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  1. But is it better to get the Redux version with more content and the latest engine for just 2.99?
  2. But in fact that was a temporary closure notified by NOTAM, which the pilot didn't bother to check for. It would not have been changed in an AIRAC update as the holes would have been patched over by then...so up-to-date AIRAC would have made no difference.
  3. Your language setting thousands symbol is probably dot rather than comma and it's being rounded down , 5.306 becomes 5
  4. To fix the radios, in systems.cfg, set COM1 and NAV1 to be off BUS 2 (avionics) change runway.flt and apron.flt to read circuit.27=True,1.00 circuit.28=True,1.00 will now power the COM1 and NAV1 radios 🙂
  5. Even using the abominable AS3 thing, I can't get the radios to actually work (as in TX/RX on VATSIM) ... other than that it's a very nice aeroplane.
  6. No, I was wrong 🙂 From their Facebook page
  7. Remember they have sold the whole thing to Microsoft, so it's for MSFS to update it or hire AH to update it (apart from the livery pack which AH provided)
  8. Lot of stuff on the inibuilds site is on sale, MSFS and Xplane Including the Cowan 500E that I bought from Orbx a few hours ago, a few quid cheaper on inibulds than in the Orbx sale. https://store.inibuilds.com/pages/cowan-simulation
  9. Works but not good for cross-country, better to get the standard Discus that CAN be used in P3Dv5 but you have to D/L a new asc.dll from Aerosoft otherwise it CTDs. Ditto for their K21, they're the two best gliders for P3Dv5, with a bit of work.
  10. In fact you can use the steam wallet and that's the best way! Preload your wallet and the msfs purchase only sticks for a while then succeeds. The time taken to pay by card or PayPal times-out on the msfs side, it might work a day later or you might need to raIse a support ticket many days later. The other reasons for avoiding the marketplace have been discussed many times...
  11. I use "SPOILERS AXIS" mapped to "Joystick Slider X" on my X-52, no problem
  12. Yes, I had the same problem ... money in MS that MS won't take, they insist on going to Steam, which always fails and then after a bit sometimes works. One of several reasons to avoid the marketplace.
  13. You can open the installer .exe with 7zip and install them manually Any 64bit DLLs will be a problem - D3DSounds should be easy to fix, at least it was going 3 to 4, never tried the other way...
  14. I don't see any sale on Orbx, but they ARE on sale at the MS Marketplace...
  15. Agreed, but I think it was quite an early model from FR? ... and I also had the Halifax, B24 and BF109 and loved them 🙂 I'm disappointed with the planned aircraft, all the ones I don't want and none of the ones I do, but hoping for the future!
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