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  1. Hi all been away from here for almost 18 months but getting back into sim again now i have a bit more time. not sure if its me or not but when i go into the controller options at the main menu pages when i select sat camera button settings, when the drop down menu appears it overlaps everything below it. unless i expand all this happens with every menu header ie radio, flight controls instruments etc. is the a way to have the menus expand without having to expand all and just have the one i want to adjust open without overlapping the other sections thanks
  2. Ok so i've been a long time user of fsuipc and have had realitvley few issues using it But i see a lot of people now using axis and o which to me looks very similar? What is the current consensus? Should i stay with fsuipc or try axis
  3. I was not going to get involved in this but i've kind of had enough of the vitreolic comments on fb and other sites including here on the british monarchy. I'm not huge royalist by any manner, but quite frankly its none of these peoples business what we do in this country ,in how we celebrate or mourn our royalty. I happened to note that the vast majority of these worldwide comments come from a certain few US states. Perhaps they should stick to their own country and stay out of our business it's not like we care what they think anyway. I would love to put what i really think, but that would only get me band and i would also be stooping to their very low level
  4. Given that the pmdg 777 is not on msfs yet,i'm assuming you are refering to the fsx or p3d version. In answer to your question though , have you made sure both your batteries are on? Following that either start the apu or power the aircraft from a gpu
  5. I've got gsx after a few issues getting it to show up and a chat with umberto all seems to work ok, for me at least but i know a lot of people have had issues
  6. Hi all, I'm almost at the point of using msfs exclusively, but still like to go back to p3d occasionally. However trying to get my international airports with the same standard of detail I had with p3d from the recognised great add on makers. I know there are some really good airports on flightsim.to and i have a few but as there are so many new developers showing up i'm unsure of what are good add on makers and those just looking to cash in. Ideally i would like to have the same airports I had in p3d plus some new ones over time and funds, so i'm looking for advise on who to trust and who to stay away from I'm not interested in regional airports (apart from UK) but the international variety and from any part of the world as msfs makes flying to airports I would never have bothered with in the past now more appealing. I have airports from all the usual suspects FSDT, Flightbeam LVFR , FlyTampa,Orbx so it is to that standard or better i'm looking at many thanks for any advise regards
  7. I'll add to some weird things i personally witnessed. A few years ago when my father in law was still alive. My father in law had been ill,not seriously at that point but enough to be in hospital. We got a call from the hospital one morning that we needed to get in because they thought that during the night he might of had a stroke . We arrived fairly quickly and sadly a stroke did look to be the case and he did not look good. Parrallised down one side and unable to speak at all. He slept for a few hours and then woke up and here is where it gets very spooky The nurse that was looking after him that morning was french and my father in law started talking to her in french!!!!! Now i should add he could not normally speak french. My wife and i initially thought he was just rambling, but the nurse looked at us and asked if he was a french speaker. We said no then the next spooky thing she said was this. My father in law said there was his friend that had been killed during WW2 was standing at the bottom of the bed telling everything would be ok all in french. Anyway he fell back asleep and we thought the end was coming, so we just sat with him held his hand and told him if he needed to go it was ok and we loved him. About 3 hours later he woke again and was able to move and speak normally,but no memory of the previous few hours If i had not witnessed it i would never have believed it. He died about 18 months later never speaking or remembering french My condolences Chock on the loss of your mum
  8. Telling them they can't fly supersonic over UK/Europe would seem like a nice little sting in the tail. We have long memories
  9. Still no intention of buying a pmdg product in forseeable future My guess and its only a guess but i think as they know a large majority of people are waiting on the -800 they will go fo $79-89 as another money grab
  10. Seriously!! For a start those are rivets and not screws and is not unheard of for these to loosen over time or in this case break. As you can see there are different rivet types on the fairing and by the fact there is no sealant between the fairing tip and the rest of the fairing,it would suggest that the tip had been removed recently. It's possible that those mush head rivets are temporary,which would have been advised in the mel or more likely cdl but without checking the tech log who knows. Over time screws, rivets come loose or fall out. Its just the nature of the beast with general vibration landing cycles etc . Most of the time these things are picked up during turnrounds or routine maint and is nothing to really worry about and would suggest that Air China is doing its maint just fine. As an aside the daily check sheet for a nightstop walkround is desribed from ground level, it does not specifically checking the upper wing surfaces. I think those are on a weekly or monthly check. Cheers
  11. I had a conversation with a guy many years ago who was dead against doing 12 hr shifts,and gave those of us that agreed to it a really hard time. We do 4 on 4 off shifts. So when he had calmed down i explained to him my reasons, you only spend 6 months of the year at work, then you have your annual leave to take off, which at the time was another 27 days in total, so in reality i spend about 4months working a year he kind of admitted it sounded ok but would never agree to doing it. Fast forward 2 years and i bumped into him on a type course and the first thing he did was apologise and said he had been forced onto 12hr shifts and it was the best thing ever, as he could'nt believe how much time he got off. The other great thing that has already been mentioned is I don't have to deal with shops, golf courses or the usual word not allowed that goes on at weekends
  12. We all know rsr is economical with the truth, why else did he try his hand in politics.
  13. Thanks,eventually found a yt vid that explains how to do it
  14. Hi just started playing around with neofly. I have come across an issue that i cannot figure out and wondered if anyone who has used it more can answer it for me. I have figured out how to use an ai pilot to fly a mission in an aircraft and assigning him to the aircraft to fly then add any market cargo to it and fly the route. but if i want him to fly a market flight only i find no way to add the ai pilot to the aircraft. any ideas if its possible and if so how?
  15. Add me in, lost connection 2 days ago briefly 2 times on a flight from egph to lemd. Happend about 20mins into flight and again just after landing. Lemd was by lvfr Internet connection was fine the whole time.
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