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  1. Yes. The CDU sees the flight plan, but will not load the actual plan, just the dep and arr airports. I've never done that before. Assuming this 2nd test flight goes well, I will try to figure it out. Thanks for the tip. -Tony@PVD
  2. Wanted to add a few things to my original post. I am recreating the test flight from last night, just with the current weather. There were 2 things I forgot to mention in my post, and I noticed them during my initial setup. 1. The CDU blacks out for a sec every time I select anything. 2. Flight plans imported to the CDU from simbrief (I dont know about others), does not show the actual route. It will load the departure and arrival cities, and nothing more. Currently boarding for the retest. Will post if anything changes. But so far the FPS are the exact same as last night, even though today it is partly cloudy. Also, anyone figure out the RAAS issue yet? Didn't see much on their forum, for recent posts, so was hesitant to post there. -Tony@PVD
  3. No windows open. Wouldn't be smart at 32000', or even during the take off roll. -Tony@PVD
  4. I have read many comments about this bug. However last night while flying the 747, i did not have rain in the cockpit. And i had truesky on at first. I will say tho, i did not test any rainy scenario before ASP3D was released. So maybe my setup is just lucky? -Tony@PVD
  5. If i had to guess it looks like a SODE issue. Do u have the latest update installed? -Tony@PVD
  6. So, just did my first test flight. BOS-BWI. I have all of the addons installed that you mentioned. My AI traffic (I have ALL AIG flightplans installed) is set at 70%, GA at 40%, Ships both set to 50%. I have most of my sliders far right except autogen, the draw distance is one notch lower. I do not use HDR. I fly on my 4K TV, and my system specs are: i9-9900 @5.0, 32GB@3200, 2080ti, Win10 2004 update. Some of the things I've noticed, and either have to live with, or troubleshoot. Frames- My frames aren't any better in v5. In fact, at cruise even worse. Couldn't even maintain 20fps at 32000'. There was some weather on the east coast today, so that might be part of it. ASP3D/TrueSky- shortly after take off, I switched from TrueSky to the normal engine, when I discovered that with AS3PD it IS true, only 1 layer of clouds will appear. Not sure if this caused the FPS issues, because there was also an issue with different colored clouds during the entire flight. This could be due to a conflict with Envtex, even though I selected ASCA integration. Texture Loading- Another strange issue. When going from spot view to virtual cockpit and back, the textures of both the Virtual cockpit, or fuselage would not load. In the case of spot view, sometimes the 3D model wouldn't load showing the seats inside. These issues continued even while paused (I waited 3min), or zooming in (that trick sometimes works with scenery). This was not consistent, but occurred often enough that several times I had to toggle back and forth, to get the textures to load. RAAS- No matter how many times I checked the master switch, it just would not work. At all. It'd just reset and show the master switch off. VRAM- It doesn't seem like the 747 uses anymore VRAM than the default mooney. I never went above 7.1. And I tried, with the spinning views. I've previously seen a big dip in VRAM usage just swapping the default AI for AIG, not sure why that is yet. Steering- I didn't have issues with the way the steering worked in the NGXu, like most did. However in the 747 - and this may be realistic- but there is no gradient from a tight turn at or under 10kts or a wide turn over 10kts. It was jarring to make such a wide turn and suddenly it sharpens significantly, causing the A/C to oversteer. Of course, maybe I just need to adjust how I taxi. I use the Saitek rudder pedals. MISC- After pulling into the gate in BWI, while shutting down the engines, I got the dreaded device hung error. Not sure yet exactly what causes this. There is still some debate. But before the 747, this only ever happened to my system at EGLL with ORBX TE. Also, I really wish they'd make a way to remove the captain's seat in the 747, just like in the NGXu. I think that's all I've noticed during this flight. If I recall any more, I'll post about it. I will have to troubleshoot some of these issues, and do another test flight tomorrow after work. -Tony@PVD
  7. I have this issue as well, but for me it seems to be location specific. I have a 2080ti, and at EGLL with TE, if i spin the camera too quick i get that error. However ive noticed a significant vram decrease switching from default AI to AIG AI manager. Have to test EGLL to see if i see the same vram saving there. I firmly believe this is a vram issue. -Tony@PVD Edit to add: I use Aerosoft EGLL
  8. Thats the default P3D traffic file. If you want to get rid of the Orbit etc airlines in the sim. That is the name of the bgl located in the world/scenery folder. Hope that helps! -Tony@PVD
  9. Great news! Thanks for keeping us all updated. Can't wait to see the skies populated with real world airlines again. -Tony@PVD
  10. I installed freemesh. That didn't help at all. And yes it does ruin the immersion in the local area. With BID, ACK, BOS and soon HVN, southern new england should be lots of fun to fly around. But this giant box really ruins it. It seems some people have reported it to LM. Ill check their forums. I wanted to make sure i wasn't alone, before reporting it -Tony@PVD
  11. Well that makes me feel better. Thanks. -Tony@PVD
  12. So, I've read most of the threads on here and other sites with the known issues with v5, though some were just too long. What I haven't seen talked about yet, are three issues Im having. Just curious if anyone else is noticing these. 1. In both the base v5, or with custom mesh/orbx, there is a giant square mile 1000' box sticking out of the Narraganset Bay. You can see this clearly from PVD. This may be location specific or it may happen random other places. Though, I've only seen it in RI so far. 2. Bridges. Anyone else notice bridges from v4 aren't in v5? The tobin in boston for example. Some bridges are just roads flat on the water. They were decent looking bridges in the past. Does this have to do with no orbx vector this time? 3. And lastly, when flying OVER complex addon airports, do the buildings not appear but the shadows show up in their place? Recently did a sight seeing flight from BID, and noticed this at flytampa boston. It is also clearly visible if you use the top down view and zoom out. (also experienced this with some building in seattle city x) Just curious if anyone has seen any of these before. Or if I have a borked install. Thanks. -Tony@PVD
  13. Awesome thx for the info!
  14. I know latinvfr has dedicated v5 installers. Did flightbeam, flytampa and fsdt also update their installers for v5?
  15. Just installed, and setup my controls, etc. No orbx yet. Anyone who has had a chance to use it yet, have any issues with mouse as yoke? Mine is permanently stock on. And it also jumps the mouse when I right click. Other than that, it looks nice, my home airport was updated which is great. But now theres a giant square in the middle of the bay. I installed freemesh, didn't solve it. Sky and clouds look awesome tho! -Tony@PVD edit: guess the mouse issue was advanced mouse control setting. Don't recall this in v4? But maybe I overlooked it.
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