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  1. I'm not sure if you use orbx. But there was a topic about something else (wish i could find it for you), but in an orbx folder names lights or lighting, sorry not at home. If you delete all the bgls in there besides the ones that have OBJ in the name. All the lava roads dissappear. It made a huge difference to my sim. For me it had nothing to do with envshade. Hope that helps. -Tony@PVD
  2. Have you updated your nvidia driver recently? The current driver causes P3D to ctd. -Tony@PVD
  3. See thread above. Your going to have to revert to an older driver. -Tony@PVD
  4. The good news, is nvidia is aware. Lets hope they can solve it quickly. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/game-ready-drivers/13/441957/geforce-46589-game-ready-driver-feedback-thread-re/ -Tony@PVD
  5. I have this exact issue. I appreciate your work around though. Very helpful. I was excited when I began a flight from PHNL and noticed the jetways docking. I went to a few other FSDT airports, namely KCLT. And noticed them docking to AI. I was so excited I uninstalled DD KORD and gave FSDT my money. I was wondering why a bigger deal was not made about this. It is what was preventing me from purchasing any more FSDT airports. Now I understand why. It's not 100% Hopefully they get this working correctly. But Ill take this a huge improvement. -Tony@PVD
  6. I need to counter this argument. NO WHERE did it state those liveries were for GFO. We were however told there was FREE repaints available in the ops center. These were not marked in the ops center as having to do with GFO. PMDG made the mistake here by releasing them to everyone who purchased the -200ER. That is their mistake not ours. So for about a week these were free. Now they are part of another project? Seems shady, disingenuous, and just an awful business practice. How anyone can justify this is beyond me. We paid for a product and then they took it away claiming it was for another product. I can't think of any of type of business where a mistake like this would favor the company. It should not. Honestly, I am wondering if something like the BBB should look into this. Nothing was labeled as only for GFO. We were promised free liveries. And suddenly a week later those 'free' liveries aren't really free at all. That's all I'll say on this topic. The fact that so many people are defending this behavior, explains a lot about how our hobby/community got to where it is today. Transparency. Honesty. These are things we should be expecting from our beloved FS developers. -Tony@PVD
  7. I'd like to toss my 2 cents in here. I don't have a strong opinion on PMDG either way. But, those of you saying its no big deal they removed the liveries, I strongly disagree. The price for the -200ER was ridiculously high. I bought it however, as my preferred airline only has the ERs. On purchase day, we were led to believe these liveries were included with the product we purchased. Than a week later or so, they remove them. IMHO that is taking back something we already paid for. And as far as those of you who think we do not need every registration, that may be fine for you. But some of us have specific registration numbers we prefer to fly. I know for me, it's about the exact aircrafts I have flown on IRL. I was very excited to find that livery available. And now I'm extremely disappointed. In short, I feel that PMDG took back something I paid for. If that's their business plan goin forward, they may have to be put on my do not purchase list along side FSL. -Tony@PVD
  8. Ditto here on this issue. I thought it was something to do with the new 777. Guess not. Lets hope one of you guys found a permanent fix! Thanks. -Tony@PVD
  9. I have that issue as well, but i had no issue trying to activate it. So far i haven't noticed any side effects. But im only on my second flight. -Tony@PVD
  10. I purchased the expansion, personally believing it will be a few years before solidly switching to MSFS, assuming I make the switch at all. I just hope PMDG gets us the cockpit upgrade they kept speaking about. I will be very disappointed if they discontinue work on that part of the airplane. I miss the rain effects on the windshield already. That said, I'm taking me first flight as we speak, KORD-RJAA. Does anyone have an configuration info for GSX? That's is all I need at this moment to fully enjoy the -200ER. -Tony@PVD
  11. Just thought I'd chime in here. I haven't had much interaction yet with ATC. However, I personally have a few issues with the new system already. And it appears these issues aren't mentioned in any threads I've come across. 1. Unable to choose any options in the ATC menu if another aircraft is speaking. Makes for some slight delays in getting stuff done, even longer delays at busier airports. 2. Calling ground for pushback, jetways, baggage and fuel? I think its great they added these features in the base sim. But having to call ground? First, this is extremely inaccurate. You don't call the tower to ask for the jetway to meet the aircraft. And second, this just adds more things to slow down ATC communication. I'm hoping #1 gets fixed by asobo. And as for #2, I have a gut feeling it may be permanent. But hopefully with GSX in the future, we'll be able to avoid it. Anyone else find these issues annoying? I am glad to hear that traffic separation is improved. Lets hope for more upgrades in the future. -Tony@PVD Edit to add: Also is there no easy way to get the ATIS anymore?
  12. It will know automatically which version. However in my case, i had to rerun the sim in order to download the premium content. And yes, find someway (i dont know how...it came with W10 as far i know), to download the MS store app. From there login, and search for msfs, and install. Good luck! -Tony@PVD
  13. Thanks, that sounds easier than i had first understood. Thanks for the detailed explanation. -Tony@PVD
  14. Have you tried the MS store app on your pc? I used that to install/download. It wont show that option on the website. Hope this helps. -Tony@PVD Also, your receipt should tell you if you bought the digital or physical copy.
  15. Thanks for the advice. I have a Saitek throttle and in P3D/FSX/FS9, i had set the "button" below the throttle to "decrease throttle" and then i checked the repeat button. This worked perfect, never had any issues going from reverse to idle. Is there anyway to do this in msfs? Im not liking the thought of hitting a button both before and after using reverse thrust. Any input on that sort of setup, or is using a button before and after the only way in the new sim? Thanks. -Tony@PVD
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