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  1. Yesterday REX released the "Technical Update 6" for their Wx Radar which is now ready for use with P3D v4.4. The update is a complete new install of the software, you need to uninstall older versions first before you run the installer. Ups, just found a topic about this item - sorry. Can be deleted.
  2. Pidder

    How to get better shadows in P3D v4 ...

    You can try "Opaque_Shadow_Texture_Size=8192" as well. This will sharpen your VC-shadows again a bit more....
  3. Pidder

    Twin Turboprop (Not Carenado)

    Both the PA44 and the C421 are have piston engines. And Alabeo is quiet the same as Carenado. I suggest: Flight1 Beechcraft King Air B200 Complete, Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter or RealAir Beechcraft Turbine Duke. For the last one you'll find on the RealAir website a patch that will let the T-Duke work fine in P3Dv4.
  4. Pidder

    Product released!

    Well, the flightplan with display of next waypoint works nice in 2D-window and in the VC. Did a flight from KFOT to KRDD with waypoints YAGER, TOMAD ans LASSN. You can see on my screenshots the legs as well as the active leg and waypoint.
  5. Well, i know Redskyventures since years with their free Cessna POHs. And i'm quiet shure, Textron Aviation (=Cessna) knows them, too. If there were any copyright issues, they would have stop Redskyventures offering this stuff for free.
  6. Just visit Redskyventures. They sell POHs and other stuff related. And they have a lot of free stuff to download. I like them....
  7. Searching the web für "Cessna 421C POH "you will find this link: And there are a lot of free Cessna POH/AFM available here:
  8. Pidder

    First impressions

    In my first flights with this wonderful bird i found some minor bugs: - Pitot Heat 1 and 2 can be switched on, but only 1 can also be switched off (- Fuel Selectors: both are impossible to switch off, only right main or left main is possible) Did a restart auf P3D4 and than both switches are working fine, cut off was possible - even with Battery switch off you can switch the dome lighting on Hope here also Alabeo will fix this points in their update, i've sent a request.
  9. Pidder

    Wonderful airplane..

    Yes, i'm missing "my" Flight1 C421, too. And i'm very glad to have now a very nice alternaative from Alabeo. My first flight was great, but there was some "bumping" while taxiing. Someone has the same issue here?
  10. May be you're right, Charlie. But i want to know for what reason there is a second x64 aircraft.cfg. All default planes from P3Dv4 do not have a second aircraft.cfg. And i did not found any other plane with such a file, only the Carenado Saab 340.
  11. The SF340 not only shows a normal aircraft.cfg but also an aircraftx64.cfg. Anyone knows why we need both files, what is the x64.cfg for? Never seen this in other P3D/FSX airplanes.
  12. I did only the P3D4.2-client-update and the autopilot works very good with i.e. the old FSX Cera Bell 412. Just 3 easy steps to install. I hope the developers will build new helos with this auotpilot code integrated in their panels.
  13. For those of you flying helicopter there might be a very nice tool to ease your workflow en route. Here you will find an easy to install 64bit Helicopter Autopilot written by LM for P3D v4.2 onwards, all code and credits are by LM.
  14. Pidder

    Question about update to 4.2

    Yes, you're right. Just uninstall the 4.1-client and install the new 4.2-client, and you're finished. Run FTX-central from Orbx once to update FTX for P3Dv4.2!
  15. Pidder

    Does FRAPS work in P3D V4?

    Yes, FRAPS works perfect in P3Dv4, but with FRAPS enabled the new Flight1 G500/600 will NOT work.