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  1. Available here on Simmarket. Will probably buy as a nice destination from the UK. Just wondering if anyone has it already and could comment ? Regards
  2. Just some gentle advice. Because someone resplies to one of your posts, there is no obligation for you to respond. Sometimes, 'tis better to remain silent and appear the fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt'...
  3. This is according to here : ASP4 licensees may participate in the OPEN BETA, which is available from our downloads page. Please download, install, run, and use the “New User? Register for an account!” link on the login page to create your ASP3D account using your ASP4 license key. Your ASP4 license key was provided when you purchased (email) and is also available at your reseller site (order history). so I kinda get the impression that you do actually have to install it to qualify. Or have I misinterpreted ?
  4. Many thanks for the reply, Jim. I didn't know that I could enter coordinates into Google maps ! I've also just found out that if I right click on the map, then select, "What's here ?", Google maps will display the exact coordinates. Tried it at EGSS, and sure enough, I can find a match for the above coordinates. Everyday's a school day... Regards Gary
  5. Regards all Quick question. Please could someone confirm where on a runway do the published latitude and longitude coordinates refer to, eg, where on EGSS runway 040 are the points, 51.87505 and 0.219836 ? I'm thinking the centre of the threshold point, but I've struggled to find this confirmed. Regards
  6. This isn't meant to be an inflammatory question, but given the quality, ease of use and the 'price' of AIG AI, why are people sticking with products like this ?
  7. Any background info available on this tweak - I'd certainly be interested in trying it ?
  8. I own the AS bus and it serves my purposes very well. However, one that thing that I couldn't help noticing is that the FSL bus seems to represent the high gloss appearance of the throttle, spoiler and flaps handles far more realistically than AS's, which appear somewhat dull in comparison. I'm just wondering if it's possible to tweak the textures of these items to make them appear a lot a shinier ? If so, any advice or help would be much appreciated ! Regards
  9. Hello Just wondering if it's possible to disable the passenger boarding sounds (AS Airbus Pro version) ? I've been using some alternative GSX sounds which I really like and would ideally prefer to continue using these ? Regards
  10. That's fine and dandy provided that you're in front of your PC when the stutters start.
  11. Oh, if only that were the case, I'd consider buying it to go with my copy of EnvShade...😂
  12. I have PTA, but no longer use it as I found all the settings wayyy too confusing. Initially, I experimented with some freely available profiles, but could never seem to find one that suited my taste in all flying scenarios. And when they didn't, I neither had the time nor the inclination to find out why ! So after reading people's opinion on EnvShade, I decided to give it a go at only ~£5, and love it. Straight 'out of the box' I get great results. Yes, it can be tweaked, but I don't bother for the reason just stated. Regards.
  13. Not too sure how many are of aware of this (and how many care or know already), but I've just noticed the following announcement on Aerosoft's web-site: "!! Windows 7 no longer supported !! As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our products on that platform. It many work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side.". Of course, it may have been there for some time, but I've never noticed it before !
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