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  1. Hi guys, This is something i've just noticed with my honeycomb yoke,but i'm not sure if its the yoke, the sim or how in reality this happens. I've not had my yoke very long and i'm still tweaking the sensitivities for aircraft types.I also do not have rudder pedals so i've had to use rudder assist in the piloting options, although i don't think its an issue in this scenario. So single engine prop, 2 and 4 eng jets banking left or right the aircraft turn at the same speed as long as the + and - sensitivities are set the same. However in twin engine props when i bank right, it is slower to achieve the same angle of bank than it takes to bank left. I'm fairly certain its not the yoke, as for all the other aircraft in the sim seem to bank athe same speeds so it's only twin engine props. So i guess that microsoft have modelled the fact that the props are turning in the same direction and it takes slightly longer to bank right than it does left due to the prop rotation. Now i can fix this if i want with adjusting the sensitivity, but i'm curious if this is normal for twin props or is this a MSFS 2020 thing, or do i actually have a yoke problem. Cheers
  2. Thank goodness it's not just me , I've spent the last hour or so uninstalling an reinstalling paid for airports from LVFR, Orbx FSDT and Flightbeam When I uninstall them they disappear from the my content list of uninstalled items but as soon as I reinstall them the show up as uninstalled in the community folder I will double check but i don't think they are showing up in the sim either when i try the various airports I wonder how long it will take to fix this one !!!
  3. Hmm, you have me wondering now. Although its still fairly straight forward to do it manually, if i remember i wrote a how too a long while back. I will have a look and see if i can find it.
  4. Join their forum all download links and help is there
  5. Maiw i think its called does military ai
  6. It comes with a manual and is fairly easy to setup Once its done very easy to use and in my opinion far better than payware options. There are lots of guys on their forums that will help you out if you get stuck.
  7. Neither, use aig oci its free and updated regularly It only works for p3d and fsx i think but will hopfully be on msfs in a few months
  8. All this is one of the reasons i went for a 3090 when getting a new machine. Before i was using a 980ti which had only 6gb vram and at complex airports and aircraft in v5 became almost a waste of time. It was also a reason i kept v4.5 installed. I like to run very high ai aircraft levels so another reason to go big in vram. I've hit 10.5gb at egll (uk2000) and the pmdg 747 max sliders and active sky weather and fingers crossed its been fine with no issues although im only running 2k and not 4 I have never tweaked the cfg in v5 or used nvi either so for me it was always the lack of vram that caused me any issues
  9. The only other thing i can think of is that you did not show your ai traffic settings page. It depends also where the slider for that is set. I believe LM put more of that onto the gpu in v5 and that will effect the amount of memory the gpu uses. When i was using my old gpu i also used a program called ai companion from the aig website which is free and would run it when i used p3dv5 and i could reduce the amount of traffic to within a few miles of my current spot which helped massively,but add a complex addon aircraft aircraft then your gpu memory will be hitting the max. Shift z twice i think it is, brings up the fps and the gpu usage in v5 i think which may also give a clue as to how close your getting to gpu limit
  10. Your problem is the 6gb gpu. I had a 980ti with 6gb and was running on a 1080p screen with ai aircraft set to 50% large airport and sliders about 70% to the right my gpu usage was about 5gb min. Bare in mind windows still takes a chunk of that 6gb as well and i would get that happen to me on a regular basis if i went to the wrong airport at the wrong time of day.
  11. I got my 3090 ftw3 in a xmas sale for £1400 It was actually on sale!!!!!
  12. Sorry, slightly off topic but Noel what software do you use to get your fps overlay ? I've seen that overlay on several games and programs but always forget to ask what program is used. Thanks
  13. Fortunately it only required the 1.4gb install so not to deadly. To be fair i knew it would not be without issues, but with updates, it should be getting better not giving us more and more issues with every update. I think the big issue is the bean counters at microsoft insisting on making the product xbox ready and they are using everyone on pc as their alpha and beta testers to sort out all the issues.
  14. mazelda


    Yes you can. I have both p3dv4 and v5 installed currently and ai show up just fine in both As i have both installed currently there is an option when you load aig manager which version are you using. i did this and it all seemed to work fine
  15. Well all i can say is i'm glad i've not comitted to this sim yet. It seems for every update we go more to an alpha build than the previous update. Before the last update all seemed ok. Got my new pc built and all running smoothly checked msfs and all seemed fine. I did the latest update afew days ago but did not have time to use it but it launched fine and went to the main screen. But today went to run it and i got the please insert the game disc message. Which is a bit difficult as i have the digital version bought from the microsoft store! After a bit of hunting around the internet, it seems that this is quite a common message but the solutions are word not aloud . I eventually decided to delete the 1.4gb files and redownload the sim which i was not happy about, but that looked like the only option left which i did and seems to have worked for now, except when i start msfs now i get a message saying that there is an error microsoft cannot verify my details just now but it then boots into the game. If i look at the settings it says i'm online and that im connected to one of the servers. So i'm not sure whats going on I never stay logged onto a microsoft account for day to day usage of my pc prefering a local account, and have only ever logged on to the microsoft store when required to update msfs, but this looks like a ploy to be logged on to the microsoft store all the time as that message did not appear when i was logged in . Anyone else had this situation in the last 24hours? I don't like the way this is heading. Either they are creating more and more bugs or microsoft want more access to your pc by forcing you onto using a microsoft account
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