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  1. Thanks, stans, I'll look for them!
  2. Thanks, guys! Yeah, CO2Neutral, I did get the iBuyPower. In the past I've built my gaming PCs and usually had trouble with them. That's why I jumped for a budget-priced prebuilt with an absolutely super guarantee (90 days full walk-in refund). So far it has worked out well, but I've only done beginner stuff. I will say it loads and starts up quickly--though I could do without that DUNE/Ornithopter splash screen! In a week or so I'll venture into NYC or London with a sophisticated aircraft and see how it does. If my system turns out to be less than par, I'll be the first to admit it, and build a better one. PS: Someday I hope to be CO2 neutral as well. I'm waiting for that $25K Tesla!
  3. Thanks for your input, guys! Ended up getting the Costco $1,099 prebuilt. Even Costco's most expensive PCs just have the 4060 GPU. Its 32 gb RAM is 4 sticks of 8--don't know it that's good or bad. So far it runs well on high settings with me just practicing landing the Cessna 150. I have 90 days to return it "no-questions-asked" if it doesn't measure up to more demanding use. Hope it works as-is, but I'm prepared to spend more if need be. Can't wait to be dialing up the weather and flying IFR!
  4. Hi, all! I'm back after a 20 year hiatus with a new $1,099 Costco PC and MSFS 2020. My new Thrustmaster HOTAS should be delivered any day now. Having fun now practicing landings with my old MS Sidewinder stick to help me graduate to more challenging flying. Where can I find specifics of the various aircraft, such as power settings for climb, cruise and descent?
  5. Thanks for your advice! I read reviews for CyberPower PCs, which range from bad to terrible. I think I'll start with Costco's next cheapest option--an HP Victus for $200 more. I'll use it for MSFS and video editing only. If it's not satisfactory I have 90 days to return it. It has a 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700F, and the same NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4060, 8GB card, but only a 1 TB SSD (I have an external Seagate 5 TB SSD). Is the 3080ti graphics card better than the 4060 in your opinion?
  6. Interesting! Which components are mediocre? While I'm not asking for you (or anyone) to "design me a system", perhaps you could point me in the right direction. BTW, I attended high school in Portland. Great, great city! I really miss being close to Mt. Hood!
  7. Getting back into MSFS after 20 year hiatus. Considering the Costco CyberPower PC Gaming Desktop for $899.99. It has Intel Core i5-13400F Processor, 20MB L3 Cache, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4060, 8GB vid card, 32GB DDR5 Memory, 2.0TB PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD. I'll be running my two existing 32" LG GSync monitors with 165Hz refresh rate. Anyone using one successfully? Does it sound adequate? With Costco's liberal return policy, I have 3 months to upgrade if it's not up to snuff. What are your thoughts/suggestions?
  8. Should I wait for MSFS 2024? I'm Getting back into simming after a 20 year break, and buying a new PC for MSFS. I've read that simmers are having major issues with MSFS 2020. I'm debating buying 2020 Basic for use now, then 2024 Premium when available. Is 2020 worth buying for a few months use, or wait for 2024?
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