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  1. Hello everyone, i am Murat Deniz Şenol, i have a question. I apologize if that question has been asked before. Can anyone recommend me a good quality MD-11? Freeware or payware it doesn't matter. Thanks.
  2. While i was planning my approach, on the CDU sometimes i see something like ILS/X07, ILS/Y07, what are those? What is the difference between ILS07 and ILS/X07 or ILS/Y07?
  3. Good day everyone, in my first flights in pmdg boeings, i was setting a lower altitude before reaching the top of descend, and when i Hit the tod, the aircraft was starting to descend automatically on vnav, but now even though i already passed the Tod, the aircraft doesn't start descending, i have to left click to make the aircraft start descend, perhaps did i changed some settings accidentally?
  4. Hello everyone, i would like to make a Cargo flight with pmdg 747 qots II, my airplane will be a -400bcf. But since i will be very heavy, i have to perform a step climb but i don't know how to do it without ruin the altitude values that given by fmc? You know on the legs Page, at the right Hand side there are altitude values, once i changed one of them from 6.000 to 8.000 feet, at 8.000 feet the Autopilot switched itself to the altitude hold mode and i couldn't reengage the vnav anymore. By the way is there any differences between fmcs of -400F and -400BCF?
  5. Thanks! Yesterday i performed a flight from Narita to Dubai with an Emirates -300ER, it was really awesome! And yes the taxi camera caused the fps problem you told. By the way something caught my attention. While i was flying with 737 ngx or 747 qots II, especially on short final i was almost fighting with the yoke to keep the plane stable, but yesterday on 777, only minor movements on the yoke was enough to keep the plane stable like on an Airbus, is it because of the fly-by-wire technology?
  6. Hello everyone, i have recently bought the 777-200LR/F base package and the -300ER Expansion Pack, but i have some questions for those. 1) Since i am a student and i already bought the 2 versions of 777, i have to wait until i get my scholarship in the middle of next month to get the -200ER Expansion, so i want to ask, does the liveries made for -200ER work on -200LR? Cuz i don't want to wait almost 3 weeks to fly with the livery i want 😄 2) Do i have to wait purchasing the -200ER Expansion to get the EFB or is there an option to use it now? 3) How can i turn on the Electronic Checklist on the display between CDU's? 4) How can i turn on the Taxi Cameras on the -300ER? And an additional question, is there a place that i can find free airport diagrams which shows gate positions as well? I found something but they don't show the gate positions, you know i need to see the gate positions to plan my taxi properly. Thanks from now
  7. Good morning to all, i have a question. I have the basic fsx (Service Pack 2 is already installed), and have no add-ons except the pmdg and aerosoft products. At the airports, there are parking areas, taxiways, runways but no buildings, how can i get them?
  8. Thanks! I have already installed service pack 2, and i don't know how did i do but somehow i succeeded to push the thrust levers to "CL" detend, but because of the not enough power i overran the runway, then i have never succeeded to push them again
  9. Hello everyone, it's Murat Deniz Şenol, i am still not familiar with forum so i apologize again if i put the topic in wrong forum. Well, i was flying with Boeing aircrafts until today especially with the 747-400, and today i got the Aerosoft A320/21. In Boeings at cruising altitude when i get close to the top of descend i was setting a lower altitude and when i hit the top of descend, the VNAV function was starting to descend automatically. Is it possible to climb, cruise and descend automatically like boeing's vnav on Airbus? What's the routine climb and descend procedures for the A320/21? Also i couldn't manage to push the thrust levers forward by using default keys on numpad. When i press the throttle up key, the thrust levers resisted my command and automatically bounced back to idle. I am familiar with basic characteristics of Airbus planes from simpler simulators but for this complex and more realistic Airbus, i need some help for some details. Thanks from now. Plus, i have the basic fsx, except the pmdg products and now aerosoft Airbus, i have no add-ons.
  10. Hello to everyone, my name is Murat Deniz Senol, i am new to the forum so if i placed the topic in the wrong forum please forgive me. I have the basic FSX, except the PMDG products i have no add-ons. Even when i fly at 39.000 feet, i can still see the ground clearly. How can i reduce visibiliy and add clouds?
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