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  1. Old video I made but didn't edit. I added some piano music for your enjoyment.!
  2. Polymerman

    P3dv4.1 Crashes Opening Options Menu

    Had the same issue after I turned on "Controlled folder access" in the "Virus & threat protection settings" of windows defender. So Larry (ibelarry) and anyone else, all you have to do is turn that feature off. Don't turn off windows defender just that feature,
  3. The first Thanksgiving (USA) took place in Virginia or Massachusetts. To celebrate I choose to fly from Plymouth in a turkey of a plane to visit Grandma on the isle of Nantucket. Lots of lightning strikes and beautiful cloud formations abound. Even one shaped like a dragon too! A piano Thanksgiving melody is background music.
  4. I used Spanish ATC for the chatter files because I don't have Portuguese files. ProATC/X is used for ATC and I show Navigraph Charts via Simlink during the flight.
  5. Check out a glimpse of the aerospace/aviation museum at the end of this video. I was surprised to find it. I show simularities between ProAtc/x and Navigraph Simlink's Charts and how using both complements each other.
  6. John, very interesting video! Thanks for sharing.
  7. I demonstrate a missed approach with ProAtc/X. Actually I was too busy enjoying the scenery so I msised the approach.😀 Many thanks to RealAir's "life-support after business death" conversion of the Duke to P3D format.
  8. Thanks for sharing, I subscribed to your channel. Nice one! The plane wasn't too responsive to steering, would such a small amount of extra weight be the cause? How did you do the replays?
  9. Wow John no OOM's with FSX. You must have had the right tweaks working. Always got them in heavy scenery areas like NYC or San francisco. Even with my great rig (16 GB RAM, 4 processors) because of the 4 K virtual memory limit imposed by 32 bit system. I took a look at x-plane when it was beta and didn't find it realiastic. I enjoy takeoffs, landings and most of all scenery. I swore I'd never give up FSX but did and am extremely satisfied with P3D4.
  10. Thanks for your view and comment John. I could never do this flight with FSX because I would get to the approach and Oh the OOM's would hit me.. P3D4 in the 64 bit environment makes that a thing of the past. I've learned so much in my retirement with flight sims and i think it helps keep me pretty sharp at 73 but, I do misplace the odd key every once in a while.😀.
  11. A sweet ride in a Turbo Commander from Lake Tahoe to San Francisco. I incorporate Navigraph Simlink and ProAtc/X to show the benefits of these add-ons.
  13. Fine little bird upgraded to P3D4 by the defunt RealAir (thanks to them!). I show ProAtc/X and Navigraph's charts simlink simultaneously througout the video.