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  1. keithb77

    Just Flight weekend sale

    Only the HS748 and Hunter (both P3Dv4 ready) are specifically in the weekend sale, the others have been discounted for a while so should be available a while longer 🙂 Cheers Keith
  2. keithb77

    Justflight -33% incl. Arrows

    For me Xplane items are xplicitly xcluded :( Cheers Keith
  3. Sorry to be a downer, but sadly not the latest products, same sale as everywhere else :( Also, due to the magic of exchanges rates their prices are a lot higher for UK buyers than the US suppliers :( :( Cheers Keith
  4. keithb77

    Carenado Sale at FSS

    For any X-planers, my understanding is that Carenado will be redoing all of their XP-10 models for full XP-11 compatibility as new models with no discount to XP-10 purchasers. Only the 500S and PA34V will get free updates. They made a facebook post about it Most of the XP10 models mostly work...but perhaps best to save the budget for the updated versions... Cheers Keith
  5. keithb77


    It's just a 64-bit conversion...but what I meant was that DD wouldn't have bothered updating V1 of NYC to be P3Dv4 compatible as v2 was already out when P3Dv4 came out. Cheers Keith
  6. keithb77

    Best helicopter for p3d

    On sale at Simmarket too for the next couple of days :) But too small for me...not a money earner in FSEconomy - will stick to the Xplane Bell 412 Cheers Keith
  7. keithb77


    I think if it's P3Dv4 compatible it must be V2? The video claims to be of V1, but the same video is at PCAviator and they say NYC is V2. I went for the Xplane version, which I now discover is based on V1... oh well ... Cheers Keith
  8. keithb77


    For the Drzewiecki Design airports what is the framerate impact? I have the New York City and Airport demos and have disabled both because of big pauses as they come into sight :( Presumably the full product must be worse? Tempted by the Miami City with 'lite' airports instead - hoping the lite airports will be a more consistent load... Thanks Keith
  9. keithb77

    Flight Replica DC-4 released

    Alan, Do you find the engines work properly on the JF DC-6 in V4? As I remember there is a 32-bit WEP gauge (War Emergency Power) in the panel which I think is used for the superchargers ... and that won't work... It flies OK in V4 but is a little slow/thirsty which hurts the pocket in FSEconomy :) ) Cheers Keith
  10. There are free demos for both :) Cheers Keith
  11. PCAviator and FSPilot also have the original Arrow on sale if you're happier with them... Cheers Keith
  12. keithb77

    XP11 and Add-ons

    Thanks for all the info guys :) The other Tprops I have are the Jetstream and Mu2, both with XP11 versions as updates. Cheers Keith
  13. Does FltPlnGo only work for North America? Tried the website and could only get US airports recognised...EGLL not found... :( Cheers Keith
  14. Tempted to upgrade from 10 by the current discounts, though more of an XP dabbler and mainly fly I'm not sure of the add-on compatibility between the two. I've seen there are updates for a number of the payware add-ons I have, but notably the Caranedo 1900 is a 'buy-it-again' job, which I just wouldn't do. Does the XP10 1900D not work at all in XP11? Any other significant drop-offs moving to 11? Do all of the freeware scenery upgrades work (the photo sceneries, the 'Pro' sceneries etc) Thanks Keith