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  1. I use both. I use GSX for the visuals and pushback. Then I use PACX for the boarding annoucements. They do not interfere with eachother, and I did not have to do anything special for them to work 'together'. They both pull info from simbrief. Hope that helps! -Tony@PVD
  2. I notice the price is higher on contrail. Now that it is available on contrail will a purchase directly from them come with the code for contrail? Or would I still need to email them for a code? I would prefer to use contrail, but I also don't mind saving $2. Thanks for the info. Also looking forward to some basic reviews. -Tony@PVD
  3. Awesome. Thanks so much, I had just found this curtesy of Jazz. Thanks a lot guys. I can't wait to verify this works. -Tony@PVD
  4. I have everything pretty much installed in the default location. I think I found the folder you mentioned. It is an exact copy of the folder I was sending it in, except it was in localstate subfolder vs localcache with the community folder. I will test this out after the update is complete, and then get back to you. Thanks for your help. -Tony@PVD P.S. No sure if intentional or not, but you do come off slightly condescending. I do appreciate then help regardless, but maybe consider that next time you respond to someone else. We should all be friends here.
  5. My community folder is in the APPDATA folder, so I'm not sure where to look. This is the first I have heard that there is 2 PMDG flight plan/weather folders. Doing some file searching now, and all I am finding is the community folder that I have been using. Man, I hope I can figure this out. Thanks. -Tony@PVD
  6. I wish it worked that way for me. But it certainly does not. Whenever I plan a flight while still in the sim, the PMDG FMC doesn't find the flight plan, and also will give a weather error when trying to upload it, if I input the flight plan manually. I can promise you though, that the downloader did download the flight plans and weather to the correct folder. *Quick add. I have tried planning a route say PVD-BWI, downloading the flight plans, running the sim, then 'refile' the flight plan with a different route, to see if the 737 just needs to see the files or of it reads them in advance. It reads them in advance, changing the routing did not work. Hopefully you can follow. I have seen several people also mention how you need to have the PMDG flight plans in its folders before loading the aircraft. So I know I am not the only one. However if you know of some trick to make this work please share! Because on my setup (and based on many other comments, others as well). The FMC will not find any flight plan that I did not build and download before loading the aircraft. If you can solve this annoyance for me, I would be grateful, and then 100% satisfied with my 737. Thanks. -Tony@PVD
  7. Just to throw my 2 cents on this EFB topic. I personally just use the FMC cheat to get my t/o numbers. What I do want the EFB for, is the simbrief integration. But not because I don't like the downloader option. But because I am hoping and wishing the EFB will mean I no longer have to plan ALL my flights before launching the sim. If I am planning on spending an entire day flying around, I have to plan every flight beforehand, and by the end of the day, the weather wont be accurate. Or even more, what if I decide I want to fly somewhere else instead? Then I have to enter every waypoint into the FMC. Not a big deal, but it is nice to be lazy sometimes. But then there is no weather to import into the FMC, and then the arrival time and fuel calculations are way off. That is the only thing personally that gets me excited about the EFB. The great thing about this hobby though, is we all have different priorities, different aspects of FS that we prefer, different ways of flying around the (virtual) world. A lot of the comments in this thread are really negative towards other users. I hope someday these discussions don't always end up that way. We all love FS, so can't we all get along? Just my 2 cents. Take it for what it's worth. -Tony@PVD
  8. Thanks. Not sure how I misses that. -Tony@PVD
  9. I did not see this in the release notes that were linked to in this thread. Is this confirmed? Because it annoys me so much! Are the roads also going to be fixed? Thanks. -Tony@PVD
  10. I think I had the PMDG setup mixed with what QualityWings does. Sorry about that, but thank you for trying, I do really appreciate it. THIS. 100 times this! Thanks so much, this worked. To everyone who helped, thanks for the info/advice. Paint.net is definitely the way to go. -Tony@PVD
  11. My apologies. The .ptp extension is something PMDG uses. Just change the extension to .zip or .rar and it should open. Again thanks. And to the other posters, I have a busy weekened ahead of me, but hopefully Monday night I will be able to try those suggestions. -Tony@PVD
  12. This is the livery I would like to adjust the most. If you can get it open, and I very much appreciate you trying. Then I will have to figure out what plug-in you have installed that I need. Thanks again for the help. https://flightsim.to/file/33186/pmdg-737-700-us-airways-n588us-4k -Tony@PVD Edited for typo.
  13. I searched google, installed one from codes.google, that was recommended on various how to sites. It did not solve the issue however. I guess I'm resigned to hoping some of these liveries get adjusted. Thanks guys for all the help and suggestions. -Tony@PVD
  14. So I was using an outdated version. Updated, and now I get one of two responses, it seems every other time i try to open a file, it switches. "Unsupported DXGI format" Or "DDS image plug-in could not be read" I am trying to adjust textures created for the PMDG -700. Maybe they require a different format than the DXT5? To be honest I have limited knowledge on these things. -Tony@PVD
  15. When I try to open a file, it responds with file type unknown. No matter what texture files I have tried, I always get the same response. -Tony@PVD
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