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  1. What is the best way to do a shared cockpit without fsx multiplayer, and with vpilot?
  2. It is updated, i just had to download the new software of there website
  3. Hi, i use Virtual cdu and i have just got the new pmdg 737 update, the virtual cdu says that there is a newer version of the 737, so i was wondering if i can some how get the 737 last update that i already have or does anyone know if the virtual cdu will be updated?
  4. http://prntscr.com/5uctwfhttp://prntscr.com/5uctwf
  5. when I try to install fsx disk 1 and disk 2 is fine, once it gets to the last bar a new pop up comes up with insert disk, and thats it no disk 1 or disk 2 just disk, please help?
  6. ok so after i am about to install it the 1722 error comes up. i have tried the Software Licensing System Reset Tool but when i go into the cmd and do the MicrosoftKB928080 / resetsldl -All it says failed to dlete the token store heres a pic - http://prntscr.com/4oneqx please help
  7. i tryed it and it work thank you, but i have another proplem when i get in the game it like freezes but you can still hear the engine, when you go to outside view it doesnt work but when you minimize the game and open it back up it goes to the outside view
  8. thanks it says when the loading bar says removing applications
  9. i had to uninstall fsx because it was messed up but when i install it two errors come up Data error (cyclic redundancy check) and Error -1603 fatal error during installation. Please Help
  10. don't know what that is lol
  11. the serial was right, when I look at the aircraft on the loading screen there is two things coming out of the engines http://prntscr.com/42tymq don't know what is the matter. The thing is that it is really annoying because I cant fly plus it is always my payware aircraft
  12. right ok the texture work but I have another error now, as you can see in these to images they are both my 777 and 737 they both are the same,http://prntscr.com/42j0ue and http://prntscr.com/42j1hk and http://prntscr.com/42j1o7
  13. it is because when i press submit it says it hasnt gone through so that is why ok to make sure the fsx.cfg is in %appdata% then microsoft then fsx
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