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  1. wizzards

    Best terrain mesh for P3D

    Has Toposim been changed since the Fsgenesis days, I have a large amount of Fsgenesis which I am not using, been using the free mesh which looks fine to me but just wondering if the Fsgenesis will work with P3dv 4 Peter
  2. wizzards

    F86 Sabre

    many thanks for that, that's what I'm using, somehow I thought I had missed an update Peter
  3. wizzards

    F86 Sabre

    Hello can anyone tell me the current version of the F86 Sabre for use with P3d v4.4 many thanks Peter
  4. wizzards

    Win 10 replacement

    Hello, I think I have ballsed up my PC with win 10 32bit free upgrade installed. it can't find windows may be hard drive gone or corrupted, I have also a paid copy of win 10 64 bit Pro which is used on my Main pc, Photoshop/ P3d v4, /etc this is fine. firstly is it possible to redownload the win free 10 32 bit version from anywhere to be able to try reinstalling, 2nd can I use the win 10 repair disk made from the pro version I own or are they specific to a particular disk, unfortunately, the PC,s are at this moment in different locations 40 miles apart which is proving to be a Pain as I don't want to waste time on an 80 mile round trip for nothing many thanks Peter
  5. well is it, do you still have a month to get your money back from flight1?, maybe QW won't make all that doe if people don't like what they see Peter
  6. wizzards

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    A good idea may be as a chargeable upgrade for your efforts, always loved these aircraft
  7. sounds like the bloke has been in a few dark places in his life, I hope it works well out for him Peter
  8. the ultimate goal just ask those who know = the super rich I would presume, more important to me is just what is their goal for me and my grandkids!
  9. well the ifly 737 texture,s certainly looks clearer / sharper to my old eyes and cost me nothing so it can't be bad in my book, thanks for pointing them out
  10. wizzards

    C 310 Redux

    I have been using the C310 as my one of my default twin-engine aircraft for some time the other is the C337, I wish someone would do a top-notch version of the C337, I feel happy with the C310 but I keep wondering in what areas does the Redux version improves on the standard version, the latest version is already good, so has anyone seen/found a comparison between the Milviz standard C310 and the C310 redux versions thanks for reading peter
  11. I must say its good to have the King Air back and it does look bl--dy good, which is what caused me to fall in love with it ALL those yrs ago, I always said from the first time I saw this King Air it had brilliant graphics, OOOOh I feel giddy! I've gone and paid Milviz a compliment, My dog is phoning my doctor as I type all the best to Milviz Peter
  12. wizzards

    RealAir Duke B60 Coming To v4

    The new site!!! does that mean we will finally be able to purchase Version 2 of the Turbine Duke for P3d v4 Peter
  13. wizzards

    Realair Duke v2 Piston in P3D v4

    +1 seems like it,s gone wonder if it is forever
  14. wizzards

    DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released!

    How about the King Air?