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  1. please why does the product shown carry a health warning Peter
  2. what a silly boy I am! just installed the new version, I always had a problem with the GTN bezel not displaying correctly and it also only seemed to function in the 2d mode, after instillation I didn't see any difference until I realized that I had not installed my flight 1 GTN, so I found the GTN installer in the 337 simobjects folder!, I ran it and bingo my Flight 1 GTN installed looks great,bezel now correct, the GTN went through its checks and reported all OK, no missing bezel, no time for a flight, now i have to take Fido out and Xmas shopping beckons, thanks Carenado Peter
  3. hello I have just received today an Email from my favorite add on supplier Just Flight, informing me the Carenado C337H Skymaster HD has just been updated,but also tells me that Carenado has not issued details of the update, has any one any information on this update, what does it improve change thanks Peter
  4. Hello just an update, I returned the faulty drive to WD and 5 days later a brand new 4TB WD black HDD arrived from "Poland" according to the Box,I could not believe the speed! and the fact that we had just had a 5" snow fall which usually brings the UK to a Total stop,so thanks to western digital for really good service Peter
  5. hello just had I believe a WD Black 4 TB Hd failure, it is showing in the bios but not seen in win10 disk management, I have removed the drive placed it in HD station ,but all I get is a few clunks no sound/vibrations etc of the disk spinning it seems to be dead, this is the 2nd WD "TB HD that has failed on me inside of 4 yrs,so dont think I will replace with WD anylonger, it has only been used for storing mainly Flightsim downloads, so nothing that is really important, but it will take a long time to replace/locate the content ,so the question does anyone know of a magic solution to get this thing running, just long enough to allow me to move those Downloads I want to keep, I should have used the clouds for back up but to late now thanks for reading Peter
  6. She Should have said it was a message to his wife regarding what he wanted for tea,a sausage and two eggs Peter
  7. every cloud has a silver lining and here it is "the upcoming upgrades for the 146" do I hear P3d v4 !!!,question does that mean both the Avro and the BAE versions thank you Quality Wings Peter
  8. sometime you have to smile the Majestic Dash which is probably one of the best available add ons for FSX/P3d costs just £40 for the pilot and £60 for the pro version at Just Flight it is an absolute bargain for such a high quality aircraft,even after paying £17.74 for the update it is still cheaper than many comparable quality add ons Peter
  9. well 0% is certainly low!,and I never tried it but thanks I will give it a go,maybe it will be even clearer and sharper Peter
  10. dont forget the % setting needs to be low,for some strange reason the higher you set the % the less sharp it appears to be,I run at 18% and 1.78x on a 32" 2560 x 1440 Benq monitor and it looks very good Peter
  11. I could not agree more unfortunately Intel does not seem to share the same view of things,i wonder how we can make them see sense Peter
  12. FSX-MS

    I wonder if they will now have time to make their BAE146 available for P3d v4,I would not mind this or the Just Flight version either will do for me"hint Just Flight",great little Aircraft that I just love and miss in V4
  13. well I hope they make a better job of ruling the planet than the current lot are Peter
  14. Lawy,thanks for posting that, as I have a 64 bit version of CC it appears my PC is safe,just shows how you cant trust anything on the net Peter
  15. Hello just read this on SOH If you installed or updated CCleaner last month Read this http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/201...-ccleaner/amp/ Any one know anything regarding this /what action to take,my Bitdefender AV showed a warning that it had blocked and deleted a" Trojan PR formA "from CC ,I thought that can not be correct but looked like Bitdefender was spot on,If I read it correct some people are advising a complete win reinstall if infected, as I know sod all about these trojans what do we do Peter