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  1. With Imgur virtually dead for our purposes, there are several alternatives…imagebox seems to be the best and easiest. Besides it is free for use. https://imgbox.com/ sherm
  2. Hi Jack and all. I am not seeing any of your pix…just a greyed out square and a "?”. I have this issue on some other threads at Avsim. I wonder if you have used Imgur to store your pictures? They have changed their policies, basically limiting or prohibiting storage. Thanks for any info. Sherm
  3. In the last few days I have not been able to see the above type file pics on posts. I am traveling abroad and using a VPN . Might that have anything to do with this? I am not having similar issues at any other websites I frequent. Thanks Sherm
  4. For those of you who are using an NVIDIA CARD, here is a little tweak. I have tried it for P3D and it is a definite visual improvement... Sherm https://www.howtogeek.com/886754/what-is-nvidia-image-scaling-and-how-do-you-use-it/?utm_medium=newsletter&utm_source=HTG-NL-DN&utm_campaign=28-apr-2023
  5. NOTE: I AM CROSS POSTING HERE, AVSIM P3D FORUM AND AT THE ACTIVE SKY HIFI FORUM Recently, after using EA with VC on a regular basis I decided to experiment and check visuals without VC. That was fine, until this morning when I decided again to give VC a look. Instead of what I was expecting, I saw only solid black sky, but only with Active Sky activated. So, while I suspect this is an AS issue, I am posting here as well in the hopes that someone can steer me back on the right path. Please note that on the AS forum there is an issue similar to mine in which a responded suggested uninstalling and reinstalling P3d Content. I did that, but that did not solve my issue My system is centered around P3D V5.3 VERSION 28160 AS+ASCA ENVTEX WITH SHADE AND TEXTURES NVIDIA DRIVER 528.02 (REVERTED BACK FROM THE NEWEST CURRENT VERSION) NVIDIA 166Oti CARD Thanks to all who might have some cure... Sherm
  6. Applause, applause to everyone who has responded to this thread…fascinating reads and various opinions prove again the value of our forums, for serious and casual simmers alike. sherm
  7. If both pilots become incapacitated? story in today’s Washington Post https://wapo.st/3z1rBaZ sherm
  8. FWIW, I have copied files stored on One Drive to my desktop and then deactivated it in W10 settings. I use Google Drive for storage and am perfectly happy with it. For $20 a year you can get 100gigs of storage… sherm
  9. Interesting that this is has shown up for me, not necessarily with plans, but with files that have nothing to do with P3D, LNM or anything flight sim related. I wonder if this has anything to do with latest security updates for W10.? Sherm
  10. I agree. I have not used VSync almost from the start of P3D. I get steady fps set at 37, 1/2 of my monitor's 75hz refresh rate. Sherm
  11. my texture is already set at 2048. I do not recall if I tried the 1024 set, but that is worth revisiting. Thanks, Luis
  12. As stated, I am happy enough since my 1660ti supports all of my current needs. The Milviz planes would be icing on the cake, but I have never had much of a sweet tooth...:-) BTW in answer to the question I fly P3D V5.3 Sherm
  13. I downloaded and installed a couple of the recently released Milviz p3d aircraft. I quickly discovered that they required more Vram than the 5.1 available on my 1660ti card. So, the MVz are gone and I can live without them. Most of my flying is Manfred Jahn's DC 3 and C47 series for my VA dc3airways.net. That keeps me perfectly happy without compromise and all scenery sliders set nearly to full. I also fly, though less often, the A2A Cessna 182 as well as a handful of float or amphibs for Return to Misty Mooring missions. I also from time to time fire up a Connie or two as well as smaller twin engine props such as the Carenado Seneca. I have been learning to fly glass cockpit planes such as the Kodiak Quest and others, some payware, but others mostly very flyable freeware. The glass cockpits are somewhat unwieldy because of the relatively small mouse click points to manipulate headings, navs etc. I am satisfied with my current hardware and available software, including all North American ORBX LC sets as well as Western Europe, Africa and SA... This keeps me happy and occupied as I look forward to my 82 birthday next month. I credit Flight Simulation with keeping more or less mentally sharp..well, maybe not razor sharp...:-) Sherm PS All in all, I am happy with limited compromise.
  14. DC3 AIRWAYS RECREATES WORLD WAR II AIR ASSAULT OPERATION VARSITY Varsity I Sat 25th March 19:00Z Varsity II Sun 26th March 13:00Z Varsity III Tues 28th March 18:00Z DC3 AIRWAYS, the only virtual flight simulation airline dedicated to the DC3 and C47 aircraft is repeating its popular recreation of World War II’s last major airborne assault on word not allowed Germany. This was Operation Varsity, which was staged on March 24, 1945, just weeks before the final surrender of Germany and the end of the war in Europe. To commemorate this historic event, DCA is inviting all interested simulator pilots to participate. As he has for previous World War II commemorative flights, DCA VP for Flight Operations Glen Broome has designed every aspect of DCA Varsity, bringing his extensive knowledge of the war into this work, using a variety of tools available to flight sim enthusiasts to bring the project to life again. As Broome first wrote to fellow pilots while planning the project, “There are many airfields, in UK and France, from which either paratroop transports or gliders were flown. At some American bases in France the double tow was used for the first time which involved a C47 towing 2 Waco CG-4a gliders. The British used worn out 4 engine bombers to tow many of their gliders, the Horsa, using Halifax and Sterling bombers. Due to the shortage of British Dakota aircraft, the British paratroopers, as in Market Garden, were transported in American C-47's. This operation was the first use of the C-46 in front line operations [i.e. under fire] in Europe, and although it could carry far more paratroopers and could have them exit on both sides [facilitating concentrated dropping ability], it's lack of self sealing tanks caused heavy losses of these aircraft, flying as they did at low level in daylight. B24's came in 15 minutes after the gliders to drop supplies, flying low as 200 feet. 15 of these were shot down and scores of others badly shot up.” The recreation of Operation Varsity is open to all simulation pilots, regardless of platform, from FS9 up to the more contemporary ones such as P3D, XPlane and MSFS. For specific information about how to sign up and manage the various details of this project, Broome will offer personal assistance. He can be reached at glenishome@btopenworld.com. More information and an overview of the project can be found at the DCA website https://dc3airways.net/special_events/varsity/index.php Pilots who participate will be linked by voice using Teamspeak3 software, and visually by way of Swift, a server specifically designed for Virtual Flight. Details about how to download and install this and related files (including IP addresses and passwords) will be freely available to all participants.
  15. That was done before I moved to Chicago. However, in the early 1970s, a decommissioned United Airlines 727 was transported from Meigs field to MSI for display inside. The plane was stripped down to a bare minimum for a short flight from ORD to Meigs so it could land on the short runway. Then it was dissambled, and moved by truck to the museum where it was put back to together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV4tgjSPgks SHERM Sherm
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