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  1. Thank you for the advice. I really appreciate that. Regards
  2. How much hard drive space does standard version takes after full install? I have 135gb left on C drive. Thanks
  3. Thank you my friend : ) Is there any good ADE editor you recommend? I used to use AFX but I think it does not work with P3D v4.
  4. P3D is showing 237 for YYZ RWY 23 and 033 for YQX RWY 03. I am on AIRAC 2005 for addon aircrafts. FYI
  5. Hi Folks, I am running P3D v4. 5. No add on airports installed. For some reason The ILS localizers are not aligned with runway centerline at some airports. Few of the examples are CYYZ ILS RWY 23 CYQX ILS RWY 03 I also updated the magdec.bgl file to see if that fixes the problem but no joy. Looking for help to fix this problem. Regards
  6. Hi Guys, I am using p3d v4.3. The clouds does not realistic for some reason. They look like fake hand drawn clouds instead of realistic clouds. I am using asp4 with rex soft clouds. Having the same issue with default clouds and without asp4. Is there any setting I need to change to make clouds more realistic. Thanks for your help. Regards,
  7. Hi Folks, is there any tool around which can manage vehicles inventory in P3D? Using which you can remove the unwanted vehicles, associated gauges and effects to free up space. Regards,
  8. Hi folks, I have fs2004 on windows 10. I have few payware add-on aircrafts which work flawless but FFS saab340 causing some issues: When viewing from 2D or VC the portions of ground texture starts disappearing momentarily and then come back on changing views. All other payware/freeware aircrafts work fine. Looking for fix. Thanks Screenshot can be viewed here. http://imgur.com/a/IqNJ1
  9. Hi Folks, I installed iice AI TRAFFIC2012 World V.2.00 on my FS2004. Later I came to know that it has some copyright issues. I would like to remove it from my Fs2004 but I don't see any options to remove it. I know its not an official support forum but I need help to get it uninstalled. Regards,
  10. Hi folks, just curious is there any way to remove the add-ons menu item from the menubar? After installing fsuipc u see add-ons menu after help menu. I would like to know if there is any way to remove it without effecting the functionality of fsuipc and p3d. Thanks
  11. @bonchie could u please write the steps thanks
  12. Hi guys, Looking for some help to install/copy Ultimate traffic 2 to P3D v3. Can anyone please give me step by step instructions to install/copy UT2 to P3D v3? I read various posts for this purpose most requires FSX installed or dummy FSX or Use of EMT tool. Is there any way I can install UT2 without virtual FSX or EMT as I read somewhere that EMT can ruin the sim configure files. Looking forward seeing ur help. Regards,
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