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  1. If you have a Saitek pro and feel the need to upgrade to hall effect sensors just have a go Peter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5njrm5wbWk
  2. wizzards

    Chuck's Guides for Prepar3d/FSX Aircraft

    Excellent work, thank you for all the effort you have put into these guides Peter
  3. From what my simple mind see,s a lot of these highly regarded people are usually involved one way or another with the developers Peter
  4. wizzards

    freeware FP Cessna U206G Soloy Mark 1 !!

    another brilliant freebie from SOH, available in the library, you need to register before DL http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php/109685-WIP-Cessna-Soloy-T206H-Mark-2-Turbine Peter
  5. wizzards

    Orbx EU Netherlands TrueEarth

    it sure looks very good to me, but maybe new bigger hard drive req, new graphics card req, I would be interesting to know what system the developers use and I wonder what it will do for those who suffer from stutters or use an older PC, this will certainly be a game changer if you can afford the entry price Peter
  6. wizzards

    B55/E55 Baron

    Thanks for the Help all sorted now Peter
  7. wizzards

    B55/E55 Baron

    hi, its wonderful that Milviz has updated the B55, but it would be even more wonderful if I could find out how to download it, looked at Milviz site where they talked about Send Owl?, Milviz even had a link, followed the link now I am even more confused, anyone able to help, please! Peter
  8. wizzards

    Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    I would imagine that one reason for the delay from Aerosoft is they now have very good competition from FSL when they first produced their Airbus people were glad to get it as it was then I believe the first, I would bet that the minute they release their new Airbus it will be compared to the FSL version even thou the FSL will most likely cost,s two or three times the price, another reason is in my opinion is the Airbus is not a high priority for Aerosoft! think most previous Airbus purchasers will expect a healthy discount and most serious Airbus fans will also look at the FSL version before purchasing, so how big is the market for Aerosoft,s New Airbus Peter
  9. wizzards

    Chaseplane (ezdok) question

    +1 Peter
  10. please why does the product shown carry a health warning Peter
  11. wizzards

    new release

    what a silly boy I am! just installed the new version, I always had a problem with the GTN bezel not displaying correctly and it also only seemed to function in the 2d mode, after instillation I didn't see any difference until I realized that I had not installed my flight 1 GTN, so I found the GTN installer in the 337 simobjects folder!, I ran it and bingo my Flight 1 GTN installed looks great,bezel now correct, the GTN went through its checks and reported all OK, no missing bezel, no time for a flight, now i have to take Fido out and Xmas shopping beckons, thanks Carenado Peter
  12. hello I have just received today an Email from my favorite add on supplier Just Flight, informing me the Carenado C337H Skymaster HD has just been updated,but also tells me that Carenado has not issued details of the update, has any one any information on this update, what does it improve change thanks Peter
  13. wizzards

    HD Failure

    Hello just an update, I returned the faulty drive to WD and 5 days later a brand new 4TB WD black HDD arrived from "Poland" according to the Box,I could not believe the speed! and the fact that we had just had a 5" snow fall which usually brings the UK to a Total stop,so thanks to western digital for really good service Peter
  14. hello just had I believe a WD Black 4 TB Hd failure, it is showing in the bios but not seen in win10 disk management, I have removed the drive placed it in HD station ,but all I get is a few clunks no sound/vibrations etc of the disk spinning it seems to be dead, this is the 2nd WD "TB HD that has failed on me inside of 4 yrs,so dont think I will replace with WD anylonger, it has only been used for storing mainly Flightsim downloads, so nothing that is really important, but it will take a long time to replace/locate the content ,so the question does anyone know of a magic solution to get this thing running, just long enough to allow me to move those Downloads I want to keep, I should have used the clouds for back up but to late now thanks for reading Peter
  15. She Should have said it was a message to his wife regarding what he wanted for tea,a sausage and two eggs Peter