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  1. I find that if I forget to reset the sound configuration before loading the sim, I can reset the sound in sim to fix the issue by pressing Q twice. This is after resetting the sound configuration in windows. Hope this helps to not ruin any future flights! -Tony@PVD
  2. I have the 717 Immersion up to date, so I just must have updated it and not even realized. Thats awesome. And I get these things take time. Keep up the good work, and thanks for making our hobby better! -Tony@PVD
  3. Thanks for this information. Any idea when the 787 or 717 packages will receive this update? Thanks. -Tony@PVD
  4. Actually that is two different steps. One is to select auto step climb in the config menu. Which automatically adds the line 'autostepclimb=1' into the qw787.cfg. Then you also need to add the 'SetMCPaltOnAutoStepClimb=1' line by hand as well, so that you will not have to change the altitude on the MCP. At least this is what I have done each time I have installed the aircraft (which is probably over 20x). Doing this I just setup the aircraft for initial cruise altitude, set it and forget it until TOD. The aircraft calculates when to step climb and executes it without any input from me. I have never had to mess with the way points in the way you describe. And at that point are past my knowledge. But the way I set it up, the aircraft steps climbs without my input. @mikeymike I just thought of this. But when setting up your FMC and flight plan, did you fill out the step size on the PERF INIT page? I usually put in 2000, as I believe that is the typical step climb altitude, it defaults to ICAO which I have never left in place, so maybe that coulr be an issue? -Tony@PVD
  5. There are two options that need to be set for the step climb to work. Make sure not just in the aircraft menu, but also a line must be added to the qw.cfg. i think thats what its called. In the documentation that came with the 787, at the end is a list of things that can be added the cfg. The line your looking for is something along the lines of set mcp on step climb. Hope that helps! -Tony@PVD
  6. Im not 100% sure. But sometimes with their updates, you have to do a full uninstall/reinstall. Hopefully that will get it work for you. -Tony@PVD
  7. Extremely disappointing. Another developer that just isn't the same as before. Our hobby keeps changing... -Tony@PVD
  8. Just to quickly point out. But am I the only one who noticed the trend he was referring to? About 2 years after each new sim came out? They stopped supporting the older sim. We are about a year into MSFS. So we may have PMDG another 12-14 months in P3D. He pretty much prepared us (pun not intended), for their exit of the P3D market with this post. Personally. I am regretting purchasing the -200ER expansion. Who knows if we will ever get that 777 VC update now? And after the livery debacle... who knows if I'll ever trust PMDG enough to take my hard earned money again. -Tony@PVD
  9. I won't have time for a few days to look into this. But it makes sense to figure exactly what was causing the issue. I will update on mon what I find. Thanks for the help. -Tony@PVD
  10. I think the dll.xml trick worked. I successfully completed 2 flights in a row. I did have a CTD in KMIA while trying to prepare for a third flight. But I'm going to chaulk that one up to latinvfr and their high vram usage. If I continue to have the random crashes in the future. I will list all my settings etc. Thanks for all your help guys. Sometimes it seems we spend as much or more time troubleshooting as actually flying. -Tony@PVD
  11. I was able to finally complete my flight from KBOS-EIDW, however I'm not convinced yet. This was my fourth attempt at this flight, and each time i got closer and closer to completing the flight. I am currently attempting another flight. It has been months since I've had 2 successful fights in a row. VR just isn't my thing. But I don't know if I have it in me to go to the 'darkside'. They even have a nice representation of my local airport, and I still haven't switched. I will definitely keep this in mind. Hopefully DX12 matures a bit. Thanks for the help guys. Will update tonight after I land in KMIA (Hopefully). -Tony@PVD
  12. That is something I have not tried yet. Thanks for that suggestion. I am going to give it a whirl, and report back. -Tony@PVD
  13. So, I'm about ready to throw in the towel on 5.1. Since it came out I'm lucky if I can go 3 weeks without any issues. Currently I'm into my 3rd month or so, of having sporadic successful flights. Several flights I had to do 5 or more times before I could complete it without a CTD. Now in event viewer, the cause of the CTD keeps changing. If you look at the CTD guide, just about every DLL listed has caused a crash. I've tried so many different things. Back in FEB it was running smooth. Then I updated some AI flight plans with AIG, and ran the FSDT update tool. Since then, its been a struggle. First it appeared to be a QW787 lights issue (even tho I did not have an issue prior), so I installed the 717 to get the latest Realight/true glass. Problem solved. Then it appeared maybe it was the Displayport to HDMI cable I was using. replaced that. Problem solved. Then, terrain.dll errors...so I tried lowering my settings. Problem solved. Then that d3d....dll issue. This caused my computer to reboot during one of the crashes. Verified drivers, and reinstalled video drivers. Problem solved. I thought it could be because of EA, but nope turning that off didn't help. So now its this api.dll.... I'm at a loss, it seems everyone with these issues, ONLY has the one DLL that causes a crash. I keep getting different ones. I have reinstalled v5 at least 3x since its release (When I reinstall I do a full system wipe and refresh), was finally hoping to get it to work, in fact I had about 1 month of successful flights. I'm seriously considering going back to 4.5. Flying the older sim is better than not flying at all. Has anyone experienced this? Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks. -Tony@PVD
  14. I'm not sure if you use orbx. But there was a topic about something else (wish i could find it for you), but in an orbx folder names lights or lighting, sorry not at home. If you delete all the bgls in there besides the ones that have OBJ in the name. All the lava roads dissappear. It made a huge difference to my sim. For me it had nothing to do with envshade. Hope that helps. -Tony@PVD
  15. Have you updated your nvidia driver recently? The current driver causes P3D to ctd. -Tony@PVD
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