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  1. Kerlix

    Has anyone seen Robert?

    Knowing this group, this could turn into a real-life "Where's Waldo?". One simple post and and I can suddenly see #rsrandazzospotting blowing up on twitt3er and the forums. Lay low, Robert, lay low... For a free lifetime membership to the PMDG RL simulators, I can offer my assistance as personal security...
  2. Kerlix


    Or a picture saying "Hang in there!".
  3. Kerlix

    Douglas DC-6

    I like that it has a CD player.
  4. Kerlix

    Insufficient Fuel MSG

    If your fuel remaining is less than what you set for your reserve during preflight, you'll get that message. It's not a bug. Technically (I believe) IRL, you'd be forced to divert to your alternate when that message appears.
  5. Never seen that before or had an issue with it. Did you try submitting a support ticket?
  6. Kerlix

    bleeding off vapp speed to vref +5 - PFPX

    I didn't watch the whole thing, but something about his bugged speed and/or AP settings seems off. In fact, his A/T isn't armed during takeoff. I don't own the 737-series AOA lessons so I'm not sure why. But if you look closely, his speed bug is slightly inside the "stall warning/stall imminent" zone on the speed tape. That's why he's getting the flashing "A" on the MCP. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that if that's happening, then it's a configuration issue on your end. Now, that may be done on purpose (Although I don't know why someone would do that) or it may just be an error/oversight.
  7. Kerlix

    flight video

    Shocking pictures? What exactly does that mean? Frame by frame? Random snapshots (not snapchat, for people that may (sadly) be confused)? In my experience, I won't be able to view an FSX replay after long flights. I don't know why. I've just assumed it's due to memory or something else that's broken in FSX. Basically, it will just snap to the very end of the "replay" and be paused, as if the replay took place (but never did). I have W7 as well. Unfortunately, without an explaining the meaning of "shocking pictures", I don't think anybody will be able to help/provide a solution.
  8. Kerlix

    bleeding off vapp speed to vref +5 - PFPX

    It appears that it incorporated the wind data and used that to determine the correct VAPP. Maintain that speed until the flare. In a perfect world, you'd bleed off down to 148kts and touch down at that speed. VREF+5 is really just a guide, not a rule for approaches. It can, and does, change depending on different variables such as wind.
  9. Could this be caused by wake turbulence pushing the A/P into a situation it's not able to deal with?
  10. Kerlix

    VNAV Climb rate

    Deleted. Didn't see the other post....
  11. Kerlix

    777 help

    Yep. I'm seeing TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=128 in the last screenshot he/she/they provided. Change that to 1024 and report back.
  12. Kerlix

    777 help

    Well, that's where it should be. And how it should be spelled. Make sure you don't have 2 different fsx.cfg's. For one reason or another I have two. <~Not really going to go into "why" I have two. Different file types.... Anyways, if you (for some reason) have 2 and you only edit the one FSX doesn't use, then it won't do anything for you. I only thought of this because of the my unique setup. Outside of that, I'm not really sure what to tell you. What kind of specs are you working with?
  13. Kerlix

    17JUN14 - Scheduling and General Updates

    Such a profound rebuttal, Darren.... The poise, the wit, the elegance..... As far as the SP goes, I'd rather wait for a service pack that will fix most (if not all) of the major issues as well as a plethora of small, tiny minor ones then get dozens of service packs that never really seem to bring the product closer to perfection. I'll refrain from naming specific devs, but use your imagination.....
  14. Kerlix

    SP1 Beta Testers: Performance Differences?

    It's all about balance. The ground is lava and if either side touches it, FSX blows up. If an addon is more resource intensive, then disable or turn down another addon. As far as addon scenery/airports, I personally don't care how good the roads/taxiways/runways/buildings look from 30k+ feet up.
  15. Kerlix

    Help for Returning Simmer YupYup. This would be your best bet. Welcome back!