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  1. Navigraph News <noreply@navigraph.com> To:polymermans@yahoo.com Fri, Jul 2 at 11:01 AM Navigraph Newsletter Navigraph has acquired SimBrief Navigraph, the flight simulation community's trusted source for updated charts and navigational data, has acquired SimBrief. The acquisition is a natural progression of the already close collaboration between Navigraph and SimBrief. It builds on the integration between the two platforms existing since 2013 and provides the ability to do flight planning using up to date navigational data. How will this affect my SimBrief account? SimBrief will remain free to use, as it always has been. A new simplified Terms of Service is now available which covers both the Navigraph and SimBrief services, it can be viewed here. For now, you can still log in using your original SimBrief account, but eventually SimBrief will use Navigraph accounts for all users. To ensure that SimBrief users don't lose access to their settings when this happens, any remaining SimBrief accounts will be automatically converted into Navigraph accounts when this transition is complete. Of course, we recommend that you start using a Navigraph account already from today - It's easy and free! I don't have a Navigraph account Now is a good time to create one! It is free and gives you access to SimBrief as well as a demo version of Navigraph charts. Once logged in to SimBrief with your Navigraph account, you will be given the option to transfer your saved flights, airframes, and dispatch history from your pre-existing SimBrief account. Click here to create your Navigraph account now. When created, you can choose if you wish to subscribe to any of the Navigraph services or not. I already have a Navigraph account We recommend that you log in to simbrief.com using your Navigraph credentials. You will be given the option to transfer your saved flights, airframes, and dispatch history the first time you log in with your Navigraph account. SimBrief is fully functional without a subscription, but to get the most accurate and realistic flight simulation experience we recommend subscribing to Navigraph Navdata. It gives you up to date navigational data for SimBrief as well as all major simulators and add-ons. A Navigraph account gives you access to a demo version of Navigraph Charts. By subscribing to the Navigraph Ultimate subscription you will not only get updated navdata, but also full access to matching airport and enroute charts through Navigraph Charts. Navigraph Charts is available as a desktop application for PC and Mac, and as an app for iOS and Android tablets. It can also be accessed via any modern web browser, and inside the virtual cockpit of add-on aircraft, such as: • Aerosoft A330 and A318/319/320/321 for P3D • Avitab for X-Plane • PMDG B747, 737 NGXu and 777 for FSX and P3D • QualityWings B787 for FSX and P3D • Working Title Cessna CJ4 mod for MSFS 2020 • PMS50 GTN750 for MSFS 2020 Our latest feature is the Charts In-Game panel that allows you to view the charts inside MSFS 2020. A Navigraph subscription has no binding period and can be cancelled at any time. Click here to get started with a Navigraph account today! All for now, The Navigraph Development Team Copyright © 2021 Navigraph, All rights reserved. This email was sent from Navigraph. You can update your preferences or unsubscribe
  2. Polly appears to be cloud based text to speech engine. Not a stand alone. Similar to Speecelloo. https://speecheloofficial.com/ Unfortunately, it will not work with VOXATC. I don't understand how Pilot 2atc can use them unless they have some kind of agreement with amazon to convert all their text, -Rich
  3. Nice job! I wasn't able to watch it for 3.5 hours but very interesting. Thanks for sharing.



  4. I just noticed this on the AIRAC cycle page: NOTICE: FSAERODATA NAVIGATION DATABASE WILL DISCONTINUE ON DECEMBER 2021.Anyone privy to what's going on?-Rich
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