custom dirt stains for each aircraft and no one would want to pay that much money for a paint.
  6. I don't blame you at all. Get some sleep, then fly, fly, fly...we can wait (PMDG trained us well). Just let us know when they are ready.
  7. I love McPhat's paints, but they did get the stain from the jetway seal on the main entrance of the NGX wrong. I told them about it, but it was never corrected. That stain should be offset to the front of the door because the door opens inside the seal. The way that they have it, the door would not open.They make one set of layers with the dirt, chips and grime, then they use that layer on all of the aircraft because it would be way too hard to create different dirt patterns for each livery. Wow, now that looks like a real Boeing. Great work!!
  8. Wow! We got a new McPhat Studios forming here! Is this Joker's Wild Studios?Ryan is right though. I noticed with McPhat's paints for the NGX, that the rivets are a little too exagerated also. When you look at new NGs on the Boeing website, you can hardly see the rivets.You're quite the painter! Surely one of the best out there. I know that I appreciate all of the paints you make available very much. A BIG thank you.
  9. I had the problem and this worked great for me. Thank you Ryan.
  10. This looks great! I would like to have it. Thank you.
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