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  1. Thank you! Actually i saw there's a guarded switch below the captains gauges seeming like "INS 1 - 3", according to the manuals, it's a switch to choose which INS unit will feed the HSI. But i don't know will it make the autopilot get the navigation data to follow from the choosen unit. And was afraid to try if i cause the plane crash... (i was making my first successful full flight :D)
  2. Hello everyone, hope you are all having a good day. Sorry if i ask this question in a wrong place but just want to be sure. While i was flying with Aerosoft Douglas Dc-8 in p3d, i was loading waypoints 1-9 to captain INS, and waypoints 10-18 to the first officer INS. And when i Pass over the 9th waypoint in the captain's INS, i was going to overhead panel, moving the "INS1 - INS2" switch from INS1 to INS2, and the aircraft was following the waypoints from first officer's INS. Is there a switch for this in the 747 of felis to switch between 3 INS units as Navigation source? Or if i switch from autopilot A to autopilot B, will it follow the first officer's INS waypoints? Thanks from now!
  3. Sorry for being late everyone to make an update about my situation. I was quite busy with my school stuff. Well as i said before i noticed that i was using an old version, finally i got time to update my sim to the latest version. And all problems disappeared! Now the Concorde (or should i call love of my life? :D) is working perfectly! I haven't tested the other planes that i had the same airfoil problem yet but since the problem was same, i believe the other planes will work too. Thanks for all your help and patience.
  4. Sir, before being that offensive and blaming, can you try to understand people? I noticed that i am using an old version from a Screenshot that i took before, now my computer is in mechanic so how can you expect i put log.txt here? I am sorry but i don't have that technology yet! Yes i didn't ask in colimata forum yet because i am kinda busy with school stuff as well, this topic is in my "quick access" in my mobile browser so i ask here to get more advices and also i ask if any questions Come to my mind quickly, when i get my computer back, i will try all. And i promise i will get the technology of putting log.txt without having my computer with me asap!!
  5. By the way i noticed that my xplane Version is kinda old, could it cause that problem? I didn't checked the updates before, if i update the xp11, will it help to fix my problem?
  6. Okay thanks! I will check it later because i can't use my computer now, the computer mechanic that i gave my laptop for cleaning has done something and now the computer doesn't get any electricity at all..
  7. Plus, i downloaded the 737 Max from Max team design Website, same airfoil issue. I did the airfoil Update again. Now it doesn't take that long but in either Concorde or max, in the middle of loading the sim crashes
  8. Yeah, i started loading the aircraft at almost 5am and it was still not completely loaded when i fell asleep at around 8:30am. And please accept my apologizes, i am familiar with the fsx and p3d for years, in contrast i am pretty new to the xplane 11 so i don't know how to attach log.txt.
  9. Hello everyone. When i tried to load the colimata Concorde, it was saying "an airfoil is too old or corrupted", i converted all the airfoils to the latest Format via airfoil maker. I couldn't test with any other aircraft yet but with the Concorde, it takes hours to load and still couldn't get it completely loaded yet, and the last time the sim crashed...
  10. Well, i don't know is it the correct or common procedure but i usually like to program all the ins units with different waypoints, for example in this aircraft, waypoints 1-9 to ins-1, waypoints 10-18 to ins 2 and waypoints 19-27 to ins 3. But in the Concorde, how can i switch between those 3 units? For example in the A300 for fsx, there was a "INS1-INS2" switch, i was using that switch to switch between ins units.
  11. Well i searched on the failures menu and everything was already in "always working" position, so my engine failure could be related with something else?
  12. I agree! By the way i don't want to make the forum busy anymore with our talks, is there a Private message Option in the avsim forum?
  13. Yeah! And as realism, xp11 is by far the best in between fsx and p3d, i was flying with the ixeg 737-300 from la guardia to dallas love field, the weather was rainy and the runway was wet, after landing i started to slip on the runway, i paused the sim and searched on the net for procedures for those kind of situations and i found a real 737-300 manual, i did what it said and gosh! The aircraft reacted exactly how it says in "REAL LIFE" manual!
  14. Where can i find it? In the xplane Main menu or in the aircraft options?
  15. And there's another issue... I don't know it's an issue with the plane or it's a preset random in flight failure but almost 3 hours after take off, right engine suddenly failed, and i couldn't start it again. (i was cruising at FL400, when the problem happened, i immediately descended to FL240, started the apu but it was not providing any air so i couldn't start the engine again, and i don't know what's the in flight engine lose procedures for the a350, actually the left engine Was still providing enough thrust to stay at 40.000 feet so i could continue my destination but it's pretty unrealistic so i cancelled the flight)
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