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  1. i dont have trackIR. but im going to check all keybindings. thank you!
  2. Very often, and only lately, the plane's cockpit view goes crazy and pans to the right. I have removed all the mods, but still the same. Can anybody help me?
  3. Hello, i cant click on "learn destination". Im a usser of professional license of realtraficc. I first load PSXTn ad try to click it but doesnt let me. I tested also loading first PSXT-Learner, but doestn let me. No way i this sense, or the other. could you help me? thank you!
  4. oh. ok. it wuold be a nice feature. thanks!
  5. Hello, is there a way that the "SERVICE VEH" shown on realtraffic, is also injected in the MSFS via PSXT?. Like having the airport vehicle also ready to be injected? like this, those vehicle would never have any collision with planes? thank you!
  6. Yes, i think is a RT problem. I have writeen to Balthasar...plane appear and dissappear every minute. I reinstalled RT also. so, i hope he can give us the solution. thanks kiek!:)
  7. Hello, i have a very strange problem. suddenly, with this last version, static planes are injected but there is not taxi, landing or departing ai planes. Sometimes some of them appear, but suddenly run a lot, veeery fast, and dissappear. its the same while landing. they touchdowns and dissappear. i have read the FAQ, deleted the last .ini file of realtraffic, and also done the recommendations. but nothing happens. could you help me?
  8. Thanks again!!! Very help full!!! PSXT is an oasis into the unfinished traffic online of MSFS. cheers!
  9. oh. could you help me? how this could be done? i really read your manual but it doesnt specify me how to do my own offline registration code. you have, for example this: data\regcodesAIG\AIG_21Air_Winter_2022-2023.txt: 0 new regcodes added but, with my livery, for example, in my example with air india...¿how can i do?, like this? data\regcodesAIG\AirIndia.txt ? and into this text file: Air India B788 1 Air India B788 2 VT-ANU;# could it be like this? i really appreciatte your help. Not because manual doesnt explain good..but because maybe im not very intelligent.😄
  10. Hello, i have a question: Today i was at Gatwick airport, and an Air India 787 arrived. It was with a special livery: VT-ANU (Star alliance). I went to see in flightradar if it was true, but in FR24, the livery was VT-ANN (A normal livery one, not special). I went to see my livery database and found this: [fltsim.4] title="Air India B788 1" model=AirIndia\VT-ANH texture=AirIndia\VT-ANH atc_parking_codes=AIC atc_parking_types=GATE icao_airline="AIC" ui_type=B788 isAirTraffic=1 isUserSelectable=0 atc_id=VT-ANA,VT-ANB,VT-ANC,VT-AND,VT-ANE,VT-ANG,VT-ANH,VT-ANI,VT-ANJ,VT-ANK,VT-ANL,VT-ANM,VT-ANN,VT-ANO,VT-ANP,VT-ANQ,VT-ANR,VT-ANS,VT-ANT,VT-ANV,VT-ANW,VT-ANX,VT-ANY,VT-ANZ,VT-NAA,VT-NAC [fltsim.5] title="Air India B788 2 VT-ANU" model=AirIndia\VT-ANU texture=AirIndia\VT-ANU atc_parking_codes=AIC atc_parking_types=GATE icao_airline="AIC" ui_type=B788 isAirTraffic=1 isUserSelectable=0 atc_id=VT-ANU So, i dont understand why PSXT didnt take the first on (fltsim.4) but the second one to be injected. My question is: could i put a ":#" after the title of the fltsim.5, to make PSXT understand that its special? I dont have AIG liverys, but a personal bibliotec. thank you!:)
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