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  1. mazelda

    dumb question on updating

    Many thanks I had forgotten about poppets guide
  2. Sorry for the dumb question, however I've forgotten what is required. Normally when I update P3d I usually only update the client,but this time I want to also update the content to take advantage of the C130 now offered. But I can't remember what the effects of updating the content do. I don't really want to start from scratch with all the sceneryI have installed already (mostly Orbx) but I don't think the contents update will effect this. Is that correct? Is there anything I should be aware of before updating the content? Thanks
  3. No not woai, its actually very simple and can produce great results I started a long time ago using ut2 and then bought utl as an upgrade but have since deleted utl as my own setup i think is better. To create your own setup all you need are the models and plans which are available from the alpha india group website and avsim.Its then a process of matching plans to models. In the end its kind of your call how acurate you want your airports to look, and how much time you wish to spend getting it to look the way you want.As creating the plans can become addictive(at least for me anyway)
  4. Cannot answer them, all but perhaps a few. 1.I personally would go pmdg before qw,I have both and as far as i'm concerned the 747 is the more finished article but heavier on system 4.I have created my own ai setup which while time consuming initially can become quite addictive and is much more tailored to where i fly.The bonus is it can be done pretty much for free as most of the ai models can be downloaded from here and are of far better quality than my traffic6 and i believe the same models are used in the just flight option as the freeware ones, with possibly a couple of exceptions. 5.get AS16 6.Vector is a bit of a hog but can be turned down to suit your needs.Regions make the whole sim look better over the vanilla textures of p3d. 8. Yes I can on mine, but again depends on your settings 10. If your flying longhaul liners then airport addons a must fsdt,fly tampa,flightbeam, aerosoft,dzrewski, all do some outstanding addon airports.Pfpx is a really good flight planner, aivlasoft efb is also good
  5. We were on royal carribean Radiance of the seas,the crew were excellent Pm me if you want anymore info bert
  6. Hi Bert I've literally stepped off the ship today after doing that trip .scenery is absolutely stunning,you will enjoy it
  7. Unlikel they only sell food in economy now on shorter routes So unless you paid for the sandwiches,they are likely a thing of the past. On a side note flying on one of their heavies today!!😀 LHR-YVR
  8. mazelda

    Ultimate Traffic 2

    Creating your own ai is quite easy.If I can do it anyone probably can. A lot of it is copy and paste and the ability to count!!😀 A large amount is done for you but i find it quite addictive adding new plans Which can be time consuming
  9. mazelda

    yes, another AI traffic thread....

    These days there are far better models out there all are free baring the fspxai models, so it depends how you like the eye candy on show For me its pretty important so i use the better models and create a custom ai traffic setup
  10. mazelda

    Ultimate Traffic 2

    Have you considered creating your own ai setup Most models have been updated and lots of plans are available and are more up to date Although its a little time consuming it can be worthwhile
  11. Just wondered if there are any more updates on the jittery movement when using chase plane Until today all was fine with p3dv4.2 but after updating windows I now get the same issues that others have posted here regarding this issue. To the point that chase plane is pretty much unusable for me at the moment. There are severe lags when I try panning, view changes are jumpy and even trying to use a key to re-center view is laggy cheers **Update** Well seems like I fixed this, turns out the culprit is windows 10 game mode I could swear I had this implemented prior to today ,but the win 10 update was dated as Apr18 which I downloaded and installed today. Anyway, by turning off game mode off all returned to normal and I have no juddering lagging or jumping so if anyone else is experiencing this check and see if you have game mode turned on Cheers
  12. mazelda

    Panning is very juddery

    I had this before, for me the cure was to remove all references of panning from the p3d options in the views sections for all my controllers
  13. mazelda

    Unread content problem

    Sorry down again for me today Just get scheduled maintenance message coming up when i click on it
  14. As the title suggests,does anyone have this monitor,or know if it will run at 30Hz in4k Thanks
  15. Has anything changed in the last day or so regarding the unread content tab? Before i used to get a whole page of topics posted in the last hour and longer,but now it tells me that i have nothing,but going to the individual forums i can see posts that have been put up in the last few minutes