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  1. For me this solution is not working, too. Yes, there is a window opening for a very short time. Had this also before with SVS working. I'm using P3Dv5 and had the issue since the update to Hotfix 2.
  2. @richbonneau You will find this Databases_Setup.msi in the file "GarminTrainerSetup_2700.zip" from the Garmin website.
  3. Thank you for your answer. Unfortunatly the newer G600 Trainer doesn't work with the older GTN-Trainer: No GPS Position on the G600, no SynVis. But the GTN 750/650 is much more important, so thanks a lot for your help making the screens as fast as before Win10 2004.
  4. Thanks a lot, @Prpn, the GTN now works fine, no slideshow 👍. BUT: the G600 from F1 now is out of order, the F1 G600 will not find the Garmin G600 Trainer 🤔.
  5. Synthetic Vision System SVS of the G1000 series seems not not work, at least for me. Also the C172 G1000 panel is partly transparent...
  6. As recommended i downloaded the installer again from Carenado which has the same version number - they didn't fix anything. 😞
  7. Unfortunatly even the new v2.5.22 doesn't help with the Carenado C340 issue :-(.
  8. Thank you, Jean-Luc. I'm new on X-Plane. Your explanation is for the moment a bit to "high" for me. I will check this out with a XP-expert....
  9. Well, i've had a support tiket from Carenado. They sent me a new ini-file, but this didn't help. They had no more ideas but suggest me to ask RealityXP 😕
  10. No, i bought and downloaded the C340 from Carenado direct. The Installer was "XP11CE1700 installer version 1.1", i bought on Dec 22, 2019.
  11. Hi, for me it is impossible to have the GTN 750 build into the VC. The GTN itselfs works fine - but only in a popup window. Carenado support has no idea how to solve tha issue. Maybe RXP-support can help? Please have a look at the Wx-radar, where a part of the GTN is visible and moving(!!).
  12. Martyn has fixed the bug, there is a new installer and a fixed CFG-file, more infos here.
  13. Justflight released their outstanding PA-38 Tomahawk. Very nice little plane, supports PBR in P3Dv4.4 and higher. Locks really very nice! Big issue for me: i don't find the avionics master switch, my radios are staying dark. Any help much appreciated, thanks!
  14. Well, took me some time to find and add the folder into "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Virtuali\Airplanes\Carenado AT45" 🙃
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