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  1. mazelda

    startup issue

    that looks like the problem Jim, I don't know how that got unticked ,I guess it might have been simstarter.All seems ok now thanks
  2. mazelda

    startup issue

    Hi, I have a bit of a strange one that has suddenly started in that when I fire up p3d, it loads straight into my pmdg 777-300 at the default airport of p3d. I've added nothing to my sim except updates to chase plane. I have also started playing around a little with simstarter ng which I suspect may be the culprit, but as I only played around with the scenery loading I can't see why that would change default aircraft load any ideas?
  3. For those that are not lucky enough to get up close and personal with a turnround,it makes an interesting read there are a few things that i would take exception to,but not knowing your qualifications I will not say further.
  4. mazelda

    Can't start APU

    Possibly a dumb question,but did you have the battery switch on?
  5. mazelda

    large drop in fps

    Hi, I've suddenly had a large drop in frames that I think may be win10 related, possibly an update that has done this but i'm not sure how to check if this is correct I only have windows defender and then run malware bytes occasionally so I'm guessing it might have something to do with defender but I have no idea how to turn defender off completely and check frames again any ideas on what might be the cause of this sudden slow down or how to kill defender I've added nothing new hardware or software but for example my UK2000 EGPH has gone from 30 down to 5 when using the fslabs A320 thanks
  6. mazelda

    IL2 orDCS

    Tried looking for a suitable forum to ask this but none really relevant. So I'm thinking of trying a bit of combat simming but not really sure which camp to plump for as both have pro's and con's for me. I plan to use my vr headset with the winner, so l'm looking for advice on peoples experiences,especially jf you have both. My pro's and cons are, dcs has carrier based ops and more jet ops,but il2 seems to have lots more ww2 based a/c so will have less automation and will have more manual dog fighting Thanks
  7. mazelda

    two fold question

    thanks for the info guys, bios update looks like it might have fixed it (fingers crossed,no issues all day) the bios caused a few other issues as it re'enabled hyperthreading which caused issues with my overclock,but hopefully I have fixed it
  8. mazelda

    two fold question

    How do i roll back win update as i dont have an uninstall option Although im running win10 pro all else seems ok
  9. mazelda

    two fold question

    Ok so i'm having a very large number of bsod happening all of a sudden after the last windows update I've added no new hardware so am at a complete loss on where to start as every bsod has different fault codes so far today I've had kmode exception not handled and a bad pool header bsod's so any ideas on that? and the second part is, on the off chance this is all driver related, is there a good program that will update and/or check that my drivers are up to date (prefereably free) thanks
  10. mazelda

    Lost shift z

    Although i don't really gauge my fps on this,for me its handy to see roughly what it is. But for some reason i think i may have deleted it,as now i cannot see it when pressing the shift z option. Does anyone know what setting enables this option to show Thanks
  11. mazelda

    dumb question on updating

    Many thanks I had forgotten about poppets guide
  12. Sorry for the dumb question, however I've forgotten what is required. Normally when I update P3d I usually only update the client,but this time I want to also update the content to take advantage of the C130 now offered. But I can't remember what the effects of updating the content do. I don't really want to start from scratch with all the sceneryI have installed already (mostly Orbx) but I don't think the contents update will effect this. Is that correct? Is there anything I should be aware of before updating the content? Thanks
  13. No not woai, its actually very simple and can produce great results I started a long time ago using ut2 and then bought utl as an upgrade but have since deleted utl as my own setup i think is better. To create your own setup all you need are the models and plans which are available from the alpha india group website and avsim.Its then a process of matching plans to models. In the end its kind of your call how acurate you want your airports to look, and how much time you wish to spend getting it to look the way you want.As creating the plans can become addictive(at least for me anyway)
  14. Cannot answer them, all but perhaps a few. 1.I personally would go pmdg before qw,I have both and as far as i'm concerned the 747 is the more finished article but heavier on system 4.I have created my own ai setup which while time consuming initially can become quite addictive and is much more tailored to where i fly.The bonus is it can be done pretty much for free as most of the ai models can be downloaded from here and are of far better quality than my traffic6 and i believe the same models are used in the just flight option as the freeware ones, with possibly a couple of exceptions. 5.get AS16 6.Vector is a bit of a hog but can be turned down to suit your needs.Regions make the whole sim look better over the vanilla textures of p3d. 8. Yes I can on mine, but again depends on your settings 10. If your flying longhaul liners then airport addons a must fsdt,fly tampa,flightbeam, aerosoft,dzrewski, all do some outstanding addon airports.Pfpx is a really good flight planner, aivlasoft efb is also good
  15. We were on royal carribean Radiance of the seas,the crew were excellent Pm me if you want anymore info bert