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  1. Hi Thomas, there was an issue with some time ago discussed here: https://www.fsipanel.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=256 You need to download latest version. Regards, Vlad
  2. That might be the reason for me as I am operating in SLI environment and TFDI never managed to cure the flickering, which SLI users have been experiencing with Real Light since its release.
  3. Same here - it has been more than a month and I haven't been able to use the QW MFDs.. Hotfix did not work for me. I thought QW was supposed to look into this. Any news?
  4. HI, I've got exactly the same issue as Andrew. Only the keypad shows on iPad Pro. No MFD small or large, I also did the cycling of the high res checkbox as advised. Regards, Vlad
  5. Hi Nico, Thanks for your quick feedback. I think that if an algorithm could be developed to sync and update only the necessary parameters in an xml file, it should be possible to easily include therein in the future any additional or new parameters you could, potentially, add further down the road. In any case the possibility to have more appropriate airlines parked at various airports is already there today thanks to you, so it is a matter of using the user base as a whole to create more efficiently and quickly an updated database for everyone (given that each one of us flies to different airports at different times and such database could progressively cover a pretty large amount of correct data). I was giving it a thought as well and my understanding is that the xml files are pretty small in size (your detailed EHAM file is 66kb - and its a huge airport). A 5K airports repository should be less than 350MB in size. I am sure if this will be the only stumbling block a solution could be found. I agree. But again - you have already done the most complicated part 🙂 - adding the possibility for the software to store and save real parked aircrafts' positions into the xml files after each session and reading from them at the following session. So it is just a matter of sharing everyone's parameters in an automated and efficient way. It is not a question of having the exact livery and type parked at the correct gate each time you start PSXT but just a more correct depiction of the environment which I believe was the reason you thought of this feature in the first place. As I said it is just food for thought and I am sure everyone here is already immensely appreciative of your time and commitment spent to contribute to the realism of this hobby.Thanks again! Kind regards, Vlad
  6. Hi Nico, Amazing update - thank you! I don't know if this is technically feasible, but as food for thought, now that the possibility exists for the program to write information on "real" parked aircrafts and time into the airport xml files it would be a great idea to implement an option to sync the relevant lines of the xml files containing the "real" parking variables with an online repository/database. It could be independent of the scenery used by various people if such sync would not affect the parking coordinates but only the lines containing "real" aircraft info and time (if possible). It would allow everyone using this amazing software to contribute to the creation of an accurate real world database of gates used by airlines and greatly enhance the experience. Vlad
  7. https://fselite.net/news/imaginesim-preview-ultra-hd-texture-reiterates-prepar3d-v4-64bit/ Pretty straightforward statement :)
  8. What is interesting though is that the original Innsbruck post on Orbx forums with the screenshots dates from 7h ago (http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/130900-ftx-innsbruck-full-preview-2-a-few-of-my-favourite-things/) while AirDaily X tweet was 6h ago... and Rob A asking in the comments how is the night lighting - maybe it is screenshots of Innsbruck in P3D v4 and the big news are still to come?
  9. Interesting why such a precise price 228,000,000...2/28...Feb 28...”the team has been discussing release dates for about four weeks now, and we finally have one that we are comfortable that we will make”…”more than a week away, and before Christmas Eve, 2017”. That might be the specific reason why there can be no $10.00 discount for seniors Ok I agree - maybe too much of Dan Brown theories here :smile: Kind regards, Vladimir
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