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  1. As far as I remember you need to zoom in now x times to see all AI traffic in air. Previous versions of LNM show all AI traffic without any zoom action. Not 100% sure but give it a try
  2. I have been using PSXS for several years enjoying the real life air traffic especially at airports. My question is: is the logic still there that e.g. Livery folder 1 will be used used first when searching for matching liveries and if there is no livery match it will automatically take Livery folder 2 and then 3 etc.
  3. Hi Nico, Where can I find the file 'liveries.xml'? I cannot find the file anymore in my standard location C:\PSXT_MSFS\liveries\*.* . Map is empty but the program works flawlessly. Many thanks in advance! Patrick log.txt:
  4. Hi Nico, Can you pls check the d/l link to version 29.6? It's still directing me to version 29.5. Thanks, Patrick
  5. Already solved.Simconnect.xml location on my Flightsimulator PC was wrong....
  6. Can we use PSXseecon traffic networked option for MSFS 2020? I know it is working OK for P3D. PSX (on the networked pc) can read the the liveries and airports from the pc where MSFS is installed but it's still waiting for Microsoft Flight simulator 2020 but MSFS is running. Hmmmm
  7. Hi, How can I resolve a few messages in my log.txt saying '..... could not be created by your Sim!' and Missing liveries: .... Examples, could not be created: KLM7_ "E75L KLM" could not be created by your Sim! KLM16_ "B789 KLM" could not be created by your Sim! Examples,missing liveries: Missing liveries: ABR B734 ADB A124 Many thanks! Log,txt:
  8. Hi, Pls delete the line below in all your FLTSIM sections, or at least the characters in the line below. Then search again. I suspect one of the characters is not recognised, like "(" and ")" ui_certified_ceiling = 25000 service ceiling / max certified operating altitude (ft)[SERVICES] Hope this helps
  9. Hi all, Maybe not relevant for all but if you experience CTDs after loading a flight please check if you have installed the A320 FBW in the content manager. If so uninstall via the same content manager and reinstall the A320 FBW via the external FBW installer and select the development option only. https://flybywiresim.com/
  10. Wow! Really nice! Would be great if someone experienced in this area can pick this up and try to translate this in a user friendly community addon. Not sure this is feasible but I think this is a sim changer for sure. Greetings Patrick (Netherlands🇳🇱)
  11. Hi Nico, I compared both versions and yes you are right but issue remains... version 21.2:No correct match 324 unique airlines, 9 unique aircraft types reported log.txt 404 unique arlines, 9 unique aircraft types reported from AILGenerator version 21.3: Correct match 404 unique airlines, 9 unique aircraft types reported log.txt 404 unique arlines, 9 unique aircraft types reported from AILGenerator However still crashing. No clue what's causing it... Pls find below the full log.txt files when I start up the PSXseecon Traffic app only: logtxt v21.2:
  12. Same here as well... Unistalling ver. 21.3. Installing old 21.2 work again without crash...... Groeten, Patrick
  13. I had a similar issue some time ago. Apparently two different sound drivers were installed. I deinstalled/disabled one of the two sound drivers and FPS went back to normal. Just my experience, but yeah it could be anything
  14. Check your sound driver settings or temporarely deselect your sound driver, run p3d4 and check your fps
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