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  1. Hi all, Despite my best efforts I cannot find the fenix discord channel, i found an address but it says its invalid and i've not been invited any ideas?
  2. Hi All, While i'm still playing around with this to see if I can get it to work I cannot seem to get a button function to work with concorde and switching on the afterburners also getting the thrust reversers to work. Specifically with the honeycomb throttle quadrant. has anyone managed to get a button to work to achieve this? I do not have fsuipc for msfs at this point. would i be able to get a button combo to work if I did? many thanks
  3. What size battery pack on that kona? Is it on the same platform as the ionic 5 and the kia ev6?
  4. Not sure the equivallent in USA but they are large stores that sell everything from tools,eletrical lighting, gardening plants, building materials, basically if you need it for your home to build or fix, you will find it in B & Q Also just bought my first EV but not from B&Q lol
  5. Just a quick one guys How do i find what revision number i have for the Kodiak Thanks
  6. For most yes,some transfered onto 747 some retired but i think the only adjustment was probably on duty time The guy I knew went back to 747 I'm sure for some it was a drag , but a lot of these guys had been in the air force so the speed was not a major draw for them. It was more the time on duty that suited them
  7. Sadly Ray I don't think so.Certainly the captain i knew had no interest in it. These guys were the elite of BA pilots and spent as much time promoting BA as they did flying. There were a couple that were more interested in promoting themselves as well, one in particular. He was probably the only one that would have wanted the glory of it. The captain i knew, flew her up to Edinburgh on the final day when they went to the regions,before all returning to LHR they positioned another captain to take her back, because he lived local, and was not going to fly back down to London and then have to position back home. So as much as people think Concorde was magical, to these guys it was just another aircraft type that got them more wages.
  8. Lookin forwrd to this one, Hopefully bring back some of my early engineering career only ever worked her a couple of times when she flew into the regions. I played golf with one of her Captains a few times as well. Always remember being told about ones of the drains in the rear cargo hold that told you the difference in pricing with aircraft parts and normal things. The drain had a rubber ball made by dunlop in it that was coloured green and had a tiny yellow spot on it which back in the 70's cost aprox £16 as it was an aircraft approved part Back then you could go into most sports shops and purchase a squash ball made by dunlop that also had a little yellow spot, price about 50p. I 've still got some unused damage charts as well knocking about. It was a total disgrace what Airbus did to her in the end
  9. Hi guys, I'm putting this here as it concerns different platforms for me both p3d and msfs. Admin please move if their is a more appropriate forum .Thanks So is anyone else having issues with the contrail shop app that a lot of developers are using? I contacted both LVFR and contrail but stil waiting on a reply. on my p3d products the are no developers shown and my purchased products are not shown and in msfs it looks like i have an update for the kodiak but no way to update, as far as I can see Any ideas Thanks
  10. Hi guys, Is it possible to incorporate the navigraph charts into the FF A350? if the answer is yes, can you tell me how. I've tried searching but cannot find any info Thanks
  11. thanks again quick question regarding the scheduler numbers if i understand it correctly I get mainscheduler as being 8 because all threads are showing a 1 renderscheduler is 25 because core 4 also has a 0 in it therefore in total there are 25 1's before core 13 and frameworker is 26 as core 13 also has a 0 in it.
  12. Many thanks all, Especially you Steve ( i was hoping you might answer with some advice.) I will have a good read through all of this. Not sure I understand it all yet but will hopefully at some point. Do these suggestions take into account my best cores ref Ryzen master? That suggests that cores 4 and 13 are my best and the next best are 6 and 14 they are numbered 1-16 in Ryzen master so presumeably that in affinity mask terms would be 3 and 12 as the best cores and 5 and 13 the second best cores Thanks again
  13. Hi all, Apologies first, for another of these affinity mask questions but most of the other ones have been based on an intel cpu. I'm running a 5950x cpu and have smt on in the bios so I have 16 cores and 32 threads. I always test at UK2000 EGLL in the PMDG 747 with aig ai on, and use ai companion to limit the number of ai to 200 within a 20 mile limit I also use activesky on as well. Currently flying from 27R I get about 24fps and from 09L about 20fps but things are smooth I'm running a 2k monitor and have a 3090 ftw gpu. This is what P3d gave me when updating to the latest version and the fps are shown above with most of my graphic settings almost all to the right and I've not done anything in nvidia control panel regarding settings so that's at whatever it was installed with. [JobScheduler] P3DCoreAffinityMask=65535 MainThreadScheduler=0 RenderThreadScheduler=2 FrameWorkerThreadScheduler=4 AffinityMask=65535 Which looks like its disabling the logical threads. As having all the threads enabled should give me 4294967295 using ryzen master it tells me that core 4 and 13 are my best cores and the second best are 6 and 14 With the above job scheduler settings and using the performance tab of task manager I'm getting these figures Core 0 running 100% Core 1 running 40% Core 2 running 20% Core 3 running and spiking to 50% on both parts Core 5 running about 20% Core 9 running spiking to 100% briefly but on a regular basis All of the other cores are running between 0-10% I'm not very good at figuring out how to adjust these figures but I feel i may be able to get a bit more fps out of the machine I understand binary a bit Would changing the figures to 4294967295 in P3DCoreAffinityMask be benificial ie using ever core and thread or changing to AffinityMask=4294967292 which should take everything off Core 0. Also how would i make better use of my better Cores for the main,render,and frame worker schedulers, to make better use of my best cores Hopefully someone can offer some ideas to try especially if Rob Ainscough or Stevew read this Many thanks and apologies for another affinity post.
  14. What's currently considered the best ai aircraft addon for xplane 11. I'm considering getting the hotstart aircraft but my biggest drawback for xplane was the poor ai options compared to aig in p3d in the past. There is a reasonably good rendition of my home airport now so the only thing that holds me back now is the ai Thanks
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