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  1. Hi, Looking for advice for an ethernet switch to keep my speed up. Im in UK and use cable for broadband. My router shows me getting a download speed of 165mb/s and at each ethernet point in my house im still getting 165mb. My router only has 4 connections and at at least 1 point i need more hence the need for a switch. Can anyone offer any advice on a good switch make, that will maintain my speed, and has up to 8 connection points Minimum points required is 5 Many thanks
  2. mazelda

    Aircraft sinks to the ground at the tarmac

    This may be a year old thread. However,it is currently relevant as the issue is happening now with the latest version.of p3d and the737 My 737 sinks into the ground and then the sim resets. (I'm not changing liveries) I own both the 777 and 747 and they do not show this fault. If it's of any help,only started happening after I did a complete reinstall of both the 737 and p3dv4.4 last week December 18 Panel states are default instalation and airport is default kbvs, but happens at others. I also only ever change fuel load through the fmc,although p3d usually reset before i get the chance to change it. Cheers
  3. mazelda

    Always on top

    Full screen but i found the option in windows to stop them An update might have put them back on for some reason
  4. mazelda

    Always on top

    Hi, bit of a noob question but I can't for the life remember how to do it, I have just done a complete reinstall of p3d and I'm running win10 pro but when I get an email my notification bar keeps popping up with the notification. I never used to get this but can't for the life remember how to either always keep p3d on top or stop the notifications from popping up as its becoming a bit of a pain cheers
  5. mazelda

    P3dv4.4 slow to start

    Since I started this topic and reading some other peoples start times,its seems mine was of a similar sort of start time. Due to a few other issues that kind of annoyed me a bit, i decided to wipe everything and restart it from scratch. Although i'm still adding the last few airports the startup time has reduced by a few minutes, so overall its been worth the time restarting from scratch and the other issues have also gone
  6. mazelda

    P3dv4.4 slow to start

    Hi, Just wondering if there may be a solution to this. Since upgrading to 4.4 my start up time has massively increased in both getting to the selection screen and then loading to my start airport.This has increased by about 4 times. I've not added any scenery and i've already tried deleting the shader and p3d.cfg files. I've also upgraded my nvidia drivers to the latest version I have most of the orbx regions and global textures and vector installed, but these were present in 4.3 also. When i upgraded i did a new install but did not remove anything left after p3d had uninstalled.I then reinstalled p3d into the same directory so everything was in the same place prior to update Any ideas as to why its much slower to load and any ideas on a fix Thanks
  7. Hi Ray, Glad your enjoying your new monitor, This may be the monitor for me when i start my upgrade process. I wonder if you could endulge me in answering a few questions as my knowledge regarding monitors would not fill a postage stzmp. Switching to 30hz refresh is that done through the monitor or some other way? How are you connecting the monitor to graphic card? HDMI or display port Can switching frequencies be done on the fly if done purely through the monitor? Many thanks for any info you can provide
  8. Have you purchased the BenQ, Ray I would be interested in how you find it I'm in the market for a new monitor and that one may suit my needs. I'm going for a new build next year and the monitor will be one of the major upgrades Cheers
  9. mazelda

    startup issue

    that looks like the problem Jim, I don't know how that got unticked ,I guess it might have been simstarter.All seems ok now thanks
  10. mazelda

    startup issue

    Hi, I have a bit of a strange one that has suddenly started in that when I fire up p3d, it loads straight into my pmdg 777-300 at the default airport of p3d. I've added nothing to my sim except updates to chase plane. I have also started playing around a little with simstarter ng which I suspect may be the culprit, but as I only played around with the scenery loading I can't see why that would change default aircraft load any ideas?
  11. For those that are not lucky enough to get up close and personal with a turnround,it makes an interesting read there are a few things that i would take exception to,but not knowing your qualifications I will not say further.
  12. mazelda

    Can't start APU

    Possibly a dumb question,but did you have the battery switch on?
  13. mazelda

    large drop in fps

    Hi, I've suddenly had a large drop in frames that I think may be win10 related, possibly an update that has done this but i'm not sure how to check if this is correct I only have windows defender and then run malware bytes occasionally so I'm guessing it might have something to do with defender but I have no idea how to turn defender off completely and check frames again any ideas on what might be the cause of this sudden slow down or how to kill defender I've added nothing new hardware or software but for example my UK2000 EGPH has gone from 30 down to 5 when using the fslabs A320 thanks
  14. mazelda

    IL2 orDCS

    Tried looking for a suitable forum to ask this but none really relevant. So I'm thinking of trying a bit of combat simming but not really sure which camp to plump for as both have pro's and con's for me. I plan to use my vr headset with the winner, so l'm looking for advice on peoples experiences,especially jf you have both. My pro's and cons are, dcs has carrier based ops and more jet ops,but il2 seems to have lots more ww2 based a/c so will have less automation and will have more manual dog fighting Thanks