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  1. Noticed this in the logs both times the sim crashed... might be related 2024-03-01 14:48:24.9526|.ctor: System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Access is denied System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): Access is denied at System.Diagnostics.ProcessManager.OpenProcess(Int32 processId, Int32 access, Boolean throwIfExited) at System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcessHandle(Int32 access, Boolean throwIfExited) at System.Diagnostics.Process.get_HasExited() at _3WuNlFJe6XyC3KqtCpBml7hpMHF._1hRnaru2MLaVPMNPYmAGFvbciBF._AmmqczliP1YojQ3DfGaEmkj4ik8(Process ) at _3WuNlFJe6XyC3KqtCpBml7hpMHF._1hRnaru2MLaVPMNPYmAGFvbciBF._3WuNlFJe6XyC3KqtCpBml7hpMHF._9Jha7pmObWHqNa7JLPjcewphgAK.MoveNext() 2024-03-01 14:48:29.3717|.ctor: Process Exited
  2. Appreciate that, still not 100% sure it's a Fenix issue just never once had a CTD on this current PC, even when doing a 5-hour flight on the A320 prior to the update.
  3. I can't fly this word not allowed thing without getting a CTD with no error and a Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x000000000267fa3c, happened twice now in 3 flights, super annoying
  4. Got half way through my first flight and got a CTD… Never in 3 months of daily use on this pc had that ever happened, even with 5 hour flights on the last version of the Fenix. Annoying to say the least! Event Viewer shows the faulting modal as just flight simulator.exe and a separate crash got GSX back end
  5. Anyone try it? $21.99 After 2 years, I would like to welcome you back to Tampa International! Now available for MSFS! https://verticalsims.com/shop/mfs/ktpamsfs/ DESCRIPTION Welcome to Florida’s West Coast. Verticalsim’s biggest destination yet, Tampa Intl. The biggest airport on Florida’s West Coast is served by over 21 airlines, and 3 cargo airlines. It’s stunning picturesque approach is well known. Its location is perfect for both those seeking short and long flights. Experience the handcrafted & detailed surrounding areas while flying into one of America’s best airports. KTPA was crafted with performance in mind, while also taking advantage of the MSFS SDK’s features. FEATURES Animated passengers with “half-interior” airsides/terminals 2023 taxiway layout Proper AI routing, vehicle pathing, airline codes Custom taxisigns per real-life taxisign plots Custom airport lighting (i.e. centerline lights, hold-short, Wig-Wags, etc.) Blend of custom & photorealistic texturing for the best of both worlds Animated HVAC fans, flags, and trams Handcrafted mesh with taxiway bridges High-resolution 0.5ft/Color Graded Imagery Surrounding area landmarks (Raymond James, International Plaza, Grand Hyatt, etc.)
  6. I'm off work tomorrow, so a release tomorrow would be pretty cool .)
  7. Okay every time I load into anything I get the error "Your graphics device has encountered a problem" using a 3080 on 516.94
  8. Am I the only one that finds it absolutely pathetic you can’t laugh the MS Store version while offline. You’ll get an error about inserting the game disk LMFAO. Sorry for the rant, With most of Florida offline from the Xfinity settings I was trying to mess with some settings in the sim, incredibly annoying tbh.
  9. I have AIG in MSFS and aircraft park at all the random gates since an afcad isn't really a thing... does this happen with AIG in P3D?
  10. I'm looking for the best overall offline AI traffic adoon. I'd prefer not to use AIG since I don't have years to download every little US airline. I used to use UTL but that has since stopped development.
  11. All of my assistance options are disabled but as soon as I load into a parking spot, the AiCopilot is already activated in full and starting pushback. I have to immediately disable it, but it doesn’t save my off settings at the next load in…
  12. Another joke of a hotfix that can't manage to fix basic broken jetways and missing terminal walls and roofs.... [BUG LOGGED] SU5 Airports missing terminal walls/floating roofs - Bugs & Issues / Airports - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
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