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  1. All of my assistance options are disabled but as soon as I load into a parking spot, the AiCopilot is already activated in full and starting pushback. I have to immediately disable it, but it doesn’t save my off settings at the next load in…
  2. Another joke of a hotfix that can't manage to fix basic broken jetways and missing terminal walls and roofs.... [BUG LOGGED] SU5 Airports missing terminal walls/floating roofs - Bugs & Issues / Airports - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  3. I need to try some of the airports people posted today... fixing one airport only fixed that one, have had to load into each one and keep trying that process lol
  4. It seems like doing that in random combinations and number of times, does fix it for each airport, but not all at once... I had to load into each one and try it a different way... Although once it's fixed, it seems to stay fixed! So thank you...
  5. [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_35ThxuQoM[/media] @Rob_Ainscough
  6. Kind of at a lost for words... how does yours look totally fine lol.... I just installed all the updates etc, and mine has no roof and no walls lol, even saw the same thing on a few Twitch streams...
  7. I've done that, I have zero updates... does your MIA or BOS or PHX work correctly?
  8. All default, try loading any of those airports and you should see the problem
  9. How do you all not have a stutter hellfest when looking around with the middle mouse button?
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