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  1. Tried the update, same problem still, only previews work and same error in log file: Unknown library found during asset update check: C:\X Program Files\VFXCentral\Immersion Manager\Libraries\OP_Bridge_0.1.3.dll
  2. On C Drive, have not change anything there. Only thing i have done, is make a new folder to install VFXCentral, only to get it outside C:\Program Files (x86) folder, i always do that when installing other software\programs. Everything related to Windows installation, nothing have been changed. And as you see in log file, P3D is located on D Drive, D:\Prepar3D v4\ And for info, have tried VFXCentral installed in default location, C:\Program Files (x86) and like now C:\X Program Files\, same result on both, preview's only works.
  3. Yep, together with 11.dll and Framework.dll
  4. Still no luck to showing up effects, previews works. Uninstalled everything, installed from scratch again. For info: Have made a exclusion rule in Win Defender for VFXCentral.exe and Immersion Manager.exe + three DLL files. Here is my log.
  5. Problems here to, i can preview effects, but effects doesn't work in normal way in P3D, green lights all on right side in manager, but nothing on left side, all grey lights (blue when preview effects). Trying to turn effects off and on, no luck. No effects at all. Disappointed, o'yes.
  6. Bakern

    747-8 ntdll.dll Crash

    Just landed after 8:25 hours flight, KPAE-ENGM. No problem. Updated -400 like advised, then installed -800. Active Sky and Cloud Art in use, no GSX. DD's Seattle Airports, Aerosoft ENGM. ORBX Vector, LC and textures and ORBX NOR package. 🤘
  7. Bakern

    Addons not working in P3Dv4.1

    Hi, You don't have any time schedule also? Cheers
  8. Bakern

    NGX is released for v4

    Why even you bother with that. Take your questions about X-Plane and your "Trolling" comments to where it belongs, please.
  9. Work with your AA settings, 2xSSAA or 4xMSAA should work ok with Dyn. Light.
  11. Bakern

    Prepar3D v4.0 Hotfix 1 released
  12. Try limit your FPS.