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  1. Why even you bother with that. Take your questions about X-Plane and your "Trolling" comments to where it belongs, please.
  2. Thanks for this update. ;-)
  3. Sorry, my bad...
  4. Work with your AA settings, 2xSSAA or 4xMSAA should work ok with Dyn. Light.
  7. Hi, One question to Steve, like i read it, with 4 core HT disabled 15 would work nice?
  8. No problem for me, have disabled all 2D popups in panel.cfg, more thinking of those who have an issue with CTD's and popups. So instead of everyone go into Panel.cfg and maybe not know how to, better to have a option in PMDG Operations Center made by someone who knows what to do.
  9. Hi, Maybe a idea to make an option in PMDG Operations Center for those who have problems with this issue, a option to disable all 2D popup windows maybe, as long this issue goes on? My thought's only..
  10. Same here. Tried also that site for help, got msg saying, Ops, something went wrong!!!
  11. 8xSSAA on daytime, 2xSSAA on eve\nigh time, problem solved. ;-)
  12. Tested now with v. and PMDG's 747 (latest update installed), installed from scratch. No GSX installed. ORBX Global texture, Vector, Eu landclass, Na landclass, FTX Norway, FlyTampa's EHAM, TNCM and OMDB installed. Running AS2016 and Active Sky Cloud Art on networked setup, all Simconnect's version installed. Running Win7 x64 with all updates, checked and have no errors in event viewer after new install. GPU, GTX980TI (376.33 driver), CPU I7 4790K, No HT in bios. After about 6 hours flying EHAM-TNCM i tested that pop-up thing (Captn's PFD) and sim freeze for a couple of second and then CTD, very annoying yes. Free VAS from 1.1gb to 1.4gb when this happens, and no error reported in event viewer at all, even FSUIP log is clean, all ok till CTD, no writing there either. Have tested now with P3D v., and, all with same result after 5 hours flying +, CTD when trying to open Captn's PFD OC CPU and no OC CPU doesn't matter, same result, every P3D version installed from scratch, deleted all P3D related stuff, files folders etc, even deleted old entry's in registry before new version installed. Time for some more testing.