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  1. Is there a discount for the previous version purchaser, I cant see one, is it just pay full price
  2. I have found V5 to much for my lowly 970 strix graphic card, it crashes about one in two attempts to fly usually the card gives up the ghost and I get a black box with a message! my sliders in the main are set at about 50% of v4.5 setting, but I do love watching the lines of info that tells me I'm using 3,2 GB memory out of the 3,5 GB I have available to use and that's while still on the ground!, and as I do not have any of my Orbx, Rex etc loaded, I wonder what will happen when I install that lot, So its off to Rob a bank for a new card oh sod it are they open?, what amount of memory is "really" required for P3d V5 is 11GB going to be enough, as LM move forward because I see the game changing. to refund or not to refund that is the question any way thanks for reading, if my rambling does not make sense put it down to the effects of Lockdown Peter
  3. sorry to but-in but should we not have a list somewhere of these freeware aircraft that are considered that good many thanks
  4. I looked at these masks and wondered as they are made mainly in China can they transport the virus to the customer
  5. Yes you are quite right it is a Maximus IX hero, sorry I'm at this moment taking a medicine that is doing my bean and simply didn't want to purchase the wrong module, I have contacted ASUS who didn't/ couldn't advise me their list has not been updated recently! oh well I will purchase a normal Samsung SSD many thanks for your reply Peter
  6. Hello, I have an Asus Maximus XI hero "Z270 intel " MB. I now need to replace one of my Samsung 850 pro-SSD x 250gb and was wondering what difference fitting an M2 SSD the 970 version would make to the performance, also does anyone know the correct fitting /version to purchase for my Asus MB many thanks for reading Peter
  7. It cost me £12 update fee to fly in P3d v4, an absolute no brainer even at $24 dollars well worth the entry fee especially if you like the will it get there or not type of flying! so real you can smell the vodka and cigars LOL
  8. From what I can see is JV is covering most options in the flight sim world to sell his products, which makes good business sense to me as long as he maintains the quality in the product, I'm surprised he hasn't had a go at producing scenery for the train sims, bus sims, farming sims etc "LOL", and as for MS well I remember reading many times on the forums that they didn't exactly finish FSX and their next go at a flightsim if my memory serves me well did they not produce an add on without a cockpit I might be wrong! so in my book, MS is doing the same as Orbx trying to generate new markets, fun times fellas if it doesn't send you crackers
  9. Jim Very sorry to hear your news, not a nice thing to have in your life, but from what I read on Avsim you are a tough guy, I am sure everything will work out well for you, good luck Peter
  10. wonderful news for me thanks for posting, I have just been trying to get my purchases transferred from the old site to the new and despite 2/3 requests nothing happened! which is not like A2A at all they are usually right on the ball sorting out any issues and was thinking that my requests were just disappearing into the heavens, so now I know it is their site Peter
  11. F This and F that is not a style of writing I want to read, sadly the increase in bad language to a kind of everyday speak is something I don't like, I would imagin it was most likely that attitude and language that cost him his new job,
  12. There was a time in the UK when Shell stopped the use of cards being used to pay for petrol this was due to cards being cloned by the cashiers at petrol station,s who came from foreign countries and thought it was their birthday, I was charged £400.00 when someone paid their cable bill and my mate was charged £1700.00 for a wedding gown in Brighton bet that took some explaining to his wife
  13. hello I believe that I read in one of the posts regarding the updated QW ultimate BAE 146 that there were some new HQ cockpit textures in the pipeline, has any seen anything on these textures or was it me dreaming, I have installed the HQ outside textures they look great and seem to work fine, also its nice to see that just flight are updating their BAE 146 to the pro version I own both Peter https://www.justflight.com/product/146-professional
  14. Has Toposim been changed since the Fsgenesis days, I have a large amount of Fsgenesis which I am not using, been using the free mesh which looks fine to me but just wondering if the Fsgenesis will work with P3dv 4 Peter
  15. many thanks for that, that's what I'm using, somehow I thought I had missed an update Peter
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