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  1. Thanks for the answer. Sounds like it's in my future. My money issue is I can't afford to do it all in a single month. But there is next month....😀
  2. Thanks for the answer. My issue is I just made major upgrades to my computer and swapped to Prepar3d v.4. Right now I am somewhat tapped. Can you tell me though if the f1gtn hurts frames very much? I now hence the upgrades have a higher end computer and was just wondering. Thanks again!
  3. I have many Carenado planes with Proline Avionics. Not my favorite, the avionics not the planes. I'm asking here but my question could be about any one of these planes actually. How do you know what airstrips are even in the database? I was trying a flight from KSUN to L35. I couldn't. L35 or Big Bear was not in the database. Seems like a large airport imo to be totally missing. Not at present interested in the F1 GTN and hoping that is not the only solution. It's just not an option at present. Budget concerns and all.... 🙂
  4. Thanks for the changelog!
  5. I do wish they would include a change log.
  6. I'm sure I'll have to take your word on that one.☺ I was just confirming I wasn't sitting in an nonexistent back seat. Good to have it fixed.
  7. Just flew it. Fix definitely works. Just thought I'd relay the message.
  8. Well I'll take the fix either way. Thanks Bert, I didn't see the post above with the fix. What perplexes me is that I'm in P3D v.4.3 as well and I see it and some don't. Oh well fixed is fixed but I do wish Carenado would be more careful.
  9. I don't get it either. I checked the numbers are the same for both lite and non lite. So why aren't they in the same place? Makes no sense. Something must be overriding it. In fsx I didn't see it either. I just made the move to P3D version 4 and there it is. Go figure! At least my frames don't suffer too much with the non lite.if anyone finds the reason or a fix, please share.
  10. Caught me out as well. I was sitting in the backseat of which it doesn't have. Good to know it wasn't just mine that was wonky. Although I hate others have had the issue. Thanks for the eyepoint data. Although I guess you could just copy the non lite version. Theoretically they should be the same. Mine was P3D version 4. In fsx it was fine.
  11. @Rob Ainscough Thanks for the answer. This is one to watch. New to P3d but I'm loving it over FSX so far. Thanks again!
  12. @Avidean Well not actually as I don't use Orbx products. I was just curious as to whether it affects the rest of us so to speak. Yes odd I know but I don't use Orbx and am not likely too.
  13. Is this just affecting Orbx users? Sorry for the question but I just upgraded to Prepar3d v.4 and haven't seen this problem yet and was just curious. Thanks ahead as always!
  14. Tried it and got it sorted. Thanks a lot for the info. I don't do Facebook so thanks for the update log. I wish they wouldn't assume everybody did and would post this on their website. That's another story I guess though. :) Thanks again!
  15. I'm not seeing anything about an update on Carenado's page yet. No offense but are you sure it's been updated? I hate to burn a download before I know for sure. Thanks for any info. Is there an update Log?
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