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  1. What is the best way to do a shared cockpit without fsx multiplayer, and with vpilot?
  2. george3098

    Virtual cdu with new pmdg 737 update

    It is updated, i just had to download the new software of there website
  3. Hi, i use Virtual cdu and i have just got the new pmdg 737 update, the virtual cdu says that there is a newer version of the 737, so i was wondering if i can some how get the 737 last update that i already have or does anyone know if the virtual cdu will be updated?
  4. george3098

    fsx install
  5. george3098

    fsx install

    when I try to install fsx disk 1 and disk 2 is fine, once it gets to the last bar a new pop up comes up with insert disk, and thats it no disk 1 or disk 2 just disk, please help?
  6. george3098


    hello again when i try to install the pmdg 777 installer it says i have put the file into the flight simulator x folder but still dont work
  7. george3098


    i tryed google chrome and internet explore
  8. george3098


    i just brought the 777 and when i go to download it the file says 778mb when it gets to around 60 it then stops the download and opens winwar when i try and install the software it says that something is broken. Can Someone help please because i just spent $89.99 on something that dont work