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  1. Any tips on getting FlyTampa KLAS to be playable in V5 with the PMDG 747? I use reasonable settings in V5 yet if I spend anytime looking at the city my VRAM quickly reaches 6.8-6.9. Vegas is the only place I have any issues, even FsDreamTeam KLAX is pretty decent for me. Specs: Core i7 9700K 4.8GHZ 32GB Ram RTX 2070 Super 8GB Windows 10 2004
  2. Also in V5 my taxiway bridges are sticking up for some reason...
  3. I keep getting default taxi signs... any ideas?
  4. Thanks, How long does the license key take to arrive? Ordered about an hour ago via PayPal
  5. I figured that out, My other question, is the the parked aircraft I see not live like the other traffic? I'm seeing Virgin Atlantic A340's, WOW A330's parked etc?
  6. Can someone explain the basic's of ParkPosGen? Most of my airports are addon.xml with a few being in there own folders. How can I fix my add on airports so planes park correctly at the correct gates etc...
  7. Any chance of getting SODE working?
  8. Would be nice if LM address this, it's a legitimate issue in V5 for almost everyone, clearly related to the land class changes they made with V5.
  9. Orbx released a library update today, all seems well for the LC issues.
  10. Connected to Vatsim with the boat and parked at 28L/R, this was the result 🙂
  11. How? That .BGL did nothing for me... the default terminals still appear breaking through the Taxi2Gate oens?
  12. Running the normal Orbx stuff in V5, Global, Open LC, and Trees HD and some of my default airports like Van Nyas & Burbank look like this... Any ideas on how to correct this? https://imgur.com/a/keqe1i3
  13. According to Orbx, all 3rrd party airports need airport-wide object exclusion
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