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  1. Currently I have both installed on a smallish ssd and put all my Orbx scenery into v5 using symbolic links. Which can be done through Win 10 by right clicking. Not had an issue so far, Orbx central recognises both installs but only one set of scenery files. So this has saved me tons of space. I only see a problem if Orbx change something specific for one version of p3d over another. Hopefully by then i may have moved fully over to v5
  2. What about DD Seattle airports. If you want your QW787,you can fly it from KPAE it also has KSEA in it, and the other Boeing factories. Would also give you the opertunity to stretch the QW787's legs either east or west
  3. mazelda

    slow down

    yea I think so
  4. mazelda

    slow down

    Hi, While I know this is a bit subjective I have a feeling my system has slowed down recently. I've not added any hardware and not added anything in the way of software, so my suspicions are with windows 10 It is like before a program will launch all the files are checked. So i'm thinking something in defender or something similar. I'm not that familiar with the workings of windows, are there any things I can look for, or check and see if my suspicions are correct or anything I can do to speed up programs starting. AV wise I've not got anything on system now because I started getting problems with Kasperski so I got rid of it. and now only have defender any advice/help would be great thanks
  5. If thats worth the extra costs to you then thats ok.However with the issue I had Simmarket tried to get me to rebuy something i already owned . I was told that I was not getting it for free and told me contact Latin vfr. This I did, within a few hours of explaining the situation Lvfr sent me the update and a new serial. So any future purchases for me at sim market will be taken as a last resort only if i'm unable to buy from the company that designed the software. All in all I don't know what happened ,but Sim market came out very poorly in my opinion
  6. I was going to buy kfll at sim market but when i checked the latin vfr site it is $8 cheaper so no money for sim market and no hassle
  7. Bought at sim market my downloads show i can download fsx and p3dv4 miami which was bought last year will have to wait and see
  8. I had the same issue, i raised a ticket and was told i could buy the v5 version!!!! When i replied that there was supposed to be a free upgrade they hav not replied
  9. glad you got it sorted
  10. Are you aware that there is a new version of FSUIPC? I think it's v6. You can buy it at simmarket ,there's a big discount for owners of previous versions
  11. I will be purchasing a new monitor shortly and just wondered if many people use an ultra wide monitor rather than two monitors are there any advantages/disadvantages of ultra wide monitors any advice would be helpful thanks
  12. By any chance does the Latin vfr scenery show much of the cruise port in the scenery as its so close to the airport?
  13. many thanks all looks like it will be the Latin VFR version I buy cheers
  14. Hi, Bit of a long shot but I was just wondering if anybody had both of these sceneries and which one is the better buy. I know the FSDT version has been out for a long time and the Latin vfr version only a couple of months, but has the airport changed much since FSDT release. I would like to get this airport addon but i'm unsure which would be the better option Thanks
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