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  1. Set air traffic to zero. All in low. unplug the fridge and microwave. don't talk to anyone. pray.
  2. hello. In theory you should not change any setting because in the previous update, everything was fine for you. How are you going to reduce the settings and the quality if the update is something that is done to make the simulator go better? in my case, the same thing happens to me: stutters. There is no other choice but to wait for them to realize that they have made a setback in softness or to put a candle to a saint.
  3. the truth is that I have never thought that others are gloating. I did think that some of "the rest" are bothered that some of us have problems with MSFS. 😎
  4. It is almost fascinating to see how in the forums the comments are turned around so that they are in favor of those who have read them. The reality is that the man says: - I'm sick! and the doctor answers him: come on! I do not!
  5. not for many other people. what you kindly tell me, is like in the story: - a man says: "im ill, im ill, im ill"....and another man comes and says: "dont exxagerate, im healthy".
  6. here in spain, i also have a great speed connection. is good to see updates of all but.... when the update brings you more stutters than before.... its not as good as you think. i would prefer one less road and a smoother taxiing on airports. 🙂
  7. On the one hand, I have no doubt that in Asobo's company, there are people full of enthusiasm who want the simulator to be excellent. On the other hand, the people in charge of making the customer happy with their product are doing it wrong. Open a simulator and one day it is smooth and the next day, without having touched anything, in the same destination, it is full of micropauses, or with a message of loss of internet connection, or with another "insert the disk in the unit", or with a crash to desktop, or without meteorology, or with a new update, or with an update bugfix, etc, etc, etc, makes me appreciate how important it is NOT TO BUY something until it is minimally presentable. You can not do anything. Expect. Read forum...and we've been here for two years. I am a client and a buyer and the simulator was created to ENTERTAIN and TRAIN not to be watching on youtube how to make it smoother or have more frames per second every day of the year. This is a business that has us all more time in the forums than in the simulator.
  8. products that are not finished are still being sold. the urgency of money produces errors. but companies know that users are ALWAYS in the forums, connected, waiting. They know that we have infinite patience.
  9. an issue? strange. they have done the fix of the fix of the fix of the fix of the fix
  10. This type of post is not exactly the one for people who want to help. 🙂 yours is very pacific....it does not show rage and blame. is....mm..poetic. 😇
  11. wow! from bad to worse! Yesterday I had a decent MSFS, and today, I turn on the computer, and voila: "it's gone". The MSFS is not present. It has just been deleted. Everyone will say: antivirus? Have you downloaded something that you shouldn't have downloaded? and blah blah blah... but the only thing that happens is that MSFS has uninstalled itself. From bad to worse. With the "downgrade" number 9, performance glitch, micropauses and now: it's gone!!! I am more and more convinced that I have paid for a product that exists at times. An unfinished product. And always, in a forum, someone will appear who says: "Well, I'm doing well."
  12. oh, thank you! thats true. it was on manual. im sorry. i have another question, i hope this is not in manual!!! what does mean, in log.tx: Semicolon in regcode ?, skipped : AirBaltic Boeing 737-300WL 1 atc_id = YL-BBX,YL-BBI ; tail number i have one million of these! thaks again!
  13. hi, nico, could you say where is that batch file provided? i would like to use. many stutters here too. thanks!
  14. flybywire 320x, and pushback. FBW 320 NEO, ai traffic and ambitiouspilots-toolbar-pushback (same things that when i had it smooth)
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