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  1. I haven't moved to v5.1 yet, am still on 4.5 HF3 which is pretty stable (but not perfect). These are a few of things I've picked up over the years to help with stability: - backup your whole system drive regularly so that you can do a restore if things go wrong (I take a system image using Windows Backup) - when you close P3D wait for a minute or two and make sure it has fully closed before restarting or shutting down the pc - empty the shaders cache and clear out your appdata/local/temp folder after any changes to the setup - don't update graphics drivers when new versions get released - wait to see if they are stable first using comments in this forum - Use Lorby addon organiser to check the integrity of your scenery config - don't switch USB ports for your HOTAS / flight controls - always use the same ports - reboot the pc if you have an issue - don't use the auto start function in Chaseplane - it causes issues for me - start it manually - if you have Orbx scenery use the Orbx utility to rebuild the scenery config after you install 3rd party scenery so that the priorities are reset Hopefully most of these suggestions will help with 5.1 as well.
  2. Go to Options - Simulation and at the bottom right there is a menu for IRS options. I think The ACARS will only go into the DLINK mode when you have aligned the IRS and entered the departure, destination and flight number in the route page.
  3. FlAI was an online download for the install and update process so it's not going to be easy to reinstall once deleted. It would be worth joining the AIG forum to see if there is a simple way to get just their AI models without the other AIG functionality.
  4. Unfortunately there isn't another straightforward alternative to FLAI that I am aware of. You can use AIG models but their promise of a One Click Installer is very far from the truth if you just want AI models.
  5. It works for me in P3D 4.5 HF3. There is a thread about the route winds and weather radar on the QW forum, I assume the same principles apply in P3D v5: P3D4.5 hf3 Weather radar not working with ASP3D - QualityWings Simulations Forum (flight1.net)
  6. Try closing and restarting Navigraph simlink if you are using that. Also, if you have FSUIPC autosave check it is not saving every few seconds.
  7. That's not at all good, what a pain. Just to confirm - a vanilla P3D 5.1HF1 won't open the default flight with nothing else installed on a clean Windows install? Raise a support ticket with LM. I would run a windows memory diagnostic as well - you can do it from under the Windows Administrative Tools in the start menu.
  8. I can see legacy 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 client files on the LM download page
  9. You don't need the SDK - that is the Software Development Kit for developers. There should be 4 LM items in your Windows add/remove programs. One is the Professional or Academic 'umbrella' installer and 3 sub items - client (which means the main program), content (aircraft etc) and scenery (regions, cities and airports). You can easily remove and add the client and content separately from everything else, there is an installation guide on the LM download page if you are worried. If you are asked whether you want to deactivate when you uninstall the client say no. I always recommend that people backup their pc before doing any major changes. If you have enough disk space then take a system image of your main Windows drive and a backup of the P3D drive if that is different. You can then always go back a step if anything stops working.
  10. It's definitely worth upgrading the client - all you need to do is uninstall the existing client from Windows start menu add/remove programs - don't deactivate - then install the latest client by downloading the client.msi from the LM downloads page and running it as administrator. None of your settings should be affected. You can also upgrade content in a similar way. I'm not so sure about scenery - worried that addons will be impacted if I do that.
  11. Similar issue on the LM forum but you have tried the fixes suggested there: V5.1 with Hotfix Hangs!! - Prepar3D Forums Apparently you cannot download previous 5.x client - presumably LM are quite embarrassed by it.
  12. You are not alone: CTD - P3D v5.1 Tries to Load Scenery Objects at Main Menu - The Prepar3d Forum - The AVSIM Community
  13. Sorry - I haven't moved to v5 yet as it still seems to be a beta product with a load of issues and lack of addon compatibility. Not sure if you can get 5.0 working - that might indicate it is definitely a client issue with 5.1HF1.
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