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  1. I'm using Realistic with an MS FFB2 stick with the power off, so it's VERY sensitive, together with rudder pedals. Really do just think and the helo moves, brill when you are in tune but it is easy to get into PIOs... TM16000 was just about impossible due to the strong centring - what is everyone else using?
  2. I think that should be "less than 500 fpm"...but the only RW helo time I have is an intro lesson in an R22 Fly around a bit, hover just controlling the height with collective, then point at a tree and keep it pointing there with pedals 🙂 Then add cyclic and then watch the instructor recover 😞 Going to have to get this one 🙂
  3. The extra 10% off for PCaviators tuesday sale tipped the balance and I got the Beech 18. https://www.pcaviator.com/store/product.php?productid=21654&cat=0&page=1 Looks very nice, works well, sounds OK (not tried the sound and FDE fixes yet). Slightly disappointed that all cockpits are 'modernised' with GPS and modern radios 😞 Would like an original. Works well in P3DV5.1 and in VR 🙂 Even imports into MSFS, where you get a unique working skeleton view of the airframe, engines, u/c etc...
  4. Planning on getting it, this thread has tips on FDE ad sound
  5. Today performance has tanked...don't know why. Wireless seems very variable, I would suggest regarding it as a bonus rather than rely on it. But you only need a cheap cable from Amazon, mine was £24, a quarter of the price of the Oculus fibre-optic. And you only need a 64GB Quest 2 for simming, saves another £100. But my understanding is that the G2 is better - I get shimmer too.
  6. Just reawakening this topic as the full Virtual Desktop app is now available from Oculus and doesn't need sideloading, so I took the plunge... Still a bit hit and miss getting wireless to work, but when it does there are some BIG benefits 1, no cable getting caught or wrapping around the joystick cable - this I was expecting. 2, performance in Xplane and P3D about the same as with cable, without any tuning yet - this I hoped for. Cockpit graphics good, scenery maybe less good without tuning. 3, I did a complete glider flight in XPlane - aerotow, release, thermalling , aerobatics, circuit and landing whilst lying downstairs on the sofa 🙂 ... admittedly without rudder so the landing was ropey but...cool! I accidentally opened the canopy once...and could have stood up and bailed out! 4, and this was a big surprise - hand tracking works! I can hold the stick and fly just using my right hand, using left hand to release/brake. The controllers are all on the desk. For some reason this only worked sitting at the PC and was a bit flakey, it's easy for hand and stick to disconnect which is disconcerting but can only get better. Anyone else tried it, got any tips?
  7. I think the 747 is by CLS, the Canberra by JustFlight themselves (and VERY good), not sure about the Otter - might be JF. The rest are AH, the DC-6 is very old but was good once, mostly still works in V5 (no supercharger?) but no comparison at all the the FR DC-4. The Meteor is very good, also the Hunter. The C-46 was pretty dodgy but was improved in-house. The Mosquito seems good on a 30-mins flying. Any thoughts on the scenery? I tried the demo last year and thought it very poor, but maybe I did something wrong...
  8. I'll try the DC-8 and report back....hmmm....installs OK and looks good, even in VR. Flew a quick circuit and TBH it doesn't feel quite right - don't think it's a V5 issue, but many of the JF/AH models of that era were a bit woolly. Might be OK if you're an autopilot to finals guy? And it's cheap. Just bought the Mosquito, works quite well though couple of cockpit animations missing I think. The Meteor, Hunter and C-46 all work fine in V5, meteor is one of my favourites 🙂 Cheers Keith
  9. Also for P3D 🙂 https://secure.simmarket.com/lmt-simulation-aix-les-milles-lfma-fsx-p3d3-5.phtml
  10. Thanks for the tip, rushed off and bought it 🙂 I've stopped flying MSFS until either FSX imports start working in VR or some more interesting planes (like this one 🙂 ) arrive.
  11. Bought the Halifax (and the Buchon), both very nice. Halifax especially impressive in VR!
  12. Went from 3 1080s to 1 3440 2 years ago and was very happy...but now gone VR and MUCH happier still 🙂
  13. Spreadsheet of all offers, showing discount 🙂 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1S8qiJukXfsH5hs-HUq17mlWUdJvLksSpMdYLS2NUd3M/edit?usp=sharing
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