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  1. @virtuali Will the ground staff still have a chance of doing the Macarena if you park your aircraft perfectly? Seeing that with the fluid new motions that have taken advantage of the MSFS2020 engine would be epic! 😛
  2. Excellent! Looking forward to some fantastic shenanigans in fluid motion on the tarmac of EGLL!
  3. Basically everyone who was hitting F5 all day and the PMDG finally had the "Buy Now" button appear
  4. Really looking forward to your livery paint jobs Steve, your work is highly appreciated.
  5. New cover photo on the Face Ache page... 737 holding short of the runway.... https://www.facebook.com/pmdgsimulations
  6. Personally from my point of view, I moved from X-Plane 11 to MSFS2020 once it released. I remember my final flight in the Zibo -800 was a aerial farewell show in Farnborough Airport, knowing I wouldn't have the 737 again for some time. (Yes I could have just kept both sims, but I couldn't move back for the visuals). After 2 years of GA fun, charter flights, exploring areas i'd never explore before because I was so busy doing Zibo 737 flights. It will be great to now get back into the saddle of commercial airliner flying. I was waiting solely for the 737 as it's the aircraft I am very familiar with. I don't wish to tick off Airbus fans but I have never been able to get on with Airbus systems, I am a "if it ain't Boeing I ain't going" guy. So the price that was announced today with all that in mind is very justifiable for MY situation, I appreciate everyone is different. Happy flying y'all... as I posted earlier, myself and the flight crew will be walking to the PMDG 737 next weekend on the jetway like: https://youtu.be/1mog_mSii64?t=41
  7. Me and the flight crew walking to the PMDG 737 on the Jetway like: https://youtu.be/1mog_mSii64?t=41
  8. Yes it is! It's a setting you can switch on in the FMC... 🙂
  9. Rob appeared in Fabio's stream asking to look at his control mappings etc, trying to pin point the cause of his cartwheel landing.
  10. Good afternoon and Happy Easter, Could someone post the screenshots from the original PMDG forum post please? 🙂
  11. I stopped using it after the latest update. Issues same as you, even EGLL or KLAX dosen't come up in the search. Honestly though, after using it for a few months now, it's been a breath of fresh air going back to MSFS's built in live weather. It's not perfect, but I feel it's improved greatly since I got REX. My biggest gripe with REX of late was weather just popping in out of nowhere, i'd be flying a GA aircraft and all of a sudden a layer of clouds builds up below and eventually swallows me in a matter of 10 seconds. It actually looks quite frightening in VR, especially if your flying over the Bermuda Triangle. Many thanks,
  12. Open the ATC window, and click and drag the box around for a second or two. You should then find everything is clickable again 🙂. It's a good work around for now until they fix the issue. It drove me crazy sitting at the gate in the 787 until I saw someone found this workaround.
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