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  1. Find it here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1S8qiJukXfsH5hs-HUq17mlWUdJvLksSpMdYLS2NUd3M/edit?usp=sharing - feel free to resort Cheers Keith
  2. Discount only for HD Trees customers ... but it is a big discount 🙂
  3. You could try programming an Orbx ObjectFlow rampie to walk around picking them up ..... Sorry 🙂 Keith
  4. Yup, should have jumped when I had the chance...but no worries and thanks for the info 🙂
  5. I'm interested too...though I'd want a 'western' cockpit, with Knots and feet rather than these meaningless metres... 😉 I know the Mig29K has an Indian Navy variant with western cockpit - do any of the others? Cheers Keith
  6. No - it's a valid and essential windows file! Only the c:\windows\svchost.exe is the virus. Runa an AV scan and download the free malwarebytes program to double check
  7. Did you already have SODE installed? In which case the virus wouldnt have been loaded...check your windows folder for a SVCHOST.EXE - apparently a sign of infection
  8. Ran Malwarebytes and it found Yontoo adware which I've removed but nothing else. And I was just about to say that I didn't run the SODE install with Calvi, when the above was posted, so it seems to confirm.
  9. I installed it before seeing the warnings, as far as I can tell no virus infection...no svchost.exe in C:\windows, no warnings on running large exe's from Program Files, no warnings from a virus scan... However I'd suggest NOT installing it for now until there is more evidence. Cheers Keith
  10. Just Flight Canberra comes with a V5 installer now and works fine.CheersKeith
  11. A2A Cherokee and P-40 (from A2A forum "Important note! To avoid a CTD when loading a P3Dv4 Accu-Sim aircraft in P3Dv5, you must disable the "Windshield.dll" in the "Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\A2A\Gauges" folder. You can do this by simply renaming or removing the dll in question.") SSW Phantom (non-PBR) SWS F184F, F104G, G91 AH Meteor, Hunter JF Hawk (visual bug with jet exhaust)
  12. I think this link has useful info ... https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/190948-installing-orbx-products-in-prepar3d-v5/
  13. I believe it will be available free ON the 12th, not until 🙂
  14. There is an aspiration that we could get FSEconomy working with the new MSFS, relies on the simconnect interface being similar.
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