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  1. abranpuko

    Aircraft Type Designators error

    you solved it again! thanks!
  2. Hello! I have a problema that is post in "invalidaircraftCodes".txt. it says this: A332 // By ICAO Aircraft Type DesignatorsC:\Users\Abraham\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Traficoaereo\aviones\A330-200F_FSPX\aircraft.cfg A332 // By ICAO Aircraft Type DesignatorsC:\Users\Abraham\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Traficoaereo\aviones\A330-200_FSPX\aircraft.cfg A333 // By ICAO Aircraft Type DesignatorsC:\Users\Abraham\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Traficoaereo\aviones\A330-300_FSPX\aircraft.cfg but, at the samE TIME, I HAVE THE a332 Models on TFS. (in another folder), and they are not giving any error, although they have the same ICAO aircraft type designator. what could be the problema? thanks!
  3. abranpuko

    ai traffic strobe lights

    Hello! i have a question... what should i edit if id like to have a strobe light for ai planes with a more quick flash? im not talking about the time between emisión and emission, but the time we can see every one of them. sorry for my english
  4. abranpuko

    question about parking percentage

    thanks for your answer! so... Understanding that the percentage of airplanes in an airport goes up and down according to several circumstances, which one is recommended? If I want to start from an empty airport that is gradually filling up with planes that reach it, what percentage should I put? the zero? 🙂
  5. Hello, I have some doubts and I would like to know if it is possible to solve them.If, for example, I have the "parking percentage" = 60, that means that at that airport only 60 percent of the total number of aircraft would have been stationed. If at that moment an airplane lands and prepares to go to a gate, and no other has left another gate, what happens to the one that has landed?If I wanted an airport to have the real live number of parked airplanes, I would have to leave it empty and wait one day for it to fill up, (and that does not bother me), but what percentage should I put in if I wanted to do that?Thank you very much, I hope you have explained me well.a hug
  6. abranpuko


    Just thanks again! Its very nice to see ai planes pushing back! :)
  7. abranpuko


    yes, i have comproved that the jetways are now the default ones. Even in SODE platform manager, the "enable Ai traffic detection" continues being "on". Thaks for the help. I think that SODE developers Will fix this soon. Many weeks ago, in prepar3d 3.4, every time i landed, i could see all jetways docking inmediately to ai aircraft (with or wothout GSX2) and i had never performance problems.:) thanks!!!
  8. abranpuko


    Thanks for your help. Unfortunately i continue habing the same problema. I have restored to default jetways with GSX control panel. Once the airport is loaded, i can read on the menú: "autodock jetways", but when i click the only jetways that docks is mine. the rest continue resting. sometimes, we can read: ai aircraft dorr too far from jetways, or things like this. in the debug sode, i can read: "[00:09:34.856] DEBUG SODE.FSLOOP : [AI DETECTION] N monitored AIObjects = 0" many times. (but my airport was full of planes, injected with PSXSeecon traffic". thanks.
  9. Hi. For a few weeks, jetways do not automatically dock ai traffic planes on P3DV4.3 or V4.4. I have the latest version of SODE and also of GSX2, however, the jetways remain static. Does anyone know how this could be fixed? THANKS!
  10. abranpuko

    PSXSeecon Traffic

    yes!!! Thank you very much!!! I was beginning to be very sad if psxseecon traffic dissappeared!!! 🙂
  11. abranpuko

    PSXSeecon Traffic

    Hello! I have seen that the webpage of PSXSeeconTraffic is not operating. Also his fórum. Does someone know why? One of the best softwares i have ever used! thanks in advance!
  12. abranpuko

    an idea

    Wow! I am glad to know that the theme "airport rental" has given conversation. In general, I keep the same philosophy of thought: everything is possible, and having only one option is always negative.Knowing that there are several types of users, the businessman who rents airports would be focusing his work on the users "who wish to rent them" and not "the others".That easy.For example, I would rent.I have another idea. It occurs to me that if tomorrow I have scheduled 4 flights, there would be a rental package for simmers that fly a lot. With option to purchase, etc, etc ...The great thing about Prepar3d and other simulators is that they offer an architecture capable of creating and generating new ideas in their use. And the wonderful thing about good entrepreneurs is that they generally make something that did not seem important then become indispensable. But it is true, before they have to overcome many stones.For example: real traffic. I rent it for a month, and I use it a lot and sometimes I do not. But I love it. Because it is up to my demands.I am sure that very soon new options will emerge. ! 🙂 yeah
  13. abranpuko

    an idea

    yes! we also could do it with planes:) why not?
  14. abranpuko

    an idea

    thank you very much!!! i Will continue thinking about that and more. for example, the guy who invented PSXseecon traffic is an inspiration for me about the good things where the ideas can come true! (sorry for my english) thanks PATCO and also to the others for discussing.
  15. abranpuko

    an idea

    The idea would be invented and thought to work, not for there to be problems. (That's my philosophy of life)If I start thinking about the aspects against, things will probably stay as they are.This idea arises to think that many times we will not travel more than once to a certain airport.Someone has said to rent them in a ridiculous idea ... but, buy them not?What do I do with "mikonos airport" all my life?Or charles de gaulle?It depends on my tastes, my needs.So it can be an "option" and not the only way.Invented example:- Buy Tenerife Airport: (for example, 35.5 euros.)-buy barcelona airport: (for example) 45.5. eurosoptions:-to rent tenerife airpot + barcelona: 2 euros.(idea: when renting them, you have them for a whole day)otherwise, the developers have to think about how they are very well designed and studied so as not to fail in the servers. But currently, the simulators, cards, air traffic, and airports sold, often fail in presentation, mesh, details, etc, etc ...anyway. it's just an idea although maybe ... something else.