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  1. I've been looking at DA62 by Carenado and DA62 by Vertx but can't decide which one is better? I did post on his youtube channel but never had a reply. Anyone got any thoughts on which one is better? Thanks Jason
  2. Alex, Thanks for your help. One other question, whenever I install a new scenery do I need to run the necessary files on my P3D computer and then copy them over? So LNM is upto date on my non flying computer? Thanks Jason
  3. Hi Alex, I've just followed the above instructions but am slightly puzzled? It says Copy the LNM database files from the flying computer,but I've got no idea which files I need to copy over from which folder on the flying computer? Then which folder do I put them in on my network computer? Thanks Jason
  4. Hi Bob, Would the reason I'd require Simconnect still because ASN would be on a separate HD even though it would be on the same PC as P3D is on? Thanks Jason
  5. Hi All, Currently I run Active Sky / PFPX / Avivlasoft EFB / Navigraph Charts etc on a separate computer using Simconnect & WideServer. if I was to install these on my P3D computer but using a separate Hard drive, would I still require Simconnect & WideServer? Thanks Jason
  6. Richard will this show with the new files today? As I cant locate it? Thanks Jason
  7. Marc, Thank you so much for your help, I've followed your instruction and installed all the PMDG stuff for P3Dv4, and it's perfect
  8. Hi, I'm installing PMDG Aircraft into P3Dv4 but am just wanting to check I'm doing it correctly? 1) Run the download file and Select Modify 2) Put a tick into P3Dv4 box and then press next? 3) I don't remove the tick in the P3dv3 installation box do I? As I've done this but the 400/400F isn't showing up in my Add/Remove programs for v4 only for v3 but they have installed into P3D4, then when I go into Ops Centre it shows latest version yet there wasn't a update shown on the Ops Centre? How do I remove the 744 from P3Dv4 with it not showing up in Add/Remove Programs? Not that I should have to only if there is a fault with my pc? If that's the correct procedure then I'll just do this for B737 & B777? Thanks Jason
  9. Hi Kevin, I've just installed P3Dv4 and opened up Chaseplane and then pressed the V4 icon, is that the right thing to do so that both accounts for P3Dv3 & P3Dv4 are linked? I now you said about contacxting support but wasn't sure which option the choose. Thanks Jason
  10. Thanks both for your replies most helpful. Do you think they are worth buying or not really, or would you say it's a individual preference. Thanks Jason
  11. Hi All, I'm after some advice as to if both of the above can be configured to work with B737 , B747 & B777 using P3Dv4 & v3? And if it's indeed worth getting them? I've looked around to see if I could find anything out and found a post regarding P3Dv2 only. Appreciate any help or advice offered from PMDG and others. Thanks Jason
  12. Hi Kevin, Thanks for the reply. Regarding linking them together, I've not got v4 yet but could this be done once I've purchased V4? Secondly is there anyway I can copy my camera settings I've got for FSX into P3D? Or are you not able to do this? Thanks Jason
  13. Hi, Can I create another account with a yahoo address so I can have Chaseplane on my other computer which I use for P3Dv3 & V4? I know I'd need to pay for it again? Thanks Jason
  14. Hi When you select to have a Activation reset does this rest it to the computer you have tried to use Chaseplane on? As I've selected the Activation Reset for my FSX computer? Apologises for asking this question, but I wasn't to sure. Thanks Jason
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