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  1. Hmm, works for me...but I am using the original release version-don't know if that's significant?
  2. British Midland had a lot of DC-9's and Paramount had 4 MD82's in the late 80's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paramount_Airways_Limited But I'm definitely in the 146 camp - it fits MSFS perfectly, a brilliant plane and you can even see out of it 🙂
  3. Click on the Pax total box, it flashes a green outline, type the # of pax as 3 digits (e.g. 077) and hit enter
  4. I've posted a146 Landing challenge (London City of course...) at flightsim.to https://flightsim.to/file/32038/bae-146-landing-challenges More locations in the works, any suggestions gratefully received :)
  5. There is a post on the official forum with profiles using values from the JF manual
  6. That's security for you, only allowed out with an escort/bodyguard, which isn't provided...
  7. Railway lines are very useful flying VFR, and trains help you spot the railways...
  8. I believe you need XMLTools64.dll in your P3D root folder, otherwise the load manager doesn't work properly. I suspect those points are contradictory - the 50% sale is BECAUSE there is little market for P3D addons, as indicated by several significant developers stopping P3D development and making their P3D products free...so expect more sales and fewer new products...
  9. I bought the DC8, it installs into a C:\P3D4 Addons folder, I copied the "Aerosoft DC8" folder from there into my own P3Dv5 addons folder and added an entry to add-ons.cfg in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5. But there are probably several ways you could do it. In the panels folder I editted asc.cfg to use a full path for wavdir=F:\FS\P3Dv5_Addons\Aerosoft DC8\SimObjects\Airplanes\DC-8_50\Panel\PanelSounds but I seem to have to do that for all aerosoft aircraft. I did ignore the install of Trueglass as I know that can cause problems, and the install of XMLtools failed - both to be looked into but it works fine already 🙂 Cheers Keith
  10. I'd be interested too ... should be just tricking the installer to find Pv5... I've got the JF/AH DC-8 running in Pv5 but think this one should be a lot better...
  11. Simmarket have a lot of scenery on sale too, though they now have their dodgy app you have to install through 😞
  12. If you have Steam MSFS then buying from the marketplace is tricky...seems to be not working and then it does. TBH although I started this thread I only buy from the marketplace as a last resort...
  13. Went for it, it's a very interesting and unique aircraft! Struggling with XPlane in VR though... but I did notice that the overhead panel seems very low resolution - is that normal or have I got something wrong? EDIT OHP OK now, don't know why.
  14. Lots of items, 500+ it says, don't usually buy there but tempted by the Bleriot...
  15. SSW F104 Just Flight 146 Mad Dog MD82 Just Flight Fokker F28 Flying Iron Bearcat Thermals for Soaring
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