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  1. Here is a thread on AVSIM that may help you. It is a cloud generation tweak from a fellow simmer. I was using EnvShade before I found this...no longer need Envshade. As far as reference to cloud distances, poster might have been referring to a setting in Active Sky, the weather generation program. Well worth a look and purchase IMO Here 's the link to Active Sky https://hifisimtech.com/ Good luck. Sherm
  2. Thank you Alex, evidently I gained the wrong impression from what I read in the release notes and I will update to the latest. sherm
  3. Thanks for the update. I only fly with P3D. As far as I can tell from your notes, the update really pertains more to MSFS. If that is correct, is there any reason for those of us still on other platforms to update? Thanks...great program, great contribution to our hobby. Sherm
  4. Your help and advice is greatly appreciated. Since my last post, I used the nuclear option to delete generated files. Then I used ORBX Central to reinstall all my ORBX products, which were not part of my problem. i then rebooted AOM, only to find my RTMM files are now bright red. There was a time when I was able to manage files and installations without difficulty. I sense that age is getting the better of me and I am not as nimble a thinker than I was in past years. i will carefully reread your two most recent answers and see if I can get my files straightened out, now that I am assured the issue is not your software. i will take my RTMM issue to their forum for more help. again thanks for your time and knowledge. I hope it doesn’t go to waste because of any shortcomings on my end. sherm
  5. Thanks for reading and offering help. I have had problems reinstalling scenery files for Return to Misty Mooring and Tongass Fjord. The first thing I want to do is a clean start, as if I have not used AOM ever. Here is a photo of what I am seeing...all my RTMM files are in pink, which means AOM is reading them from a wrong path. To change each file individually to the correct path would require editing scores of scenery files...seems a waste of time and much too tedious. Thus my problem.
  6. Greetings, First a compliment....this is an excellent tool and I have used it for years. Recently, however, I came into a situation where I needed to delete files in bulk. Not being much of a techie, I could only see how to do this file by file, much to cumbersome. So, I uninstalled then reinstalled The AOM, but the same entries were still showing. MY question, how can I uninstall the AOM, so that I am presented with a clean slate, as if this were the first time I have used it. I want to completely rebuild the scenery data base within the program. Thanks for any help. Sherm
  7. You can also take this issue to https://prepar3d.com/forum/ sherm
  8. Hi all, for those of you who love the venerable DC3 family, please join scores of similarly inclined sim pilots at dc3.airways.com. we provide virtually everythin you may need on all the major sim platforms. Additionally, we have a very active multi player program with flights 4 days a week…using the latest freeware communication and visual programs to be together on a common flighplan crew by our members. as for DC3 parameters take a look at this https://krepelka.com/fsweb/learningcenter/aircraft/flightnotesdouglasdc3.htm this guide does not specifically discuss STOL performance, but trim up two notches and use 2 notches of flaps which, depending on weight, should get you airborne in about 1600 feet. As for a slow landing, one of our DCA pilots, Roger Wyrick, created this YouTube video Sherm Sherm DCA 662
  9. Thanks for the pix..looking good and, it gives me the latest chance to invite all who read this and love the DC3 to join us at www.dc3airways.net the door is always open to new and experienced pilots alike Sherm DCA 662 DIRECTOR, PUBLIC RELATIONS
  10. FSX still looks pretty good... Sherm
  11. great shots, and you are correct about RTMM. I am working my way through the flight plans almost every day and love every minute. Pilot support is excellent and personal thanks to Norm Richards who is one of the kahunas at RTMM., not to mention the designers who put together the flight plans and elegant scenery packages. For those of you who would like to know more and join up, the main web is return.mistymoorings.com There is a second website which is part of the experience http://www.mistymooringsflyingclub.com/index.php/ And, if that is not enough, there is a discord channel. https://discord.com/channels/412094075542700053/412096082198396928 that's the 411...gotta run and get back to a flight in Colorado. Sherm
  12. great shots...you may have posted this, but if so, I missed it. What sim are you flying? Thanks Sherm p3d v5.4
  13. Do you mean two maps on the screen? I am not sure that can be done...When Albert sees this, he will give you the answer. Sherm
  14. Late to the party on this by about 5 years, but in the readme.txt file there is a notation to use the x64 version of the aircraft.cfg for P3D 4 ( tho not stated, this also applies for v5..not sure if it will work for v.6.) Anyway, back up the default aircraft.cfg then, rename aircraft.cfgx64 to aircraft.cfg. that should get you up and flying. sherm
  15. The airport was built for what originally was The Playboy Club. I used to be part of a group of people who would fly up out of Meigs in Chicago on junkets for Las Vegas style performances. It was one classy place. As the Playboy empire and concept lost some following, the Club was ultimately sold and is now The Grand Geneva resort https://journaltimes.com/20-photos-from-when-grand-geneva-was-the-playboy-club/collection_00015d52-2e54-512c-86fe-1c607587222d.html#20 Sherm
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