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  1. sometime you have to smile the Majestic Dash which is probably one of the best available add ons for FSX/P3d costs just £40 for the pilot and £60 for the pro version at Just Flight it is an absolute bargain for such a high quality aircraft,even after paying £17.74 for the update it is still cheaper than many comparable quality add ons Peter
  2. well 0% is certainly low!,and I never tried it but thanks I will give it a go,maybe it will be even clearer and sharper Peter
  3. dont forget the % setting needs to be low,for some strange reason the higher you set the % the less sharp it appears to be,I run at 18% and 1.78x on a 32" 2560 x 1440 Benq monitor and it looks very good Peter
  4. I could not agree more unfortunately Intel does not seem to share the same view of things,i wonder how we can make them see sense Peter
  5. FSX-MS

    I wonder if they will now have time to make their BAE146 available for P3d v4,I would not mind this or the Just Flight version either will do for me"hint Just Flight",great little Aircraft that I just love and miss in V4
  6. well I hope they make a better job of ruling the planet than the current lot are Peter
  7. Lawy,thanks for posting that, as I have a 64 bit version of CC it appears my PC is safe,just shows how you cant trust anything on the net Peter
  8. Hello just read this on SOH If you installed or updated CCleaner last month Read this http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/201...-ccleaner/amp/ Any one know anything regarding this /what action to take,my Bitdefender AV showed a warning that it had blocked and deleted a" Trojan PR formA "from CC ,I thought that can not be correct but looked like Bitdefender was spot on,If I read it correct some people are advising a complete win reinstall if infected, as I know sod all about these trojans what do we do Peter
  9. Hello I have downloaded the v2 files but it seems to have downloaded the same files twice ie the 2x files the same exact size in Africa showing,so being adventurous i decided for the first time to use a torrent "Utorrent " was used this downloaded the files,which seemed to work fine,but unlike the normal download method there were no installers included in the download,the new files resemble the v1 in looks,so could it be as simple as deleting V1 files and replacing with the new V2,I have version one installed into a folder called addon scenery and then installed into P3d via the scenery liabary,will this work or have I totally lost the plot Peter
  10. just received an email from Just Flight that the hawk is ready for V4,just downloaded and installed it and had a quick look around but not a flight.the graphics look brilliant,top notch to me,beautifully sharp and crisp,but I seem to have lost the click sounds from the cockpit,as it is sometime since i flew it in P3d i cant remember if the clicks were very quite or do i have to enable them,any one else installed the new version and had a similar situation many thanks Peter
  11. I have never used NI,to many choices which i don't understand,But I do use Nvidia DSR at 2x and 16 % the lower the % settings the sharper your image will be,I do not have any AA issues and sim is smooth,well worth a try Peter
  12. please anyone,why do you need to alter this,I have lots of Aircraft in P3dv4 that work fine and do not need this alteration to the config! so why does this Aircraft need it? Peter
  13. looks like a lot of fun,well worth watching,would like to try but would need a version with vertical take off,running aint my thing no more LOL oh to be young again! peter
  14. REX 4 - TEXTURE DIRECT W/SOFT CLOUDS - ENHANCED EDITION UPGRADE,please what is the difference between this and the version that will be released Tuesday Peter
  15. I had already installed directly installed into v4 it all worked well,the only sound I seemed to be missing was the clicks from the switches,I decided to installer into Documents P3d v4 add ons to hope fully get those working,it didn't work,as most of the sounds seem ok I wonder if it,s a volume issue,I some times think I have heard a very low volume click when flicking the switches,the starter has a definite click when starting,maybe going click crazy! Peter