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  1. Sent info to their website 2 days ago . no reply. any help . thanks Opening screen flashes and closes , any one know if ok with earlier versions like p3dv4.3 were used
  2. always have oculus home loaded and running before loading p3dv4. Thanks for reply. As stated runs great in xplane.
  3. Took oculus to a friends and ran fine in p3dv4 on his computer. Must be something with my setup. Deleted all p3dv4 from my computer and reinstalled the p3dv4 with no add ons . Still p3dv4 would not recognize oculus. Still no solution found. So strange runs all other apps and xplane but no p3dv4. What a loss after all that cash spent to purchase. Does look pretty good in xplane, but p3dv4 is my preferred sim. If I ever solve reason wont load in p3dv4 ,will post solution. Dennis
  4. when I choose oculus from dropdown menu in p3d the following comes up " your virtual reality device failed to initialize" With the headset on I get sound of p3d aircraft through the headset but view shows the oculus library but not p3d. I can then select any app in the library including x plane which is in my library or any other app and all run fine. it seems p3d is not recognizing the visual hook up of the oculus. all other apps ,as I stated run great. When I contacted oculus rift support , reply was that p3d is not supported by them ,and they could not help. Even though I purchased the rift just for p3d, I can use for x plane and any other app I have purchased from oculus. Been using flightsims for 15 years, have a powerful computer system. First time purchased any hardware could not get to work. It does not seem the rift is bad because all other apps run with no problems. It seems for some reason p3d is not recognizing the oculus visual hook up, Don't no what to try next.. Only other option I can see is complete delete of p3d and reload with no addons and just pure basic p3d to see if p3d will then recognize. Thanks for replys I do love all the help we try to give each other in the flightsimming community. Dennis
  5. when I select oculus from dropdown in p3d I have sound of aircraft but only get oculus library. no change on screen. but p3d is not showing in the library. does your library have p3d as an option . xplane shows in my library
  6. Danny I tried with 0 and 1 both did not help
  7. all software loaded. Rift runs great on x plane and all apps purchased from oculus website. rift not a choice in vr dropdown oculus is choice and I choose oculus Thanks for replys . Seems strange runs great in xplane . Any other thoughts
  8. Got the rift, Will not load in p3dv4. Error message VrlnitError _Lnit _HmdNotFound Have done the following CFG shows loadvirtualreality=1 enablevirtualrealityonstartup=1 In oculus settings have set up Allow apps that have not been reviewed by Oculus to run on Rift checked. Rift runs great on apps I have downloaded from oculus website. I tried reinstalling the client from Lockheed but did not help. Any one using the rift in p3dv4 please advise. Maybe I have missed something along the way. I am using a 1080 nvidia card cpu is at 4.1 . Should be good with this kind of power.
  9. Flying in vr cockpit i see mouse icon but i cannot click on anything like lights or flaps etc. i did 4.1 update only client not full 4.1 install. could that be preventing any mouse interaction in vr? did not want to reinstall all my addons as i have a ton. any help here. Denny
  10. Brian Can see the mouse + sign in the hmd but cant get any clicks on anything in cockpit. Have Maped the hdm commands to my throttle control works great. Am connected to 3.0 usb and hdmi on my 980 ti video card. I run a overclock cpu at 4.2 so vision is a little blurry in hmd but not bad. You have been a great help, I truly cannot thank you enough .Stay in touch. My email is d7983000@comcast.net. Regards, Dennis
  11. I talking p3dv4.1 not xplane or fsx or p3d3. None of the keyboard will work when in vr cockpit.
  12. thanks vic that did it .lenny remove all a2a then reinstall but do not do the update. Denny
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