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  1. garydpoole

    Excellent Support - PC Aviator

    Lucky, lucky you. I've always found their 'customer support' non-existent. Perhaps they've now started reading their emails...
  2. Obviously you don't need to, but all I can say is that they are superb, especially the 777s and A380s which, IMO, look so much better than any other equivalent AI models available.
  3. Reading this resparked my interest in mesh improvements, so I thought that I'd (re)visit Justin's site and see what's available for the UK. And to my surprise, he's currently got the Great Britain 19m mesh for free as his 'daily freebie'. Worth a punt...
  4. garydpoole

    Captainsim everything $25 for 24 hrs.

    Many thanks for the confirmation. To be honest, flying a TUI with PW engines is not going to give me sleepless nights, so I think that I may give this a punt !
  5. garydpoole

    Captainsim everything $25 for 24 hrs.

    Not terribly accurate I appreciate, but does anyone know if the base PW pack either comes with, or has available, a TUI repaint as that would be the primary carrier / reason for giving it a go at $25 ? Thanks
  6. garydpoole

    P3DV4 QualityWings 787 Bugs

    I seem to have real issues with VNAV shortly after takeoff. The A/C initially behaves fine, but then for no apparent reason, it just seems to head into orbit, ignoring all speed and altitude constraints entered into the FMC, climbing at > 5000ft/min to an altitude far greater than that set in the FMC, eventually sounding the over-speed alarm. The only way I can regain control is to disengage the AP and manually fly it back down to the cruising altitude. Once there, if I re-engage the AP with LNAV and VNAV, all then seems well and the flight continues without further issues.
  7. garydpoole

    FSX'ers. Understand this please.

    I totally agree with your comments. However, by posting them here, I can't help thinking that you're kinda preaching to the converted 😉 Perhaps it should be in the FSX forum...?
  8. garydpoole

    Aerosoft Airbus Professional MCDU2

    Just my opinion, but I really don't like the way AS's third MCDU operates in a 2D pop-up window. Personally, I would prefer all the functions were accessed in the existing 3D MCDU format.
  9. garydpoole

    How to Transfer License to another PC

    Can I then politely suggest that you change the wording on your support page as, "...once every 90 days without asking for an activation reset" is misleading and actually means that a transfer can be done once, but only once every 90 days, in the same way that "you can eat pizza once every 7 days" means that you can only eat one pizza every 7 days (but you can at least eat one pizza) ? Perhaps what you wrote above would be more appropriate and less ambiguous ? Regards Gary
  10. garydpoole

    How to Transfer License to another PC

    Hello Keven Thanks, but this leads back to my original question - how is this achieved without sending a request? Regards Gary
  11. garydpoole

    How to Transfer License to another PC

    Hello Keven Thanks for the reply. I have already posted a request since I gave up looking for the transfer process. However, are you saying that it is in fact not possible to transfer a licence without requesting a reset, contrary to what's stated on the support page ? Thanks Gary
  12. Hello I've just purchase 787 Immersion using a different PC to that where P3D is installed. I followed all of the purchasing instructions including activating the product. However, I now realise that the activation instructions omitted to inform me that once activated, it would only run on the machine where it was activated. So when I loaded up VFXCentral on my P3D machine, it's now telling me that the product's already activated. Hence, I now can't install it ! I noticed that the support section states: In case of a new computer purchase or major hardware changes, you can transfer your license to another computer once every 90 days without asking for an activation reset. But I can't for the life of me find anywhere both on the web-site and VFXCentral where this transfer process is achieved ? Please could someone explain how I can perform the transfer without requesting an activation reset ? Thank you Gary
  13. garydpoole

    Which Barcelona scenery to choose?

    Not too sure if this helps, but PC Aviator have currently got a 30% discount on the LatinVFR version, with I suspect, another -10% tomorrow as it's Tuesday...
  14. garydpoole

    A cautionary AI tale......

    Like yourself, all of my AI is manually created using all the resources that you have mentioned, plus the payware FSPXAI models from Simmarket, which in my opinion, are just superb and the best available. However, any new AI aircraft added are first loaded in the freeware AI-Aircraft Editor to ensure that there's no issues with any of their textures. Once this has been checked, the decompiled flightplan.txt file is then loaded into AI Flight Planner to check for any errors, for example, aircraft in the aircraft.txt file that can't be located - it does happen ! Once all of the above is done, I'm good to go ! It does sound like a lot of work, but once you get the hang of it, it takes no time at all. As an example, I recently purchased FlyTampa's EHAM and noticed that there wasn't a lot of cargo AI there. So I downloaded all of the necessary flightplans and repaints to add about 10 cargo airlines that use EHAM (as per the latest photos on The whole job taking about 50mins. I also updated the entire KLM fleet to incorporate their updated colour scheme and special repaints. Once again, about 50mins. The secret is to keep on top of things and update flightplans a little and often.
  15. Unfortunately, more like £29 once you've factored in the exchange rate and VAT. And at the moment, it's £29 not particularly well spent for me. It just doesn't seem to want to work at UK2000 Gatwick. Configured a jetway, seems to work ok. Shut down the sim, restart, back to Gatwick, jetway has disapeared. Configure. Repeat. Gone. Fortunately (I guess), not just me seeing the problem. Looking at the current number of problems being posted on the relevant GSX forum, it would / could appear that a Pandora's Box has really been opened...