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  1. You could also delete prepar3d.cfg and let it rebuild when you start the sim
  2. Tahoe to Napa, or into SFO or OAK...if you want a bit longer, head south to Monterey... Sherm
  3. One other thought...delete the shortcut from your desktop and reset it... Sherm
  4. In properties, have you set the sim for the OS you are using. If W10, set for Windows 8 which is the most recent one in the compatibility settings. And, yes, that is odd, isn't it? Sherm
  5. Here is the link to the freeware airports, customer mods https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/198497-customer-modifications-to-the-orbx-freeware-airport-pack-for-p3d-v5/ Additionally, Orbx Central allows download of a compatible freeware pack in the free products listing. Sherm
  6. Should you ever have to reinstall Windows, P3D would also have to be reinstalled, even if on another drive. That is because a new W installation creates a new registry. Sherm
  7. I have solved this problem and OC is working again. The issue was solved when I decided to take a look at the OrbxCentralWorkers.exe in the saturn-win subfolder. Referring to Nick Cooper's suggestion at the Orbx Forum to disable all compatibility choices, I applied that thinking to the OCW, just as I had done earlier to the main OC.exe file. Bingo!!! That did it for me. OC is working as it should and I am currently reinstalling all my ORBX scenery programs. Sherm
  8. ORBX library is located outside my P3D root folder. I have tried several times to uninstall and reinstall OC as well as the related C++ programs. Still no solution. Thanks for following my thread. As for how I reinstalled links to ORBX, I presume you mean the scenery sets, see my answer below to another poster. Sherm
  9. P3D is on my C Drive. My ORBX Library is on a separate drive. After I got my computer back from the repair shop that installed new mobo, CPU, cooler, etc, and updated W10 PRO, I reinstalled software, including P3D and ORBX. At the time OC was working, and my 25+ scenery sets were installed normally. However, toward the end of the process, the installation froze. I restarted OC, and that was when the trouble first appeared. I am trying to get a developer to respond directly to my issue. Thanks for your input... Sherm
  10. It was working until I upgraded into a new mobo, etc and a reinstallation of W10 Pro with all the latest updates. It is a perfectly working installation of Windows for everything I use on my computer, except for OC. There is one odd thing. When I reinstalled P3D, I also reinstalled my links to all my ORBX scenery. That worked perfectly, except for one scenery that seemed to stall. I rebooted OC to try again, and that is when the error message first appeared. Interestingly enough, OC did upgrade itself to the latest version, 3.1.37. However, that did not cure the error problem. I have consulted with experts at ORBX, including Nick Cooper who I know personally. He has tried to help me and passed my problem on to the developers a few days ago. However, I have heard nothing from ORBX since then. As you might imagine, if this situation is not solved, I will have real problems should I ever have to reinstall any ORBX product or attempt to purchase something new through ORBX DIRECT and OC.. Thanks for your interest and attempt to help. BTW, Nick suggested that I untick anything to link OC to a Windows Compatibility choice. He said OC does not depend on that. No joy. And, yes, I do run it as Admistrator. Sherm
  11. Hi Everyone, I have posted this issue in the ORBX Forum, but believe there is some expertise here that may not check in there. I have downloaded and installed suggested C++ and related files to the best of my understanding. But, frankly, this is way above my paygrade. Here is my problem. I am running W10 20H2 OS BUILD 19042 964. I have excluded ORBX central from both Malwarebytes and Window Defender. Nothing I have done has helped. While I wait for some more assistance at ORBX, I am wide open to ideas and suggestions from the experts here. Thank you! Sherm
  12. Greetings all, Will running freemesh from an SSD significantly improve load times and overall performance? Thanks for comments. Sherm
  13. Manuel, in the Nvidia forum reports the programmers are working on the P3D fix, but he would not say when the driver update solution may appear. So, we wait.... Sherm
  14. New driver works for me, except when trying to reload shaders while in sim..i.e. F5, which will cause CTD. . Otherwise, I am noticing no performance differences.... Sherm
  15. Vattastic 2 is in Beta....seems to work, and looks good.... https://v2preview.vattastic.com/ Sherm
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