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  1. No kiek. Im not returning to psxt until fstraffic have better ground coverage. right now, really happy with FSLTL and AIFLOW. sometimes is really similar to FR24 and yes…FSHUD is not as good as i though when i bought it. 😎
  2. Thank you very much but: When you buy a software and its not as they announced: its beta. I haven’t bought a “finishes “ product, just for being opening tickets every day. Sorry but… facts are facts.
  3. I have tested this special mode: doesnt work. fsltl is more realist. Sorry
  4. Im afraid i can’t understand why users are guilty. why are you selling something in beta? Maybe this should be the first question. I supposed i would be buying fshud because: IT WOULD BE WORKING. anyway, this is not the first time that you cant assume a user appreciation. i havent dsid anything wrong. FSLTL find the plane and makes it land on the correct runway. FSHUD does not. How ugly the fault must be, that no one wants it.
  5. I only use FSLTL as injection. Fshud doesnt inject traffic. when FSLTL is working alone, all planes of fr24 are there. When works with fshud, more less planes. Fshud is not an injector.
  6. Not this time, FSHUD. I appreciate your help but, really... sometime ago i also did and not changes were done. Many support tickets. Of course, i bought your product and finally...im not happy with it. But i also appreciate your work to make FSHud better. I cannot be every time opening tickets for all. Right now, FSHud doesnt simply what im expecting: injecting ai planes like in real time or similar, same number or very similar, and, as you have announced: it should respect ai separation and vectors to final approach. I hope you can solve that. Is not something of mine. As you can see, many people have this problem. Not personal, but is really annoying. thanks!
  7. SP-RSF landed in real time without going around in the opposite sense. The SP-RSF wanted to land on the opposite sense. When he was very near the edge of runway he made a going around and after he went veeeey far luton. In the meantime, no other new plane arrived there. In real life, 6 plane landed. After, i switched off FSHUD. Loaded FSLTL alone, and saw ALL that planes there, landing...
  8. Both. I checked in that sense: first FSLTL and after FSHUD. Also in the opposite way. FSHUD also started before loading MSFS. i mean...trying many ways. I really wanted FSHud to work!:)
  9. The worst update I have ever seen. I just did three test, at Luton airport. FSHUD: - Many fewer planes than those injected by FSLTL, and on routes not even similar to those shown on flightradar24. - The planes, as can be seen, land on the opposite runway. It is surprising, because you can see that on littlenavmap the wind is blowing in favor of runway 07. Also on flightradar. Well, the only plane that approaches does so in the opposite direction and after having made several holdings. When is on final approach, it makes a go-around.!! - Planes are injected at high altitudes, they need 30 minutes to go lower. - Suddenly, a plane that took off half an hour ago asks for clearance at Luton. - Of 6 planes that arrive at Luton on flightradar and also on FSLTL, fshud injects one or two, and they never manage to land. Unfortunately, the update does not match at all with what was announced in its own video on YouTube. I'm sorry it's like this, but I've been watching and reloading flights for an hour, and it's getting worse. Luton lifeless. FSHUD, what have you done!???? as you can see, sp-rsf, for example, goes into the wrong way. Similar with the other one.
  10. So, FSHUD definitely injects less planes. I ve tested it and was exactly the same. after FSLTL all the other option seem poor.
  11. I have come to the conclusion that, at least in my case, to enjoy a good immersion in MSFS, one of the most important things is that the airports have air traffic very similar to real time, and that the procedures have sanity. Both in the taxiout and the taxi in. It would be wonderful if Asobo designed a small application so that users could choose which runway any plane lands or takes off on. I say this because it often happens that you are going to take off on a runway, and you find that the rest of the planes take off in the opposite direction. With aiflow and fsltl it has been achieved that, at least, the approaches make sense, and resemble real life, since many times planes do not necessarily land against the wind. With aiground the planes can do what I ask, but taxi out is still rare and when, for example, two planes meet head-to-head, they are not managed and one of them disappears. They also have a very slow taxiing with strange stops. His developer is doing extraordinary jobs. But...Asobo: wouldn't it be simpler if with one click we could decide the direction of the planes or of the surface wind, imitating what is happening at that moment in real life? That immersion is priceless. But since Asobo is very busy and his wishlist is huge, my question is... Is there a computer genius out there who can make that little "click"? i can pay! hahaaah thank you!
  12. I think I understand you. I had a small dispute with them because, when I bought the product, I asked them about the separation between airplanes and jetways, etc... and the person who answered me was in a very bad mood. I was not banned, but I was angry that they felt uncomfortable asking as a customer. In my case, I limited myself to interpreting the words of their own advertisement: real traffic, etc... and that this did not coincide with the product. Tey said this on the publicity: "real skies, real traffic" and: "FSHud acts and thinks like an ATC, making sure that the correct separation is maintained between all aircraft at all times. Whether it is on the ground, within an airport control zone, or if you are enroute to your destination." It happens to me that I believe more in actions than in words. For now, every time I choose a flight with FSHud, I see a very poor injection of aircraft, compared to FSLTL. That is why I have decided to only use FSLTL with aiflow. I'm impressed. If FSHud manages to use the same number of planes, then perhaps my 30 euro investment would not have been wasted. thanks for your feedback.
  13. Ah, I understand, but in that case it is a bit disappointing. I wouldn't want to be at EGLL, or LFPO, or EIDW and see that not all the planes that arrive at those airports in real life arrive. Let me explain: with FSLTL, the really good thing is that I see all (or almost all) of the aircraft shown in FR24. But, as you explain to me, this lack in FSHud is not entirely realistic. Thank you for explaining it to me because this makes me change my mind a little, and I appreciate the sincerity. In that case, for me it is preferable, because with msfs ATC (which is terrible), I can be absolutely surrounded by planes like in real life and in real time, in addition to having pushback and jetways. FSLTL's aiseparation is not bad if used in combination with AIFlow. It is true that FSHud has better "vocabulary" and traffic management, but: better traffic for fewer planes? not in my case. If BATC does the same, it would also be very sad. I don't think so, since its "engine" apparently is external to msfs, which would not stress the simulator itself. thank you!
  14. Dear FSHud creators, I guess I'm not the only one looking forward to the new update. Certainly, I am really enjoying FSLTL at airports of all sizes, and many times, when there is an error it is mainly due to AFCAD, which is poorly designed. Otherwise, something that is wonderful about FSHud is that you feel that you are integrated into the entire air traffic. So, the combination FSLTL and FSHUd can be really good... but: There are two things that do not exist: Jetways do not attach to airplanes. This is strange, because with FSLTL planes do. Could you add that option? On the other hand, when I use FSHud, (at least so far) there is less jet injection than when I use FSLTL. This is also curious, because apparently it is the same data, however, FSHud injects it in a strange way. They appear very late on the screen (some 20 minutes later), or come from routes that are not similar to those that FSLTL organizes with its API. Or simply are not injected. Could this also have a fix? thank you so much!
  15. Oh my God! Everything is prolonged or delayed... updating msfs... beyond atc... fshud... realtraffic data coverage... And, I don't know about you, but I have the feeling that the only thing that matters to me is that air traffic works and doesn't do strange things. From what I read, people go crazy for realistic voices in an ATC... and I just need the control tower to guide the planes well. I wouldn't care, even if the controller was mute. Otherwise, I couldn't be happier with msfs: wonderful clouds, great scenery, very good planes... buuuut...a terrible atc and very bad approaches. A nightmare taxing... traffic god, make your appearance and help us! At least FSLTL has done a miracle!
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