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  1. shermank

    P3dv4.4 slow to start

    Since my first post in this thread a few days ago, I have had some key problems....the first I ran into were scenery spikes at and around CYKF. I have found no solution for this, including a reinstallation of the scenery and client elements. So, I am really going back to square one by deleting all three existing clients and then reinstalling the entire setup. I am not very happy about this, but it is what it is....and I hope it will be time well invested. Along the way, and I do not know whether it is connected per se to the 4.4 installation, I have had dreadfully slow new installations of ORBX Vector and FTX Global. HD Trees, a much smaller file, went quickly and smoothly. However, the long and slow installations of the larger file programs literally froze out other operations of my computer. As Doug Sawatzky noted over in an ORBX forum, this probably stems from a problem with my computer. I did a full hard drive error check as well as a memory check, and though errors were found on the drive which houses P3D, the W10 scan program corrected them. I evidently will have to repeat that process when I finish with the fresh P3d 4.4 work. As I have often said about all of this, computering and flight sim are nothing but a giant variation of a Rubik's just have to take some time and concentration to get everything in place. 🙂 Sherm
  2. shermank

    P3dv4.4 slow to start

    FWIW, I think my boot time has decreased somewhat. It still takes several minutes, but I think it is down to around 8-9 minutes. With v4.3 I would have almost double the load time. However, once into the select screen and a scenario is chosen, the load up is as long as ever...the 6% stall and then incremental loading. Sherm Many ORBX Sceneries and Vector, ASus 97-A mobo, Nvidia 760gtx card.
  3. Thanks Adam, and btw, I admire and respect all the work you have been doing for our hobby...or should I say addiction...:-) Sherm
  4. HI all, enjoying PTA with P3D v4. But, I read on another forum that there is a preview screen for presets before actually installing. How do I activate the preview. Thanks... Sherm
  5. Thanks, Gerard. Yours are the only presets I use....btw, the ones you list for v3 are working perfectly in v4. Sherm
  6. shermank

    End It All

    Tom, it works fine in W10, at least on my rig. The trick with any installation, of course, is to know which services and programs to stop and which to leave untouched. my rule of thumb is that if it is a MS function, I leave it alone. Sherm
  7. shermank

    problems with look and pan

    Many people use FSUIPC to control how joystick, pedals, etc work. The one area where I do not use that software is for the pan view. Instead I use the option built into the sim. I am not booted right now so cannot give you the exact instructions. But, look for a link that enables the hatswitch on your joystick to pan view. I am surprised that your installation does not default to that. btw, you are using the Virtual Cockpit? If you are using 2d, there is no way to pan only snaps back from each side, even with the hatswitch. Sherm
  8. shermank

    Lorby Live Traffic 1.05 released

    Thanks, Oliver Sherm
  9. shermank

    Lorby Live Traffic 1.05 released

    I would love to use this program with P3D V4.3 and installed the P3D version. I set up Malawarebytes and Windows Defender in Windows 10 to allow the installation and .exe files to work. The program has been installed. But, I cannot get a splash screen to even begin configuring the program to work. Any help or ideas are appreciated. Thanks...btw, I did run the latest simconnect.msi so I am all but certain that I am up to date. Thanks. Sherm
  10. Now, at least I know that elevation is an issue with PF3. While ATC may not have any situational awareness, at least pilots are not nagged about a change from FP altitude the way FSX default ATC does with an IFR plan. As in real life, this is the pilot's responsibility. I think PF3 would be more realistic however if it provided a dialog scenario as altitude adjustments are made. Sherm
  11. shermank

    Aviation is boring

    Take a look at We are a complete VA with regular MP flights, an active forum plus all the bells and whistles to keep you happy and occupied. Sherm
  12. Greetings all, Is there a specific way in LNM to find an airport by its name, city or ICAO designation as there is in PlanG? For example, my home airport is KUGN in Waukegan IL. If there is a way to focus on the airport with a search function, I have yet to find it. Any help and advice is appreciated. Otherwise, I think LNM is superb. Sherm.
  13. shermank

    Free Mesh Different Textures

    I am not sure this will help, but did you place Free Mesh correctly in your scenery? This is their recommendation for layering.. I realize the image is a little fuzzy. In short, Free Mesh should be placed below Orbx, tongass Fjiord (if you have it), add on sceneries. It should be just above any add on traffic files, as well as the default FSX scenery listings Sherm
  14. shermank

    Ecrins National Park, France

    thanks....looking forward to the flight.... Sherm