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  1. I've given up on EnvShade, had a few issues and posted in their forum for assistance and they just say they don't support Windows 11! After removing it I'm not sure I really notice the difference.
  2. I find this works perfectly for aircraft and scenery: Tutorial - Install Any Prepar3D v4 Add-on into Prepar3D v5! Works with all PMDG Aircraft! - YouTube
  3. I haven't a similar issue. Are both monitors using the same refresh rate?
  4. If you run out of patience you can use the Reset Position option in the GSX menu and then request pushback. Make sure you have APU power when you do this as it will disconnect any jetway power.
  5. I've been flight simming since 1983 and P3Dv5 HF2 is now very stable and smooth for me. I have no desire to go through the growing pains of another platform, or to pay for stuff that doesn't work well in the hope that it will get better at some point in the next decade.
  6. I have their Beijing scenery and have issues still with the apron and taxiways shimmering. They only seem to have a Facebook page and no support forum or website, so I'm not inclined to risk another of their airports.
  7. Sorry I should have said .cfg earlier, my mistake.
  8. For me C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\QualityWings\qw787.cfg
  9. I find I can adjust the HUD from way too dim to way too bright. I'm using 5.3 with EA on, auto exposure and EnvShade. You can also adjust HDR brightness with ChasePlane on the fly.
  10. "I don't give a word not allowed if no one likes me. I'm not a cloud bunny or an aerosexual. I don't like aeroplanes. I never wanted to be a pilot like those other platoons of goons who populate the airline industry." Michael O'Leary There was never a time when successful private airlines were left to the aerosexuals. They have always been a business and for a business to survive it needs to be, at least partly, run by an accountant IMO. Concorde was a complete financial disaster, bailed out by the English and French tax payers at ridiculous expense. If that's how you want to run society then count me out.
  11. I'm not sure about that - you could just try and see if it works, or reinstall over the existing installation, but I don't think anything has changed for the 787 if you have the latest version.
  12. I can assure you that there was never a time when accountants were not involved in running businesses. Even charities are run by accountants.
  13. My desire for a full simulation does not extend to the cost index - I set it to 75 in all aircraft to keep it simple! You can change it inflight - as for the PMDG and FSLabs - if you have a desire to change your arrival time / fuel usage.
  14. The exterior model is really top notch. You can include a few settings in the .ini file that make things more realistic like cold&dark panel, IRS align time, descent forecast altitudes etc. I have included mine below and hope it helps. IrsAlignSecs=360 MinAptRwyLen=5500 EfBFPlanOverlay=1 WeightUnit=KGS ArmPauseAtTod=1 Arm1xAtTod=1 DisplayUnitBrightness=0.6 HudBrightness=0.8 AltCall5=1 RemoteCdu=1 HiFiConnectDir=C:\Users\Lawre\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\ActiveSkyP5 TransAlt=10500 CostIndex=75 LoadFuelonAircraftLoad=1 CduAutoCalcVspeeds=1 CduAutoCalcZfw=1 LoadPanelStateonAcLoad=1 PanelState=coldanddark.pnl calcpayload=1 ArmPauseAtDistFromDest=1 CabinAirTempUnit=C DescForecastAlt1=40000 DescForecastAlt2=34000 DescForecastAlt3=24000 DescForecastAlt4=12000 mute_on_lost_focus=0 EfbChartQlty=3
  15. I think some of the complex aircraft developers put the cart before the horse when they demoted P3D. It was at least highly likely, if not inevitable, that MSFS would be an unfit platform for third party developers for some time after the initial hype over MSFS. The initial SDK wasn't even half complete at launch, anyone who went through the growing pains of FSX knows that this is how it goes. So developers made announcements about how wonderful MSFS would be, and almost promised that in only a short time you would be able to buy their products on the shiny new platform. Many customers took them for their word and stopped spending on P3D and X Plane products in anticipation of having to buy everything for MSFS. Result being that developers have almost no income while they work on getting MSFS products released - or they release too early only to have to refund large numbers when it doesn't work properly. A more sensible approach IMO would have been to be very sceptical about MSFS and work on it in the background while still doing enough to keep other platforms alive and thriving. The odd service pack, new feature etc, which don't take huge amounts of time to develop, could keep the faithful happy and the income flowing. Several companies like Aerosoft, Quality Wings and PMDG basically abandoned P3D altogether, and hardly even post in the forums or provide proper support for existing customers. I don't know if this was unavoidable, but the lack of awareness of how MSFS operates in the software market should have made people think first. They abandoned P3D and made their beds........my sympathy is pretty low. Long live P3D, which for me with HF2 is pretty darn good.
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