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  1. . Of course most are flying military aircraft or the biggest thing they can wrap their hands around.
  2. WfordJr

    Getting "too high" for the final approach

    Works great. Been doing that for years. Also set another fix at runway identifier, inverse course and 10mi to intercept ILS. 1500ft AGL of airport altitude. Cant go wrong
  3. WfordJr

    Houston Texas questions

    My son Manages a restaurant/bar in Market Square 1252 Tapas. He's also taking Commercial Pilot training.
  4. WfordJr

    Unable to Delete Fonts Folder-FSX

    Never mind. Try killing all processes. Something is still using those fonts IMO.
  5. thats probably the price for medium setting?
  6. WfordJr

    Houston Texas questions

    You will hit the JACKPOT in the Woodlands.....Way toooooo many darned people down there for my likens.
  7. By good golly Patrick, your right. Strange!
  8. WfordJr

    annoying FSX control quirks

  9. WfordJr

    A couple of tips for FSX:SE users

    Ok, thx Craig. I know it cause them some grief. They were one of the first to have an installer for FSX-SE and I was the first to purchase...and it needed fixed.
  10. WfordJr

    A couple of tips for FSX:SE users

    Beware. I was informed, by a very reputable developer to NOT delete that from the registry. I have had a clean standalone installation of FSX-SE and it has both The Steam and FSX 10 registry entries. I have yet to have a FSX addon not find SE and install properly and work as far as that goes. Just asking ?
  11. Ive never reached that point with an I7 4790K and GTX 980. I can get high frame rates but with many stutters. But, download and try it for yourself. LM has a very simple return policy.
  12. WfordJr

    Installers in FSX:SE?

    Really should at least install the FSX-XPACK located in the FSX\SDK\Core Util.\Simconnect folder. (Simconnect.msi). I installed the legacy ones also but some say its not needed others say it is.
  13. WfordJr

    Houston Texas questions

    I was going to mention The Woodlands. Can find EVERYTHING there! be there to visit My Children and Grandson in a couple seeks.
  14. WfordJr

    Driver mis-match ... Texture_Bandwith_Mult ...

    I didnt notice any difference. No scientific test though.
  15. WfordJr

    Driver mis-match ... Texture_Bandwith_Mult ...

    Will the increase in FPS equate to smoothness? Its not always the case as I already have high FPS with P3D but it stuttery.